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Software Profile & Review Summary

Company Status: Public (ADP)
Customers: 375
Employees on LinkedIn: 49,032 (all of ADP); ~200 working on Vantage
Headquarters: Roseland, NJ
Founded: 1949 (ADP); 2012 (Vantage)

ADP Vantage HCM is a relatively new offering from one of the giants in HR services and technology. It is designed to be an end-to-end HCM platform for acquiring, developing, and maintaining talent. (Note that with the exception of recruiting, ADP does not sell Vantage talent management as a standalone product, only as an add-on to Core HR modules.) The product is targeted at companies with over 1,000 employees, with the sweet spot being the 3-10K employee space, according to the vendor. Vantage is available in 56 countries. On average, customers use Vantage to manage employees in 1 or more countries, and use 4.1 modules—meaning they attach 3-4 things like time tracking, talent management, benefits management, etc. to the platform's payroll core. In addition to the software platform, like other ADP payroll products, Vantage HCM has a services-oriented business model.

Recently the vendor has focused on opening up the platform with an app marketplace of plug-and-play integrations, as well as the option to use a development kit to build your own integrations. In addition to the connectivity trend, the product is also adapting to the employee engagement trend. In April 2016, ADP launched a full redesign of the Vantage user experience, with a focus on employees and managers. One example is the new onboarding tool, which the vendor says uses video to create a more human, employee-centric experience for introductions to company culture, brand advertising, and messages from managers. The vendor continues to develop their DataCloud product, to expand from the currently available reporting, analytics, and benchmarking, with predictive analytics, embedded analytics, and a data exchange in trial. ADP leverages 3 pedobytes of data from their >600K client base, which the vendor says is the largest HCM data set available.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, ADP Vantage HCM is:

A good fit for: U.S.-based enterprises that want to work with a single HR technology vendor, where payroll and employee self-service are priorities

Most compared to: Workday HCM, ADP Workforce Now, UltiPro, and Dayforce HCM

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ADP Vantage HCM Customer Demographics*

ADP Vantage HCM customer demographics - company size and industry size
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Summary of ADP Vantage HCM Reviews

Source: (13) User reviews of ADP Vantage HCM on TrustRadius, (6) updated or written in the last year.
Vantage HCM Pros Vantage HCM Cons
  • Payroll (both administration and processing services) is strong, as this is ADP’s core competency.
Still new, with room for improvement
  • Vantage HCM is still a relatively new solution, compared to other ADP products and competing HCM platforms from other vendors.
  • Users would like to see additional R&D, both in terms of polishing existing features and adding new functionality.
  • A few users mentioned that Vantage has been improving, and that ADP does a good job of incorporating customer feedback into the product roadmap.
Employee self-service
  • Employees can update their own information and easily access tax forms, pay stubs, etc. Self-service saves time on employee requests to HR admins.
Requesting time off
  • According to users, the interface for requesting and viewing time off could be more user-friendly and simpler to navigate
  • Workflows are configurable, and users like that tasks, approvals, changes, etc. are tracked within the system.
  • Users also like the flexibility to add modules as needed.
Side effects of updates
  • Sometimes updates have unexpected or undesirable side effects; users would like more advance notice or the ability to prepare for these side effects. For example, users would like to be able to pre-set user permissions for new features.
Integrated HCM
  • Users described the Vantage HCM platform as a “one stop shop” for HR technology, since it includes integrated modules for benefits, payroll, time and labor, recruiting, performance management, learning, and compensation.
  • Although in the past, integration between modules has been an area for improvement, recent reviews highlight the value of Vantage's integrated HCM modules, especially compared to using multiple ADP products, or different Core HR and talent management vendors.
  • Users would like to see a more refined implementation process. For example, more testing phases during implementation would be helpful, and there could be a smoother, more in-depth handoff process to post-implementation service reps.
User interface
  • The UI is user-friendly for employees, fairly user friendly for administrators (with some training and/or familiarity with other ADP products), and can be branded.
Not optimized for complex, global organizations
  • According to users, Vantage HCM is not designed for very diverse, complex organizations, and is not an optimal solution for global HCM use cases. For example, users said Vantage HCM is hard to set up with multiple subsidiary companies and/or locations, and the limitation in number of characters for employee names may not be appropriate for some cultures.

Aggregate User Ratings of ADP Vantage HCM on TrustRadius

ADP Vantage HCM aggregate ratings in 2016 Core HR Buyer's Guide
Source: (13) User reviews of ADP Vantage HCM on TrustRadius. (6) updated or written in the last year.

ADP Response to Reviewer Feedback

ADP continues to make significant investment in Vantage HCM in concert with clients through Product Advisory Councils and significant user research. Our focus is on continuing to enhance and simplify the user experience for all users. We plan to introduce within the next 3-6 months some incredible new features for the practitioner and administrator. In the area of implementation, we have recently introduced new tools and processes that simplify the experience and reduce implementation timeframes for our clients with more coming by the end of 2016. We also continue to expand our global footprint with over 56 countries available within Vantage and our clients have the ability to integrate with ADP Streamline for countries that are not currently available or require increased complexity. Vantage HCM offers clients not only the breadth of a complete HCM offering but also depth of product and expertise across all the pillars of HCM. We continue to invest heavily in areas like Talent (Acquisition & Management) and Benefits Administration to fulfill the complete HCM needs of our clients.