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Intacct was founded in 1999, is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has raised about $140m in funding over 9 rounds.

The company provides cloud-based accounting software for small to mid-size businesses. The product supports core accounting features like A/P and A/R, general ledger, cash management, purchasing, etc. It also has additional modules for inventory management, project accounting, subscription billing and others. Intacct also offers an Accountant Edition specifically designed for use by accounting firms providing BPO services to clients.

Company Status: Private
Best Fit For: Mid-size companies; Accounting firms; Non-profits
Most Compared To: NetSuite
Customers: 8,500+
Employees: 352 (on LinkedIn)

Intacct Customer Distribution

Intacct Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (98) User reviews and ratings of Intacct on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of Intacct on TrustRadius

Source: (95) User reviews of Intacct on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Intacct Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Accounting Software Average Rating
Likelihood to recommend 8.4 95 8.1
Likelihood to renew 9.0 42 8.5
Product usability 8.8 5 8.7
Support 7.7 6 7.4
Online training 7.5 2 7.0
Implementation satisfaction 7.0 5 8.1

Summary of Intacct Reviews

Source: (95) User reviews of Intacct on TrustRadius
Intacct Pros Intacct Cons
Cloud-based, fast, and reliable
Users love that this is a robust, cloud-based software that is fast, reliable and accessible from anywhere. Quarterly updates/feature releases are smooth and seamless.
Not recommended for manufacturing / inventory
Many users do not recommend the software for manufacturing businesses, and particularly say the inventory management module has room for improvement.
Use of dimensions; great for multiple entities
Users love the use of “dimensions”, which are tags that can be applied to transactions and can be the basis for segmented reporting. This allows companies to easily track finance across multiple entities using tags for location, department, project, etc.
Customer support
While a few users like the customer support, many more say technical support can be unreliable – at times unhelpful or unfriendly, depending on the person reached.
Reports and dashboards are robust, granular, and easily customizable. The use of dimensions makes reporting more flexible. Users also like the “drill-down” capabilities, allowing them to click an area of a report to drill down into greater detail, all the way to a particular transaction.
Ease of implementation
Given the flexibility of the software, it can be difficult to implement.
Flexible user permissioning
The software allows for very granular control over user access and permissions.
Users would like to see payroll offered natively rather than through third-party integration.
Robust; scalable
Given the customization options and flexibility, the software is powerful, scalable, and can work for many industries. Alternatively, it might not be the best option for very small, cost-conscious businesses with simpler needs.

Interface / ease of use
Some users say the interface is intuitive, while others say it's not pretty. Some aspects of the software can be hard to learn. This is in part due to the power and flexibility of the software. Training could also be improved.
Third-party integrations
Intacct has an open API and integrates with many third-party tools, making the product even more flexible. Users particularly like the integration with However, some users have had difficulty with certain third-party integrations, and have found Intacct to be unhelpful in fixing problems.

Intacct Response to Reviewer Feedback

Intacct helps finance professionals increase efficiency and drive growth for their organizations. We designed Intacct to scale and meet the needs of growing mid-market organizations across all stages of their evolution – from those who are adopting their first full-featured financial management solution, to those that are rapidly expanding their offerings and locations (domestically and globally), to those that have gone public on Intacct. Our largest customers have thousands of users on the system, manage hundreds of entities, and transact in over a hundred currencies.

Because of the range of customer requirements we meet, implementation scope and timing can vary. For those customers that have complex operations and diverse offerings that need different accounting and billing treatments, implementation can be slightly longer.

Intacct is designed to be a best-in-class cloud ERP that connects in a straightforward manner with other best-in-class business systems. We offer a variety of pre-built integrations through the Intacct Marketplace ( For customers with deeper requirements in areas such as inventory and manufacturing, we offer connectivity with partner solutions that can meet a diverse range of needs.

We continue to evaluate our Support offerings to meet the needs of our customers. Many Intacct support reps are accounting experts as well as product experts, and have been with the company for over five years. All Intacct support employees are U.S-based. We also offer a Customer Portal for additional support materials and access to new and expanded training options.