Xactly - excellent system if you are willing to make the investment
Updated April 04, 2023

Xactly - excellent system if you are willing to make the investment

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Overall Satisfaction with Xactly Incent

- Our organization uses Xactly incent to calculate and communicate incentive payouts for over 100 different roles across multiple business units. - We pull data from multiple finances, HR, and sales platforms to perform these calculations on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. - Commission payouts are communicated to individual employees and management through the Xactly Incent statement function - We also provide reports for management through the Analytics module that helps summarize key findings on commission expense.
  • Handles a wide variety of incentive types (commission, target-based bonus, bounty, kicker)
  • Integrates data from multiple platforms to perform calculations
  • Refreshes key data overnight so employees can track their earnings progress daily
  • Allows for sending and archiving of incentive plan documentation, including electronic signature acknowledgment
  • Xactly Incent requires a significant amount of programmer support to maintain.
  • Employee statements are not particularly customizable, which can make it hard to communicate certain types of incentive calculations
  • Xactly Incent does not provide management with an easy way to view aggregate commission payouts
  • It has not allowed us to reduce HR headcount
  • It did improve our ability to accurately calculate commissions and reduce errors
We regularly use data from Xactly Incent to monitor compensation expenses across a wide variety of metrics. Xactly Incent proved very useful to us in identifying business units that were overpaying employees and reducing profitability. It also allows us to easily calculate average payouts for individual roles/job bands, etc.
Our organization does not utilize goal/quota-based incentives on a wide scale. However, we do track compensation expense by business unit and role to help identify areas that need additional investment or reduction in expense in future periods. In this sense, Xactly is helping us meet our goal to improve profitability and manage optimal headcount levels across business units.
Integrating data from multiple systems has greatly reduced error and manual calculations. In addition to the 3rd party systems listed, we have also integrated Xactly with our in-house ERP system, which we use as the primary business tool across the organization. Xactly Incent was very effective in integrating with our in-house system, which is a big plus.
Sales Operations is using the data to gauge performance effectiveness. For example, they may compare commission payouts with total volume to get a sense of how much commissions are contributing to COGS. The Finance department is using reports from Xactly incent to prepare monthly and quarterly accruals, and for regulatory purposes..
Xactly Incent is less flexible than Excel but provides a much higher level of automation. We utilize Excel as a tool to validate and analyze calculation results in Xactly. The download feature in Xactly is easy to use and allows for easy integration with various Excel spreadsheets. These two programs can work well together.

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Xactly is a top-notch system that can handle all kinds of incentive scenarios. However, it also requires a lot of maintenance to keep running effectively post-implementation. I would not recommend this system for a company that is looking to achieve cost savings through automation and the reduction of compensation specialist headcount. In all likelihood, you will need to increase your staffing on the HR side to effectively maintain the system. However, Xactly can provide cost savings in terms of its ability to accurately calculate commissions for a large organization. Cost savings can be achieved through the reduction of calculation errors, miscommunication of results to employees, etc.

Xactly Incent Feature Ratings

Sales compensation plan creation
Complex sales crediting
Sales compensation process automation
Incentive auditing/regulation compliance
Sales compensation dashboards & forecasting
Incentive modeling
Agile incentive strategy
ICM mobile visibility
Sales rep view
Personalized dashboards

Using Xactly Incent

50 - Human Resources, Finance, Sales Operations
3 - Xactly Incent should be supported by individuals with a compensation background who have previous experience with Incent. I would not recommend trying to assign IT individuals to support the product, since it does not require coding, SQL, etc. to support. Someone with good problem solving skills who can also manage the relationship with Xactly support.
  • Monthly commission calculations
  • Annual bonus payouts
  • Daily tracking of volume by product line
  • For daily tracking of volume by product
  • Identifying orders that were incorrectly entered by Sales Dept
  • More insightful reporting for management
  • Better daily dashboards for all sales reps
Xactly Incent is a challenging product to implement, but is an essential part of our organization's infrastructure. The investment into the system and the ongoing maintenance of it are simply part of growing a large, fast-moving organization. Xactly provides excellent support of the product and continues to update it frequently.

Evaluating Xactly Incent and Competitors

Yes - We were using a homemade solution that was custom configured by our organization. This system was very time-consuming to maintain and required a large team of IT professionals to run on a daily basis. In addition, every time we designed a new incentive plan it took a long time to configure the commission details.
  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Senior management in the Human Resources department had successfully implemented Xactly Incent at previous organizations and knew that it was a worthwhile product for a growing organization. Xactly has a strong reputation in the compensation field for being the best available solution on the market today. This was the most important factor in our decision.
I don't think we would change our selection. If doing it all over again, I would take more time to explain the importance of the product to the Compensation Department. There was poor communication along these lines, and many compensation analysts were concerned that they would be laid off as a result of Xactly's implementation. It turned out that more analysts were needed after implementation, so the stress was unnecessary.

Xactly Incent Implementation

I would recommend taking more time than suggested for Xactly implementation. Particularly after the system is implemented. It would be easier to continue running your legacy systems in parallel with Xactly for 3-4 pay cycles at a minimum to ensure you find all errors and issues before rolling out to the sales force.
  • Third-party professional services
Accenture performed the implementation for our organization. They had a team of programmers located across the globe and several project managers. They were somehow directly connected to Xactly, however, so even though they worked for Accenture they acted like Xactly employees and our interactions with them were always coursed through Xactly.
Yes - We had multiple sales channels comprising thousands of employees and hundreds of plans, so the implementation was broken into three phases. Each phase focused on 1-2 of our sales channels. Each phase had a rigorous User Acceptance Training followed by a rollout. After rollout, we typically waited 2-3 months before making the system live to our sales reps.
Change management was a minor issue with the implementation - As mentioned in an earlier comment, the biggest change management need with Xactly implementation is within the compensation department, and our organization did not focus much on explaining the "why" behind the implementation. The change required for the sales force was actually quite small - they simply started logging into Xactly instead of our old home-made system to access their monthly commission statements.
  • DIfficulty configuring complicated commissions
  • CHallenges getting organizational structure correct
  • Issues resolved, but then remerging later

Xactly Incent Training

  • Online Training
  • In-Person Training
3 full days of training, before having ever used the system, was not particularly beneficial. It is difficult to absorb that much information. Much better to break up the training and take it before during and after the testing and implementation process. I learned much more going back and re-taking the certification exams after implementation.
Online training is very useful - the training is broken into small modules, with plenty of notes and exercises that can be downloaded. I particularly appreciate the certification exams. It helps to be able to show that you have attained a certain level of proficiency on various aspects of Xactly.

Configuring Xactly Incent

One of the most impressive aspects of Xactly Incent is its capabilities to process such a wide variety of incentives and crediting situations. It truly is capable of handling almost any kind of sales incentive. As a compensation professional who has 15 years experience in sales compensation, I am impressed with just how flexible the system is in this regards.
Use tags generously, because over time you will generate a lot of different credit rules, commission rules, rate tables, etc. etc.

I also think it is a worthwhile investment to engage an Xactly Technical Account Manager. The TAM will be able to handle even the most difficult configurations. The price you pay for a TAM is much cheaper than trying to pay a full time employee to handle all of the configurations.
Some - we have done small customizations to the interface - Customization on our end has mostly focused on the "pods" that make up the user dashboards. You have many options here on what kind of information you want to make available to the reps in addition to their regular commission statement.

I understand that even greater customization can take place but have not done that yet.
No - we have not done any custom code

Xactly Incent Support

Xactly provides much better support for Incent than you will find from a typical software company. I truly feel that the team at Xactly wants me to be successful as a compensation professional and they understand the dynamics that shape my role and my priorities in serving the sales force.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes, premium support was purchased. I would consider this an essential part of Xactly and everyone should factor this into the purchase decision. It would be difficult to successfully operate Xactly Incent without access to the premium support option. Xactly is too difficult to try and operate on your own.
Yes - Yes, there will be bugs that emerge in the software from time to time. ALthough it is not always easy for the Xactly Support team to identify and address the bug, they are very responsive to the issue and provide frequent updates on their progress when they are working to resolve it.
There are so many times I can hardly count. Often issues will emerge right before payroll deadline. However, if I create a ticket, mark it critical, and elevate the case to my contact in the Support department, I typically get resolution of the issue within 2-3 hours. This is one of my favorite aspects of Xactly Incent.

Using Xactly Incent

Incent is a wonderful system to operate, once you have learned how to use it. There is definitely a steep learning curve to understand how the system operates. Xactly does offer intensive training, but it really takes 1-2 years of using it to truly master. However, I believe as a compensation professional this is the direction in which our field is heading so it is worth the investment.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Difficult to use
Requires technical support
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Accessing employee statements
  • Changing employee hierarchy/reporting
  • Closing the month/quarter
  • Setting up new employees
  • Setting up new types of commissions/incentives
  • Creating new credit types

Xactly Incent Reliability

One of the great advantages of Xactly Incent is its scalability. We deployed it for over 5,000 employees and it worked extremely well for this size of user base.

As a compensation professional, I also appreciate that you can use Xactly as a reason to avoid unecessarily complex incentives, or multiple customized plans, which managers sometimes enjoy creating. It is much easier to keep your incentive architecture in place with Xactly than when you are doing everything in Excel.
Xactly Incent is always available, they have planned monthly maintenance on Friday nights but are very proactive to communicate it. Monthly maintenance is useful as they address any bugs and also are constantly upgrading the user interface to make it easier to use.
Xactly Incent performs extremely well. I have not experienced it "slowing down" when usage is heavy. This is particularly true when it comes to the regular recalculation of credits and commissions. It is not uncommon for Xactly to be dealing with hundreds of thousands of orders/credits in a pay period, but the system handles it well. Xactly recently changed their calculation engine and the speed for regular refreshes increased significantly.

Integrating Xactly Incent

Xactly will handle most of the difficult aspects of the integration for you. You only need to provide them with the specifications.
  • HRIS (ADP)
  • Internal order system
We set up incent so that it automatically tracked new hires, transfers, promotions and terminations. This feature worked very well and saved a lot of time. We also set up nightly recalculations with our in-house order system. It was nice to come in every morning with a fresh set of data.
  • Salesforce
  • Workday
Yes - Xactly is experienced in facilitating interfaces with multiple systems.
  • File import/export
  • Single Signon
I would recommend including as many integrations as possible in your initial implementation. There is no need to wait, and loading things manually is much more difficult.

Relationship with Xactly Corp

Xactly has a smooth process for selling its products.
One of the great strengths of Xactly is the team. I have enjoyed working with every individual in Xactly, and find them all to be knowledgable about compensation and available to assist whenever it is needed. The Technical Account Manager role is especially excellent in this regards.
Be open about your challenges and your wins with the system. Xactly has a good process for dealing with failures or unmet expectations.

Upgrading Xactly Incent

Yes - This is very easy - upgrades are performed during regular monthly maintenance, and new features are rolled out slowly over time. The Xactly team is good at communicating upgrades before they arrive, and they offer regular training.
  • Easier user interface
  • Quicker calculation engine
  • Unsure, but look forward to new features