Optimizely is a website optimization platform, providing A/B and multivariate testing. It enables users with and without technical expertise to make dynamic changes to their websites, test the variations to live traffic and gather immediate results. But Awesome and Powerful Optimization ToolEasy to set up test variations, either with their visual tools or with Javascript. Easy to describe goals - can be clicks on a page element, page views, or custom Javascript. Can segment and target visitors based on URL, referral information, custom Javascript conditions, or a number of other variables. Good for previewing and testing variations prior to launching tests - has great live preview functionality and integrates with cross browser testing tools. Has good flexibility and control over implementation - especially important for avoiding the flash of unstyled content problem, as well as Javascript race conditions. API lets you integrate with Google Analytics or other third-party analytics system.,Javascript frontend sometimes loads slowly or requires refresh to load completely.,9,Varies from client to client and test to test.,,3,2,Website optimization.,10,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,Yes. Has a very intuitive user interface and lots of feature documentation.,No,8,9,9,7,Google Analytics,No,Visitor caps may be somewhat flexible.Optimizely: Solid A/B testing solutionOur client has been happy with the tools. The set-up and execution of experiments is relatively simple. It has been used extensively to test content, banners, sign-ups, and product locations.,The design needs of the client has required a lot of developer experience to create test content and integration with site functionality that's not 'out of the box'.,In my current role I am not measuring the product performance.,8,7,4,1,A/B & Multivariate testing on a retail website.,,Professional services company,7,Self-taught,Product training is always preferred over self-training. This helps to have multiple people with a similar product skill-set available to assist with projects and train others to the same level of expertise.,There has been a lot of experiment integration with site functionality like email sign up, add-to-cart, product display grids/positions, custom espots with additional functionality, etc.,No,8,5,9,7,Adobe Analytics (Site Catalyst) Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager,Many of our clients also use eBay Enterprise Attribution (formerly ClearSaleing).,,N/AOptimizely - The A/B Testing Tool to Rule them AllThe best thing about Optimizely is how quick and easy it is to use. With one line of JavaScript, you are able to install Optimizely on your website and start testing. Design and dev work is no longer a bottleneck to start testing. Simply open up the Optimizely dashboard and use their WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get) to start changing content. If you are lucky enough to have design and dev resources, then you can simply create a redirect test that points to your new design.,The product excels at creating tests quickly and getting up and running. Results are also easy to read and no dev experience is necessary to get started.,We have been able to lift our conversion rates by 30% across various content assets since running Optimizely. This has, of course, had an effect on increasing signups and increasing revenue.,10,10,6,2,Optimizely is used to A/B test our entire website and marketing landing pages. By creating different types of content around different products and features, across different sources of traffic, we are able to test various messaging to find the 'optimal' one that works for a specific segment.,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,Optimizely has a lot of documentation on how to use their product. Reading these docs and experimenting with the product is the best way to get acquainted.,We added a custom event to Optimizely, to track a signup event from our application, in addition to Optimizely page view and click goals.,Yes,10,8,10,9,We have integrated Optimizely with CrazyEgg and Mixpanel.,Optimizely is for beginners and expertsThe product makes A/B Testing easy. The technical support staff is very quick to respond and very helpful. Most things require no knowledge of html, java or CSS.,There are discrepancies between the Optimizely visitor count and Google Analytics. I have been unable to resolve why these differences occur. The differences are small except with regards to mobile traffic. I am not convinced the mobile tracking works as intended. Differences with Google Analytics are fairly large.,The product has allowed us to quantify $500k in revenue gains and saves (not implementing poor test outcomes). This number is soft, and will certainly decrease as gains become harder to realize.,10,8,3,3,A/B Testing. Conversion Rate Optimization.,,,Implemented in-house,9,Self-taught,The program is very easy to learn, and as more difficult tests are implemented, they have been very helpful in guiding us along the way.,We have in-house (off-site) conversion data that we tie back to tests. This is accomplished through a nightly feed of data to Optimizely and helps us with test results.,10,9,10,10,Google Analytics In-house data clicktale,Data warehouse,Optimizely: a powerful tool for your site optimization effortsUsed for simple A/B tests and to force visitor traffic to pages that have specific messaging or UI elements,Very easy to configure experiment targeting, traffic allocation, and other settings you would want to customize for your testing program Allows easy selection of experiment types like Multivariate, Multipage, A/B Permits simple UI changes using its code editor and other options which allows for decreased reliance on development resources. Product and Design teams can launch new experiments easily on their own Support is first rate: knowledgeable, great communicators who take the time to explain things so that you can learn and apply to future experiments. Optimizely customer support is among the best I've encountered from a web software service,Improvements can be made with experiment results reporting specifically customization of data within the data export or whatever is viewed on the summary page Different organizations could have different thresholds for statistical significance. Optimizely is set to 95%. It would be nice to have this value configurable. It is difficult to ascertain whether a losing variation is a statistically significant loss (only shows low chance to beat baseline). Having this would assist with pausing variations that are not performing very well. Customizable, distributable reports would be a great feature to add. Currently you must click through each individual experiment to see experiment details. Seeing a summary through email or selecting multiple experiments to view on one page would be a huge improvement for scanning health of tests.,7,Optimizely has helped us optimize on micro conversion goals throughout our site Our macro conversion goals have also been optimized using Optimizely,Homegrown A/B platform and Adobe Test & Target,Geckoboard, Asana, Trello, JIRA Software,5,1,Test new ideas/variations against current control version Force visitors to see certain site changes Reports to understand impact of site change,Segment traffic from the various inbound channels,Analytics Performance indicators,8,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,Talk with power users for each product more, and understand what feature they wish they could have but currently don't.,No,7,No,When critical tests were impacting our paid campaigns due to issues with the way Optimizely handled our page, then my request was escalated and team worked to address right away.,Button color and copy Segmenting to different audiences,Working with updating images in a slider carousel Reporting,No,6,6,9,6
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345 Ratings
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Score 8.3 out of 101

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Feature Scorecard Summary

a/b experiment testing (31)
Split URL testing (25)
Multivariate testing (25)
Multi-page/funnel testing (24)
Cross-browser testing (18)
Mobile app testing (12)
Test significance (27)
Visual / WYSIWYG editor (25)
Advanced code editor (25)
Page surveys (5)
Visitor recordings (8)
Preview mode (29)
Test duration calculator (16)
Experiment scheduler (17)
Experiment workflow and approval (11)
Dynamic experiment activation (10)
Client-side tests (19)
Server-side tests (6)
Mutually exclusive tests (14)
Standard visitor segmentation (29)
Behavioral visitor segmentation (21)
Traffic allocation control (28)
Website personalization (15)
Heatmap tool (2)
Click analytics (11)
Scroll maps (3)
Form fill analysis (3)
Conversion tracking (23)
Goal tracking (27)
Test reporting (28)
Results segmentation (25)
CSV export (17)
Experiments results dashboard (24)

About Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the leaders in digital experience optimization, allowing businesses to dramatically drive up the value of their digital products, commerce and campaigns through its experimentation software platform.

According the the vendor, by replacing digital guesswork with evidence-based results, Optimizely enables product and marketing professionals to accelerate innovation, lower the risk of new features, and drive up the return on investment from digital by up to 10X.

Over 26 of the Fortune 100 companies choose Optimizely to power their global digital experiences, including eBay, FOX, IBM, The New York Times and many more global enterprises.

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SessionCam, AdBasis, Oracle DMP (Bluekai)

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