To Loft or Not To Loft--That is the Question
September 10, 2020

To Loft or Not To Loft--That is the Question

Sephora Hibbler | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Cadence and Automation
  • Calendaring
  • Dialer and Messenger
  • Sales Email

Overall Satisfaction with SalesLoft

SalesLoft is currently being used for email tracking, setting calendar appointments with prospects and clients, making outbound calls, setting up and executing cadences for outreach, and tracking analytics like open rates. It is being used across some Sales and Marketing teams in the U.S. It helps us track email opens, the best times to reach prospects and clients, and helps us measure our daily activities.
  • Cadence Management - we can add and edit cadences based on a specific product line we want to sell or an event that our prospects and our reps attended.
  • Activity Tracking - we can see all of the calls, emails, reminders, and tasks we have completed on an account or person basis.
  • Templates & Snippets - we can easily create templates and snippets for common objections, questions, or ask for feedback.
  • Dialer - we can use common dispositions to log calls, which allows us to track what types of conversations we're having, if at all.
  • Dialer - I would love to see more call dispositions added in the future (like Connected-Spoke to Decision Maker or Connected-Call Back Tomorrow) because the disposition options are pretty limited and not useful for each call.
  • Homepage Customization - I would love to see more options to customize the home page (colors, backgrounds) to make the Dashboard more unique for each user.
  • Dialer - There should be an option to disable call recordings permanently instead of having to click on the recording icon every time you don't want to record a call.
  • LinkedIn Integration - Sales Navigator is currently linked to SalesLoft but it would be great if any Premium subscription was supported by the tool.
  • Improved Productivity - saving time on admin duties like booking meetings or sending emails at the "right" times each week.
  • Increased email responses - seeing when prospects open my emails and contacting them shortly after is a godsend, especially because there is a new Seismic integration that allows me to see how long they viewed supporting documents or proposals.
  • Opportunity Tracking - the stages and tags that are under each person in SalesLoft allow me to review all of the actions I've taken with a prospect without having to dig through old email chains.
I haven't had to reach out to SalesLoft directly to report an issue. However, Justin G., an Enterprise Account Executive, was able to help my team map out how to properly use SalesLoft automation. He sent us a guide to help us understand what we could and could not do and asked us for suggestions on improving automation. Sarah L. is also helpful and guided the members of my team through the process of getting started with SalesLoft when it was initially introduced at my company. SalesLoft has always been very supportive and they continue to offer training and sales tips.
It is pretty easy to use the tool within Gmail. You just have to download the extension to start lofting! The app is also very useful for making calls and tracking email opens and clicks.
My organization selected SalesLoft. I used Outreach at a previous employer, and I found it very difficult to navigate. There were many automations to choose from and various call dispositions when using the built-in dialer, but it wasn't very user friendly. I was in charge of developing Sales cadences so I eventually caught on. However, with SalesLoft there was less of a learning curve.
Groove was also used at another employer, replacing Yesware at the time. Neither was as sophisticated as SalesLoft, in my opinion. The dialer function couldn't be accessed in multiple windows and I wasn't able to use an app on my phone with Yesware. Cadences could not be customized as effectively as they are in SalesLoft.
SalesLoft is well suited for sales reps like me who email and make calls frequently throughout the day. I would also recommend this tool to those of us who want to organize their activities and regularly set up touchpoints for reach-outs in the future. It is much easier to use SalesLoft to automate processes than having 1000 sticky notes or planner reminders that help you remember to email or call someone. It is also a HUGE lifesaver when booking meetings because you can send availability with a few clicks and set default calendar messages, right in the tool.