TrustRadius Bright Pearl ReviewBrightPearl is a key component for entering new client orders delivered from stock or new client special orders. We use features such as the "smartforms" as a way to communicate with or register clients, and we use it as a data analysis tool for marketing campaigns or tracking financial goals. Each employee has been provided with a login and each department uses it in different ways: Our sales team is responsible for entering new orders and through tagging themselves they are able to follow up on finished projects or open orders.Our marketing team worked to import our 10,000+ client database from our former system initially and tagging each client according to how we categorize them (homeowner, contractor, trade, or reseller). Based on what marketing campaign is the focus for the current quarter or time period, our team uses the filters for say an area and profession, and tags those members with the appropriate campaign title. This helps us generate an accurate target list for mailings. Our operations team in our warehouse is responsible for fulfilling orders, entering shipping information, and managing inventory levels. Our product management team is responsible for assisting the marketing team in collecting and analyzing campaign data also using sales data to indicate which products are most desirable. This team is also responsible for managing existing SKUs, importing new SKUs, and ensuring all technological functions in the system are functional. Based upon sales data, the team can more confidently use the data to send new purchase orders to Vendors. All analytics are also used to appropriately guide the web content. Lastly, the team uses special filters to properly manage Architectural client bid projects. The overall business problems this platform solves is organizing Big Data, more intuitively/quickly fulfilling orders made via e-commerce or by contacting our team, and efficiently managing our warehouse products all done in one system.,Brightpearl is organized in an easy to understand manner. This is a strength because you can essentially learn your way through best practices in the early stages of your transition. Brightpearls tagging, filtering, and reporting systems do quite a great job if used appropriately. These features can be used appropriately by not over complicating and adding too many filters. This is a strength because it is easy to generate client target lists in a variety of manners and the corresponding popular products in those areas for very informed sales and marketing strategies to be born. Brightpearl has the ability to function with other necessary platforms. This is a strength because there are several platforms used throughout business and the better they react with each other or transfer information the better for your business. Brightpearl has an exceptional support team. From start to finish the team is willing to understand your business and roadblocks offering quick and reliable solutions.,More reliability in coding features, primarily in the "smartforms" sections. The smartforms code is embedded in the static block of that particular page however frequently during BP code/software updates the smartforms tend to disappear. It is just an extra step to contact BP to get the new code update. When creating a sales order, there are several steps that are manual such as: updating order status (should be automatic when payment is made etc), invoicing is manual which for sales reports is very important to do, and some orders require making custom order fields. While all these steps are manageable if someone forgets to do one of these it can either hold up an order or mess with reports. You can set pop-up alerts to help but you can only make so many of those when it becomes too much. There are those infrequent moments when BP "breaks" connection with another app. Our BP connects with our Magento Web Platform and syncs our products. The problem arose when the two did not sync and we needed to break the connection, remake the connection, and re-sync.,8,9,10,Lead conversions are done more quickly and reliably. Conversions are aided with filtering features for ease of followup on your specific orders. Efficiency is increased since system is pretty intuitive. Plans to increase customer service with implementation of ticket system for returns, credits, or product feedback. Easily able to track sales trends to more reliably strategize new product launches or marketing initiatives.,Stitch Labs and SellerActive,12,3,By type: Sample or Product By Collection: Multi-stores By Availability: Stock, Special Order, Made-to-Order,Creating Geographical Filters to organize client target lists when needed Creating automated alerts to ensure no steps are missed Creating multiple order statuses to help order fulfillment,Adding more products and storefronts Implementing ticket system Concentrating reports to suit needs,10The Brightest Pearl has made us shine!Brightpearl is used in our business on a multitude of levels, for keeping track of stock, adding customers to a database through which we can contact with information from our newsletter. We also use it to add sales onto those customers' accounts, produce refunds or credits and is very handy for keeping track of which customers have special allowances, i.e. not tax or credit limits on their accounts. We have a service repair centre and have customized the sales section of Brightpearl to allow us to produce documentation with specified areas to allow information regarding these repairs to be added. We can send shipping documentation as well via email to customers directly and this system has been integrated with our website and Amazon and Ebay accounts to allow for a multitude of selling platforms.,Keeping track of customers and their vital information on their accounts. Keeping track of a day/week/months worth of sales information in concise forms of graphs and tables. Easy to use EPOS interface for quick shop sales.,Finding sales by branded or supplier is difficult. System does go down from time to time and is buggy occasionally. Email system does not always reach all recipients.,8,6,9,Our outgoing delivery system has been made into a much smoother operation. Sales are easier to put on and trace at a later date. Sales and refunds are not condensed and easily traceable.,,17,,Sales over the telephone Shipping our stock to customer correctly Keeping track of stock levels,We have been able to produce clear documentation regarding sales figures. Sales have become easily traceable and we are now able to split and drop ship orders directly from suppliers. Setting up customer accounts with extra information such as VAT and credit accounts has been made possible.,We would like to be more mobile in the shop and warehouse premises so Brightpearl on a tablet is going to be something we will look into. We would likely be able to access sales and accounts from home using the internet and our new Office365 portal. We would like to be able to use the Brightpearl portal for other dealers to access our stock levels and pricing.,8,Yes,Upsafe Free Office 365 Cloud Backup,Product Features Product Usability,Our selection process would involve a bit more training and hopefully face to face interaction with some support staff as we were not fully prepared for the installation of this system. On site help in all areas of the business would have been a great help in efficiently running the business with this software.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,Not sending out orders due to incorrect shipping status. Invoicing sales that were not supposed to be invoiced. Searching for products with similar codes in the drop down menus is very difficult.,Online training Self-taught,1,7,If you are fairly computer literate certain parts of the system are very easy to get to grips with, placing orders on EPOS is very simple. However, there are other aspects where you have to dig around a little more to work out how things work and certain procedures need to be adhered to in order for things to work properly.,8,I am not currently involved in this procedure but it does seem that changes to invoice layouts can be difficult to produce. The support staff have been very helpful with changes we are unable to perform ourselves though so this has helped greatly.,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,Brightpearl added several different "sales type" options to us which allows us to search for different sales types more efficiently and quickly.,Yes,Yes,We have issues logging in, the system would continuously log us out after the log in page. After calling the support team and speaking to a member of staff our call was taken in a polite and pleasant manner and the issue was resolved within 5 minutes of the call.,Customer sales are very easy to put on. End of day cashing up is very easy to use and produce documentation for. Cloning sales to purchase orders or refunds is very easy and smooth although copying notes across takes time.,Selecting different warehouses for the same order is not possible ie if stock is taken from the main warehouse and showroom it must be on two separate orders Searching through sales and reports is a bit confusing at times Searching for customers is difficult without at least two pieces of information, postcode and name.,Yes, but I don't use it,7,8,10,9,Ebay Amazon Metapak Sage Pay,No,File import/export,7,9,8,No,No,The Sage Pay functions works a lot more smoothly Shipping status options are more easily noticeable,Less bugs and glitches when signing in.,No,NoGreat opportunities, just need to understand it better!We use BP across our 2 current sales channels - ecommerce and wholesale It handles our stock inventory and we use it for wholesale invoices and communications. We use it to keep track of ecommerce invoices and credit notes. We have recently planned to start using it for ecommerce affiliate programmes. We have it linked into our magento ecommerce platform for automated stock updates and order flows.,Great integration with Magento - makes our ecommerce order flow so much easier Well set up for different areas of a business so that orders from different channels can be easily tracked Cloud based, easily accessible from anywhere,Fairly difficult to use - training could be better and more relevant to each business needs. Generic training is good for understanding basics but to get the most of out BP we feel that specific business training would be far more beneficial. Always feel there is more we can be getting out of the system but not sure what they are/how to get them,6,2,10,Negative - we are not making the most out of the platform as we know there is still so much more to learn on it Positive - Stock audit trail has really helped us be flexible with stock movement to maximise opportunities Positive - Great middle man between our ecommerce platform and our shipping provider,,,,ecommerce - order fulfillment, credit notes, invoicing warehouse - order fulfillment stock inventory - managing stock across all areas of the business,Multi functional across different areas of the business,Multicurrecy CRM,8Brightpearl allows me to manage my business from anywhere in the world.We use Brightpearl across the whole organisation. We use it for managing accounts, bookkeeping, stock control. We also use it as a customer database, CRM, for sales and purchasing, and marketing with MailChimp. It is also used for channels sales with eBay, Amazon etc.,Brightpearl integrates all the sales channels into a single user platform. All stock availability is the same and visible for eBay or Amazon customers as it is for our own customers. It is a huge time saver and there is no need to do any data entry of orders, which is seamlessly done for you. Brightpearl allows any member of staff to log in and enter new customer data, place sales orders etc., wherever they are. Sales can be dispatched from warehouses on different continents which have separate stock holdings. The accounts are easy to use and can be accessed remotely as the data is in the cloud. You just need a browser to access Brightpearl.,Sending communications and marketing to customers is not well served. I have not yet used the new MailChimp integration app however. VAT returns and EC sales lists should be connected directly with HMRC, as they do on Xero. It saves time and ensure no mistakes in data entry. Sending monthly emailed financial statements to all customers should be automated and a one click job. I need to give different credit terms to my customers. Some are payment in advance, some are cash on delivery, some are 7 days and some are 30 days end of month. Cancelling an invoice when it has been dispatched is not easy as the stock has to be reassigned. This is painful and often does not get done properly.,10,8,7,Simplified new channel sales, accounting and tax reconciliation. Saved money on staff hours. Average online order value has doubled over the past 2 years. I find it difficult to persuade trade users to order online, even though they get trade discounts.,,4,1,Sales management Consolidation of all channel sales and product related data Ability to access all information from anywhere.,Better regular marketing communications to customers.,10,YesA Community Manager's look at BrightpearlWe use Brightpearl for all our inventory and order management. Orders come into Brightpearl from Shopify and we ship the orders through ShipStation. It addresses business problems such as allocating inventory to orders, prioritizing orders, organizing dealer orders, making changes to orders and invoicing orders. We currently have three people using Brightpearl: myself for order processing, our accountant for accounting purposes, and our shipping manager.,Brightpearl makes it easy to manage orders. Brightpearl makes it easy to make changes to orders. Brightpearl makes it easy to manage inventory.,It's not possible to email more than 25 customers at once. It's not easy to make batch changes.,5,4,6,Shopify,3,Order processing - Allocating inventory, making necessary changes to order. Accounting Shipping,We have bundles were some products are pre-order products and will ship separately at a later date. Brightpearl makes it easy to split the order and manage the separate shipments.,We currently use Brightpearl to its full capacity.,5It pretty good on the whole.We Use Brightpearl every day throughout our company I am very impressed with the Brightpearl package. We have been able to add some specific plug ins that suit our needs and brightpearl seems to be a good system from this perspective.,CRM management system Invoice management and debt management. Purchase ordering and stock control Reporting on sales performance and staff perfromance Order processing,Web retail side we have had to use several plug ins to get it to talk to our web sales side Glitches with orders and VAT calculations Log out time is too long,8,7,6,Good value - easy to use. Monthly payments suit small business growth Extra user charges are a little high for my liking,,11,2,Sales Accounts Stock conrtol,Reporting Tracking staff movements Debt management,Increased sales performance Better accounts mangement Better stock management,10Using Brightpearl at Katie KerrWe use Brightpearl across most areas of our business. It is the Point of Sale system for our shops, our accounting system, our stock control system for shops and e-commerce and our customer management and service platform. Its primary value is in managing stock across our shops and our web sites - so that both channels can share access to the same inventory. We will be adding Amazon and Ebay channels in the future and it integrates with them. We already integrate it with Magento which we use as our web platform and with MailChimp which we use to send customer emails. All financial transactions are recorded in Brightpearl and it provides the information we need to manage cash flow. All customer communication is recorded in Brightpearl.,Stock control - managing inventory across multiple channels so that items are not sold more than once. Sales Order flow - dealing with orders from multiple channels. Point of Sale for shop sales and despatch/customer notification process for web orders. Purchase Order Flow - adding purchase orders for future season stock orders. Booking that stock in and seeing at a glance what deliveries are outstanding.,We'd love to be able to create configurable products in Magento straight out of Brightpearl. For example, products that have multiple colour or size options have to be created manually in Magento and then linked to the individual items/skus sent form Brightpearl to Magento. Saving report options. Reports we run regularly have to be configured each time we run them e.g. options selected for the report. Not a major thing but it would save time if those options could be saved. Point of Sale - it would be good if we could continue to use the POS part of Brightpearl if our internet connection goes down. Fortunately this does not happen too often.,10,10,9,No IT infrastructure costs - its all hosted in the cloud by Brightpearl so we only need simple PCs. We have no IT department or outsourced IT support contract. Faster stock management & better stock control leading to almost maximum fulfillment. Less training required to get staff up to speed.,Orderwise and Priam,10,,Stock Management Retail & Web Sales Accounting,Integrating with Ebay & Amazon,10Great choice for the needs of a company our sizeUsed across the organization as our accounting platform and is connected to our websites via Magento,Handles large customer base Commission reports Handles large number of SKUs,Wish address would automatically transfer when collegues are added Some accounting reports are difficult to pull Need to be able to make inventory adjustments for multiple SKUs at a time Allow us to DELETE collegues,8,3,7,Negative is orders take longer to process Negative is it takes longer to make inventory adjustments Positive is the cost is much more competitive and needed for a company of our size Negative is it doesn't interface as well with websites/ecomm sales,NetSuite,3,1,Accounting processing orders inventory control client base and sales details.,email blasts,nothing beyond what we needed and expected,8,Yes,Magento,Price Product Usability Third-party Reviews,I wouldn't change anything. We feel Bright Pearl is a great product for the parameters we have at hand.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Too many Collegues for each contact we imported Many items had to be manually input interfacing with a third party for shipping was a challenge finding a new web host to interface was also very time consuming during the implementation,No,No,When we had the Gold service we were extremely pleased. They were very responsive.,setting up items setting up intial customers running inventory reports,fulfilling orders requires too many steps must use another program for shipping,Yes, but I don't use it,8Brightpearl Improves your businessBrightpearl is used by sales, marketing, operations (including help desk), engineering and finance.,Timeline Billing Task management,Customer set-up (every site is a different customer) Time recording Ticket Logging,8,,7,Faster sales turnaround Better task management Increased visibility of data,,12,1,Sales Finance Operations,Marketing campaigns Financial management Service desk,Billing Workflow Projects,4Better Business with BrightpearlWe use Brightpearl throughout the entire Organization. We mainly use it as our Purchase Order tool. We keep track of all of our purchases and Vendors we purchase from.,Very easy to add Vendors to your Purchase Order List Easy to keep track of specific POs Easy to keep track of past Purchases and new ones,I think the layout could be improved,9,7,9,Increased efficiency Easy to keep track Accounting loves the ease for balancing our purchases with our income,2,2,Pruchasing Project tracking Accounts Payable,We keep track in every step for a Purchase Order Accounting matches our Payments with our Returns,Project building Lead Creation,10Brightpearl is well worth considering!We use Brightpearl for all sorts across our business. We do accounting, stock management, dispatch goods through it etc. We link it up with our website to display stock figures etc.,Quick order process Good stock management/reporting Easy to send purchase orders/invoices,Reporting could be improved, it's sometimes hard to pick out the right report etc.,8,7,9,We're able to provide a quicker and better service over the phone when dealing with customers, it's quick to pull up their order details etc. Our employees are more efficient, especially in the warehouse. We're able to connect brightpearl with our couriers so they don't need to type the customer details into the separate courier systems.,Sage,8,8,Accounting Stock management Warehouse,We're hoping to link it to our mailchimp email marketing account.,Unsure, we'll wait for future developments.,8,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,Chosen Brightpearl sooner!I wish it wasn't so, but...All departments within the company are using Brightpearl, Finance, Merchandising, Production, Sales etc. In theory, from factory purchase order to stock, delivery and invoicing, Brightpearl comes into play. Currently, for the size and the structure of our business, Brightpearl is not addressing many of the business problems. I guess having all information on one database is helpful for the business,Brightpearl allows you to filter by a particular date range in most reports which allows you to only download dates of interest Brightpearl allows you to update fields in multiple orders at once which can save time for bulk updates Brightpearl team are extremely helpful in responding to quieries,It does not notify you of overdue sales orders or allow you to report on past due sales orders The sales detail reports do not indicate which sales orders have been allocated so if you download it, you need to add manually the allocations There is no sales detail report which separates components from the parent product. This makes reporting extremely difficult,1,,7,Unfortunately, it decreases staff efficiency I do not find it an easy database to work from,SAP Business Warehouse and 3 Minute Optimizer,24,,Track Customer Sales Order Quantities Track Stock Holding Track Factory purchase order quantities Invoicing,n/a,To be honest can't see that there are any and we will continue to use as currently,1,Not Sure,Microsoft Access,Analyst Reports,I don't think we would pick Brightpearl as it is wrong for the structure of our business,Don't know,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,I was not involved in implimentation,No,No,When I had a query, and the person assigned to deal with it was unsure of the reply, she directed it to another team to help me but stayed involved in the query so that she was satisfied it had been dealt with,None,Most tasks - downloading reports updating information,No,1
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281 Ratings
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Score 7.5 out of 101

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Score 8 out of 10
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Brightpearl has proved to work out for our company and we have no need or intention to let it go. Rather we intend to build on what we've accomplished and it will no doubt help us scale our business and meet our ambitions.
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Score 8 out of 10
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Brightpearl is a very simple system to use and we are able to be a lot more efficient than we previously were. I would like to keep the contract to enable us to keep things running smoothly and the support for this system is very concise and helpful when it is needed. There is also a lot of potential for it to expand and become more efficient.
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About Brightpearl

Brightpearl’s retail operations platform is designed to reliably handle peak trading, integrates with the full retail tech ecosystem, and is omni-channel native. Additionally, the vendor says their solution is the system of record for key trading data, provides real-time trading insights and is automated so users can stay in control and manage by exception.

According to the vendor key differentiators include:
  • Software and Service. Service is an integral part of Brightpearl's offer. The vendor says their retail consultants get you live in three times faster than traditional ERP, always for a fixed cost. And the in-house team stays with you throughout, from tech support to ongoing business consulting.
  • Built for Retail. Brightpearl is built only for the retail sector. This means: configuration not coding, designed for use by merchants not IT staff, every new feature is relevant, and their integrations and ecosystem are 100% retail.
  • Designed to Scale With You. Whether it’s seasonal peaks, promotions or sustained growth, merchants need an ops platform that can handle the volume. The vendor says they stand by their numbers: orders, SKUs, channels, reporting and financials fit for multi-million dollar merchants.

Brightpearl Features

Has featureSales Order Management
Has featureInventory Management
Has featureInventory Planning
Has featureShipping & Fulfillment
Has featureWarehouse Management
Has featureRetail Accounting
Has featurePurchasing & Supplier Management
Has featureWorkflow Automation
Has featureReporting
Has featurePayments

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Shopify, BigCommerce, Authorize.Net, ShipStation, Xero, QuickBooks Online, PayPal, Magento, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, ekmPowershop, Shiptheory, Rakuten, Royal Mail, UPS, Cubecart, Hermes, Parcelforce, Shiptheory

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Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required

Brightpearl is for merchants trading $1M or above, or those that expect to be in the next 12 months. Our pricing is designed to suit the needs of fast-growth and larger merchants so contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll provide a solution that meets your needs.

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Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
Mobile Application:No
Supported Languages: English