TrustRadius - The Perfect Combination of Simplicity Plus PowerActiveCampaign is my favorite email marketing platform. It's simple and fast to set up and is super powerful. It also has great deliverability. So whether you are trying to send out a weekly newsletter to your email list, email much more frequently, or are looking for an email automation tool that allows you to segment and automate very specific actions, ActiveCampaign is a great solution.,Simple, easy, and fast setup for lists. You can set up a new list in just seconds. And also, they allow you to have an unlimited number of lists and tags that keep things organized. Powerful automations and a clean interface to build them. ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool, allowing you to segment users and send them congruent messaging. Great deliverability. Email marketing is only as useful as the number of emails that get received. If your emails don't send or wind up in spam or junk or promotions folders, that will severely inhibit your email marketing efforts.,Text message marketing. There are other tools that are specifically designed for text message marketing, but it would be great if ActiveCampaign took over this industry as well, with their same philosophy of simple and fast to build + super powerful. It gets a bit expensive when you have a large list, because they charge in tiers based on the number of contacts. So does everyone else though, so if you have a big list it will be expensive to host.,10,Saves me time, which equals more time for sales conversations and revenue generating activities. Improves deliverability, which increases open rates, click through rates and, most importantly, sales from email. Allows me to build an email list that is the crux of my business.,Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft by Keap, Drip from Leadpages, Klaviyo and HubSpot,Less than 10,000,Both,ClickFunnels, Acuity Scheduling, Todoist,1,1,Email marketing for sales to non-customers who are on the list. Email marketing to existing customers to get them to buy the next product. Email marketing to share valuable content and keep my brand in front of my audience/following/tribe.,I use it to send emails and build automations -- exactly what it was designed for. I think they are innovative in that they make it really easy to effectively do these things. But I wouldn't say I'm using the tool in an innovative way.,If/when they step up their text messaging game I will use them for text messaging as well.,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product,I wouldn't change my evaluation process. You don't know what you don't know. When I first started out doing online and email marketing, I didn't know what I was looking for in an email marketing solution. It was only after I started doing email marketing regularly that I realized what I was looking for and needed in terms of functionality.,Implemented in-house,No,N/A,10,Self-taught,Yes, the core features of ActiveCampaign are easy to learn and it doesn't take long to get comfortable navigating the platform. There are some advanced features that can get tricky, but honestly, most businesses don't need to use or worry about them. I recommend diving in and getting started creating lists, tags, and automations. Those can easily be learned on your own. And if you run into issues, ActiveCampaign has good support.,10,I recommend first getting comfortable setting up lists, tags, and automations. I begin by creating a "Main List" every contact goes in to. And then I'll either use tags or different lists to segment my leads and customers. Then get comfortable sending broadcasts and designing email templates so that you can stay in touch with your contacts VIA automation and non-automation emails.,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,In addition to learning how to set up lists, tags, automations, email templates, and email campaigns, make sure you get comfortable adding the ActiveCampaign tracking code to the pages on your website. This allows you to do some really cool things dynamically based on when people take certain actions, or don't take certain actions.,No,9,No,I've only had a few small issues with ActiveCampaign, and every time I was supported quickly and the support person was very helpful. I don't have a magical story to tell about their support, other then they are knowledgable and do their best to get back to you and solve your problem quickly.,Setting up email lists. Setting up email automations. Sending broadcast or automation emails.,There are some functionalies related to goals that can get confusing. It's possible to build really complex automations, but that's more an issue with a business being complex versus the software being complex.,No,9,10,10,10,Clickfunnels Acuity Scheduling Schedule Once Wufoo Forms Leadpages,Clickfunnels Kartra Kajabi ScheduleOnce Acuity Scheduling Facebook Lead Ads,File import/export API (e.g. SOAP or REST),10,I recommend to all my clients to keep their business model as simple as possible. Complicated technology is oftentimes perceived as being really cool, but usually it's just not as effective as a simple system. ActiveCampaign allows you to do a lot of things, but you don't need to do all of them in most cases. Keep things as simple as possible.,9,9,Nothing special. I paid the price on the website.,No, I just suggest that my clients use the software and send them my affiliate link for them to purchase through. I have not negotiated special rates with ActiveCampaign. When I am a bigger vendor sending many more referrals there way, it's something I will consider doing. Until then, I'm just glad to use the software and share it with other people's businesses.,No,Active Campaign stays up to date and is a cloud software you don't need to update.,Improved text message marketing would be awesome.,Yes,YesActiveCampaign helps you super sell!ActiveCampaign is used across our whole organization, from Program Director to Office Manager to Executive Director, in order to organize, promote, and provide registration for our various music education programs. We can also track trends for registration, run reports on t-shirt sizes, do a demographics breakdown, create coupon codes, and send emails internally.,ActiveCampaign is great at organizing and storing information about our email lists. ActiveCampaign is an incredible tool for marketing automation, setting up blasts to go out. Their reaction time is great for help desk questions.,The Customer messaging tools aren't necessarily a huge improvement on doing it yourself, but I really appreciate the option. The automated text messages for sales have gotten us a little bit of negative feedback but it has also helped with awareness! So it's a toss-up. I'm not positive that ActiveCampaign is the very best email marketing on the market, but it's super sleek and easy to use.,8,ActiveCampaign is not inexpensive, so that's something to think about. If you need help and perspective for sales management, it's worth it. Positively, it threw me into the ring of the newest methods of sales. It has helped us organize our plan and the folks that are already engaged in our programming.,Emma,Less than 10,000,B2C,WordPress, Microsoft Office 365ActiveCampaign is a solid option for small businessWe're using ActiveCampaign for a number of marketing functions: Lead gen efforts that are part of our content strategy.Broadcasting our newsletters.Managing pipelines.Automations.What works particularly well is that it features both your usual email and marketing automation tools, as well as a 'Deals' function, which are sales pipelines at all the effects that are fully integrated and feed off the same contact database. It is also flexible enough to allow us to do this for multiple brands too.,The marketing automation 'canvas' is very intuitive and easy to use -- you can set up sophisticated automation in minutes. Using the sales pipelines for other tasks such as outreach efforts to source blog contributors. Website tracking is a powerful option too, that helps you build a very good 'picture' of your contacts. ActiveCampaign's main USP is that it fully integrates email marketing, marketing automation, and sales pipelines.,As a CRM, it lacks the sophistication to track companies and contacts. The new live chat function is still very much a 'minimum viable product.' There is no landing page function.,8,Email is an effective channel for us, so ActiveCampaign pays for itself over and over. You can save a lot of time if you set it up properly. It's not really suitable for cold outreach, which is allowed, but in a very limited format.,Autopilot, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor,Less than 10,000,B2B,Buffer, Google Analytics, FreshdeskActiveCampaign: Nailed the Sweet Spot of Power vs. Ease-of-UseActiveCampaign (AC) is the lifeblood of my email flight deal alert company, Flights Machine. We are in AC everyday, since our subscribers rely on our emails as the main way they get notified about our flight deals. The campaign builder in AC is nice, but where it stands out over other offerings such as MailChimp (our former email tool) is in its automation builder. They have a strong API to tag users based on arbitrarily complex business logic in your codebase, with an easy to use automation builder than can be triggered when tags get added to a user.,Automations (based on tagging a user from your codebase via their API, start sending that user an email sequence) Campaign Builder (as good as other tools such as Mailchimp) Pricing (pay per contact, not per email sent. AND email addresses can be added to multiple lists and only count as 1 contact, unlike Mailchimp which would consider that 2 contacts),The Admin Dashboard Contacts Search tool is very limited in functionality The pricing buckets are very large... It goes 10,000 to 25,000 to 50,000 ... Being more granular would help a lot for businesses just over the cusp of one of these limits Provide an API to validate email addresses as valid or invalid. Mailchimp does this for free when you try to add to your list, but ActiveCampaign allows adding garbage typo-ed email addresses like *@gmail.con to your list (forcing you to use a 3rd party vendor for this),9,The majority of our website traffic comes from emailing our userbase with ActiveCampaign Automations have allowed us to upsell our best users on additional products With their shared IP address management, we get high deliverability rates on our email campaigns,MailChimp, AWeber and Constant Contact,25,000 to 100,000,B2CGreat Features, Great Price!We use ActiveCampaign for marketing smart automation and also consult with other companies on selecting marketing automation tools. ActiveCampaign is a very powerful tool for small businesses looking for a rich feature-set at an affordable price.,The automation interface is fairly intuitive to work through and offers powerful, flexible features. For the price and features it offers, it's the best value of any automation service that exists today. It has a TON of options for the advanced user to tinker and test with.,Since it has so many options, a beginner might be overwhelmed by the choices available. This is hard to avoid when offering so much flexibility, but still, a new user would be well-served to watch some tutorials and have a clear idea about the workflow they want to get started. There is a point at which your list will outgrow the service (hopefully!) and you might want to think about switching to a service whose CRM and landing page functionality is more robust.,8,The fortune is in the follow through, and ActiveCampaign makes the follow through easier. Drip campaigns and triggers strengthen granular follow up opportunities. The granular messaging options coupled with attractive pricing have made this our go to service for businesses who need more automation features, but are just getting started in the space.,MailChimp, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Constant Contact and AWeber,Less than 10,000,B2B,Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Constant ContactEffective and not expensive marketing automation toolActiveCampaign (AC) is an easy and effective marketing automation tool for small businesses. I have implemented AC in the marketing department in order to send different and multiple types of campaigns (simple newsletters, invites, nurturing campaigns) and also to create lead funnel automations. If you have a little customer base (<5000 contacts), AC is a good tool and it is easy to use for lead generation.,Creating emails or templates is VERY easy as well as the automation builder is easy to use. Affordable for small companies. Even if your database is growing, the price will of course increase but it is still affordable.,You can't create landing pages :( The reporting section can be improve. The interface is not user-friendly at all. We have used another tool to visualize and analyze the results of our campaigns.,8,We have saved a lot of time and we have improved significantly our communication. We were able to retain customers and increase the number of new leads at the same time. Setting up and building all the automations can take a little bit of time but it is worth it.,Marketo, SendinBlue, MailChimp, HubSpot and Oracle Eloqua,Less than 10,000,B2B,Trello, Slack, IFTTT, Hootsuite EnterpriseActiveCampaign is one of the most flexible marketing automation platforms out there!We use ActiveCampaign to generate and nurture leads, manage sales pipeline with a built-in CRM to help close sales, and stay in touch with existing customers. It's an integral part of the business as it helps bring in new customers and keep existing customers while increasing their lifetime value with new orders and services.,Automation campaigns are excellent in ActiveCampaign. It allows granular control over what happens when to whom and how. You can create very complex automated campaigns to nurture leads at the right time with the right content. Ability to create custom pipelines is great as it allows us to cater to different sales processes that vary depending on customer type and/or different services, so we can track the right information in a flow that makes sense in specific situations. Sending 1-to-1 emails in CRM that are tracked so we know when contacts open emails. Chrome extension for Gmail is really useful to access contact data within emails in Gmail and being able to track emails sent in Gmail.,You can't add a contact without an email address. Site tracking of visitors sometimes doesn't work, so when they submit a form their activity prior to form submission is lost. Sales/CRM reporting is very limited. Anyone coming from a proper CRM like Salesforce would find reporting unusable, especially sales teams. Email builder needs some work, it has certain limitations and doesn't allow custom designs to be editable in the builder. No Android app for CRM (suppose to be in the works as we were told).,8,ActiveCampaign is the base of our marketing communications operations. So all the leads that we generate and nurture go through ActiveCampaign, which means most of not all of our revenue directly or indirectly is related to ActiveCampaign. It helps us operate and grow the business. It helps us provide more personalized experience for new leads as well as our existing customers. It makes communication more efficient, especially with the Gmail integration.,HubSpot, MailChimp and Hatchbuck,Less than 10,000,B2BA Closer Look at ActiveCampaign from a Frequent UserMy company uses ActiveCampaign for email marketing for one of my clients. We specifically use ActiveCampaign vs any other email marketing programs because of the ability to set up automations and its ability to integrate with their WooCommerce website and the ability to track events in Google Analytics.,Easy to create and format emails with a "drag and drop" interface. Anyone can easily create an email with little instruction. You can also use custom HTML to create an email or email template so that you can be assured the email you are sending looks EXACTLY like you want it to or matches your website exactly.,There is no media database/library. All images uploaded for use just kind of "live" with the user that uploaded them in the emails and there is no easy way to organize them and there is no way to share them amongst different users. So needless to say, images are just kind of a mess. Campaigns can be organized by various methods - type, status, label and list. But there is no way to organize by campaign name, date created or date scheduled/sent which would be helpful for the person creating all the emails to keep track of what's done and needs to be done. (You can sort by 'last modified' but if you jump around a bit between emails, that doesn't help.),6,Positive ROI: ActiveCampaign has allowed us to use tags and automation to segment our subscribers based on purchases so that we can keep those buyer engaged with emails and information that pertains to the specific things they are interested in, and not bother them with things they are not. Thereby increasing open rates and click-throughs and decreasing unsubscribe rates which thereby increases sales. Negative ROI: Learning the program takes some time as do setting up the automations, so you need to be willing to make the investment in time to do so. Initially, this may adversely affect your ROI.,Constant Contact and MailChimp,Less than 10,000,B2C,MailChimp, Buffer, CanvaActiveCampaign will be a game changer for your marketing and sales teamActiveCampaign is an absolute game changer if you want to grow your business. Email automation and sending specific offers to specific people who are ready to take action is KEY to growing any business. Segmenting your list, knowing what people are taking what actions, moving people along the sales pipeline when they take specific actions... You just can't beat it. Active Campaign > ConfusionSoft any day.,Email Automation CRM Sales Pipelines,2 way texting Using local phone numbers for texting,10,We've probably [doubled] our business because of ActiveCampaign over other email/CRM providers,Infusionsoft,10,000 to 25,000,B2B,Trello, SlackA simple and cost-effective tool to simplify your email marketing and deliver consistent value to your listWe use ActiveCampaign for email marketing, delivering content to our database, and creating lead funnels automation. It allows us to educate our leads, our clients and deliver value in a simple and consistent manner.,Simple to use Good value for the price Automation sequences Lead scoring,Cannot capture the overall structure of an automation sequence. Would be nice to capture the whole automation sequence as an image file or PDF file to go back to when I want to make amendments. Sometimes the platform is a bit slow to respond. Have more examples of automation sequences of aces studies on how to use automation features with real-life examples of sequence and details of how each step functions. That would help build better automation sequences.,9,Better engagement with my client base Being able to take the lead on an educational journey that is automated and consistent Simplified email communication and the take to email client sand leads Save us a lot of time and we can recycle content and create new automations,MailChimp and Infusionsoft,Less than 10,000,B2C,AgoraPulse, Acuity Scheduling, TypeformA clean and effective email marketing system.In my company, I use it in the marketing department. I basically use it for promotional email campaigns. With this applicatio,n I make promotional emailers and send them to my database to generate queries for my products.,It’s very easy to set up an account on this application. During the campaign design it automatically saves your templates. The email mobile optimisation is the best feature in this application.,Unavailability of incoming text messaging integration. They should integrate this feature for better engagement. Sometimes I have difficulties creating my campaign through the HTML builder. I think it happens because of some bugs. Its pricing is very steep for a small company or for a starter.,8,It helped me to grow my list substantially in just 3 months. It helped me to increase traffic on my website. This application played a very important role in the success of our new product which we launched in the first quarter of this financial year. We got very good response on our promotional campaign., and Vertical Response,Less than 10,000,B2C,, Vertical Response, MailChimp, Smallpdf, PDFfiller, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Forms, Google Analytics, Google Forms, MPZMail, CleverReach, GetResponseGets the job doneI use ActiveCampaign to handle email marketing for my small online business. I use it to collect leads, warm them up with automation, and then sell products and services. I use it for both automated and broadcast emails for all communication with my list, with several automated series going simultaneously at any given time.,Email automation Lead generation Communicating effectively with different parts of your list,Lists vs. tags can be somewhat confusing -- I feel it could be all tags UX is a slow and sometimes confusing Snippets are difficult to use,9,Saved countless hours vs manual email Sells for me Allows me to iterate on my best work,MailChimp,Less than 10,000,B2C,Landingi, Leadpages, HubSpot CRMSo glad we decided to switch to ActiveCampaignWe use ActiveCampaign to manage our email campaigns across the whole company. We also use ActiveCampaign as a 3rd party email automation solution for our clients. It helps us to automate the emails sent to our prospects and current clients. For our marketing agency clients, we use ActiveCampaign to manage their email lists and send automated emails.,ActiveCampaign can handle large email lists ActiveCampaign helps to keep the emails lists organized The ActiveCampaign automation is a must to keep the email list healthy and engaged,We think the workflow, from creating a list until designing the automation, should be a little more intuitive First-time users must watch quick tutorials to move quickly inside the application if they want to better understand the system,9,ActiveCampaign can help with ROI once you have total control of the email lists with reports and a built-in CRM, so you know exactly what have to be improved in your next campaign, helping to increase the ROI.,MailChimp and Drip from Leadpages,Less than 10,000,B2C,ClickFunnels, CallRail, Landingi, Mailshake, CloudApp, Serpstat, Canva, BookafyActiveCampaign Rocks!We use ActiveCampaign within our organization as an email management tool, CRM, and a marketing automation solution. We've created our own systems with this tool and we also create systems for our clients using ActiveCampaign.,Killer automation features - allowing you to create an in-depth marketing system that connects customers, websites, and sales funnels. Reasonably priced and good re-seller program Easy navigation of the email platform and CRM deals section,Love to see them improve the overall speed of their program. Waiting for pages to load when creating emails and automations can be a real drag on productivity and create an overall frustrating experience. (Asana is the gold standard here). I'd like them to improve email delvierability, as I've heard some complaints in this area. I'd like them to create a more fleshed out deals section so we can completely replace all of our other CRM programs.,10,Creation of powerful marketing systems for our business and our clients' business. Allowed us to cancel CRM services like Pipedrive with their Deals section. Email design is easy, fast, and helps get our message out efficiently.,Awber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, GetResponse and Emma,Less than 10,000,Slack, Dropbox BusinessAn Awkward Middle Child Between ESP and MAI implemented ActiveCampaign for two different companies, each hoping to use AC to deliver targeted emails to opted in users and nurture these users through a decision journey that could take between weeks and months. The goal was to allow for logic branching based on user interaction, and deliver content based on that logic branching that addressed key pain points and guided a user towards the right solution for them.,Most Email Service Providers don't allow for logic branching in their drip sequencing - they allow for time delays or opt out/ins based on opens and maybe clicks, but no true branching or trees. This is a key differentiation for AC. The drag and drop workflows and organization is fantastic, easy to use and fast. You can setup a sequence in a matter of minutes where it would take hours with other providers. Integrating with others is a key part of the modern tech stack. Active Campaign works with Zapier, making it able to talk to landing page software, ad campaigns, other marketing automation, email databases and more. Plus it offers native integrations with Stripe, SurveyMonkey, PipeDrive, Paypal and more. If you're just getting started and have less than 1k contacts, the pricing is very reasonable. You can get out between $17 and $100 a month and get a host of features competitors can't touch.,The reporting UI is difficult to use. I setup a fantastic sequence, but understanding how it was performing was like pulling teeth. How many users branched, how many unsubscribed? I had to dig into individual emails to get this information. As your contact list climbs, the pricing does, too. Once you get up around 2-5k contacts, you really should start looking at options like HubSpot, where the pricing is comparable but the feature list is much larger. At it's heart, AC is an email platform. So no landing pages, the website tracking is kinda half-baked and the CRM feels like it's just tacked on without it being integrated in an intentional and strategic way.,6,ActiveCampaign couldn't be mapped to any specific ROI partially due to the clunky reporting interface. We couldn't backtrack into any specific objectives like purchase decisions or course signups because it was too difficult to map those website actions to the specific campaigns. The biggest value AC delivered was in terms of time saved creating specific drip campaigns. Cloning funnels, making edits, adding new branches was fast and easy and allowed us to iterate and move on to other things.,HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Marketo and Infusionsoft,Less than 10,000,B2B,Unbounce, Slack, Trello, Marketo, HubSpot, CallRail, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Hotjar, HullActiveCampaign is Great for Businesses Just Starting Out with AutomationActiveCampaign helps my clients organize their contacts and use automation to send follow up based on the contacts' interactions with the website and sales team. We use the tagging feature to segment groups like prospects, customers, and other meaningful segmentation. We use the automation to send drip-style emails to our prospects and customers and stay in touch with them.,The automation builder is fairly easy to use and makes following up really easy. The CRM and Deals module makes it easy for our salesteam to track progress of our different sales opportunities. It's easy to track behavior of our leads (like clicking on links in emails, visiting our site, etc).,The automations builder is a bit clunky sometimes and requires a lot of effort to do seemingly easy tasks. The CRM is a little weak for our sales team. They'd like a tighter integration into Gmail as well as a more robust task management system. The reporting could use a lot of work. There really aren't' any visual reports to show me funnel info and conversion rates of my leads from one step to the next. This would make it easier to improve our marketing efforts.,8,Following up with leads is an easy ROI. As they say, the 'money is in the follow up', but it takes time and effort to build these systems correctly. Once we've implemented them properly, there was an easy ROI to measure. Having our CRM centralized with as much data as possible in one system has also been really helpful for us.,Infusionsoft,Less than 10,000,Both,Infusionsoft, Zapier, G Suite, ClicDataBig Learning Curve but also Big DividendsActiveCampaign allows my agency to automate email communications with clients that address their needs at different stages of their relationship with business, identify strong leads, and maintain solid contact over time.,ActiveCampaign goes beyond email services like MailChimp in that you can build logic trees which trigger email communications to customers rather than handling them on an individual basis. Allows you to send info to interested parties at the moment they're most wanting it.,With ActiveCampaign, there's quite a bit of learning up front to really understand how to use its services to full effect. The tutorial videos are led by a guy who clearly hates his life.,8,Through ActiveCampaign we were able to sell out our first ever business conference we ever held, and by keeping in touch with them through ActiveCampaign we were able to get 6 - 10 new clients in the first few months of implementation.,MailChimp,Less than 10,000,Both,SurveyMonkey, Sendible, CyfeTake control of your automated campaigns today!We are currently using ActiveCampaign on both the corporate side and as an opt-in feature for our franchise locations. On the corporate side, we use ActiveCampaign to manage our franchise sales cycle. We use it to assign automations to leads that come in as well as assign tasks to our team in how those leads are handled. On the franchise side, it's used to manage client leads as well as handle the hiring process in some cases. ActiveCampaign is really useful in cutting out a lot of the grunt work involved. The automations can handle a lot and are very flexible in how they can be built. On top of that the interface is very intuitive and easy to learn.,ActiveCampaign is really easy to use unlike some of the other automation software available out there. The automated campaigns are very flexible and you can manage contact forms, emails, and users all in one system. For the features it offers, it's the cheapest solution out there (as far as I am aware). ActiveCampaign offers a different range of pricing and even has a reseller program.,ActiveCampaign is still a relatively small and new company. As such, there are some features missing. For example, there is currently no way to change the design of any internal emails or notifications sent. This means if you are a reseller, any notifications your clients get from the system will be stuck with the blue color scheme. Another big feature missing if the support for SSL on custom domains. Again, if you are a reseller and want your clients to access their system on a custom subdomain, the connection won't be secure unless you use ActiveCampaigns generated domain.,9,ActiveCampaign has saved us hundreds in work hours. Cutting out a lot of the grunt work and allowing our sales people to focus on what they do best has not only increased the overall quality in work done, but we have already been bringing in more high quality leads than before.,Infusionsoft,Less than 10,000,Both,Liquid-WebAdvanced automation at a very low priceActiveCampaign is used primarily by our Marketing team, but it also integrates with our sales team communication. We use it for our weekly newsletter, marketing automation campaigns, signup forms, auto responses, etc. It's primary use it to connect with customers and potential customers. We have a community of users so email communication is extremely important for us.,Their HTML email builder is easy to use. Their automation workflows have tons of options to send custom messages to your audience It has advanced features at a much lower price than other vendors,I wish they had a landing page builder included (like other tools do) Their forms are not very customizable,9,Helped increase leads Helped improve communication with customers Helped save the team time with automation,,25,000 to 100,000,Both,Zapier, Instapage, MailChimp,, Bizzabo, Buzzsumo, Buffer, Ahrefs Site ExplorerActive Campaign ReviewWe use the tool for our mass emails and for our email automations. It allows us to create email campaigns and set them to run without much work from us once running.,Ease of loading targets Easy to use templates Easy to track targets who click on links/images within email,Some of the automation features need to be easier to use. When creating a long automation the linking time span or action in between messages is limited. Linking targets to automation can sometimes be challenging Could use some upgrades to the reports, such as page visit time spent, how many links clicked on, repeat visits etc.,8,Cost effective way of sending emails Allows you to create campaigns that run in the background Helps those who are new to creating email campaigns and makes it easy to do,Less than 10,000,B2BI beg my colleagues to switch to Active Campaign!I practically beg my colleagues to switch to ActiveCampaign, especially if they’re moving into more business automation and want to accurately and efficiently track their email list activity. I’ve used a couple of competitor's products and find them cumbersome and confusing. With Active Campaign, automation series are simple and visual, templates are easy to create and edit, and the robust tracking/tagging options aren’t in the way of the normal use for beginners while still being easily accessible for more advanced users. This is an email system that scales with your business and integrates well with sales funnel software.,Easy to implement detailed if/then email Automation Templates are easy to use and access Integrates with click funnel,Campaign sending has a few too many steps to go through, would love to see more on one page More organizational tools for sent, drafts, and different list emails other than just one level tagging would be great Visual email scheduling for newsletters on a calendar would be a huge improvement to the list style. Drag and drop to reschedule emails would be a godsend!,10,Easy to track open rates Easy to track link clicks and tag Can retarget hot leads via email activity,AWeber and MailChimp,Less than 10,000,BothActiveCampaign - Budget automation platform with 80% of the features that a $5k a month tool offersActiveCampaign is one of the best budget options for marketing automation. While there is a CRM aspect, and in theory a sales department appeal, I think the primary usage is around marketing automation (although for the price, having the selling tools is a nice perk). Usually, ActiveCampaign is deployed within the marketing, or marketing operations department. Because of its placement in the market, it's often a good fit for smaller businesses that are not in a budget place to consider some of the pricier options, however, don't discount it as a tool for a larger company. If it has the tools you need, it can be a solid choice. However, the weak integration with SFDC often prevents me from suggesting this as a tool for larger businesses. Some can be done with the built-in integration, and using some API work (either custom dev or through a middle company like Zapier) helps, it's still not as strong when it comes to a 1:1 CRM sync.,Sending emails at an affordable cost Plug-and-play website/email automations. Very easy to set up triggered emails based on web activity. The SMS messaging is a nice perk you don't often find in a tool at this price point Clean list management and basic CRM functionality,Integration to 3rd party CRMs (particularly SFDC--- However I've heard they're working on this currently and there may be something available early 2018) Ability to auto-delete leads from automation (no idea why this is the case... there should be the option to have "delete lead" as a flow step; makes keeping the database clean unusually time consuming) Ability to specify multiple contacts for a single deal in the CRM,10,Used it for a wide variety of clients. Because pricing is so aggressive, it's hard not to have a positive ROI. Ability to have CRM, email, web analytics (basic), SMS messaging, and others in a platform, allows companies access to these tools that they may not be able to afford if purchased ala carte.,Marketo, Act-On Software, HubSpot, Pardot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact and SharpSpring,10,000 to 25,000,BothAffordable, easy-to-use, worth a look.ActiveCampaign is the core of my business. It's used to store customer/prospect data, email customers and prospects, track website behavior, and provide analytics. It addresses the problem of wanting the power of modern marketing automation, but not wanting to pay thousands of dollars per month.,Ease-of-use. Marketing automation has never been this easy. You don't need a marketing tech background to build elaborate automations in this tool. Everything is intuitive. The automation builder is flat out incredible. For an inexpensive solution, I'm blown away by the automation capabilities of ActiveCampaign. It blows many of the more expensive solutions like Pardot out of the universe. Not quite on a Marketo level, but ballpark. Affordable. The thing I love about ActiveCampaign is that it's inexpensive to get started, but won't restrict growth. AC scales from start up to enterprise.,No landing page builder. Having to integrate a separate tool for landing pages is a complexity. On the other hand, I respect that they stick to their strengths. The reporting is hit or miss. Some of the reporting (example: email open, click through, etc, analytics) is exceptional. Some, like connecting form fill outs to emails and automations isn't quite as clean as I would like. It's workable. I wish the user interface of the CRM was configurable. Being able to create my own contact layout would be nice.,9,Instant marketing automation. There is no onboarding timeframe. Sign up and start building. Emails out the first day. Affordable. Low cost allowed me to invest in other areas of the business. And the negative: The necessity of buying a separate landing page software. The overall cost of ownership is still low, however.,Infusionsoft, Pardot and MailChimp,Less than 10,000,B2B,Instapage, Hotjar, AdWordsActiveCampaign is for the experienced marketing professionalI partnered up with another online marketer to sell his course online in January 2017. He recently switched from Aweber to ActiveCampaign. The difference was like comparing a base line economy vehicle to a top or the line luxury SUV with all the bells and whistles. ActiveCampaign was easy to learn with a basic knowledge of previous email services such as Aweber and Mailchimp. Between the two of us we were able to set up automated drip campaigns and tag people with how they took action. We were using ads and webinars to sell the course and ActiveCampaign handled everything we neeeded including all the integrations with other services. It was very intuitive to use and set up lists, forms and tags.,It can automatically trigger sequences based on the actions of the contacts. If they click a link they can then trigger a different drip campaign. Or vise versa. It was really easy to create the emails with the editor The data reporting made sense and was a great way to get a quick glance of how things were going.,As of January 2017... There were a few integrations that were not there that Infusionsoft had but ActiveCampaign didn't . One of those was SendOutCards. We had wanted a trigger to send people who purchased a physical card in the mail thanking them for their purchase. We had to manually input each sale since there was not an integration. (There may have been a way to do it, we just couldn't figure it out in time) They charge based on number of contacts in your list. At the time we were working with a list around 30k. The tiers go from 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10k, 25k, 50k etc. So it got a little pricey per month to get the features we wanted. But we found it to be worth it with the number of sales that came in. Again as of January 2017 - the backend interface or User Experience could be a bit nicer. It definitely looked like it was designed by engineers, not UX people.,9,We were able to save a lot of time once the campaigns were all set up. This makes for a really easy launch the second time. It allowed us to put things on autopilot so that each end user would have a great experience in our marketing funnel My favorite thing was having the system automatically tag people depending on their behavior. If someone didn't watch a webinar we would email them with the replay etc.,MailChimp, Infusionsoft and AWeber,25,000 to 100,000,Both,Leadpages, Facebook for Business, G Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat DC, Sprout Social, Squarespace, WordPressActiveCampaign - Almost There.We are using ActiveCampaign in a specific location within a nationwide business. We are using it for marketing purposes, as well as onboarding, deadline countdowns, and information based emails. ActiveCampaign helps us to better serve our current customers and market to new customers with their automation options and one-off emails within the CRM.,Marketing Automation Click/Link Tracking Email Integration with Gmail via a Chrome extension,One-to-one email automation (all automations have unsubscribe / impersonal req'd fields) Sometimes the Chrome plugin does not work properly. The email builder could use improvement on the UX end.,8,We saved hours of emails & phone calls with our onboarding automation and custom options. The CRM has custom fields option that makes it easy to create a deadline funnel based on the custom field information. I wish ActiveCampaign could send automated emails that did not appear so impersonal.,MailChimp and Infusionsoft,Less than 10,000,B2C,Infusionsoft, HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Sales, Adobe Photoshop, Snagit, CloudApp, Droplr, Dropbox
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84 Ratings
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Score 8.6 out of 101

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