Corporate Learning Management Systems

Best Corporate Learning Management Systems include:

Lessonly, Articulate 360, Saba Cloud, Adobe Captivate, and Cornerstone OnDemand.

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Corporate Learning Management Systems Overview

What are Corporate Learning Management Systems?

Corporate learning management systems (LMS) software provides access to online materials and courses for training and development purposes. The two main use cases for corporate LMS software are internal (employee training) and external (customer training). Some corporate learning management systems have built-in ecommerce/billing features, whereas others might integrate with an online storefront.

Courses designed for customer training may be monetized in a couple of different ways. They can be sold to customers in addition to a company’s software product as a training resource, or as a stand-alone product. This may be the case for professional training providers that offer online training courses for complex software, such as Oracle or SAP.

Other corporate learning management systems may be purely designed for distributing courses, managing learners, and reporting on completion and compliance. However, most corporate LMS software includes a set of common tools or capabilities:
  • Content authoring tools

  • Content library

  • Learning pathway tools

  • Scheduling features for webinars or offline training

  • Reporting and analytics

Some vendors also offer point solutions that focus on course creation, curation, and providing online material from subject matter experts. These are sometimes referred to as learning content management systems (LCMS), and can usually be integrated with corporate LMS software.

Corporate LMS vs. Academic Learning Management Systems

Academic LMS software and Corporate LMS software share some common features but are typically used for different purposes. Learning management software focused on education is primarily used by teachers, administrators, and students to organize and manage online learning.

In comparison, Corporate LMS software is used to manage and deliver online training and may be called training management systems or eTraining / eLearning portals. Corporate learning management systems are also related to Talent Management Software, which offers robust corporate learning and training modules.

However, some vendors offer learning management systems that can be used for both corporate and academic learning.

Corporate LMS Features & Capabilities

Most Corporate LMS platforms offer these common features:

  • Content creation

  • Pre-formatted content customization

  • Content library management

  • Course management

  • Assessment creation and management

  • Certification management, particularly for highly-regulated industries
  • Video learning

  • Performance reporting

  • Mobile access

  • Employee feedback tools

  • Employee performance timelines

  • Collaboration tools

  • Leaderboard

  • Employee engagement data

  • E-commerce integration or online storefront

Some learning management software vendors also offer more advanced capabilities such as:

  • Social media integration

  • Blended learning support

  • Live webinar learning

  • Gamification tools

  • Interactive videos

  • Virtual reality (VR) learning headsets

  • Course preview capabilities

  • Widget integrations

Corporate LMS Software Comparison

To compare different Corporate LMS software, you likely want to consider evaluating these facets of the software:

  1. Standalone software vs. HR suite: Do you want a corporate LMS as part of a larger suite to support all your HR functions on one platform, or do you want just the LMS capabilities? Many HR professionals point to the value of unified platforms, but the depth of content, customizability, and support could be deeper with standalone software.

  2. Mobile accessibility: Corporate learning has become increasingly mobile, leading mobile accessibility to be an expected feature in more corporate LMS software. However, user experiences in mobile versions can vary. If your user base will make use of mobile learning content, keep a look out for reviews of software's mobile experiences.

  3. Compliance support: Corporate LMS software can play a large role in ensuring businesses’ regulatory compliance. This functionality is not universal, and the specific support offered varies. Some common differentiators are automatic notifications and prebuilt compliance-specific reporting, as well as any industry-specific considerations you may have for maintaining compliance.

  4. External training: Some corporate LMS software offers training tailored to businesses’ extended partners and customers. Vendors vary in the range of personas they prebuild content for, as well as the presence of support functions like billing.

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Pricing Information

There are two main pricing models for learning management software: monthly/annual subscriptions, or one-time license fees. Many vendors may also offer a free trial version of their product.

Monthly or annual subscriptions can range from $20 per month up to $100 per month, depending on the breadth of the features. Perpetual license fees are typically much more expensive and can range from $300 to $1,500 depending on the number of features required.

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CrossKnowledge Learning Suite is a cloud based learning management solution (LMS). The solution is customizable and includes a built-in authentication protocol. It is designed to integrate with content formats such as SCORM and AICC. CrossKnowledge is a Wiley Global brand.
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Arlo is a cloud based training and event management software designed to promote, sell and deliver courses and events. Arlo automates manual processes by providing simple scheduling, automatic communication, custom reporting, payments & invoicing. Client records are kept updated within Arlo’s ro…
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Kallidus LMS is a Learning Management System. It supports organisations in managing their training costs, compliance, informal/ social learning and it helps them maximise the potential of employee skills, knowledge and competencies. Kallidus LMS combines delivery of e-learning courses with the mana…
SkyPrep LMS
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SkyPrep is an online training software that allows businesses, and knowledge providers to train, test, and manage their users. The software allows users to upload content any material they already have (such as PDF, Powerpoints, Excel, Word, Videos) and create courses and tests. There are also tools…
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SAP Jam is a social network collaboration tool with integrated collaborative processes for knowledge, learning, and HR management. SAP Jam also includes capabilities for the entire sales, marketing, and customer service lifecycles.
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LearnCore is a corporate-focused learning management software solution developed by VLinks Media and acquired by Showpad June 2018.
Wisetail LMS
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Wisetail LMS is a learning management system, from Wisetail in Bozeman, Montana.
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Qstream headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts offers their eponymous sales enablement application.
Comply365 Training Suite
Comply365 Training Suite is a corporate-focused learning management software solution offered by Comply365.
Cyber Train
Cyber Train is a web-based, role orientated training / learning management (LMS) system designed to manage employee training requirements, enrollments, and certifications, easily and accurately. This tool empowers supervisors, instructors and employees by making information regarding classes, cours…
Paradiso LMS
Paradiso LMS is a fully customizable cloud based learning management system that helps corporations and educational facilities train their staff and students. Paradiso LMS also provides more than 50 out-of-the-box integrations with numerous enterprise applications including Salesforce, PeopleSoft, a…
AchieveForum (formerly Forum) provides tailored corporate learning solutions that help organizations effectively execute their business strategies by focusing on their most important asset: their people.
Engage Learning
Engage Learning is a corporate-focused learning management software solution offered by Engage Learning Systems.
Knowledge Presenter
Knowledge Presenter is a corporate-focused learning management software solution offered by Kookaburra Studios.
SkillStudio is a learning management software solution offered by Skillsoft positioned as a knowledge management platform.
tessello is a corporate-focused learning management software solution offered by Brightwave.
TOPYX is a learning management solution (LMS) and is provided by Interactyx. The solution includes administration and reporting features as well as learning path functionality. It is also SCORM certified.
Asentia LMS
Asentia is a Learning Management Ecosystem designed specifically with the needs of a modern blended learning program in mind.The vendor says Asentia LMS has been carefully designed to seamlessly blend advanced eLearning technology with time-tested conventional training methods, all within a rich lea…
TrainCaster is a corporate-focused learning management software solution offered by TrainCaster LMS. is an e-Learning system. The system itself is free, but requires credits in order to create courses, import users and assign users. The system is tailored toward corporate learning management.
Mzinga OmniSocial Learning
Mzinga OmniSocial Learning is a learning management system (LMS) that combines collaboration features with rich learning management and performance technologies.
Inquisiq LMS
Inquisiq is a learning management system targeted for small to mid-sized businesses looking to sell courses online or manage corporate training solutions. It is specifically designed to meet and exceed the needs of a demanding workforce. A sample of its advanced feature set includes: mobile compatib…
Learning Management Core
Learning Management Core is a learning management software solution offered by
NovigoTMS is a corporate-focused learning management software solution offered by Novigo Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Corporate LMS and LMS?

Corporate LMS focuses on learning and training for businesses, including internal training for employees and external training for partners and customers. Learning Management Systems can include Corporate LMS, but tend to focus on academic users.

What is a Corporate Learning Management System?

A corporate LMS is a learning platform designed for businesses train and develop the skills of employees, customers and partners. It usually includes prebuilt content and original authoring abilities, as well as learning tracking. 

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the delivery of a single concept at a strategic or most impactful point in your workday via the most accessible medium to you at that time.

Who is Corporate LMS for?

Common corporate LMS users include knowledge-based industries or professions, such as finance and healthcare. Corporate LMS can also be helpful to address professional communication and technical skills gaps and to maintain compliance.

How much does Corporate LMS cost?

Corporate LMS as part of a broader suite can vary dramatically in price. Monthly subscriptions for standalone LMS can range from $20-$100/month, and perpetual licenses can range from $300-$1500.