PandaDoc Impacted Our Organization's Workflow for the Better!
Updated November 30, 2022

PandaDoc Impacted Our Organization's Workflow for the Better!

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Overall Satisfaction with PandaDoc

We are able to integrate with Salesforce in order to generate proposals and contracts easily and effectively. We send for internal approval and maintain accountability to the document throughout the process. From creation to complete the process is simple and effective to maintain the level of success we need within our organization.
  • Salesforce integration ease of use
  • Document creation and effectiveness
  • Monitoring the workflow of the document throughout the life cycle
  • Some of the editing functionality makes it difficult to change formatting
  • Some of the variables don't pull in as desired
  • The variable date doesn't update to today's date depending on send date
  • Time savings for approvals with leadership
  • Moving quickly from one person to the next without slipping through the cracks
  • Needs to have more editing functionality without limitations
The system allows us to create proposals and documents easily using the template feature that we created for use with the entire sales team. Using the template ensures consistency and customer-facing documents are clean and up to date. Functionality with the Salesforce integration makes it easy to pull pertinent information without needing to have redundancies.
Real-time notifications throughout the approval process from internal approvals to the document being signed and countersigned have helped create an ease of use that has resonated throughout the organization. From top to bottom it has made the process of creating, approving, and signing documents easy and effective. We are happy with the process it has generated for us.
The look and feel of the documents have a professional look due to the way the templates are created on the front end. It has the ability to create a customizable document that is consistent every time and the customer is comfortable with. Our legal and operations department verifies the template before the team uses it to generate documents which ensure it works well every time.
  • We have been able to have legally get involved with language essential in the documents
  • Finance is able to pull the signed documents for invoicing purposes
  • Operations can keep an eye on the movement throughout the workflow of the document
DocuSign doesn't have the same functionality and ease of use as PandaDoc. Being able to integrate with Salesforce has completely changed our workflow for document creation for proposals and contracts. DocuSign is limited with the formatting ability and adding tables, charts, etc to the document. This has created a whole new opportunity for us as an organization.

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PandaDoc is great for generating documents and being able to quickly import pertinent information from sales opportunities. The approval workflow process is efficient and easy to use to ensure there is accountability for the document and it moves through the process smoothly. It is not as effective in maintaining visibility with prospects as we would like.

PandaDoc Experience

We use PandaDoc for all of our internal signed documents by employees such as onboarding, compensation policies, and comp plans. Being able to quickly upload documents and get them signed and filed for our HR and legal teams has helped to streamline the onboarding process and make things much easier on leadership.
The usability is very intuitive and seamless being able to upload documents whether it be for internal purposes or customer facing documents such as proposals and contracts. Having the ability to see documents that have been viewed and monitor the entire workflow from creation through document signing has made it very easy to use.
PandaDoc support has been very responsible and helpful whenever issues have come up within the platform. We had a pressing issue at the end of the month and I used the live chat to get real-time support that helped to solve the problem. They have been nothing but helpful during our use with the platform.
The integration process was simple and easy to implement. We integrated with our CRM to help bring in customer information and keep it the source of truth whenever new documents are created. The onboarding and implementation process was as easy as a few clicks and mapping to desired fields to have everything set up correctly.
The documents load quickly for the most part but sometimes if there are larger documents with a high number of variables it could take a bit longer to get the document to show up. Most of the time the document comes on the screen relatively quickly allowing for quick access to documents to be edited and sent out.
The vendor was easy to work with after the sale once we got the onboarding and implementation completed. They have made the process simple for every one of our team members no matter their roles or responsibilities. I have helped to onboard and train a number of teammates and everyone picks it up quickly without issue.

Using PandaDoc

30 - Everything from sales, HR, legal, finance, deployment, and integrations. Any essential documents we need whether it be internal or for customer use such as NDAs, proposals or contracts. The various teams have different needs for PandaDoc but everyone uses it regularly for the various use cases. It has been very helpful thus far.
1 - I am the main administrator for the platform so I help with various processes such as editing documents, formatting, and other essential tasks to keep the process runnings smoothly. I onboard and train various teammates as they come on board with best practices, tips and tricks, and other things they need to know when creating and sending documents.
  • Creating and sending important customer facing documents
  • Integrating with Salesforce to pull in essential account and customer information
  • Being able to onboard and file internal documents for the HR and legal team
  • Creating processes for finance to start invoicing and using pricing tables
  • Integrating with other systems that can benefit from PandaDoc's functionality
  • Continuing to create new templates for other important documents that are housed in word documents or spreadsheets
We have been happy so far with PandaDoc since we made the switch from DocuSign. The new process has been part of our approval and daily workflow so we are very likely to continue on with the service and renew when the time comes. We have had a great response from the team and would like to continue with the current system.

Evaluating PandaDoc and Competitors

Yes - We replace DocuSign because they didn't have the functionality we were looking for in a document management platform. We wanted to be able to integrate with our CRM to pull in pertinent information into our customer facing documents. Having a system that was easy to use and implement without having to spend a lot of time on training was essential to our process.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
The most important factor in our decision was product features. The integration with various systems has helped us to streamline our workflow in a number of different areas while maintaining visibility and consistency across the board. Not having to work in silos but work collaboratively on documents across multiple departments has changed how we do business internally.
We might take a more pragmatic view of the pricing associated with each platform. We were paying a subscription fee with DocuSign but moved to a per document pricing structure when we moved over to PandaDoc. We were not sure exactly how many documents we would be using over the course of the year so we should have spent more time calculating it before making our decision.

PandaDoc Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We did not purchase premium support. We assumed that the basic support from PandaDoc would be sufficient to handle any issues that came our way during our usage. So far, they have been very attentive to our issues and have responded quickly and effectively when things happen with the platform. We could have used a little more training in the beginning but other than that it is solid!
We had an issue with a few documents that the spacing was causing an issue with contracts that had been sent out awaiting a signature. We weren't sure if it was something the customer was seeing or just on our end so I contacted live support and they jumped on the situation immediately. They logged into my account and the development team was able to fix the situation and the spacing prior to the signature coming in for the contract!

Using PandaDoc

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • The formatting of the pricing tables and the Salesforce variables are easy to use
  • The integration with Slack helps to notify associated team members when documents are in various statuses and need to be acted upon
  • Being able to work on documents simultaneously to quickly edit and make changes before sending through for approval
  • The inability to merge vertical cells in tables makes it hard to edit correctly sometimes
  • The margins don't always align and the borders have to be adjusted to avoid the PDF cutoff
  • Formatting the variables so that when the document imports from CRM it will look consistent with the rest of the document