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What is CrowdCompass?

CrowdCompass is an event management software system offered by Cvent.

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CrowdCompass is a versatile app that is widely used by event attendees to access schedules, event information, and communicate with …
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8 out of 10
July 15, 2020
We use CrowdCompass for our incentive trips to provide all the guests with information on the trip. We have also used it for various sales …
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CrowdCompass Review

8 out of 10
July 08, 2020
We have only used CrowdCompass twice, both in 2020. It was used by my internal client for two Sales Meetings - one in Chicago and one in …
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Love CrowdCompass!

9 out of 10
May 08, 2020
We are using CrowdCompass in one department as the main event app for our major annual technology conference each year. It helps us …
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Intuitive and engaging platform!

9 out of 10
April 14, 2020
We're using CrowdCompass for 2 different delegation trips in which we take around 100 people to Washington DC/Mexico City and set up …
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What is CrowdCompass?

CrowdCompass is an event management software system offered by Cvent.

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Product Details

What is CrowdCompass?

CrowdCompass by Cvent offers mobile event apps that increase attendee engagement and produce a strong return on investment. CrowdCompass by Cvent provides mobile apps for conferences, tradeshows, meetings, and events that range in size from 50 to 50,000 attendees. The product is an integrated component of Cvent’s event management platform.

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CrowdCompass Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

CrowdCompass is an event management software system offered by Cvent.

EventMobi and QuickMobile are common alternatives for CrowdCompass.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.

The most common users of CrowdCompass are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

CrowdCompass is a versatile app that is widely used by event attendees to access schedules, event information, and communicate with organizers. Users have reported that the app offers a unique and interactive experience, making networking more enjoyable at events. The advanced functionalities and mission-critical security components of CrowdCompass have made it a preferred choice for Siemens AG and its subdivisions. One of the key benefits of the app is its ability to easily download and load event information across various platforms, making it convenient for users.

The use cases of CrowdCompass are extensive, ranging from regional to global events. It provides valuable information on schedules, sessions, handouts, event communications, and even social media engagement. The app supports gamification features, custom content creation, and personalized schedules for specific groups. This has proven to be particularly useful for small events management departments, as it enhances their efficiency and enables effective communication with attendees.

CrowdCompass has addressed several common problems faced by event organizers. Its ability to eliminate the need for printing handouts not only helps reduce costs but also promotes environmental consciousness. Additionally, the app generates additional revenue through banner ad sales while providing trackable attendee engagement data. For large conferences and events in the travel incentive industry, CrowdCompass has successfully tackled on-site communication challenges by offering personalized schedules and push notifications.

Integration with Cvent SMM has been a significant advantage for many users, as it saves time and provides real-time updates and changes during events. The software seamlessly integrates with other registration sites as well, making it simpler for organizers to provide a better experience for attendees. Furthermore, CrowdCompass serves as the main source of event information for annual user meetings and conferences, eliminating the need for printed materials.

Overall, users appreciate the value that CrowdCompass brings to their events by providing a clean and usable mobile app experience for any size event. Its features such as delegate lists, agendas, notifications, and maps have proven to be highly valuable for managing events and providing information to attendees. Push notifications are particularly appreciated as they enable timely updates and important announcements during events. While there may be room for improvement in terms of the app's interface, users express overall satisfaction with CrowdCompass and its contribution to enhancing the event experience.

Based on user reviews, the most common recommendations for CrowdCompass are to customize the app to meet specific needs, consider integration with Cvent for seamless registration and unique content, and explore alternative vendors for additional features.

Users highly advise becoming familiar with CrowdCompass settings and taking the time to learn all of its features. They recommend customizing the app to meet specific event requirements and being patient during the initial setup.

For events that integrate with Cvent registration and require tailored content, users highly recommend using CrowdCompass. They also suggest using CrowdCompass for events that don't need frequent changes in Cvent. Easy integration with Cvent and GDPR compliance are prioritized.

While users appreciate CrowdCompass for its event engagement, connectivity, and cost-saving benefits, some suggest exploring alternatives that offer more gamification and connection options. They encourage comparing CrowdCompass with other event smartphone/tablet apps and considering data export requirements.

In summary, users recommend trying CrowdCompass for instant communication, meeting evaluation/surveys, event engagement, connectivity, cost-saving benefits, and organizing large corporate events. They highlight the importance of customization, integration with Cvent, and considering alternative vendors if specific features are needed.

Attribute Ratings


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September 26, 2019

Fun and Professional

Jennifer Wenger | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use CrowdCompass with our client events. Our attendees can use the app to access documents, maps and their agenda. We occasionally use the gamification, but most of our meetings are corporate meetings and they do not have the time to play the game.
  • The appearance of the app is very professional.
  • Easy to access information in the app with easy to set up design.
  • The map feature is important to us.
  • Would like to be able to switch between app home page designs after the event is set up in case I want to change my mind. Currently, have to delete the entire event and start over.
  • Do not always want to use the game feature and there's no way to fully turn it off.
CrowdCompass is a must-have for all events and meetings. It's an easy way for attendees to find their schedules, register for other open sessions, and a great way to send them notifications during the event.
  • We are able to collect registrations much faster.
  • We save on printing schedules.
None at this time.
They helped us set up our own branded app in the Apple app store and Google Play store. It was a smooth and easy process.
Event Coordinators
I am the main in-house support administrator (Cvent Certified Event Management Professional)
Director of IT - can also support Cvent if I am not available.
  • Annual Meetings
  • Small group meetings
  • To share additional documentation for our attendees
  • Might use the gamification more in the future
We use it for all of our events and our attendees like it.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
We might look into other options, but this links directly to Cvent through an API and is easy to use.
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal
We really did not need to track change management.
  • Waiting on the different app stores to be ready for our app and having it approved
Don't wait to register with Apple and Google. You can do a lot of prep work prior to setting up CrowdCompass for integration.
Yes, we like to have the option to have support when needed to keep our events professional and glitch-free.
Yes, they looked into it right away and corrected with an update.
When we were in the process of setting up our app, Cvent was in touch the entire process and made sure the experience was running on time.
  • Connecting through the API is very easy - the events, speakers and sessions pulled in nicely
  • Setting up the maps is fun
  • Changing the gamification settings. We don't want to use it and there's no "off" button.
Perfectly. It is designed professionally and we didn't need to do too much to get the design set up.
Very easy to use and set up.
Jordan Roller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use CrowdCompass for our Client's corporate events and training meetings. We use it across the entire organization. It really helps to cut down on printing and spending collateral since all of the information can be put in an attendees hands.
  • Design and Buildout
  • Push Notifications
  • Branding for your Event/Organization
  • Time turnaround for customer support questions
I believe CrowdCompass is a huge time and money saver. It is efficient to build the applications and cost effective in comparison to print materials.
  • n/a
I would like to keep other product names out of my review, but I know other apps are more difficult to build out and aren't intuitive to the average user. It is super easy to train new employees on the platform and copy past event elements and bring them to new apps!
Because it is super easy to use - i feel like I never need to lean on support when my support manager is always available.
RegOnline by Cvent (Discontinued)
Program Planners
  • Communication with Guests
  • Cut down on cost of printed collateral
  • Guests can interact with one another
  • We love the maps tool for events with multiple locations or buildings!
  • Push notifications help us interact directly with all of our guests without using a microphone or being obnoxious.
  • We hope to use it as a platform to communicate far before the event even occurs. Instead of just at the event.
Not Sure
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
It was easy to add CrowdCompass to our existing Cvent work as it is easy to use and integrated with other Cvent systems. The most important thing is that it looks pretty and is easy to use even if you don't put a massive amount of time into building out the app.
Look more into price negotiations!
  • Implemented in-house
  • Third-party professional services
  • Making sure people downloaded the app and looking/using notifications
I think people just need to be better - its really no one's fault if someone doesn't read instructions.
Always - our support manager is always available - he is wonderful!
  • Notifications
  • Icon/integrated weblinks
  • Uploads of information are some time difficult
It's great and easy but I would love more functions!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use CrowdCompass at our flagship events such as our annual conference. The app has really helped us to streamline communication and distribution of materials for attendees, increased attendee engagement through live polling, live Q&A, gamification and enhanced networking capabilities and helped us to reach our goal of going paperless at these events.
  • The app is easy to navigate and set up so it does not require a lot of time and training to implement.
  • Includes all of the features you need such as live polling, live Q&A, surveys, gamification, attendee messaging and contact sharing, etc., which has had a significant effect on attendee engagement at our flagship events.
  • As a leader in the events industry, Cvent is always introducing new updates and features to stay up to date with the latest technology and trends in the market.
  • It is fairly expensive and you pay per event so it isn’t feasible for us to be able to use at our smaller scale events.
  • Login process can be a little confusing and requires several steps but they have made improvements to this process.
Well suited for large conferences, trade shows or multi-day events. It is great for encouraging attendee engagement through features such as live polling, live Q&A, gamification, social wall, etc. and it is great for networking as it allows attendees to send 1:1 messages to each other, schedule appointments and exchange contact details directly through the app. It is not well suited for smaller scale events due to the cost.
  • Increased attendee engagement at our flagship events
  • Reduced printing costs by allowing us to include documents and presentations directly in the app
  • Increased networking amongst attendees
  • Increased attendee satisfaction and feedback
We have not used another event app
They are all part of the conference team
CrowdCompass is pretty user friendly so it was easy to train staff members to use, but having a standard template to use for all events is helpful in making sure things are consistent when you have multiple users creating events and uploading content across different regions
  • Helps increase attendee engagement before, during and after events
  • Makes it easy to distribute materials to attendees and saves on printing costs
  • Increases networking opportunities
  • Makes sessions more interactive
  • Live polling through the app has become a big part of our events and allows attendees to participate in the discussions
  • We use push notifications to help notify attendees of important details and direct them to the next sessions
  • The activity feed in the app has been a great tool for increasing attendee engagement and interaction and encourages them to post about the event on social media
  • Session Scanning
  • Social Wall
  • Integration with event registration platform
  • Beacon alerts
We have been using CrowdCompass for 3 years and it has all of the capabilities and functionality that we need, it's easy to use, and Cvent is always implementing new features and enhancements to keep up with the latest trends and technology.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
The most important factor was having the functionality that we needed and making sure it was easy to use from both a planner and an attendee perspective
We might look for other lower cost solutions for our smaller events
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal
  • Figuring out how we wanted the overall design to look
  • Deciding what features we wanted to implement
  • Learning what can and can't be changed after publishing an event
Really straightforward and easy to use plus there are a ton of great resources available to help with implementation and training
Our project manager checks in with me before every event even though I don't typically need any support and they follow up after the event to highlight some key metrics from the event.
I always receive immediate help when I reach out to their customer support and they are great at keeping me updated on the status of any issues that require further investigation.
  • Duplicating events
  • Importing content
  • Customizing the content and design
  • Logging in to the app as an attendee
  • Live Polling
  • Live Q&A
CrowdCompass is really user friendly and easy to navigate
January 24, 2019

Premier Mobile Event App

Bouran Qaddumi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use CrowdCompass for our internal annual conference. It is used by all attendees, and it addresses the need for improved communication during a large event and helps reduce printing costs. In addition, having an event app provides attendees with a unique, interactive experience that is fun, engaging and perfect for networking.
  • Easy to setup/build and maintain
  • Provides unique and engaging features such as gamification, live polls, and social sharing
  • Good reporting tools for capturing survey feedback and attendee engagement
  • Additional features to drive engagement, such as customizable games
  • Social sharing features are good, but could be made simpler to get more folks engaged. Would also be great to have Instagram
  • Even more robust reporting and analytics
Highly recommended for any event, regardless of size. It was particularly well suited for providing detailed event information to attendees, and giving them the chance to socialize, network, and immerse themselves in the event experience. As an event app, I can't think of scenarios where it is "less appropriate" during an event, it serves its purpose well.
  • Ability to track attendee engagement in sessions, event activities
  • Helped cut printing costs
  • Attendee feedback is positive, adds an element of fun and engagement
Our first choice was CrowdCompass, and we will likely stick with it. It is the best in class for event mobile apps, provides very user friendly build capabilities, and easy to drive adoption. The fact that it integrates well with our registration website and onsite registration is a huge plus as well, cuts down tremendously on time, effort and cost.
The app was used by all of our attendees at our annual conference.
One person is responsible for the build, design and implementation of the app - really don't need more than that! While it is an easy to use app, it is recommended that the point person be comfortable working with new technology (basic tech skills are enough) but also have good project management skills. There are a lot of moving pieces to manage and strict deadlines that need to be kept up with
  • Provide event information to conference attendees
  • Encourage greater interaction and engagement from attendees to improve conference experience
  • Provide insight and data on event
  • Social sharing
  • Communication tool for key event-related initiatives
  • Used to support other event activities (ex. linked to external website for silent auction)
  • For other large scale events
  • Drive engagement pre-event
We are happy with the product and the seamless integration with other Cvent products we use.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
Price is a huge factor, as well as integration with other products needed for the event such as registration website and onsite registration
I was not involved in the selection of this product, but if we had to, I would RFP several vendors
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal
  • Timeline - ensuring that all initial elements were in place prior to launch
  • Communication to drive adoption
Work with your project coordinator to make sure all elements are in place prior to launch
Multiple channels available for support, they are responsive and work to help resolve the situation and provide alternate solutions as needed
During our event, we had an issue with one of the features of the app. I called support late at night, they worked through the wee hours of the morning and got back to me with an answer quickly.
  • App design
  • Setting up surveys, games, etc.
  • Build site is intuitive and easy, support is fantastic as well
  • Maps feature can be tricky if you have multiple locations to chart
  • The verification code process is easy, but it seemed like anytime a person logged out they had to go through the process again
  • The data and reporting tools
The primary function of the app is the Mobile UI. It is easy to build and customize for an event, and the ability to add engagement features like gamification and in-depth event info (schedules, maps, speakers, etc.). As a user, its intuitive and easy to navigate, not much learning required
From the build perspective, its very simple and intuitive. You can either go basic or dig in and provide some interesting features and functions to provide a well-rounded event app experience. From the user perspective, its easy to use and navigate the app, plus the ability to interact and engage is a huge bonus
January 17, 2019

Crowd Compass is great

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used in our Group Travel department mostly for incentive trips but also for a few meetings/trade shows. It helps us get all of the information into the hands of our attendees without giving them lots of paper. It also allows us to provide up to the minute updates to the attendees should there be any schedule changes.
  • Love that it provides each attendees air travel and hotel information so attendees can have all of their important information in one place
  • Push notifications are great to get out information quickly to attendees. Have not had any issues with them not working as I did in the past with other mobile apps.
  • The map feature where you can drop pins to show where events are throughout your trip is great. And it can be accessed from a session or just by looking at the map and clicking pins directyl.
  • I believe the setup can be a bit cumbersome at times.
It is very well suited for trade shows and meetings and some incentive trips. There are some incentive trips where it does not make sense to use such as on a cruise ship where WiFi is not very good and they also have a newsletter and communication system on board.
  • It has all been positive and we have received great feedback from our attendees on how nice it is to have all of the information at their fingertips.
It is better than Certain and quite comparable to QuickMobile. There are items that I like better in CrowdCompass and vice versa. I think that the map features are much better in CrowdCompass than the other mobile applications. I know there are great changes and updates coming from CrowdCompass as well that will put it ahead of the rest.
Travel Program Managers and Registration Specialists
Very organized and able to multi-task. There are so many different facets to a CrowdCompass event.
  • Trade shows
  • Business Meetings
  • Incentive Trips
  • none that I can think of as of yet
  • educational events
  • use to boost interest in an event
We have been very happy with the product and don't feel it necessary to look elsewhere at this time.
Certain and QuickMobile
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
The Certain mobile app platform we were using did not have very advanced features. It was essentially a mobile version of the website with a few additional features. Nothing close to what CrowdCompass provides.
wouldn't change a thing
  • Implemented in-house
  • really did not experience any significant issues.
was very seamless
  • Online training
  • Self-taught
Our training team walked us through the first set up which really helped me to learn where everything is located as well as all of the features available.
The hardest part was just figuring out where to go to update things and the processes you had to take. Once I figure that out building was fairly simple.
just right
double and triple-checking your content prior to launching the event. Have a few people test it out that were not part of the build.
No - we have not done any custom code
Every time I have contacted them they do their best to get me the answer as quick as possible while also being thorough. All have been great.
My contact at CrowdCompass is very responsive and always willing to jump in and help me. I never feel like I have to wait long to receive a response.
  • uploaded all of the app images
  • setting up maps
  • integrating data from Cvent
  • setting up notifications
  • it was a learning curve in the beginning
  • just figuring out where you need to go to update something.
It is a very good tool. The one thing I wish it did was allow you to send out notifications to all attendees that are signed up for a session without having to create a separate group.Tools I have used in the past did have this capability and it was a huge timesaver.
works great no matter what type of program or how many people attending.
Have not had any issues with availability.
Have had no issues.
  • Cvent
was very seamless
  • not at this time
very seamless
walk through with your client services representative to ensure you are doing everything correctly.
very quick to get back to us and get us what we needed.
Contacted us right away to start getting us set up in the tool and walked us through all of the processes.
not sure
  • not sure what the most recent upgrade was
  • looking more like Flex
  • being able to set up an app quicker
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