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GoodData vs Tableau Desktop Comparison

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GoodData brings data to life and can make BIG DATA small. Quickly, cost effectively, easy to use, and incredibly efficent. I'd Strongly Recommend.
December 6, 2013
GoodData is a very easy to use tool that provides excellent time to value. It provides excellent dashboards and visual analytics and scales very well. The quality of customer support is also very high. It is a cloud-based system which may not be appropriate to all kinds of organizations like banks and financial institutions.
GoodData for Salesforce Business Intelligence and Analytics
June 19, 2013
IT consultant helped a client evaluate and deploy the GoodSales Bash module of GoodData. They are using it to analyze sales data across regions, sales reps, and products. Pipeline monitoring was challenging using the basic Salesforce reporting, and the client had been exporting data from Salesforce into Excel for analysis. GoodData enabled the client to save at least 6 hours per week in manual data entry and analysis.
Reporting Tool for a Non-Technical Person
October 6, 2014
GoodData has great GUI based customizable reporting tools. It would be great to have an option to easily export to Excel.
Great Product. Sharp/Flexible Reports and Easy Report Dissemination.
September 16, 2014
Although we eventually chose Tableau over GoodData, this is a very capable product. The ability to hook it up to a data warehouse is key. We connected to data from multiple sources and build powerful reports that told a story with data for end users. COlor coding for charts was a bit primitive compared to other systems.
GoodData is Ok data
September 15, 2014
GoodData has intuitive and customizable dashboards. The permission settings are straight forward and easy to manage. However, scheduling reports is not intuitive and the amount of information that can be included is limited.
GoodData, it is that good!
March 28, 2014
GoodData is very easy to use and manage. It also has a visually appealing interface and is easy to customize.
GoodData Review from a Pardot User
December 6, 2013
GoodData is one of the best early funnel reporting tools on the market. Integration with Pardot and Salesforce is very strong and it has a great UI. The only sore spot is the poor customer service.
Good Data = Good Deal
September 22, 2013
GoodData puts powerful data visualization into the hands of business users, and gets IT out of the way. It allows users to build powerful graphics combining enterprise data and external data. Although it can be challenging to a novice user, it strongly appeals to "data hound" business users capable of running large Excel pivots. Less skilled users benefit by consuming the analytics views created by their colleagues.
GoodData has delivered GreatResults
May 1, 2013
GoodData is used to integrate multiple data sources and create visualizations and dashboards to drive key business decisions. This next-generation BI tool is not a lightweight tool and does require some effort to implement, but its speed, power, and agility are unmatched.
GoodData User Feedback
September 19, 2014
GoodData has great visualization features. It would be great to be able to directly load an Excel file.
Business Intelligence re-defined!
November 22, 2013
I would surely recommend this to my colleagues.
Tab - Blows away Crystal Reports and Business Objects
September 9, 2014
Tableau Desktop easily connects to multiple data sources. This business intelligence platform provides the ability to quickly build dashboards and publish them to Tableau Server. It would be great to have a web based version of Tableau Desktop.
Tableau Desktop: Making an Impact in the World of Drug Safety
June 30, 2014
Tableau Desktop provides easy access to data and the ability to quickly and easily push out a series of visualization dashboards to the Tableau Server. However, the placement of objects in a dashboard during has room for improvement. It would be great to have the ability to seamlessly read in a SAS dataset.
Tableau Desktop Drives Analytic Efficiency
June 18, 2014
Tableau Desktop provides great data connectivity, visualization, and filtering. However, the dashboard formatting and table joining features both have room for improvement. It would be great to have an undo button.
Need to visualize data? Look no further.
June 17, 2014
Tableau Desktop is easy to use and provides powerful mapping and charting abilities. It would be great to have more mapping options, specifically web or spider maps. While manipulating data withing the program is easy for the most part, some fields must be in the proper format to be read correctly.
Increased productivity and client satisfaction
November 5, 2013
Tableau allows us to blend data from a variety of different sources such as SQL Server and CSV and Excel files. The product is much more flexible than a pivot table and has great features like being able to link filter actions across objects on a dashboard to improve visualization and interaction for the user. Active user community.
Tableau - Make your analysts feel like rockstars
October 28, 2013
Tableau is as easy to use as Excel but provides much more advanced visualizations and is easier to update if the data set is changing. It also connects directly to most SQL databases, which can be a huge time saver versus pulling data through a query browser and importing it manually. Completely GUI-based which means no coding is required. No Mac version available yet.
Visual Intelligence and Analysis (VIA) that is the name of our company & what you can expect from Tableau
October 25, 2013
Tableau provides unmatched TCO and they continue to invest in new functionality with great new features like the integration to R. Forecasting capability is not yet a strength, and it would be nice if it were integrated with PowerPoint and SAP. This is a superlative tool though.
Tableau - Great for business needs small to XL
October 25, 2013
We use Tableau to help our customers grow their business by answering questions and finding insights. The tools is really like SQL, Access, Excel and MapPoint all in one. It is fairly easy to program the tool and is excellent for SQL data extraction and filtering.
Flexible, Powerful, and Easy on the Eyes
September 30, 2013
Extremely powerful tool allowing us to connect to multiple data sources and quickly build very impressive visualizations. We experienced some challenges setting up an instance of each workbook to sit in different environments, and generating extracts on a local machine can be very time-consuming. But Tableau is a great tool overall.
100 Reasons why Tableau can help you!
September 26, 2013
BI consultant says Tableau is extremely good at turning large amounts of data into useful analyses. Its main selling points are the fact that it connects to almost any data source within a couple of clicks and the fact that you can slice-and-dice your data with just a few drags. It requires relatively clean, tabular data for best results, but is an exceptional product in every way.
Tableau 8.0 Review - Be a Data Rockstar
August 26, 2013
Tableau desktop is used in analysis in the areas of: Logistics, Forecasting, Demand, Sales. It's a fantastic tool for creating action based analysis and visualizations of data against multiple datasets / data types. It has a very user-friendly interface for people with varying levels of software and analysis experience. By comparison, other BI tools are much more complex requiring knowledge knowledge of SQL, ETL and Database administration.
Worked superbly for analyzing web traffic data.
November 16, 2012
A C-level executive in charge of revenue optimization at a consumer Internet company describes their experiences using Tableau.
Very little not to love
November 11, 2014
Tableau Desktop has great visualization features that include a variety of options and a built in map function. It would be great to have the ability to do multi-step aggregation.
Tableau Desktop has unlocked the real information behind our data
April 8, 2014
Very easy to blend data from different sources and connect to external data sources. Saving and reusing data sources is not as easy as it could be.
Tableau Desktop 8.0.4
October 18, 2013
Excellent product for accessing and transforming all data store types. Great visualizations and product is easy to use. Only issue is the lack of statistical analysis capability, but this is being addressed with integration of R.
Tableau - the better BI tool
October 15, 2013
Tableau Desktop is simple, quick and easy to create simple outputs for the novice and also very capable to scale up and get really complex for the expert. Clean visualizations that are not cumbersome or dated. Tableau connects to a variety of disparate data sources and offers faster enablement of reporting and analytics than other BI contenders.
Perfect analytics tool
September 16, 2013
We have used Tableau Desktop to build dashboards for web analytics and for analysis of financial metrics. These have enabled us to make some important business decisions about market potential and product development. Product is great at pulling data from multiple sources like relational databases and cloud databases. Training resources are excellent and deployment is very simple.
Tableau System Review
July 14, 2013
Large financial services company is very happy with Tableau. Very strong ROI due to reduced cycle times to trend and analyze data and reduce errors. It connects to any data source and is highly cost-effective and easy-to-use. Report archiving and charting images can be a little confusing.
Powerful but Easy Insight for All Skill Levels
June 20, 2013
Higher Education executive encourages end-users from admissions, financial aid, academic affairs, business operations, and IT to analyze their own data. The product is exceptionally easy-to-use and pushes analysis down to the end users who really know the business issues best.
An easy to learn, powerful tool which empowers business users and adds value to the company
June 17, 2013
Data visualization expert loves Tableau for its intuitive user interface and the fact that the product can be used successfully by people with few technical skills. Advanced forecasting functionality is missing. The product is functional and powerful with a very enthusiastic user community.