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For the latest information on pricing, visit https://www.logicmonitor.com/pricing

Our platform is broken down into Pro and Enterprise Pricing. Pro includes monitoring for all of your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises infrastructure. Our Enterprise package includes all of this, plus our AIOps and Machine Learning functionality that provides dynamic thresholds, root cause analysis, anomaly detection and more! LogicMonitor only charges by the device. What is considered a device? A device is anything with an IP address that you want to monitor, including a physical device or a cloud resource. This means multiple data sources under the same IP address can be monitored for the same price. Unlike some monitoring platforms. we don’t charge per node, interface, or metric.

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What TrustRadius Research Says

LogicMonitor Pricing 2022

IT companies have an intricate system of software, applications, server, websites, and more to keep track of. It becomes not just frustrating but invaluable to find a monitoring solution that can go above and beyond for keeping your and your team’s workloads on track. LogicMonitor is a popular IT management solution that offer all types of infrastructure monitoring.

What is LogicMonitor?

LogicMontior is an IT monitoring platform for cloud computing applications and IT operations. The cloud monitoring tools cover most IT infrastructure monitoring needs. It can be used for app performance monitoring, remote monitoring, virtual machine monitoring, and database monitoring. It can also be used for log analysis, AIOps as well as monitoring website and server metrics.

IT teams can even get a holistic view of their entire network. LogticMontior’s network management offers a personalized dashboard you can track cloud-based systems, and hardware like routers, and be able to automate the configuration of new devices.

You’re provided in-depth insights with this network monitoring software through features like root cause analysis, alerting, troubleshooting, and graphing. It can work for the more intricate network and be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in data centers of your preference. With IT management software like this you can locate problems, automate tasks, and use dashboard analytics to report on the performance and health of your IT infrastructure.

Common use cases for this monitoring solution include more than just Information Technology Service Companies but also branches out into finance, healthcare, and even retail. The platform themselves offers industry-tailored solutions for education and government as well. The nature of the software allows for an agentless monitoring option if you want to provide a support service to clients using your network device or software application.

The software works together with managed service providers (MSP) and provides them with some of their best AIOps functionality. They can perform a digital transformation on all types of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, and provide cost savings and more security.

For a closer look at the LogicMonitor software, check out the demo video below.

LogicMonitor Platform Demo

What does LogicMonitor Cost?

When it comes to subscription plans LogicMonitor is not upfront about pricing details because they ask you to speak to sales about a quote. The software does go into the features and functionality of their two plans, Pro Hybrid Monitoring and Enterprise Full Observability.

The Pro subscription gives you access to the majority of LogicMonitor’s available features. This includes most monitoring options like network, app, database, server, and storage. You can access over 2000 integrations from powerhouse platforms like AWS, Microsoft, IBM, and more. They also work with databases like MySQL, and applications to improve workflow like Zoom and Slack.

The plan includes analysis features like reporting, forecasting, and data retention from data sources for one full year. Aside from that, there aren’t as many extensive features like anomaly detection, sandboxing, or dynamic services monitoring. With dynamic service monitoring, you can pull multiple data sources to analyze service data more efficiently.

We can’t say much about the size of teams this plan is good for without knowing the actual cost. What we can say is it is stacked with features to keep your team on track and ready to handle future problems or issues with your tech stack. If you want more testing and prevention tools for your ideal IT management software, then Enterprise may be better.

For the Enterprise plan, teams are provided with two years of data retention, AIOps, sandboxing, and dynamic services. In the FAQs section at the button of their pricing page, one of the major differences between Pro and Enterprise LogicMonitor points out is access to their AIOps tool. This tool works with other features of the plan to offer advanced and faster troubleshooting through early detection of problems.

Enterprise is great for teams that want to get ahead of future incidents and be able to plan for the future health and performance of IT systems. We don’t know the cost, so it could be affordable for this amount of functionality, or it could be a budget nightmare.

Neither plan comes with website monitoring, cloud monitoring for cloud computing platforms, and technical support. Tools like those are available to add to your subscription plan. For the full feature breakdown see their direct pricing page here.

What is Another LogicMonitor Alternative?

New Relic is another feature-rich monitoring solution for It management and cloud computing applications. They thankfully do have upfront pricing, but it’s easy to get confused. Pricing details for New Relic subscriptions come down to the type of users, the storage, the number of monitoring checks you want to run.

It’s entirely up to your usage needs. There are basic users which are unlimited and free. Core users and full platform users cost a fee, but it varies depending on the plan. Users limited are defined by actions they can perform so basic can create custom charts and dashboards, while Core has advanced log capabilities. Full platform users are allowed any action or tool like Network monitoring and AIOps alerting.

New Relic Plans




Costs are based on usage of multiple features and permissions.

Starting at $0, $49/mo per core users and $99/mo per full platform users.

Starting at $0, custom pricing for core and full platform users.

Starting at $0, custom pricing for core and full platform users.

When you compare both software, they offer very similar features and functionality. For user reviews they also have very good feedback. LogicMonitor reviews are positive with a trScore of 8.5/10 and is a Top Rated software for 2022.

New Relic maintains very positive reviewer sentiment and has a trScore of 8.5/10 and is also Top Rated for 2022.

According to review feedback, LogicMonitor’s main highlights are the ease of use for their product, as well as specific functionality like their out-of-box thresholds. When end-users talk about cost it's been mixed between expensive or seen as competitive compared to other products. There are some mixed feelings on the interface with general sentiment for it to be improved.

Feedback for New Relic has general satisfaction with their main monitoring and alerting features. They have some mixed feedback on costs and the user interface. One customer had a bad experience with sales despite actually liking the product. A few users have struggled with the usability of the software.

With New Relic being usage-based, it's very likely both products can be very expensive. Overall, satisfaction with capabilities was clear for both software, but they each had issues reported by users. If you want to see a comparison of user feedback, you can go here.

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