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My Datahug Review

7 out of 10
October 09, 2019
We use Datahug only within the sales org here at Lyft. It addresses the business problem of forecasting and capturing deal scores.
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What is SAP Sales Cloud?

SAP Sales Cloud (formerly SAP Cloud for Sales) is a cloud sales application with sales automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, and collaboration capabilities.

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What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick) is built and delivered on the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce1 Mobile App which enables users to create accurate sales quotes quickly and submit error-free orders on the fly from any device.

What is Salesforce?

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What is SAP Sales Cloud?

SAP Sales Cloud (formerly SAP Cloud for Sales) is a cloud sales application with sales automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, and collaboration capabilities.

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What is SAP Sales Cloud?

SAP Sales Cloud (formerly SAP Cloud for Sales) is a cloud sales application with sales automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, and collaboration capabilities.

What is SAP Sales Cloud's best feature?

Reviewers rate Social engagement highest, with a score of 7.3.

Who uses SAP Sales Cloud?

The most common users of SAP Sales Cloud are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees) and the Unknown industry.


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Score 7 out of 10
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We are a mid and small company that is growing right now but we believe in purchasing and using SAP sales products to make sure that once we have the scalability we have the right set of products across our Enterprise. Being focused on sales and marketing is very critical when it comes to our business and hence this solution is a great fit for our entire sales and marketing team. It increases the overall capabilities in the offering of our working in digital space making sure all the leads and prospects are taken care of within the Well defined ecosystem of software. With the help of the SAP sales analytic feature, we are better informed and derive insights about all the leads followed on priority and make sure higher conversions are possible. CRM is orchestrated in a well-defined manner.
  • Better customer data managment
  • Defined workflow with standardization
  • Quote sharing and negotiations becomes easy
  • Integration with old data base
  • Implementation is complex took time
  • Enablement of product takes time
  • User interface can be more simplified
Looking at the future prospect and the scale where we want to operate this product is best for us as per my analysis what made me opt for this product is the integrity of the SAP ecosystem which we already have, in all growth based company investment on enterprise product is a vital decision and spending a bit higher but getting what is needed make sure everyone's life is easy in the long term this is the kind of product SAP ecosystems provide. It has completely streamlined and more than the operations of our sales in marketing team where we don't miss or keep our interest or stakeholders waiting for different purposes where each and every customer relationship is taken at highest priority with the possibility of having all the details with our team. It takes care of the entire sales cycle for us right from prospect to lead and ultimately comes with a quotation to the bill closer.
Sales are really critical for us and having a streamlined process which ultimately gives us a better understanding or visibility about the overall scenarios and pipeline of the prospects with better clarity of conversion in the future or existing talks. Higher customer satisfaction is achieved with this product because our engagement mostly takes time and it's a frequent conversation between a client which makes closing high-value clients possible. So having an effective and powerful CRM tool is a must-have for us and this serves the purpose with very well effectiveness.
Different products were evaluated before selecting SAP sales as a product which will be used but what made us choose this product is the effective knowledge available in the market and the kind of support and Ecosystem available with the SAP. This makes our scalability not an issue other vendors are providing at a cheaper cost but not having resources available at the request or knowledge can lead to more complexity in the future so spending more budget on the quality is wise than saving money on a new product.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As part of the SAP business suite, SAP provides support for all areas of customer-focused business in marketing, sales, and more. With the help of Sales Cloud analytics we are able to gather information about different key factors like customers and with that this SAP also provides SAP Sales CRM which is used for implementation various sales activities like telemarketing, sales of E-module, etc.
  • Products can be customized for your business.
  • I like that the tool can be integrated with many third-party APIs and programs.
  • Annual maintenance takes too long.
  • Cost effective
While this is a great addition to your large corporate team, it's worth noting the amount of unwanted complexity it brings to the table. Several folks from our team have found that other niche tools (salesforce, new jobs) have easier CRM interoperability. Those who need to track sales then this is the right tool for them.
Being in the sales industry, SAP SALES CLOUD provides most proactive and intuitive dashboards for our sales analytics. It has best usability by far now.
Support has been best as of now and self troubleshooting option is even well equipped.
Hakan Karadelioglu | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We plan to go live with SAP sales cloud&CPQ at the beginning of June 2022. Our main problem is the sales order management side. Because our process is starting CRM (potential customer, activities, opportunities, etc). Then if our customer requires our products that means trailer, we convert opportunities as offers and click as won. Secondly, we can select sales offers inside the opportunity screen. Then we create an offer (quotation). When our customers accept our quotation, we can select the quote won and send this offer to the SAP ERP system. But when we can select quote won selection, we can create sales orders in C4C sales or CPQ system. And we want to manage sales order features in the C4C sales could or CPQ system. Because we have different processes for sales order management. For examples sales revision process, Sales retrofit process, Sales trailer logo process, sales addendum print out process, sales special retrofit request process, etc... And also, the other main problem is that the C4C sales and CPQ are running so slowly. When we configure a new product on the CPQ system, the system performance is so bad. And so much slower. I know that when we use it in real business life. our sales guys will complain about system performance.
  • I think that I explain my request previous message
  • The CPQ system is so much slower. Especially configure new product and on-screen transitions in the quotation (offer process)
  • We need sales order management side on C4C sales cloud.
When we configure a new product, CPQ is very slow. And when we select a new screen the CPQ loads the menus and our product features slowly.
I explained it my previous message
I explained it my previous message
Gauri Hiremath | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We handle our social media campaigns and multi-channel sale processes through SAP Sales Cloud. The SAP CRM feature is the most insightful feature, it provides a great medium to manage and maintain customer relationships by delivering all required data with ease of accessibility. It has a wide range of analytical functionalities which allows us to gather information on many key parameters.
  • Streamlined workflow.
  • SAP Sales cloud has the best CRM feature.
  • Ease of Integration.
  • Data updating can be time consuming.
  • Pricing is on the higher end.
It has functions such as contract management, task assignment and tracking, performance reporting, database management, contact management, and so on. The CRM components are highly defined and arranged, allowing users to easily tackle customer-related concerns. For all of the above-mentioned services, our working efficiency and output have immensely improved.
In terms of overall usability, SAP Sales Cloud can initially be a hectic task to get acquainted with the platform but the dashboard is quite intuitive and easy to navigate. Although, there should be more training modules that can help new employees to get on board with the platform easily.
SAP Sales Cloud has great support, they have provided complete assistance right from the initiation of the setup, and onboarding of all employees to the current operational processes.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We can manage our multichannel campaign and social media marketing, and sales process via the contribution of SAP Sales Cloud we can dedicate ourselves to the sales which are client-oriented. The customizable tools of the software help us to increase our revenue and expand our business. The value of Customer Management which is facilitated by the product is immersed.
  • Multichannel campaign management
  • Client management
  • Reporting
  • task assignment
  • Pricing policy
  • Complicated system that is hard to learn in the short time
  • Customer support
We can operate our campaign and customer-orient approach to our clients with the features provided by SAP Sales. It helps us to manage and increase our engagement with clients. Call center Automation is another amazing side of the feature that our customers can call or notify us of the issue that they suffer.
The scalability and the features that the product gives value to our business process are the reasons that I give this rating to SAP Sales Cloud. Some minor improvements are needed that prevents me to give higher points in the rating.
To be honest, In contrast to previous similar platforms we used as the team, It is doing better, however, it is clear that it could be way better if they can enhance the support.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Datahug to manage our sales pipeline, have better visibility into our opps and don't miss any follow up/ milestones in the opportunities. Our sales organization uses Datahug. It has helped us in keeping regular touchpoints in the opps as we deal with ENTP level software, our deal cycle is fairly large.
  • Data capture from emails, proper tracking of all communication
  • Ensures that we reach out and maintain regular touchpoints in opps
  • Analysis of complete pipeline flow
  • Scorecarding and segregation on the basis of SF hierarchy
  • Notifications about low scores
  • Capturing forecasting data on its own
  • Customer support has gone down drastically in the last 8 months (esp since their ACQ by SAP)
  • Bigger sales team
  • Longer deal sizes
  • High volume of opportunities
  • Multiple stakeholders involved in decision making
Not for:
  • Smaller sales org with no proper CRM tool
  • Small deal cycles
I'm rating it a 7 right now but, a year ago, it would have been 10. Customer service had deteriorated since they moved to SAP umbrella. No information about acquisition/transition. Our CSM, RSM all are no longer a part of this new group and support queries take weeks to close
October 09, 2019

My Datahug Review

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Datahug only within the sales org here at Lyft. It addresses the business problem of forecasting and capturing deal scores.
  • Capturing deal score
  • Submitting forecast
  • Updating next steps
  • Syncing contacts in Salesforce - sometimes it does not capture a contact I am working with
  • There is a lag in updating activity sometimes
In my opinion, Datahug is well suited for sales organizations - specifically sales reps and sales leadership for deal forecasting. I think it is less appropriate for monitoring activity levels.
I think Datahug does a good job of forecasting and I am satisfied with the functionality.
Benjamin Robertson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently we use Datahug to receive better forecast insights from our sales team as well as understand the flow of our pipeline.
  • Pipeline flow
  • Forecasting
  • Lives in Salesforce
  • Deal Scoring
  • Activity Tracking
  • Product Updates
Datahug is well suited to perform visualization of your company's pipeline flow. Datahug is not well suited to track changes that effect future quarter's forecasts.
Richard Massey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
DataHug is being used by around 80 people in our organisation - interfaced through our Salesforce org
It helps us to find out who we, as a business, know at each company we interact with and gives us warm introductions to new companies all the time.
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce - critical component for our sales teams
  • insights into who we know at each company - warm leads are always better than cold calling!
  • it can assist in predicting our win chance on each opportunity - who would not want that!
  • It's predictive analytics rely on standard object connectivity only - whereas we use a custom object for influencers...
Datahug helps us break new ground with new potential customers by providing warm leads. It also helps us track who we have good relationship with and where we need to improve.
It does not take into account personal relationships (face to face meetings not recorded in Outlook) and assumes email contact builds a relationship - but then again, no system could ever do that!
Andy Salo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • If you are looking for a pure-play gamification solution, Badgeville is a good answer. Badgeville awards badges, points, missions, has several UI features for your website like modules, toast, and croutons.
  • Reporting is lacking. It doesn't always keep accurate record of activities, and doesn't provide much value add vs. internal reporting of the same metrics.
  • No rewards program, or features other than simply points that might provide more value to the user community you are trying to create.
The software basically performs as advertised, however, there just isn't much "there there".
The customer support team has been good. Good level of response, and we had escalation pasths when necessary.
  • Online training