Adobe acquired Neolane in July 2013 and later re-named the product Adobe Campaign. Adobe Campaign provides both marketing automation and marketing resource management functionality like spend/financial management, workflow and asset management. It also has strong analytics capabilities. It also offers strong integration with enterprise CRM systems. Application That Packs a PUNCHCampaign Management: Awesome capability in automating and segmenting campaigns. However, automating and segmenting are minor compared to the marketing intelligence provide via tracking and integration with SiteCatalyst. Knowing our demography and behavior has influenced innovation to tailor our content to the needs of the target audience. Overall this system has improved Mercola from a batch and blast shop to being able to personalize marketing to a demographic or individual level. Simplicity of the UI for a technical tool. If you are doing email marketing, this is a must-have tool.,Nothing comes to mind.,10,Open rate of emails have had a big jump from averaging 12% across all offered subscription to 30-45%. Deliverability increase with sender score reflecting 95+ from what use to be high 70-88. New intelligence allowing us to increase conversion in the shop.,10,4Neolane - uniting the marketing worldNeolane can be customized to suit your marketing organization - it can be as simple or complex as you choose, which allows you to be most effective. Neolane provides a great automation tool for marketing leads. We were able to link it to Siebel On Demand fairly seamlessly, which allowed our leads to be passed to sales similar to our previous process without requiring any sales team training. Neolane is secure within the application - it allows multiple role types, which allows you to control who can make modifications and who has access to certain information.,Neolane is not very user-friendly, especially when using it to store a marketing database and blast email campaigns. It took multiple training sessions for casual users to understand and be ready to use the tool. The Neolane Leads module is not adequate for the extensive lead qualification we do. It was necessary for us to build a separate system and then link it back to Neolane.,Neolane has allowed our worldwide teams to capitalize on each other's activities - we can store one campaign then adapt it for other areas of the world fairly easily. Neolane has made us more efficient by allowing employees to speak the same "language" - prior to Neolane, we used many different systems and operated separately across marketing. Neolane has slightly reduced the amount of data entry work in Siebel On Demand, since the two tools are able to "talk" to each other.,9,8,locating a lead and marking qualified sorting columns uploading new data,setting up database structure creating an audience list for email campaigns (especially one based on previous activity),7Neolane ReviewEasily link live offers and variable information. Direct mail and e-mail are more closely intertwined.,UI/UX Interface is very poor; Drop-down menus do not function well, many buttons are unintuitive, lack of quick-save features, cluttered and disorganized menus. When using for e-mail, error messages are extremely vague - it rarely gives enough information to troubleshoot without seeking professional help; loading images is an extremely tedious process; lack of multi-selection load; overall experience is very buggy. No Mac accessibility. Unstable functionality, constant crashes and prompts random error messages that rarely explain the issue. Email development contains too much back-end involvement. Knowing how to write javascript should not be a procedure in the e-mail building process. Implementing simple variable functionality should be done with a click of a button, NOT by writing javascript code manually.,Not sure.,7,6,10,5,E-mail development E-mail deployment. Variable content.,,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,8,Online training In-person training Self-taught,8,8,No. Training is required due to the outdated UI/UX. On modern day programs, it is much easier to pick up a new software and start learning with minimal training. However, Neolane has to overcome much of its UI/UX capabilities in order to be used with more ease.,10,5,7,7,Our offers and rewards program.Neolane a great product in the right handsNeolane is being used to send our paid advertisement emails and our own email campaigns. It is in use by our marketing team and our business teams. We switched from Experian, to Neolane due to the better re-targeting ability that Neolane offered us, and a better integration with our own and partner databases,Customizability: if you know what you want and need - Neolane is able to provide you with an environment that should suit your needs. Cross-platform: the ability to manage campaigns - SMS - Email - Social media etc. Analytics: Neolane provides a vast amount of data,User interface - it's not modern looking. I wouldn't call it particularly user friendly. And overall it's not highly responsive Debugging: the information given is not always enough and contact with Neolane support needs to be made Resource management: the software in general (the client and the server side) are a tad resource heavy,5,We lowered our overall cost of routing emails, we are now using our own servers with a flat-fee cost for the connection. However against substantial initial investment - cost of deployment and training of staff. Our turnover in email increased by a bit, due to the fact we can route more - and a bit better targeted Employment efficiency went down. Unlike Experian we have now full time 2 people providing technical support. The Client software is slower than the Experian web interface and overall action takes more time. However this is on the shoot-per shoot basis. For the more permanent campaigns the customizability of Neolane is absolutely better (read good),CheetahMail,8,9,4,Email Sms Social,Able to link all distribution channels together Re-targeting on a very precise level,Change management was minimal,Yes,7,YesThe Cadillac of solutionsIntegrates easily with CRM. Large storage area and flexible storage capabilities. Includes web tracking and automated workflows making automation simple.,User interface is not very intuitive. Error messages can be tough to interpret thus making troubleshooting difficult at times. WYSIWYG editor could be more robust (make it more similar to Dreamweaver),8,We have been able to provide better, more timely leads to our sales staff. We have been able to automate more activities at the top of the sales funnel, making both our sales and marketing staffs more efficient. We have been able to deliver better customer service and more relevant messaging through integration with out CRM platform.,250,000 to 1 million,9
Adobe Campaign
183 Ratings
Score 7.8 out of 101
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Adobe Campaign Reviews

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Adobe Campaign
183 Ratings
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Score 7.8 out of 101

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Kristen Conrad profile photo
October 30, 2013

Neolane - uniting the marketing world

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

We feel that Neolane really adds value to our organization and has allowed marketing to progress - storing databases more efficiently, sharing campaigns across the world, pushing leads directly into our CRM system. We are very invested in the tool since we took a good bit of time to customize it, so I anticipate we will renew our use.
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April 29, 2015

Neolane a great product in the right hands

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Likelihood to Renew

Once you go for Neolane you are a bit stuck with it, so we will most likely stay with Neolane. Cost of investment and training are the main factors at work here. We havesimply have invested too much in the product to stop using it after 2 years.

That said, my score of 8 does not imply that the product is worthy of getting an 8 but reflects our willingness to renew.

Given that upgrading to a new version will cost again a substantial sum, we most likely will keep using the current version we are on which is 6X.
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June 16, 2015

The Cadillac of solutions

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

Despite the shortcomings of user interface and basic troubleshooting difficulty, Neolane is much more robust and delivers better capabilities to our sales and marketing staffs than any other product we have used here or any product our staff members have used at other locations.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

WYSIWYG email editor (40)
Dynamic content (42)
Ability to test dynamic content (39)
Landing pages (37)
A/B testing (40)
Mobile optimization (37)
Email deliverability (40)
List management (42)
Triggered drip sequences (37)
Lead nurturing (6)
Lead scoring and grading (5)
Data quality management (6)
Automated sales alerts and tasks (5)
Calendaring (37)
Event/webinar marketing (6)
Social sharing and campaigns (4)
Social profile integration (4)
Dashboards (42)
Standard reports (41)
Custom reports (40)
API (33)
Role-based workflow & approvals (37)
Customizability (38)
Integration with (24)
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (18)
Integration with SugarCRM (6)

About Adobe Campaign

Adobe acquired Neolane in July 2013 and later re-named the product Adobe Campaign. Adobe Campaign provides both marketing automation and marketing resource management functionality like spend/financial management, workflow and asset management. It also has strong analytics capabilities. It also offers strong integration with enterprise CRM systems.

Adobe Campaign Features

Email & Online Marketing Features
Has featureWYSIWYG email editor
Has featureDynamic content
Has featureAbility to test dynamic content
Has featureLanding pages
Has featureA/B testing
Has featureMobile optimization
Has featureEmail deliverability
Has featureList management
Has featureTriggered drip sequences
Lead Management Features
Does not have featureLead nurturing
Does not have featureLead scoring and grading
Does not have featureData quality management
Does not have featureAutomated sales alerts and tasks
Campaign Management Features
Has featureCalendaring
Does not have featureEvent/webinar marketing
Social Media Marketing Features
Does not have featureSocial sharing and campaigns
Does not have featureSocial profile integration
Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports
Platform & Infrastructure Features
Has featureAPI
Has featureRole-based workflow & approvals
Has featureCustomizability
Has featureIntegration with
Has featureIntegration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Does not have featureIntegration with SugarCRM
Additional Features
Has featureSegmentation and Audience Targeting tools
Has featureProgram, Activities, & Campaigns Organization
Has featureCross-Channel Orchestration Workflows

Adobe Campaign Integrations

Oracle CRM On Demand,, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

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Adobe Campaign Technical Details

Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No