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February 29, 2020
Emily Westergaard | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We transitioned to Classy as our primary electronic donation system. While our donor database has credit card processing and form creation abilities, we found it to be clunky, not very pretty, and difficult to customize. Now we link our "Donate Now" button on our website directly to Classy. We can completely customize the look of the page, and change it quickly to highlight different campaigns or funding priorities.
  • Easy customization.
  • Pages can be designed to match your website and brand.
  • Quick editing is possible.
  • Great customer service.
  • It is pricy. Classy is more expensive than our donor management software but doesn't have the robust donor management tools to replace it.
  • Want the ability to allow donors to cover fees in all transactions (currently, Classy only gives the option in some set-ups).
We love using Classy, and appreciate how easy it is to change priorities, add fundraising goals, show progress toward goals, and customize the page to feel updated. From the user perspective, we've also heard that it's significantly more user-friendly than our previous online donation pages created through our donor management software. As online shopping has become so ubiquitous, it was important for us to have a giving page that seemed up to date and current. Once we transitioned to Classy, we increased our online donations pretty significantly. Classy also has great integration with social media.

I will note that the fee structure of Classy is more expensive than our previous solution. However, the features have made it a worthwhile investment. The annual contract fee is also expensive.
Classy's team was very helpful as we transitioned over, and helped us get everything set up quite easily. The few times we've had issues or questions, their online chat feature has been a quick way to get answers. On Giving Tuesday last year, the site went down, but Classy was quick with communication to its clients and had the problem resolved in about an hour. I know that if we have any problems or questions, the company and its team will be responsive and helpful. That makes a difference to me and our small team. We don't have time to troubleshoot or stay on hold for a long time waiting for support.
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February 25, 2020
Nick Shoff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Classy helps us with peer-to-peer fundraising. We have young people who are interested sign up for their own page, create a profile, and share with their family and friends. We also use it for fundraising pages. We have certain fundraisers throughout the year, and Classy helps us create beautiful pages that handle all the backend work and integrate with some of the other software we use. It has been beneficial to us as a small non-profit.
  • Beautiful Fundraising Pages
  • Easy Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • The fees are a little high
  • I wish there were more customization options for emails and page design
Classy is excellent for organizations that utilize peer-to-peer fundraising and several unique fundraisers a year. It is excellent for small non-profits who do not have the personnel or time to make our own pages or do the behind-the-scenes work. However, it is a little pricy for really small non-profits, and there may be better options out there, but this works if you want a great company with hundreds of online resources.
Classy has incredible support. They are available by phone and have called me several times to check-in and help me with questions that I had. Their newsletters and articles have been beneficial. They also give resources and how-to guides that we have studied and used throughout the year. We've been grateful for their expertise.
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December 04, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Classy is used for fundraising in our development department to raise funds for the entire company. We use it for general giving (year-round) and for campaigns like year-end giving when we try to get online donations to match that of a board member (for example) who has donated a specific large sum.
  • Customer service
  • Web design
  • Examples
  • Blog posts
  • Adding global information to templates
  • Multiple users being in the Classy system at the same time (not possible for web)
  • Restrictions on some web design elements
Classy is great if you have large campaigns and you need a quick and easy way to raise money! They have pre-built templates, quick-links, and an extensive library of blog posts (as well as access to your account manager) to help you create the most effective giving campaign you can in a short amount of time.
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March 23, 2019
Lauren Sapp | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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From a management point of view, Classy is by far the best product I have ever used. We have used other companies, as well as tried to have a custom software made for us. None of these hold a candle to Classy. Their customer service reps are always helpful and willing to help. The back end is easy to use, organized, and overall just awesome.

From a consumers side of things, I have made donations on Classy pages and I have never had an issue. It is a clean site, easy to navigate, and timely with thank you emails.

You have a Classy fan for life from me!
  • User friendly
  • Great customer support
  • Well designed/professional look
  • Nothing
We host several events and run a few different campaigns throughout the year. Classy has made [it easy to] keep everything organized and in one place.
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March 20, 2019
Claire Baker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We have been using Classy for many years now, and have raised tens of thousands of dollars from our growing community of donors. Classy is incredibly easy to use, and has amazing support, even though we're on a completely different time zone to the support team! The peer to peer campaigns, which we use at least once a year, are super straightforward and look great even if you don't know what you're doing or could never dream of creating something from scratch. We also shopped around and truly found that Classy offers the most competitive rates for what we need. Thanks!
  • Peer to peer campaigns are so easy to set up and produce beautiful visuals easily. They look so professional and can really help to automate the communications with donors. We've also managed to get our board members and volunteers actively involved in this.
  • The dashboard is really straightforward and it's easy to export donor info.
  • Nothing to say! I don't have any suggestions on where it can improve, or comments on issues faced right now.
It's definitely suited for organizations that don't have an in-house graphic designer! it's not so ideal if you want more flexibility in the design.
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March 19, 2019
Mark Hackett | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Classy across our whole organization. Roughly 95% of all giving to our mission and work occurs through our Classy campaigns and donations pages. We've created campaigns for each of our programs so that donors and fundraisers can focus on supporting what they care about the most. This has not only helped us grow revenue and programming, but also share more specific stories about Sudan and our work there.
  • Beautiful front-end experience
  • Great customer service
  • Frequently asks users to provide feedback
  • Back end reporting needs some work. Transaction info does not always match supporter profiles.
  • Need the ability to turn off fundraising pages for certain types of tickets for registration + fundraising events
  • Would be great if Classy had a physical card reader to go along with the platform for offline events
Classy is a really great for events and providing supporters more ways to get involved. If you run a nonprofit that relies heavily on visual storytelling as well (i.e. films and videos), being able to easily place those on fundraising pages and campaigns is really fantastic.

I can't really think of a scenario were Classy would not be appropriate to use. There is quite a bit of variety and customization built into the platform, so we've been able to always tweak it to our needs.
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April 05, 2019
Joel Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Used to design focused fundraising projects.
  • Ease of use
  • Good looking templates
  • Intuitive platform
  • Not enough room for customization.
  • Can't switch from peer-to-peer to crowdfunding if a decision to change comes after the campaign has been established.
  • Every click opens another page, too much clutter.
Well suited for a focused fundraising project. Not suited for annual campaigns.
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April 04, 2019
Dave Aabo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Classy is being used to raise funds for our nonprofit social venture, WAVES International. It addresses the issue of a gap existing between donors and our bank account. It also provides additional information about our mission.
  • The Classy team and support is second to none.
  • Event ticketing
  • Specific campaigns
  • Donors have complained about the 5+% fee.
  • There is some room for improvement in terms of the user interface.
The Classy team and support are second to none. Some donors have complained about the 5+% fee. Overall, I'm happy to be a Classy customer for many years.
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March 21, 2019
Ashleigh Kincaid | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I've used Classy to run fundraising campaigns for 4 years now and it couldn't be an easier user interface. They offer everything a non-profit needs to raise money, including ticketed events, crowdfunding and peer to peer. On top of that, their reporting capabilities are top notch and they are continuing to bulk up their marketing communications option within the platform as well. Classy is always thinking of new ways to make the job of non-profits easier!
  • User Interface.
  • Clean design.
  • Reporting.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Better communication tools.
Great for small to large non-profits that do events, peer-to-peer or even just for classic donation pages.
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August 17, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Classy provides a user-friendly interface for accepting online donations as well as a reliable Salesforce integration for real-time gift tracking. Classy has great, reliable support so we never encounter issues, they’re dealt with fairly promptly and courteously. We use Classy for peer to peer fundraising and crowdfunding mostly. We also started using your event campaign functionality and, though limited, it’s good for free or low-cost events and our users like the ease of use it provides.
  • Peer to peer fundraising.
  • Crowdfunding
  • Customer support and communicating with their customers about their roadmap.
  • Very limited in customizable options across the platform.
  • Reporting. It’s all filtered based and hard to use, but powerful.
  • Events. Classy is a donation platform so events are set up with this in mind. You can’t take offline donations/registrations on the front end (a user will have to input them in the back end) and you cannot customize the thank you message after registering the same way you can after donating. You also cannot message your event supporters individually.
Classy is great for donations! Classy is bad if you need a great deal of flexibility and for events. It’s getting better, but not quite on par with competitors. Classy has a great, reliable Salesforce integration and a very good control panel to maintain and troubleshoot the integration on your own so you don’t have to contact support everytime you need something.
This is one of Classy’s strength. Their support staff is unfailingly polite when dealing with a multitude of requests form a multitude of users for our organization. Live chat is fantastic, but they recently did away with their email to case feature. So you can’t just email support to create a case. You must fill out an online form or live chat them. Not always ideal especially if I’m trying to solve a problem in the go for a colleague and it would be easiest for me to just shoot off an email.
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March 23, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Classy is such a helpful tool for our nonprofit because the makes fundraising centralized. You can set up events, peer to peer fundraisers, crowd funding, etc. We are still figuring out how to best use these different tools for our nonprofit, but Classy has a ton of resources to help with that too. I think the resources Classy offers is one of the things I like most about them. If I ever have a question, I just go there and there is usually a resource available.
  • Classy's support is top notch. Whenever I have a problem or question I can reach out, and know that they will respond promptly.
  • Because our events can just be in one place it makes it much simpler when we need to look at registration.
  • Classy provides invaluable resources such as marketing timelines, etc.
  • The fees associated with credit card charges are not consistent so using "Classy Mode" to cover the cost of this is confusing to us and our donors.
  • Recently they have changed their support structure, and it is harder to get in contact with the person you need. Not impossible, and support on the website is always available, but it is harder.
  • Offering more webinars for small nonprofits or for nonprofits that traditional fundraising has not worked for.
Classy is great for our small non-profit because it is like another team member that is committed to fundraising. Without it, fundraising would be someone's whole job instead of getting to focus on something else. Classy has made it possible for fundraising to be part of my job without it taking every hour away from other tasks.
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February 21, 2019
Brent Earwicker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Classy is our all-in-one fundraising platform, our online payment processor, and acts as CRM for our financial support team. It puts everything we need for receiving donations into one central location.

Classy won me over with their abundance of helpful content, followed by their friendly sales staff. Once I committed to switching to this all-in-one fundraising platform, I've enjoyed the user-friendly interface, and the quick, knowledgeable support Classy offers to its users.
  • Classy offers excellent educational value throughout their company--they consistently provide valuable content to enhance our fundraising strategies.
  • Classy has great design. Their page creators are easy to use and we are able to use our own branding in a way that is truly classy.
  • Classy's customer service is excellent. They have helped me troubleshoot a number of issues and have assured me of product updates to come.
  • I could use better searching and integration of offline donations added manually to the site.
  • More integration to social media would be amazing - more than just sharing is needed.
  • The cost is prohibitive for smaller organizations, particularly the percentage on top of Classy's ongoing fees and credit card processing fees.
Classy seems best for a growing organization that is actively seeking to increase its revenue through online fundraising campaigns. If most of your donations come offline and you just need online management of donations, the cost would not be justified.
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February 21, 2019
Corinne Plummer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Much of the fundraising for our organization is event-based - we use Classy as the platform for event registration, as well as online fundraising tied to those events. Classy allows us to process all pre-event registration in one place, and gives our event attendees an opportunity to raise funds above and beyond the registration fee.
  • Classy's customer support team is exceptional - someone is always available to help answer questions or solve problems.
  • The customization that is available when setting up an event on Classy allows us to achieve the "look" we are after for each of our events.
  • The reporting functions on Classy allow us capture and analyze data on our event attendees, supporters, and transactions.
  • Our supporters have experienced a bit of a learning curve getting accustomed to Classy - we hope that our supporters would find Classy to be as user-friendly as we (as administrators) do.
  • Classy is constantly looking for ways to update/advance (which is great), but some updates seem to "fix" issues that were never broken for us, and simply cause confusion.
  • We would love to see the ability to customize the functions of the site a bit more to fit our needs - some of our events come with unique circumstances, and much of the functionality is one-size-fits-all.
Classy is a great platform for an organization that hosts multiple large-scale events throughout the year. The platform provides a convenient way for supporters to register and raise funds online.
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February 21, 2019
Courtney Osterfelt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Classy has been a game changer for us here at The Launch Pad. It felt like a scary investment because we are a very small non-profit and it can be risky to spend money on things other than programming. However, Classy helped us reach a broader audience, it engaged younger families in what we do, and it gave us a much more professional look. Our entire team uses Classy. It is user-friendly; it communicates to our donor database so our Salesforce account stays up to date. It sends receipts automatically, and as a team of only 3 people serving hundreds of teens a month, that helps us out so much. We are Classy customers for life!
  • Classy builds Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaigns really really well. The experience for the user is easy and intuitive.
  • Classy makes building a monthly donor program very easy. We just started ours and we already have 8 companies who are part of the program as well as individuals.
  • The only complaint I had is that I wish we could switch between campaign templates without having to rebuild the design. For example, sometimes we set up a campaign as a peer to peer and then realize it would be better is a donation page. When we want to switch we have to start from scratch. I wish we could just click, switch campaign templates, and the text and images would just transfer. It's not a huge ordeal, that would just make it a little more efficient.
As a small non-profit of only 3 employees, where we serve hundreds of teenagers a month, it is huge that Classy made it possible for us to implement a monthly giving program, it automatically sends the receipts, thanks donors, and uploads the info into Salesforce.
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February 21, 2019
Monica Graffius | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Classy is utilized by everyone in our organization. The platform tracks ALL of our donations. It is the system that manages our donor profiles for one-time or recurring donors. We utilize Classy to create appealing web pages for tracking ticket sales, selling merchandise, and tracking free event registration. Utilizing Classy has allowed us to stay organized and empowered to raise more money for the children with cancer we support.
  • Classy provides incredible customer support. We have a private representative who assists us in formulating fundraising ideas or answering questions we have. We also have access to a technical support team who has never failed to assist with Platform questions we have.
  • Classy has two different options in designing a campaign page. One is extremely user-friendly and the other is a little more complex but opens the door the create design options that are professional and appealing.
  • Classy is an extremely "personal" platform. They ensure they stay updated with the growth of our organization and accommodate to our goals/needs through optimal utilization of the platform.
  • The design aspect of the platform utilizes an open color guide, making it more difficult to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout the page.
  • Thank you emails sent to donors are customizable but it would be better if more options were available (possible block options).
  • The design aspect of the platform could provide more options for picture arrangements and different design blocks.
Our organization tracks ALL of our donations through Classy. It is the system that manages our donor profiles for one-time or recurring donors. We utilize Classy to create appealing web pages for tracking ticket sales, selling merchandise, and tracking free event registration. Utilizing Classy has allowed us to stay organized and empowered to raise more money for the children with cancer we support.
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February 21, 2019
Cassandra Agredo, LMSW | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Classy as our main online fundraising tool. We are using it for ongoing donations, recurring donors, specific campaigns, and ticketed events.
  • Easy to use, page creation is simple and intuitive
  • Aesthetically pleasing and engaging interface for donors
  • Integration with Salesforce is key for our organization
  • It's expensive. It's a much higher annual cost and has higher transaction fees than our previous platform.
  • We need volunteer registration functionality, which Classy doesn't provide, so we still need to use our former platform for that piece, which is annoying.
  • Documentation for integration with Salesforce wasn't particularly helpful and we had to find more informative resources through Salesforce.
It is well suited for ongoing donations and specific campaigns. We used it for our Holiday Campaign, which was three months long, and our Giving Tuesday campaign, which was just one day. We also have a page that lives permanently on our website for one-time and recurring donations. We are currently using it for a ticketed event.
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February 21, 2019
Bryan Kortis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Classy is used by our fundraising team, specifically for online. We utilize the Classy platform to create donation pages, time-limited and crowdfunding campaigns and peer-to-peer campaigns. They are the centerpiece of our rapidly growing online fundraising efforts.
  • Compared to other online platforms for nonprofits, Classy offers much more versatility in designing the look and feel of pages, emails, receipts, thank yous and more. The elements which cannot be adapted are well-done and rarely an issue.
  • The reporting tools for analyzing and tracking gifts are quite sophisticated and allow you to drill down to individual donors, types of gifts, time periods, individual campaigns and more.
  • They are always improving their tools. innovating ways to raise more funds (for example, by allowing you to request credit card processing fees and set the percentage requested and by making monthly giving a more prominent option for donors).
  • The sizing and manipulation of background images can be trial and error at times. This functionality could be made more straightforward.
  • A "mobile view" preview for donation pages, landing pages, etc. would be great!
Prior to signing up with Classy, our online fundraising consisted of the occasional site visitor making a gift and now and then a crowdfunding campaign on a platform like YouCaring. Online revenue was not a significant part of our income. Since using Classy, our online revenue has grown at a rate of close to 30% a year for 4 years and growth continues in 2019. For nonprofits who have substantial online traffic already and a reasonable size email list, Classy is a great way to tap the fundraising potential contained in those channels. Whether the same would be true for a nonprofit who did not have a significant online presence already, Classy might not be as good a value.
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December 27, 2018
Ramsay Pierce | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
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Classy is used across our organization for hosting events, peer-to-peer fundraising, and general campaigns.
  • Classy integrates very easily with Salesforce which makes it very user-friendly for us in relation to the rest of our data.
  • Classy support is always prompt and very helpful.
  • The platform is very user-friendly, making it easy for staff members without a lot of experience managing these kinds of platforms to learn it quickly.
  • We continue to see some difficulty with managing duplicates. Also some of the custom questions information does not sync properly/where we need it in Salesforce.
Classy is well suited for organizations looking for a simple and effective way to raise money, host events, and create campaigns.
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July 18, 2018
Peter Gjerset | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We began using Classy close to 6 years ago for their peer-to-peer fundraising tools. Shortly after, our primary fundraising page became unreliable and so we researched and investigated multiple fundraising options, eventually settling on Classy for their low fees and ease of use. Since then, we have used them for our primary fundraising, including seasonal email and social media appeals, as well as our peer-to-peer fundraising vehicle. Classy allows us to keep all of our online fundraising in one place, and it is easy to create a central hub out of which to manage all of our peer-to-peer fundraisers.
  • The back end makes it easy to create sleek, professional-looking pages that encourage donors to get involved.
  • Event management is a breeze, and we can easily send messages to event attendees with details, as well as follow up messages.
  • It is easy to track campaign performance and produce detailed reports.
  • It seems like updates seek to "fix" issues that were never broken for us, and we now have sync issues that were previously not an issue due to the latest update.
  • The recurring donor tool does not allow us to change the recurring donation amount, so we need to cancel and recreate donations when a donor wants to increase their gift.
  • Since the last update, we have seen a sharp uptick in donors complaining of freezing donation screens that go nowhere. In these cases, donors are frustrated that they have lost all the information they entered into the donation page.
Classy is suited to general fundraising for larger organizations that can afford the monthly/quarterly fees and want to step up their fundraising efforts. It is also suited to organizations with donors who want to get involved but may not have the personal means to do so. I would not recommend Classy for small organizations without a reliable source of funding, as the fees may be prohibitive.
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July 17, 2018
Edward Phillips | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Our entire organization uses Classy! For mission trip registrations, events, donation pages, and much more. Classy has helped us almost double our online revenue in a year!
  • Fundraising Pages
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Peer to peer fundraising
  • Some of the pieces with events are a little clunky but getting better
  • They are still rolling out ACH to everyone
Classy is a great resource for nonprofits. It does come with a cost so smaller nonprofits would probably not want to spend the money.
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December 19, 2017
Brenna M. Humann | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Such a great tool, but difficult to convince management to switch streams. So I started to use myself, and I find it a great workflow tool. Others are slowly starting to be convinced, just due to the value of the support material and publications Classy produces as well.
  • Streamlined, easy design
  • Great support and information
  • Publications and information are great tools for coworkers and constituents
  • More mobile payment options would be helpful
  • Integrates with Salesforce, organization uses a more antiquated CRM
  • Some of the segmenting reports can get complicated, as with all fundraisers
Excellent mobile options for reaching new constituents. Design look merges with your organization brand/URL. Customization and option of peer to peer sub-pages is great -- not all fundraising sites offer these on demand. Donors love the interface. Analytics are great and supportive information and publications are stellar. Design and overall feel is so great, wish they integrated with other CRMs.
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August 30, 2016
Daniella Dowiak | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Classy is being used by the organization as a whole as the peer to peer fundraising system. This organization is a start up and has very limited funds and needed a way to be able to raise money without making an investment. Classy provided a fundraising system that didn't have an upfront fee associated with it which was exactly what the organization was looking for.
  • The fundraising website is easy for a nonprofit to set up. You can customize things like colors and logos and the rest of it is taken care of for you.
  • Fundraisers (constituents) have a pretty easy time using Classy. The system is pretty straightforward with how you sign up to create a page and then it's pretty easy for users to edit their page and share to fundraise.
  • Classy's reporting options are pretty good and allow an organization to view information about fundraisers.
  • The customization is limited, so if you're looking for something that you can make a lot of changes to, this wouldn't be the program to use. That does make it easier to set up, but you have to be mindful that you'll only be able to change so much.
  • Classy also isn't a full CRM program (it doesn't claim to be so that's no fault of theirs). Just something to keep in mind that you'll end up with fundraising data here and eventually you're going to want to be able to pull all this info into your main database to be able to properly communicate and maintain these records.
  • The admin tools are a little confusing for someone who is new to the system. It's pretty easy to fumble around and find what you need, but some of the features don't quite make sense as to where you'd find them (for example, if you need to delete a fundraising page, it's a little hard to find where you'd do this). Just a bit of a learning curve as there would be with any software.
I would recommend Classy depending on what an organization is looking for. If you're looking for a cheap, easy to set up fundraising tool that you can implement quickly, then this is a great solution. If you want something that looks more seamless with your website, that you can make a lot of customizations to and that you can integrate with other databases, this might not be the best tool.
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February 21, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Classy is used by our development team. It is our online fundraising platform where we create campaigns and sell tickets to events. After creating these pages Classy instantly connects the data from the gift or ticket purchase made to Salesforce. This automates our online gift processing and makes it easy for our finance team to collect information. Classy automatically sends out thank you emails to our donors as well.
  • Classy's design editor makes it simple for anyone to design a beautiful campaign quickly and fairly simply. They make it simple to change colors, text, add images all while keeping the template looking modern. Since there is no designer or marketing person on our small team this has allowed me to make campaigns that look great with little previous experience.
  • Classy also offers a large quantity of guides and resources that you can download or view on their website for a variety of relevant issues in the worlds of marketing, communications, and fundraising. They provide useful examples and tips that anyone can apply to their own work in order to achieve their goals.
  • Classy's customer service is probably their best aspect. In addition to having a chat function, which allows you to instantly chat with someone about your issue, they have an extensive help center and have hired additional Salesforce experts to their team for complicated questions in regard to the Salesforce connector.
  • The simplicity of Classy's campaign design editor also means it isn't as customizable as I'd like it to be. There are times when I wish I could change something that is embedded in the template.
  • Like all online platforms, there are occasional glitches that occur with Classy. For example, there have been times when our Salesforce connector pushes data in incorrectly or is missing. This is usually addressed fairly quickly.
  • One feature that is especially difficult for our organization to manage is that we always provide our donors the ability to mail in their credit card information for us to process. This only becomes an issue when we do not have an email address for the donor because Classy and Salesforce use a donors email address to distinguish users. Therefore, when we use a generic email from our organization for that donor sometimes records get crossed or edited automatically.
Classy is perfect for an organization who likes to create a lot of peer to peer campaigns and sell tickets to an event. I would not recommend it for use as the only event management software for your event but it's a good place to sell tickets and keep registration organized. It is also well suited for a team that lacks a designer because it is so simple to use.
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August 13, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use the Classy platform to manage fundraising across the organization. It's primarily the development and marketing staff who utilize Classy and then our controller will use the reporting functions. The Classy platform allows for online donations and forms to be processed and automatically synced to Salesforce along with some extra features, such as sending automatic custom receipts/thank yous, peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, processing event registrations/ticket sales, and more.
  • Lots of options for customization - everything from web page design to custom questions to learn more about your donors
  • Donors can elect to cover transaction fees
  • Automatically sends custom receipts - you can also add a personal thank you note to send separately with only a few clicks
  • Automatically sends notifications when requested if a donation is made in honor of somone
  • Reporting made easy
  • Syncs to Salesforce
  • Dedicated account manager to help get you up and running with Classy
  • Limited options for compatible payment processors
  • You can process event registrations/ticket sales, but you can't do a guest check in or redeem the tickets in Classy
  • It's not cheap.
If Classy is within your budget, I'd go for it. If you're looking for a platform that will not only allow you to process donations on your website, but do so much more (i.e. crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, campaign tracking, automation, customization, sync to Salesforce, etc.) and have someone hold your hand as you work through the set up process and beyond, then Classy is for you.
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June 06, 2018
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We help nonprofits implement fundraising and payment processing solutions. Classy is one of the solutions we recommend to our clients. It takes donations and brings them into Salesforce. This allows our clients to then have a clear view into their constituents and their giving history.
  • Great Peer to Peer fundraising platform
  • Very visually attractive, and easy to make beautiful donation pages
  • Clear fee structure
  • Classy is more expensive than other options.
  • The Salesforce integration is not as deep as some other options.
Classy is best suited for situations where a customer will be doing a lot of peer to peer fundraising. If you are just doing straight up donations and are low budget, then the cost might be prohibitive.
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What is Classy?

Classy is a socially driven enterprise that creates online fundraising tools for nonprofits, modernizing the giving experience to accelerate social impact around the world. The vendor states that since 2011, more than 4,000 nonprofits have collectively raised over one billion dollars on the Classy platform. From crowdfunding to peer-to-peer fundraising, event registration & management, and one-time or recurring donations, nonprofits of all sizes work with Classy to manage all of their online fundraising under one roof.

Classy’s open API enables users to build custom tools and unique supporter experiences. Out of the box integrations with third-party tools like Salesforce and MailChimp provide a robust donor ecosystem in the market.

Classy Features

Has featurePeer-to-Peer Fundraising
Has featureCrowdfunding
Has featureWebsite Donations
Has featureRecurring Giving
Has featureTicketed and Registration Events
Has featureEvents with Fundraising
Has featureInternational Fundraising
Has featurePayment Processing powered by Stripe

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Classy Integrations

Virtuous CRM, Kindful, HubSpot CRM, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Raiser's Edge NXT, Marketo, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Brex, Salesforce, Klayvio, Convio Luminate, PowerBI, Facebook Pixel, Amply, Giving Assistant, Double the Donation, Charity Auctions Today, Click Bid, Charity Dynamics Boundless Fundraising

Classy Competitors

TeamRaiser, Luminate, Give Lively,

Classy Pricing

  • Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
  • Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?Optional

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Classy Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No
Supported Countries:USA, Canada
Supported Languages: English