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Updated October 02, 2018

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Modules Used

  • Project Management
  • Quality & Safety
  • Construction Financials
  • Field Productivity

Overall Satisfaction with Procore

We use it over the whole organization. Project management, estimating and site supervisors would be the main users. We are slowly integrating for more client use. The drawings tab, schedule and documents would be the main tabs we utilize. Helps share information across a broad amount of people, no matter where they are using Procore.
  • Drawings tool - quickly access the full drawing package and allows comparisons between revisions.
  • Change events - allows to easily track all related info to a change event. Can find all the information in the same place. Easy to reference back too after a project is completed.
  • Observations - really great to help provide people reminders or can be used as a to-do list. Automatically sends emails out to remind the person to complete a task.
  • RFIs and submittals - we especially like this, as it allows us to contact the consultants with all the related info in a professional manner. It also sends out reminders when its overdue. Helps us have to follow up less.
  • Schedule - I personally do not use this tool often, but have been advised that you cannot easily create a schedule on Procore and update it. We have to use MS project alongside Procore.
  • The project team on the admin tab, we should be able to hide this from clients
  • Being able to change workflow settings on commitments back to draft after its been approved. Always have to contact live support to change it back
  • Monthly Usage reports - it would be nice if they could be automatically sent to me every month. The one provided by customer support is a lot more user friendly and shows a broad range of stats which is great to review
I have not personally reviewed anything similar products to Procore.
We have benefited from them all.
  • Using daily logs for site supers to update PMs on daily trades who visited site and work completed.
  • Schedule - keeps everyone aware of schedule and on-track (PMs, site supers, trades and clients)
  • Can ensure all people are using the most current set of drawings
  • PMs and estimators can track the budget easily
  • RFIs and submittals keep PMs, site supers and consultants involved and track status of outstanding issues
  • Onboarding is lengthy and can take a while for a new employee to get the hang of using all the tools
  • When I have to reference back to old projects for change orders, drawings or trade info - it saves a lot of time than going back through paper copies
  • The drawings tab helps to track addendums and ensures the current set of drawings are always being used. This can save time and money in the long run
  • Gain visibility into projects
  • Ensure information is accessible and up to date
  • Track cost impacts from the field
  • Streamline financial reporting
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Provides access to all team members for commitments issued - can easily track material orders
  • Budget provides over/under status on each category
  • Monthly usage reports allows us to track employees usage
  • Helps track missed scope of work
  • Does not allow employees to hide information
  • Takes time to onboard
  • Does not integrate with Canadian Quikbooks
It takes a bit of getting used to at the start but overall it provides a place with all the relevant information on a specific project, as there are so many people on one specific project. Can easily track the budget and ensure we stay on track. Change events is a great tool to track extras to the client and can be easily referenced back to for all applicable information, even if I was not working on the project.

Procore Feature Ratings

Plan distribution & viewing
Plan markups & sharing
Document sharing
Issue tracking & punchlists
Photo documentation
Jobsite reports
RFI tools
Collaboration & approvals
Mobile app
Not Rated

Using Procore

30 - estimators, project managers, coordinators, site supervisors and management
A lot of different roles in the company help support Procore, depending on the task. Estimators responsible to upload the drawings, fill out the admin tab, upload budgets and prime contract. Coordinators and PMs can also upload drawings, but they also input invoices, commitments, change events, upload photos and schedule. Siter supers review drawings, fill out daily and upload photos.
  • budget - helps track costs over the lifecycle of a project
  • commitments - allows to track trade purchase orders, compare to budget, track invoices and great for future comparison
  • change events - great tool to track change orders to the client, missed scope of work or certain site conditions. Also great for future reference.
  • custom reports have helped track project status', payments and completion of work
  • more opportunities to create more customized reports
  • estimating tools - not currently used but potential in the future
initially its hard to get everyone to buy-in to the idea of Procore, as its not always straightforward, even with the support centre. However, with having the full company use it for about a year, i definitely see the benefits, as it allows everyone within the company to access required tasks, can be easily referenced too if someone is off, one place for all the information and every project has the same set up.

Evaluating Procore and Competitors

Yes - Yes and no. We previously used Google Drive for everything and still use it for certain elements related to estimating but all PM tasks are tracked on procore.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
An added bonus was to have the site supers have easy access to drawings, spec sheets etc, where before it always had to be printed and could be easily lost. Having a one-stop shop for all items was a big factor, along with tracking budgets and change orders.
hard to pinpoint an exact area i would change, as there is so much to know about Procore. I think the estimating tools needed to be evaluated more in-depth as we figured out shortly after that the way estimating was done was not a right fit for our company as certain elements were missing.

Procore Implementation

took a long time to fully get implemented
Yes - certain tools that were more straight forward to understand, such as uploading drawings, filling out admin tool, uploading photos etc were implemented first, followed by commitments then change orders.
  • employee buy-in
  • change orders and commitments

Procore Support

never really had a bad experience but a couple of times problems took a while to solve.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Quick Initial Response
always ask me how im doing and if they can assist with anything else after my problem is solved

Using Procore

Initial onboarding takes time. Becoming familiarized to ensure you can teach others. Support centre does not always provide support for certain scenarios that have arisen on my end. Change events were difficult to understand at first.
Like to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Lots to learn
  • upload of drawings
  • document tracking
  • prime contracts
  • photos
  • change events
  • invoicing