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What is Influitive?

AdvocateHub helps B2B marketers capture customer enthusiasm and use it to drive marketing and sales efforts. With AdvocateHub, B2B marketers build an advocate community and invite customers into it to complete “challenges” like referrals, reference calls or product reviews. As they complete…


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Influitive Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Customer Advocacy Software

Tribe Community Platform

What is Tribe Community Platform?

Tribe is a community platform that integrates social touchpoints across the user journey. It helps brands and creators to build online communities with complete customization capability and data ownership to drive customer engagement, improve retention rate, collect feedback, and improve lifetime…


What is Centercode?

Centercode Connect is a hosted software platform that provides all of the tools needed to run a beta program: recruiting, NDA management, product distribution, surveys, bug reports, forums, reporting, and more.

Vanilla Forums


What is Vanilla Forums?

Vanilla Forums is customizable and themable forum software. It can be used for support communities, Q&A Communities and more. There are numerous integrations, including SSO, and connectors to popular software such as Mailchimp, WordPress, Zendesk and Salesforce.

Influitive Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from María José Pérez

done almost automatically. We have been able to configure the generation of values for the HUB section in the VIP, which makes the community that enjoys these

Related Quote from Verified User

platform Great capabilities to incentivize customers all while receiving value … customer advocacy. It allows you to incentivize your customers to complete high-value asks like testimonials, user interviews, etc. The hub allow…

Related Quote from Verified User

Influitive is unmatched. Our CSM is always a phone call away and provides value adding support and services with every regular call. I believe that Influitive's

Related Quote from Lauren Turner

customers that help us connect to them on a deeper level. Recruitment for high-value activities like joining our research group, doing a case study, or speaking … dry asking them to do things for your company, it's more important to GIVE value to them), Influitive is the best,…

Related Quote from Verified User

great. It generates the most customer reference volunteers. It provides value to customers, giving them a way to engage more and more easily.

Related Quote from Verified User

Price Product Features Product Usability … Obviously whatever we use needs to be cost effective. But the feature set is

Related Quote from Andrew Sevillia

easily recruit customers to join our advocacy program. You can assign a value to the challenges so that you can track the ROI of a given customer's activities

Related Quote from Verified User

solves the question, "how can we properly make sure our customers receive value beyond our products and get more of a relationship with our company?"

Related Quote from Verified User

Depending on the cost and new features to be added, our company might be motivated to renew the … Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation … are the most crucial aspect for us because no matter how low or high a cost might be if the program does not…

Related Quote from Megha jetley

through the social share facility available within the platform Getting more valued feedbacks that helps building the product roadmap for us

Related Quote from Chris Salles

the vendor. If it were solely up to me/us, we'd renew in a heartbeat. A value-add, for certain!

Related Quote from Jennifer Susinski

Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation … it is never easy to change this type of application on the fly. Lastly, price came into play...but we truly wanted to best offering as it is customer facing

Related Quote from Rachel Lurie

on customer incentives. Make sure that you consider the cost of incentives and not just the cost of the platform because I think this can have a big impact

Related Quote from Anna Kim

Influitive platform, it is really easy to pull metrics, which helps show the value of the program.

Related Quote from Verified User

salesforce data if you want to integrate the twohave the money to spend on the (EXPENSIVE) extras (e.g., integrations, multiple referral campaigns, multiple "experiences")

Related Quote from Joey Dupont

Some packages are somewhat expensive, but I think most of them worth it.

Related Quote from Ray Lau

Price is high for smaller companies. Other add-ons to the Hub can get pricey. Lack

Related Quote from Laura Olson

currently use Influitive's AdvocateHub to manage a select group of customers we value - across all verticals and company sizes. The hub is a central place we can

Related Quote from Shannon Zaher

We are using AdvocateHub to provide additional value for our customers. Through AdvocateHub we share product development information, offer opportunities

Related Quote from Rachel Smith

develop a symbiotic relationship with each other. The value that Bomgar provides our advocates and the value they provide to us complement each other perfectly

Related Quote from Nicole Naidu

everything we planned for was included in the solution and would be much less expensive to implement with Influitive than building it ourselves. … everything we planned for was included in the solution and would be much less expensive to implement with Influitive than building it ourselves. Not only that … came close to comparing to what Influitive off…

Related Quote from Farkhanda Zhublawar

awesome - this would essentially give us insight into what our customers value and how often we end up rewarding community members with something NOT in

Related Quote from Kimberly Griffith

Influitive team is always adding great new features and functionality They value their customers input and have an Influitive Lab to test new ideas

Related Quote from Kim Ellis

Increase employee efficiency Wider reach to our advocates using a lower cost model Very happy advocates

Related Quote from Liz Richardson

the road. Apart from revenue there would still be an incredible amount of value tied to brand loyalty, customer generated content, product feedback, brand