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Live Chat Software Overview

What is Live Chat Software?

Live Chat Software allows website operators to interact directly with visitors on their websites in real-time, typically through some combination of instant messaging/chat, video, and survey forms. With live chat software maintaining the spotlight, many live chat vendors are also branching into “webchat” which can take live chat conversations into other modes of communication, namely SMS/text messaging. This is a great development for organizations looking to work with only one vendor to manage both website chat and text-based chat.

The two major use cases for these tools are sales qualification and customer support. The majority of leading live chat software functions both as live chat for lead generation and live chat support software.

Live Chat Software Features & Capabilities

At minimum, live chat software should include the following capabilities:
  • Real-time messaging
  • Canned responses and greetings
  • Notifications
  • Chat transfer

  • Ticket forms

  • Chat history and transcripts

  • Customization tools for branding, agent profiles, languages, etc.

  • Chat reports

  • Encrypted messaging

  • Access restriction

  • Visitor banning

  • Single sign-on

  • Compliance

More advanced features include:
  • Pre-built AI bots to handle conversations without a human agent
  • Customized AI bots for the same purpose

  • Intuitive FAQs

  • Unified inboxes

  • Integrations with scheduling and client management applications like Freshdesk, Google Calendar, Zapier, etc.

  • iOS and Android versions

Live Chat Software Key Use Cases: Sales & Support

Using live chat software, salespeople can answer prospects' questions or initiate a consultative conversation--at a key point in the buyer's journey, when the prospect is already engaged with the website or free trial (for online software products). They can also collect the prospect's contact information to follow up based on the prospect's readiness/likelihood to buy, for example trying to set up a call vs. entering them into a marketing nurture drip sequence.

Used by support or customer success teams, live chat software allows customers who have questions or problems to connect with an individual agent and receive a response in real-time, without having to call in and navigate an automated phone tree or submit a support ticket. (Although sometimes the agent on the other end of the live chat will end up submitting a support ticket for them.)

Like social customer service tools, proponents of live chat support consider it to be a better customer service experience, because recognition is immediate, there's a personal connection, and help can be delivered in context of the website or application. Also, issues addressed via IM are kept more informal than filing a help desk ticket, and more discreet than a social support case.

Live chat point solutions for the support use case are lighter-weight and easier to implement than a full help desk, but using an integrated live chat/help desk solution has its advantages, since the customer interaction history can be stored in one unified record, and tickets can be created/routed directly from the chat interface.

Live Chat Software Comparison

To compare different live chat tools, consider these factors for each product offering:

  1. Automation: This will not be applicable for all use cases, but you should determine whether the live chat software you are considering supports automated messages or not, should you choose to utilize them. Automated messaging can save your agents time and route people to the appropriate resources to keep your support team and sales agents from handling requests that do not need human assistance.

  2. Integrations: Choose live chat software that integrates with your existing sales engagement and CRM tools. Do not assume that any given live chat platform supports the other tools you'd like to import data into. This is likely one of the most important factors to consider. If a tool doesn't already have an integration designed for the tools you'd like, it should at least give you the option to set one up.

  3. Security: Users often share personal information via live chat programs, so invest in tools that are transparent about the security features of their software. You also want to make sure that it complies with both your local and international cybersecurity regulations.


Unlike a lot of SaaS tools, live chat software options do not proliferate free versions. However, a few tools like Gist and Freshchat feature totally free starter options. You can expect pricing tiers to be differentiated by the size of your contact list and the number of account managers. Paid plans can start as low as $16/mo with enterprise plans starting at $79/mo on the lower end. Enterprises looking into live chat software should keep in mind that many live chat vendors do not offer pre-designed plans for larger organizations and require that you reach out to them for a quote and estimate of what your account may actually cost.

Live Chat Products

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Ngage Live Chat

Vertical markets software specialist Internet Brands offers and supports Ngage Live Chat, a live chat tool for law offices, medical practices, or automotive dealers.


Airy headquartered in San Francisco offers a shared inbox for teams, with reply message automation, feedback templates, and automated opt-in subscription features on its advanced plan.


JivoChat is a combined live chat, VoIP, and business messenging service that integrates with email, Facebook, or other tools via API to provide a means to conduct omnichannel communication with customers.


Synthetix in Takely offers software supporting three AI-powered Customer Service channels, including FAQ web self-service, AI-augmented Live Chat and agent knowledge-base for a complete, out-of-the-box multi-channel solution for customer service, sales and support.


IMIchat is a live chat and help agent communication tool, from IMImobile headquartered in London.


TelebuPop is a machine learning & AI-based conversational marketing platform that helps users connect with their visitors, prospects and leads in a human way. FeaturesChatbot & Group ChatAutomate conversation flow with bots, talk to groups and transfer chats easilyLead Capture…


Quiq helps brands present their customers with consistent customer experiences across SMS/text messaging, rich messaging, web chat, and social channels. With Quiq’s Conversational Engagement Platform, companies can orchestrate commerce and service conversations involving both bots…


Chatvisor is a combined customer engagement and analytics platform powered by Co-Browsing, designed to provide improved customer communication for companies. By bringing multiple channels under one roof, Chatvisor opens up all lines of communication between customer and agent, so…

Wix Answers is a customer support solution that aims to consolidate all support channels in one place—a ticketing system, knowledge management, call center, live chat and built-in analytics. Wix Answers provides:A single view for all real-time and offline support channelsNo more…

Odoo Social Marketing

Odoo Social Marketing allows users to manage social media, web push notifications, and Live Chat. Users can plan, monitor, and analyze accounts all in one place. They can also discover new customers and keep users engaged. It’s all about being present on social media to increase…


Tidio is a live chat app powered by a chatbot and that comes with mailing features from the Polish company of the same name. The vendor boasts thousands of small and medium businesses all over the world as users.


Surfly, from the company of the same name in Amsterdam, is software to upgrade existing Phone, Chat and Email channels with in-person online co-browsing experiences to achieve customer satisfaction.


Jetlink aims to improve customer service, empower businesses to provide personalized conversational experiences at scale - Jetlink says its low-code / no-code AI chatbot reduces churn, raises CSAT and drives revenue - while supporting frontline teams to have greater impact. Jetlink…


Chekkit is an all-in-one customer experience software. The Chekkit platform aims to make it easy to get reviews online and conveniently interact through local channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, webchat, and website leads. Chekkit states they are a small business, out to help…


Chatlio is a live chat tool that enables users to interact with web visitors directly from Slack, from the small company of the same name in Seattle.


Watermelon in Utrecht offers AI-powered software designed to manage contact moments across different channels from one dashboard. Users can live chat or deploy a chatbot on the most used channels to automate conversations with a human touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is live chat software?

Live chat software supports adding a built-in chatbox to your websites for users to utilize. In this chatbox users can carry out text-based correspondence with a human representative or AI-powered robot. Advanced features allow users to upload files to share and reference in their conversation.

How much is live chat software?

While most live chat software is only available as paid plans, Gist and Freshchat have free versions available. Enterprises will get the most out of paid plans, as free plans do not typically support advanced features that the nature of their operations require.

Paid plans can start as low as $16/mo to as high as $100/mo. This pricing is usually by number of "seats", or agents you would like to have utilizing the software at any given time. So be mindful of your team size when budgeting for live chat software.

What type of businesses need live chat software?

While we cannot say any particular business needs live chat software, some types of businesses benefit from live chat software greatly. B2C companies can really benefit from using live chat software because it allows customers to receive support easily. It also helps B2B businesses in particular with easily capturing information from prospective buyers. Being that many customers come to business websites to find information, live chat software allows them to remain on the site without having to fill out a contact form and waiting for an email, or having to place a phone call.