Data Management Platforms (DMP)

Best Data Management Platforms (DMP) include:

The Trade Desk, Adobe Audience Manager, and Lotame.

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Data Management Platforms (DMP) Overview

What are Data Management Platforms?

A DMP is a kind of data warehouse that sorts and stores information that is subsequently used by marketers and advertisers.

Data Management Platforms are one component of what is often referred to as "Ad Tech" or digital advertising technology. In addition to DMPs, Ad Tech includes things like:

  • Ad networks and ad exchanges (for automated buying and selling of ad inventory)

  • Ad Servers that that can host and serve display advertisements

  • Retargeting tools for showing ads to users based on actions recently made on the web

  • Demand side (DSP) and sell side (SSP) platforms which make it easier for advertisers to buy, and for media outlets to sell, display advertising. This can be on ad exchanges, ad networks, and other available inventory sources.

Demand-side platforms are most often used by advertisers and agencies to enable programmatic buying of display, video, mobile and search ads. These ads are purchased in a real-time auction, through a process known as real-time bidding, which happens automatically in milliseconds.

In practice, DMPs and DSPs are often sold as a single product. Many DSPs, for example, also include a DMP.

Data Management Platforms Features & Capabilities

  • Data Collection

  • Data Classification

  • Ad Network Integration

  • DMP Analytics

How DMPs Are Used

The most typical use is to house structured information from a number of different systems and organize it. Data is either at the customer level (if it’s about your customers or prospects) or at the cookie level (if the person is unknown). Information about what customers have bought etc. is combined with demographic data to build segments or "audiences".

The basic idea is that this information about your various audiences is matched up with data provided by data vendors to help you find new prospects which look much like your existing customers. You are essentially buying a set of anonymous cookies that match up with your segments to buy ads against.

DMP Comparison

If you are considering purchasing a DMP, you should consider some of the following aspects of each tool:

  1. Product Experience Features: Some DMP tools include support for product experience management, allowing businesses to see how users are interacting with their applications. For businesses that value these features, it is important to see which tools offer it.

  2. Specific Use Cases: Many DMP tools offer support for specific use cases such as marketing. If your DMP tool will be used primarily by a certain department or for a certain use case, consider choosing a DMP tool that specializes in that arena.

  3. Integrations: Some DMP tools include built in integrations with popular sales and marketing tools, while others require users to build their own integrations. Consider what your businesses capabilities with integration building are and what integrations you need when selecting a DMP tool.

Pricing Information

DMP platform pricing models vary based on the inclusion of different features.

Pricing involves many factors like monthly uniques, impressions, traffic, may include augmented third-party data, services offerings, advanced algorithmic modeling, etc.

As a rule of thumb, a minimum expenditure of $5,000 per month is typical.

Data Management Products

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Oracle CX Marketing (formerly Oracle Marketing Cloud)
373 ratings
241 reviews
Top Rated
Oracle CX Marketing (formerly Oracle Marketing Cloud) is a solution designed to enable marketers to plan and execute automated marketing campaigns via email, display search, video advertising, and mobile while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects.
31 ratings
70 reviews
Top Rated is a product engagement platform with features for in-app analytics, surveys and feedback, and guidance.
Adobe Audience Manager
42 ratings
15 reviews
Adobe Audience Manager is a recognized data management platform (DMP) that is integrated into the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
Mapp Digital
5 ratings
9 reviews
Built by marketers for marketers, Mapp is a family of software and customer-centric services including a sophisticated data management platform; tools that optimise email, mobile, app, social and web marketing; and campaign management and strategy consulting. Mapp Digital was created by the combina…
5 ratings
8 reviews
Lotame is the flagship data management platform (DMP) from Lotame Solutions in Columbia, Maryland, billed as a cross-screen DMP that leverages "second-party" data (i.e. first-party data acquired via strategic partners).
Salesforce Audience Studio (formerly Salesforce DMP)
18 ratings
7 reviews
Formerly Salesforce DMP, Audience Studio is designed to help users gain insights by unifying and capturing data to strengthen customer relationships across every touchpoint with a data management platform. The technology is based on the former Krux DMP acquired by Salesforce in 2016.
The Trade Desk
8 ratings
6 reviews
The Trade Desk is the eponymous flagship product from the company headquartered in Ventura California, a demand-side / data management hybrid platform (DSP / DMP).
Reachforce SmartSuite (Now Leadspace)
5 ratings
4 reviews
ReachForce in Austin, Texas offers a suite of data quality products for cleaning and preparing marketing data obtained from lead forms or commonly used marketing platforms, with the goal of maximizing the reliability and sufficiency of aggregated lead data.
3 ratings
3 reviews is the epoymous flagship product from the company headquartered in Fort Worth, for programmatic media buying, display advertising, and streaming / OTT monetization. It is a data management and demand-side buying hybrid platform (DMP / DSP).
Nielsen Marketing Cloud
0 ratings
2 reviews
Neilsen Marketing Cloud includes a Data Management Platform (DMP), Media Planning and Optimization, Data as a Service (DaaS), Multitouch Attribution Analytics, Inflight Analytics, and integrations to different digital media channels as well as to content marketing, creative testing, search, email an…
IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite
3 ratings
1 review
IgnitionOne's Digital Marketing Suite (IgnitionOne DMS) offers a broad, cloud-based cross-channel marketing campaign management and automation platform for managing paid advertising across search and listings, display ads, social networks, mobile devices, and also email correspondences with customer…
0 ratings
1 review
dataxu’s TouchPoint™ is a demand-side platform that aims to help agencies deliver greater value to their clients.
7 ratings
1 review
Leadspace is a software as a service (SaaS) company that finds leads in social media, contact databases and customer relationship management systems by comparing people's online presence to a vendor's unique ideal buyer profiles. Leadspace is used by inside sales teams for finding new prospects, and…
3 ratings
1 review
Synthio is Data as a Service software that automates the cleansing, standardization, and synthesis of data to make it actionable for immediate use. From merging non-standard or free-form data into a single usable dataset, to deduplication, standardization, strategic augmentation, or simply understan…
Core Audience
Core Audience, formerly Red Aril but rebranded after its acquisiton by media company Hearst Corporation, is a data management platform (DMP).
Neustar Identity Data Management Platform (IDMP, PlatformOne)
The Neustar Identity Data Management Platform, or Neustar IDMP (formerly PlatformOne) is a data management platform (DMP), based on the technology of the recognized DMP Aggregate Knowledge, acquired by Neustar in October of 2013. It features real-time website personalization with Neustar PageAdvisor…
Boston-based company Digilant offers their eponymous integrated DMP / DSP (data management platform, demand-side platform).
Xaxis Turbine
Xaxis Turbine is New York-headquartered Xaxis' data management platform.
Zipline DMP
Zipline DMP is a data management platform from KBM Group, a provider of marketing data and analytics. It is designed to allow marketers to use their own data, as well as third-party data, to build audience segments for targeted campaigns.
Flex Databases
Flex Databases offers their clinical trial management system (CTMS) for storing and managing clinical data (e.g. subject, site, and experimenter information).
Designed to deploy predictive modelsOne tool for data processing, analysis and modeling! The user-friendly workflow interface helps you explore all your data & more. Supports all analytical tasks: Extracting and saving data from/to different database systems, files, and data transformati…
1plusX offers a data management platform that aims to enable you to deliver the right content, messaging and ads to the right user at the right time.According to the vendor, the product:Gives you actionable insights and predictions about your users and digital assets.Is based on a real-time processi…
Criteo Audience Match
Criteo Audience Match aims to help you accurately target and effectively re-engage more customers with dynamic ads across web, mobile browsers, and apps, going beyond the confines of walled gardens. Designed to perfectly complement Criteo Dynamic Retargeting and powered by the same machine learning,…

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses benefit most from data management platforms?

Data management platforms are used by businesses of all sizes, and are most useful for businesses that want to provide sales and marketing teams with a greater level of access to business data.

Are there free or open source DMP tools?

There are some DMP tools with limited free versions, or time based trials. There are also a few forever free DMP tools, though they tend to have limited feature sets. The vast majority of feature complete DMP tools are proprietary tools.