Xactly Incent Pro is a cloud-based, secure sales incentive compensation solution for enterprise-class businesses. Incent Pro replaces tedious, spreadsheet-based manual processes, making any incentive compensation program easy to manage and error free.Xactly Incent - no more ExcelIncent is used by our sales organization for sales compensation calculations along with performance metrics. Additionally, we are using Analytics for reporting and accounting accruals. Xactly Incent addresses the automation of commission calculations, along with the ease of accessibility for performance for the sales reps. It also helps managers understand where their sales reps are individually and as a team. We accomplish error free calculations and transparency to end users.,Document management is used in our organization to allow sales reps to review and accept their plan documents. It easy to use and key to our organization Details and transparency for sales reps - Sales reps love to see where they are against goal, how much they are being paid and where they rank among the troops Accurate calculations - Usually never a question Easy to understand easy to manage mid-year and effective date changes,Analytical is not the easiest to use and is not very intuitive. There needs to be an easier way to get at some standard reporting metrics that are needed in every organization like pay and Performance and easily configure stack rankings. The ability to forecast commission expense does not really exist or needs to be done in sandbox or live environment Modeling is cumbersome Customer Support,9,Xactly has eliminated the need to compile spreadsheets of commission data and minimizes internal emails and questions. One stop shopping for reporting and no shadow accounting,,Xactly Incent Xactly Connect,250,2,Accurate Calculations Reporting Audit capability,Rankings,What If scenarios,8,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,ask more questions about the implementation process,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Not understanding how the rules were defined and formulas used to build the plans configuration not moving correctly from Sandbox,7,Online training In-person training Self-taught,6,6,no, you need training to understand all of the components and how they work together.,7,be involved as much as possible, be sure to understand the configuration,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,Some - we have added small pieces of custom code,N/A,No,Yes,6,Creating people , positions, heirarchy, plans,Adding goals, understanding how formulas are used within calculations and rules if you did not do the setup,Yes,8,8,10,9,Sales Force,,File import/export Single Signon,7,Understand your requirements and Xactly's,8,7,No,No,No“Xactly Incent - Great Tool for Commissions”I am working on Xactly Incent for over four years now. We use Incent for calculating commissions for over 1500 people along with using Analytics for reports. The tool is used by the commissions operations team. The system offers a lot of customization, which helps us to design the most complicated commission plans at ease and calculate commissions accordingly.,Xactly is a great tool to work with along with the customization it offers in terms of designing the plans. It offers lot of details to the sales reps in terms of their respective credits for each deal under each month i.e. there is lot of transparency. Prior Period Adjustment (PPA) is a great addition to the system. Xactly Analytics is a great reporting tool.,At the start of the year, the system requires a kind of fresh set up, which takes quite amount of time. While I am writing Rules, I need to create a new Order Type or Credit Type, I cannot create it from the Rules page. Instead I have to go to the specific page to create these Order or Credit Type and then return to the Rules page to write the Rule. More customization on the Incentive Statements will be a great addition.,10,Xactly Incent is definitely a positive investment for the company. It helps the sales team to understand their earned commissions better along with their credits otherwise that would have been a big issue without Xactly Incent.,None,Xactly Incent,TIBCO Spotfire,1500,2,Calculate Credits and Commissions for the Sales team and other teams. Easy to read and understand Incentive Statements. Good reports.,To upload the draw information, which helps to calculate the net commission amount due to the rep,Currently, we are using Xactly Incent in the best possible way. However, the new updates from Xactly helps in improving the usage.,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,No change,Third-party professional services,Change management was minimal,No significant issues,9,Online training Self-taught,8,No, initial training is really required to learn the product.,Yes,We were busy with calculating commissions for a quarter when we encountered an issue with the system. Plus it was a weekend. We created a case with the Support team as the issue was impacting the commission calculation. We were not sure if there will be anyone available to help us out to resolve the case. But to our surprise, the Support team was quick to respond on the case and gave some alternate options to try, which worked in our case. The Support team contacted again later and followed up in the following days to make sure we did not had any further issues.,10,Writing Credit/Commission rules Creating Incentive Statements,Setting up a new user Setting up Quotas and Credits to be used in Rules New-Year set up,Yes, but I don't use it,9,8,8,Single Signon,8Xactly Incent is great, but...Xactly Incent is currently being used by our Xactly system administrators for sales rep setups, managing quota and revenue attainments, routing sales documents, and calculation configurations. It is used by the Sales Reps to track their revenues, achievements, and payments. It replaces manual Excel spreadsheets that can be prone to human errors.,Can configure sales plan calculations for even the most complex of plans. One central place for record keeping of revenues, payments, and plan documents. Once data is updated, sales reps can view it instantly.,Although Xactly Incent is a great tool, it has so many challenges. It does not have drill-in features for all the data that is uploaded to the system. Finalizing a monthly calculated period is quite cumbersome, and un-finalizing can be a nightmare. Xactly Incent engineers focus more on aesthetic enhancements instead of day to day challenges that users face.,8,Saves time on calculations. Real time access to data and quota acheivement. Eliminates human error.,Callidus Commissions,Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Tableau Desktop, Workday Human Capital Management,,200,Commission Calculations Reporting Revenue Achievments,Keeping track of who is on commissions Routing sales plan documents Organization Hierachies,Reporting Calculations Document Routing,5,Not Sure,Yes,Sometimes I have technical issues with Xactly Incent and the support rep is super helpful to resolve them in a timely manner. They are mindful of our payroll deadlines and escalate issues that require engineering support.,8,New user set ups,Plan calculations and configurations Viwing data Reporting feature,6Xactly Incent one of the leading products in this spaceWe started to use Incent in 2012 and replaces older system to meet business needs. It is used by Sales Operations department and Finance for Sales Compensation purposes. It really eliminates all manual work that would be done in the old style. It addresses the in real time results as it provides information up to date. It is flexible on changes minor and major changes in your comp calculations. Great tool overall.,Visibilty Dig in dip details info Calculations Analytics part,Some information you want to see all together in one customized report like Credits, Quotas, Attainment, Commissions, and Bonuses.,9,Positive for sure.,,, SAS Business Intelligence,180,1,Assess to the Xactly Incent from anywhere in the world as long as Internet works. Information presented in real time all the time. Possible competed automation process from orders creations calculations to paycheck in the Bank as per Incent statement. Easy to use and it is really user friendly interface. Estimator tool that can estimate "how much I will get commissions if I close the deal",We have gone from the old static system no visibility, no real time update, back in 2012 to the Xactly Incent to provide complete visibility, control, transparency, real time information and calculations right on a spot. We are glad we did get rid of the old inefficient system to calculate Sales compensation.,To combine Xaclty Incent with Connect to get compete control in our hands of Sales Compensation from development to Implementation and support.,10,Yes,Price Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,At the time of 2011 Xactly didc not have such module as Connect and we had completely relied on the Xactly team or partners. With Connect piece that gives 100% control in your hands from design, develop, implement, maintain Xactly Incent without need to contact Xactly for changes. We would integrate Xactly Incent with Connect to fulfill compete control.,Vendor implemented,No,making mistakes and learning the system on the go.,10,Yes,10,No,There was one time when orders in batch were stuck with calculations and it got "frozen" for hours in processing queue to process the line of batches, There is no other way to resolve it as to contact Xactly support and to remove that stacked batch from the processing queue in order to move on with other batches. Support was exceptional in terms of time and issue has been resolved in a matter of few minutes. They saved our day at that time.,To calculate batches to Credits or Calculate batches to Incentives. Upload the orders Create user,To create formulas and rules,Yes,10Great Tool Great CompanyXactly Incent is being used globally for our cloud sales portion of our company. Our plans are fairly complex and the first year we definitely had a sharp learning curve while getting up and running but now we have a great understanding of the system and can leverage its flexibility to our advantage.,Xactly Incent gives you great flexibility to create plans that fit your company’s needs. Xactly Incent can be customized by an internal team person without consultants etc. So changes can be made in minutes not weeks. Xactly Incent can be managed by one or two people (depending on the user base). Xactly Incent's IT support is amazing with quick turn around times, super knowledgeable, and friendly.,Some of Xactly Incent features are not as easy to understand.,10,The flexibility to create plans that fit our company's needs and change them if needs during the year allowed us to incent correctly to achieve the best possible outcome with our sales teams.,No,10,Yes,We had a payroll deadline during a weekend and could not get our data loaded. They got our data loaded over the weekend so we could make our deadline. They were always their with a smile.Commissions done right are Xactly what we needed!Adayana uses Xactly to monitor and encourage our variable comp plans for sales. Finance used to manage using spreadsheets and we (sales) had no visibility to deal size or in month commission schedules.,Seamlessly integrates with our CRM ( Provides motivation and incentive for opportunities at a later stage in the pipeline Gives enterprise-wide visibility to our functional groups (operations),Sometimes we have a hard time with single sign on - would like to see a more integrated CRM hook rather than a tab,9,We have had increased productivity in sales - leading to a 15% first year revenue bump We manage our entire enterprise including sales commissions now using Xactly and SFDC,,9,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,No,9,Our implementation team partner worked very well with our finance team - training for my team was short and valuable!
Xactly Incent
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Xactly Incent
159 Ratings
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Score 8.4 out of 101

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The reason why I have gave a high rating is Support team always there for you when you need it. It is professional knowledgeable team that react to your respond with expected solution to your problem. System updates on a monthly bases, new features to make your sales compensation calculations more easy to process.
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About Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent Pro is a cloud-based, secure sales incentive compensation solution for enterprise-class businesses. Incent replaces tedious, spreadsheet-based manual processes, making any incentive compensation program easy to manage and error free.
In addition to ICM and territory management capabilities, last year Xactly added quota management and objectives management modules--additional SPM features.

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Has featureModeling
Has featureAnalytics
Has featureConnect API
Has featureCustomizable Plan Docs/Approvals
Has featureCustomizable Dashboards
Has featureMulti-Currency
Has featurePlan Documents
Has featureData Integration
Has featureCommission Estimator
Has featureSales Rep/Manager Dashboards
Has featureFlexible Comp Plan Design
Has featureCustomizable Data Integration
Has featureSingle Sign-On CRM Integration

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