SAP SuccessFactors Talent Solutions Ratings & User Feedback

(79) 6.7 of 10

Software Profile & Review Summary

Company Status: Public
Customers: 4,900+
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,758; total count is 79,962 according to the vendor
Headquarters: Waldorf, Germany
Founded: 2001

SAP SuccessFactors was founded in 2001 and went public in 2007. The company made several acquisitions, buying CubeTree and YouCalc in 2010, just before being acquired by SAP for $3.4B in 2011. CubeTree gave the SuccessFactors platform social capabilities including collaboration and sharing, team workspaces and executive dashboards. The YouCalc acquisition provided cloud-based business intelligence and visualization capabilities. It allows customers to do real-time analysis on data from the SuccessFactors platform and also from third-party applications.

Since being acquired by SAP, the SuccessFactors platform has been folded into SAP's Cloud Business Unit and the focus had been on integrating the platform with SAP's on-premise Core HCM technology. Because SuccessFactors not only includes the standard talent management capabilities, but also has its own Core HR capabilities called Employee Central, some SAP customers not currently using Core HCM are buying the complete cloud platform for both Core HR and talent management. (Note, however, that users on TrustRadius rate Employee Central much lower than other Core HR point solutions; it falls near the very bottom of the Core HR Software TrustMap.) Though SuccessFactors continues to have very strong goal and performance management capabilities, some reviewers commented that in general the product has not kept up with the pace of innovation from other talent management and HCM competitors.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, SuccessFactors Talent Solutions is:

A good fit for: Enterprises that want to standardize their talent management processes globally and use a single system of record for the entire employee lifecycle. It is also important that the company have a substantial HCM budget, to account for training and the cost of new modules/updates.

Most compared to: Workday HCM, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Oracle PeopleSoft HCM and HCM Cloud

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SAP SuccessFactors Customer Demographics*

SAP SuccessFactors customer demographics - company size and industry size
*Customer demographics data is drawn from User profiles and User reviews of SuccessFactors Talent Solutions on TrustRadius. Data may not be available for all reviewers.

Summary of SuccessFactors Talent Solutions Reviews

Source: (28) User reviews of SuccessFactors Talent Solutions on TrustRadius, (6) updated or written in the last year.
SuccessFactors Pros SuccessFactors Cons
Product breadth
  • The platform provides a wide variety of capabilities spanning the entire range of HR activities, including both talent (Talent Solutions) and Core HR (Employee Central).
  • Users said they like being able to have one system of record for the entire employee lifecycle. (SAP calls this “recruit to retire.”)
Customer service & support
  • Customer service and support are not responsive and/or take too long to resolve issues.
  • Users would like more proactive guidance from account managers.
Standardized processes
  • Users said SuccessFactors has helped to streamline their talent management processes and standardize them across different parts of the organization, in some cases globally.
System performance
  • According to users, there are lots of bugs, the system can be slow, and there is occasional downtime.
Performance Management
  • Goal alignment and performance review capabilities are excellent.
  • Generating a performance review task is fairly easy.
  • Approval workflows, including the ability to report on performance review status, are helpful.
  • Onsite training is expensive and online training is not sufficient. Users would like access to more online resources.

    Note from vendor: We have implemented extensive online training options over the past 12 months, including our own MOOC. We also have introduced accreditation programs and partner training.
  • The Learning module is configurable to business needs.
  • Some users said SuccessFactors can be expensive, taking into account the price of the software itself plus the total cost of ownership, including cost of implementation/consultants, new features, and premium support.

    Note from vendor: New modules are only priced if they are completely new functionality (e.g. Onboarding was added to our price list 3 years ago; we do not charge separate price tags for new functionality to existing solutions like Continuous Performance Management and Presentations).
  • Reporting could be more user-friendly—although according to some users this has been improving over time.
Integration between systems & modules
  • Users would like to see better integration between SuccessFactors and other SAP systems, as well as 3rd party HR systems.
  • Users said the integration between SuccessFactors modules is incomplete, and the modules have an inconsistent feel. The lack of cohesion between modules is likely due to the fact that many modules are the result of acquisitions.
UI / Navigation
  • Some users said the system architecture is clunky and confusing, with multiple ways to do the same thing and overly complicated processes and layouts. One user said the system felt outdated; another said it seemed overly technical.
  • Other users disagreed, describing the SuccessFactors UI as organized and user-friendly.

Aggregate User Ratings of SuccessFactors Talent Solutions on TrustRadius

SAP SuccessFactors aggregate ratings in 2016 Talent Management Buyer's Guide
Source: (28) User reviews of SuccessFactors Talent Solutions on TrustRadius. (6) updated or written in the last year.

SAP SuccessFactors Response to Reviewer Feedback

We continue to make major investments in Performance Management bringing to market new technology innovations that help our customers improve the productivity and development of their workforce and increase employee engagement.

Earlier this year we launched Continuous Performance Management as part of SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals. Continuous Performance Management solves many of the frequently cited issues of performance management initiatives by facilitating ongoing check-ins between employees and managers to ensure activities, accomplishments and goals stay on track throughout the year. With Continuous Performance Management, managers have a simple way to provide continuous feedback and coaching to help employees constantly grow in their roles and drive ongoing improvements in performance. Employees stay motivated and engaged to perform at their best.

We're committed to helping organizations advance their performance management transformation with comprehensive, simple to use, and engaging solutions. Feedback from 36+ million end users tells that by reducing complexity and making it easier to evaluate and recognize top talent, you can achieve even greater business results.

We have much more planned as we continue to evolve our Continuous Performance Management capabilities with future releases, adding more features and functionality to our web and mobile applications that meet the needs of customers. At the same time, we are constantly enhancing the user experience, and look forward to ongoing improvements in this area.