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Paycom Pricing Overview


What is Paycom?

Paycom is a core HR management software solution. It includes features such as talent acquisition and management, time tracking, and payroll management. It offers some automation capacities, particularly regarding payroll.


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Paycom Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other HR Management Software


Key Features

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  • Update personal information (44)
  • Individual goal setting (12)
  • Job profiles and administration (36)
  • Multiple review frequency (16)

ADP Workforce Now


Key Features

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  • Direct deposit files (904)
  • View and generate pay and benefit information (901)
  • Update personal information (889)
  • Pay calculation (913)

Paychex Flex

Key Features

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  • Pay calculation (164)
  • Direct deposit files (162)
  • Employee demographic data (119)
  • View and generate pay and benefit information (139)

Paycom Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from John Geddes

had past experiences with self-managed solutions and immediately see the value in partnering with Paycom. As an employee, I feel more empowered to make

Related Quote from Victoria Castro MBA

Saving time reduce admin cost

Related Quote from Verified User

administrative work (say Recruiting function elsewhere) Paycom is competitive in pricing

Related Quote from Michelle Armour

Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with

Related Quote from Verified User

Intuitive software. Excellent competent customer service. Priced competitively.

Related Quote from Genifer Ring

Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation

Related Quote from Danielle Naifeh Cronic

Saved time. Reduced the cost of Administration.

Related Quote from Verified User

on your invoices as they are more than giving when it comes to charging additional fees for small things. The system is overall easy to use and is much … It is a bit pricey, though and those additional fees add up fast. … Incurred over $8,000 in additional fees because…

Related Quote from Verified User

Has reduced administrative cost Has reduced management time since Paycom is very hands-on in answering questions

Related Quote from Austin Miller

Expensive late fees [In my experience] delayed payroll to our staff Employees quitting … funds (Must complete one every week and yes you're required to eat the wire fee of $35 each time) -Proof of funds after the wire is submitted (They…

Related Quote from Traci Ball

are still in our first year of the module so we are still evaluating the cost savings.

Related Quote from Daniel Adkins, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

We found the costing the biggest difference. Paycom came in around our budget.

Related Quote from Verified User

Paycom upgrades (Beti, Benefits) cost additional dollars and I think it is poor practice to have enhancements that cost extra, especially when my company

Related Quote from Fran Bosch

anymore. We found Paycom to address our smaller business' needs and to be more cost effective than ADP.

Related Quote from Harland Lundy, SHRM-CP

Paycom is great if you want an affordable HR System. It is not great if you are looking for excellent support while

Related Quote from Alex Robinson

user friendly. Accurate payroll processing the first time, every time . Very cost effective. Paycom has superior applicant tracking, easy to use tax return … operation and I would find it difficult to leave them even if they raised pricing.

Related Quote from Verified User

Saved time Reduced admin cost Ease of use for employees Employee empowerment via employee check approvals

Related Quote from Patricia Jackson

Paycom was better suited to our needs at the time. The cost, both initial set up and annual cost, were less than both of the other companies we interviewed

Related Quote from Thurman Trammell

has a lot of features that are useful but they charge for every addition and also want an implementation fee for each. This makes some of those features unaffordable … one negative factor it would be that they limit their accessibility by the cost of the software. … handle everything in house. They offer support when needed…

Related Quote from Lisa Weeks

Saves time Great reporting Low cost

Related Quote from Georgann Peiffer

receiving my pay late vs. paying a fee to expedite payroll. … Paycom's online payroll software is an efficient and cost-effective way to self-manage payroll … reduces administrative costs and errors - it is more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. The extraordinary…

Related Quote from Sydney Guthrie

processing payroll. With a large number of our staff being seasonal, it’s a huge value to us that the Paycom system is so intuitive and easy for our staff to use

Related Quote from Lee Ann Tipton

Scheduling, I find the templates to be a little difficult to deal with. Your pricing for additional services is high. Particularly for amended returns. When … would have been nice for you to have offered the amended returns at a reduced cost. I still have trouble with some…

Related Quote from dana leonard

listened to other companies and their spiels on their systems, Paycom is more cost efficient than others, and they have one-on-one contact when you call--no