SalesLoft helps get rid of the manual processes that bog down salespeople
Updated June 10, 2021

SalesLoft helps get rid of the manual processes that bog down salespeople

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Modules Used

  • Cadence and Automation
  • Calendaring
  • Dialer and Messenger
  • Sales Email

Overall Satisfaction with SalesLoft

Our sales department uses SalesLoft to assist in the automation of dialing and emailing. It helps to create completed tasks in SalesLoft so we don't have to manually log each call and email that is sent out. It also helps to automatically add dispositions to a call, like if we spoke to the decision maker or their receptionist or if we left a voicemail. It helps to standardize that and leaves no guesswork as to what happened on a call. We also utilize SalesLoft to create email templates and automate the email process.
  • Email automation is a huge boon. Templates can be shared between different teams so something the outbound team has can certainly be used by the SDR team in certain cases.
  • Standardized call dispositions take the guesswork out of what happened on a call and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Provides a dialer that is connected directly to Salesforce so I can stay in Salesforce and not have to use a separate website or app to dial out.
  • The Salesforce sidebar could use some work. There's no option to sort due cadences by Time Zone without clicking through into the cadence. I would like the option to sort by Time Zone first.
  • There's no option for Canadian phone numbers for the local dialer. It always shows up as a Boston number, which weirds out my Canadian clients.
  • People are removed from a cadence the moment they respond to you via email. It's a pain to go back and add them back into the specific step of the cadence I have them in. I'd prefer the option to turn that on or off.
  • SalesLoft has certainly improved rep productivity. Less time spent drafting emails and logging calls leads to more calls and emails being made.
  • Employee satisfaction--our lives are made a lot easier by SalesLoft compared to previous software we use.
  • More leads are being contacted and converted to paid customers because we are able to set up cadences that remind us when to call and fewer leads are falling through the cracks.
I had a really weird issue with the SalesLoft call bar's dimensions being all out of whack. What I had to do is scroll within the call bar to get down to the dispositions and call log--frustrating when you're doing 60-70 calls a day. I contacted the support team and had a response within a few hours, which I find pretty impressive when submitting an email ticket. They asked for screenshots and details and let me know that they had to escalate this to a higher team. I appreciate the updates and the transparency. They did eventually get back to me (I imagine it wasn't an easy fix so it's all good!) and let me know what I should do (with clear steps and photos) to fix the situation.
There are a few issues between SalesLoft and Salesforce when it comes to updating records. Specifically, if I import a lead or add a cadence to a lead in the SalesLoft sidebar, I have to refresh my Salesforce page in order to make any changes to Salesforce (like updating the lead status or phone number). I think this is more to do with the version of Salesforce we have, but I'm not an expert so I just know what I see.
Cirrus was so bad. It was slow and never properly added information from Salesforce into the merge fields. I always had to manually update my emails, which was awful. When we implemented SalesLoft and it actually added the merge data in, I couldn't believe it. I can send emails again! I can send lots of emails! I don't have to carve out a block of time in my calendar just to send emails! I can send them out immediately after a call without interrupting my flow. It is amazing.
SalesLoft is great if you're looking to take a lot of the manual work out of the sales process, like calling out and drafting emails. Just utilize templates to make your life a lot easier there. Having used other email automation software, SalesLoft is so much easier to use. It easily captures the merge fields and adds the necessary information--I rarely ever have to manually edit the information.