Gold standard in web performance analytics, if you're willing to take on the integration work
Updated February 01, 2022

Gold standard in web performance analytics, if you're willing to take on the integration work

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is our company's primary source of performance measurement for all aspects of our B2C website. We utilize Adobe Analytics as the 'version of the truth' in supporting business decisions relating to A/B test and experience optimization campaigns, reporting to senior management, and providing deep analysis on all aspects of our digital marketing. Adobe Analytics provides the quickest viewpoint to measure of campaign performance from email, SMS, and digital marketing.
  • Real-time access to website performance throughout the entire digital experience.
  • Flexible & comprehensive custom report building using the Analytics Workspace tool
  • Integration with other Adobe solutions (Adobe Target, Adobe Launch) to provide a single viewpoint for all aspects of digital performance.
  • Level of technical effort needed to implement Adobe Analytics is VERY high
  • Adobe Analytics customer support could be more responsive.
  • Dependency to train team members is quite high. Each team member MUST go through several exhaustive training classes to be able to take command of the solution on the day to day basis. Training is VERY expensive.
  • Positive: Providing a view on performance has enabled our team to identify issues allowing us to curate our A/B test backlog.
  • Positive: Allowing us to respond to requests from senior management and other departments to create custom reports.
  • Negative: The cost and time to integrate was much more expensive and longer than forecasted.
No comparison. Google Analytics (free) is a great tool to provide a baseline of performance measurement. Its directional ability to provide reports is good but nowhere close to the granularity and flexibility that is provided within the Adobe Analytics platform. It is the difference between driving a KIA (Google) vs. a Ferrari (Adobe).
If you're looking for the gold standard in web performance measurement, that provides a very detailed perspective of all aspects of your digital performance, then Adobe Analytics is a great solution. Before deciding on Adobe Analytics, one must be prepared to take on the integration work which is very time-consuming and difficult to get right with the initial implementation. [In my experience], Adobe's support with integration was lacking unless you're willing to [put] up the big dollars to bring on their consulting team to do the work. There are many development companies out there that can also do the work for 25-25% less than the Adobe consultants. Integration is HARD, but if you are committed and can get the work completed, then you'll be VERY happy using this amazing platform for your performance measurement.

Customer Experience

While Adobe offers an exceptionally rich performance measurement platform with Adobe Analytics (AA), the technical barrier to implementing AA correctly to ensure that your website is being tracked correctly is VERY high. Any organization that is considering Adobe Analytics as a replacement to Google Analytics or other web performance measurement platform needs to make sure they have experienced development resources available to ensure that AA is implemented correctly. I've gone through two implementations of AA and both times we needed to apply additional resources including engaging external consulting and support to complete the implementation correctly. Adobe will support at a premium cost.
Adobe Analytics is a very robust web analytics platform. AA comes with a full collection of standard "out-of-the-box" reports that provides a comprehensive view of overall website performance. The true power and benefit of Adobe Analytics come through its custom Workspace report building tool that allows users to create very detailed & customizable reports and dashboards. Workspace enables users to create reports using a multitude of dimensions, metrics, segments, and apply varying date ranges to provide performance trending or comparisons. Workspace is generally easy to use and comprehend if you have experience using other custom report builders like Tableau.
Make sure you purchase training and implementation support either from Adobe or a third party or you will be left alone to figure out how to effectively use this platform yourself. Professional services are not a strong aspect of Adobe support. They will sell you the tool and leave you to your own devices UNLESS you purchase their additional consulting and/or training services. There are lower-cost training and consulting services available that are arguably more effective than engaging the team at Adobe to support.
Adobe is always looking for multi-year agreements and there are pricing incentives when you factor this along with other Adobe solutions that you may be purchasing for your organization. While this can be advantageous to obtaining better annual pricing, Adobe Analytics can be very expensive as compared to other web analytics solutions in the market. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) may be a better solution for most companies that are posed with budget constraints or limited development resources.

Adobe Analytics subscription is based on annual pricing.
I can't give any negative feedback here. Adobe Analytics is always working and accessible in support of our website. That said, make sure you implement fully to ensure your attribute=ing your performance accurately.
Again, no issues here. Performance within the day updates hourly. other reports are updated overnight and available to access by the next morning. Pages load quickly, the site navigates easily and the UX is quite straightforward to get command over. On this front, I give Adobe kudos for building a great experience to work within.

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Using Adobe Analytics

5 - Digital Marketing - support all aspects of our paid marketing through Google, Facebook and other channels
Email/SMS Marketing - Support all aspects of email/SMS marketing with our loyal subscribed customers
Merchandising - allow merchandising a viewpoint to see brand, category and product performance
Affiliate Marketing - support all aspects of measurement through our 3rd party affiliates.
2 - This is supported through our internal IT organization as a level one support. Level two is escalated to our off-shore development partners who will investigate, develop and implement any defect remediation or new enhancements to our Adobe Analytics implementation.
  • Performance measurement for our executive team
  • Custom report building in support of the enterprise
  • Campaign reporting for digital marketing, email/SMS & affiliate.
  • Creating very robust custom reports
  • Providing very detailed segmented reports in support of A/B testing
  • Real-time performance measurement.
  • Integrate performance data Adobe Analytics with our BI tool
  • Provide additional team members or partners with custom reports

Evaluating Adobe Analytics and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Provided more investigation and discussion around the initial development and integration work so we could better estimate this effort and manage leadership team expectations.

Adobe Analytics Support

Kept well informed
Problems left unsolved
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Yes, during the initial implementation window. Due to the barrier, Adobe Analytics requires, premium support is necessary to ensure you are implementing correctly. Recommend companies consider engaging external non-Adobe resources to improve support responsiveness and to save dollars.
Yes - Escalation to their team is sent to an off-shore support resource to handle. This can take time (24-48 hours) to receive a response. Typically, support issues require a multitude of questions and answers before issues are able to be investigated and resolved.

Using Adobe Analytics

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Adobe Analytics Workspace (report builder)
  • Custom Segment Builder
  • Standard Reports
  • Adobe Analytics Activity Map
  • Managing admin functions with Report Suites (outdated and does not align with other UX)
Yes - Yes/no - however Adobe Analytics does offer a native mobile app that allows users to view workspace reports on their mobile devices. Great for monitoring performance when you're remote.