ClickUp -- Don't bother looking anywhere else!
Updated August 12, 2022

ClickUp -- Don't bother looking anywhere else!

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Overall Satisfaction with ClickUp

We use ClickUp to track all of our internal projects, and several that involve stakeholders outside our department. Across three distinct teams, we typically have approximately 100 active projects. The department previously used other tools such as Jira and Asana. However, due to a lack of clear internal processes, they were abandoned.
  • The views! It is so easy to switch between views within a project which is great as people have different preferences for how they like to see project information displayed
  • Information roll-ups: Information can be rolled up into folders, spaces, or everything. Allows a high-level view for management to se everything that is going on
  • Agile functionality: integration of story points, burn up/down charts, etc. All these are amazing, and easy-to-use tools
  • Project organization: the side navigation is so customizable, and organizations can build out spaces and folders to help keep everything organized within a team
  • Integrations: so many integrations to choose from! We explored how ClickUp could solve a problem for us, and through the available integrations were able to solve it.
  • Option to see subtasks on Gantt charts; other tools we looked at did not have this feature. It is such an obvious need to see subtasks on timelines; so glad we could find this tool
  • The Whiteboard feature is new, and I'm sure will be greatly improved by this time next year. For now, however, it feels a little clunky and does not offer as much detail as I would like on a whiteboard. Sometimes it can be quite slow to load, and I sometimes can't see when others are on the board synchronously
  • Maybe there is feature overload? For example, the views available on a project (i.e. docs, whiteboard, etc), are also available as their own standalone "project", so spaces can sometimes get messy. If I create a whiteboard, but later want to create a project out of it, I'd have to start over, whereas if I'd started with a project from the start, and used the whiteboard view, the information would be integrated.
  • Explainer videos could be better. I have found the best information online about ClickUp features from Youtube, not from ClickUp itself. The videos I have found are not specific enough to really explain the product features and how to use them.
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Better visibility for managements into project status
  • Ability to integrate forms into project workflows
We've used whiteboards in nearly all projects for brainstorming ideas. This process generates product storyboards and streamlines the internal workflow. We've incorporated the chat threads into our workflows, which has resulted in less confusion about where to find project-related info. While the chat threads have helped tremendously, ClickUp does not have an instant chat. We still have to use another application for it.
Our team previously used Microsoft Excel sheets to prepare and track projects. It was extremely confusing locating up-to-date information. Our workflows are streamlined by using the docs feature, as well as embedding Google Docs and Sheets. ClickUp helps ensure that team members do not have to struggle to find information.
Several of our team members had experience with Asana. ClickUp is a far superior product compared to Asana because of the following: The Gantt charts show subtasks in addition to parent tasks. Asana, on the other hand, required integrating with other products in order to show subtasks and have access to additional organizational features, including portfolios. Users had to pay for enterprise level, whereas ClickUp folders are included in all payment levels. ClickUp tasks can have multiple assignees added, whereas in Asana only one assignee can be added. That makes the workload feature extremely inaccurate since tasks have multiple people assigned to them.

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ClickUp is great for any organization that wants a task management tool combined with project management. I have used many other tools available on the market including Asana, Trello,, and Teamwork. ClickUp is by far the winner. It has the most flexibility in terms of how projects are laid out. There is an extensive library of templates available, and the customization options are endless. I have championed ClickUp in my own organization, and to others in my field at any opportunity.

ClickUp Feature Ratings

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Email integration
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Project & financial reporting

Using ClickUp

19 - We have several functional areas that use ClickUp. The group that uses it most widely are the Project Managers. They create project timelines, and one the project begins, create tasks and assign those to the various team members identified on the task. Those functional areas where tasks are assigned include:
  • Web development
  • Course development (instructional designers)
  • Design (User experience
1 - In our experience, the people who are best to support ClickUp are the project managers. These are people that manage the execution of projects and timelines. We've seen this group most invested in ensuring that the tool is well organized, and are constantly looking for ways to enhance it so that all user groups are well supported.
  • Automations
  • Timelines and Gantt charts
  • Forms
  • Having the ability to share public links to people outside of the organization. We have created dashboards listing out all the project-related links, and have shared the view with stakeholders that do not use ClickUp, enabling them to easily find and access relevant project information.
  • In brainstorming session, we have used a wide variety of features, including whiteboards and Mindmaps. The Mindmaps have been unexpectedly useful in helping the team to visualize ideas in a collaborative way, as we now work remotely. We can keep these records located in a centralized place, or directly in the project itself, which helps us when we need to refer back.
  • Custom columns seem almost endless in how they can be used. Every single project is so customizable, and we can see that as each project is planned out, the list view (and custom columns that get added) are different to each one. There are so many options to include, it helps ensure that the details needed for each project are specific.
  • We have been experimenting with forms in order to centralize information within ClickUp. Our department currently have several scripts for google forms, however by using ClickUp instead, we can ensure that all project information gets stored in a central area, rather than many smaller parts of our processes in several places across our workflow.
  • Our department is currently very new to project management, and are just getting used to many core project management princliples. However in the future we do see the application of many of the Agile applications, such as burndown charts, sprint points, and release schedules. I'd love to see the Whiteboard set up better to be able to prepare a product roadmap in the future.
Having used several other project and task management applications, I find ClickUp to be far superior to anything else I have come across. Rather than ever feeling frustrated with the limitations, as I often felt with other products, I am rather amazed and exited with the wide variety of features and customizability of ClickUp. I love using it for work, and I love using it for personal organization!

Evaluating ClickUp and Competitors

Yes - We replaced Asana. Even though our organization was using the Enterprise level plan, we were constantly having to come up with workaround solutions for daily project work. For example, our organization was using the Workload feature in Asana to ensure that team members workload stayed within business hours. However we ran into so many issues with the Asana workload feature, since many tasks required several people to be assigned. Unfortunately in that tool, only one person could be assigned to each task, and therefore the workload function is always inaccurate.
In ClickUp, however, being able to assign multiple people per task ensures that estimating is more accurate and we can better plan workloads.
  • Price
  • Product Features
When doing a scan of available products on the market, our first priority is that it met our requirements. So product features was at the top of the list, and already ClickUp exceeded many others in this regard. When looking at the price comparisons, this bumped ClickUp even further, since it was the best priced application across all the tools we looked at. There was simply no competition.
I don't believe we would change anything about our selection process. We began with a survey to our internal users of what issues they faced in their role, and what types of support they would like from a potential tool. We then used this data to help inform our requirements list. Following this, we prepared a comparison matrix looking at many of the available project management tools currently available on the market, and did an analysis of how many requirements each one provided. In this feature analysis, ClickUp was found to provide the most features that our team was looking for. Finally, we looked at the price between the products, and again ClickUp came up on top.

Using ClickUp

For myself, I found using ClickUp very easy to use, and intuitive to learn. However, I have been responsible for helping others in my organization to learn it, and have heard feedback from others that there are a lot of features to learn and that can be quite overwhelming. This might be an issue of personality types or general comfort level with change and/or technology. I think that anybody who has a good grasp of modern digital products will have no problem learning ClickUp.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Setting up custom dashboards. There are so many possibilities, the options seem endless
  • Setting up different views. With the click of a button, projects can be easily converted into so many layouts.
  • Dashboards: we have not been able to effectively use dashboards as we would like. I think if there were more flexibility in customizing the dashboards. For example being able to add a notes column to our projects dashboard, which would help to supplement the information displayed.
  • Goals have not yet been utilized. I have seen ClickUp show how these can be sued in agile planning, however we have not yet been able to utilize that feature at all.
Yes - As a Project Manager, I of course prefer to use the desktop view, which gives me the widest view of all the work, and especially the Gantt chart. However in a pinch when I am out and about, I do open up my mobile app at check the status of tasks. It is not something I use daily, but rather occasionally when I need to look up some information about a project and am not at my computer.

ClickUp Reliability

As long as organizations are thoughtful when setting up their workspace, I believe that ClickUp is very scalable. For example, we have divided our spaces into functional areas, and further organized projects into a folder system within spaces. By being thoughtful in the early stages of set up, I believe we are avoiding a disorganized situation down the line where projects lack any clear structured hierarchy.
Having used ClickUp for less than a year in my current organization, there have been only a couple of times when errors occurred and we've been unable to access our projects. However these have only been very brief, and did not negatively impact us. I recall these times only lasted for no more than an hour or so.
I do find ClickUp loading time to be very slow. For example, when working on Whiteboards, it often takes a very long time to load, and changes that one user makes does not automatically load for the others to see immediately.
In addition, in the desktop app there is no refresh option, and so changes that I make are not immediately reflected in the project. I tend to use the browser instead, because there are times when I need to refresh the page to see a change immediately.