Best Survey & Forms Building Tools90An online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the Internet. Online surveys are usually created as Web forms with a database to store the answers and statistical software to provide analytics.Fulcrum1 Builder2 Poll Maker3 Payment Forms7'N'act8 Formvine16 Attachment Motivation Performance17 Customer Survey18 by 4screens21 Insights22 Enterprise Surveys23 Employee & Customer Surveys25

Survey & Forms Building Tools

Best Survey & Forms Building Tools

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Survey & Forms Building Tools Overview

What is Survey & Forms Building?

An online survey is a questionnaire that people can complete over the Internet.

Online surveys are typically created as Web forms. Answers are then stored in a database. Statistical software can provide analytics based on the answers.

Survey tools let users create and distribute surveys. From there, users can collect, report and analyze survey responses. Some survey tools act as comprehensive research platforms. These tools include advanced analytics and crowdsourcing for responses. Other survey and forms building tools focus on the survey creation and response. Users can then use other resources (like Excel) to complete the review process.

Survey Tools Features & Capabilities

Survey Format

Most survey tools support the creation of online surveys. Some tools also support paper surveys with a ‘print’ option. Advanced survey tools include the creation and deployment of phone surveys. All formats include a collection mechanism for response data. Survey tools usually offer a method for manually entering response data.

Survey Appearance

Designing the look and feel of a survey is central to all survey tools. Most tools include survey templates with layouts and themes to choose from. Often, more flexibility in appearance is available for a higher price. Free tools typically include the vendor’s logo on the survey. This interferes with company branding. Custom branding is a priority for many business use cases.

Survey Content

The most important features for survey content include three areas: Question types, question design, and survey flow.

Survey Questions

For question types, complex survey tools usually include a broader range than simpler tools.

Survey question types to consider include:

  1. Multiple choice

  2. Checkboxes

  3. Sliding scale

  4. Ratings

  5. Matrix questions

  6. Open-ended free response

Survey Design

Users often say that question design is a very difficult aspect of using survey tools successfully. Some tools include educational material for research design. This material includes tips, recommendations and best practices.

Survey Flow

Beyond question type and design is the survey flow. This is the order of the questions within a survey. Complex survey tools allow custom question pathways. This creates a more relevant survey based on respondents demographic information and previous answers.

Survey Logic

Survey logic features allow users to set up custom question pathways. This helps users segment respondents in analysis. It also personalizes surveys based on contextual information from the respondent. Examples of survey logic include:

  • Conditional questions

  • Question branching

  • Randomization

  • Question piping

Different tools support different types of logic and to varying levels of complexity.

Analytics & Reporting

Most survey tools include basic results reporting capabilities. This means reviewing and assessing answers upon survey completion. Many tools also include reporting on respondent demographics.

Some tools have more advanced built-in analytics. Others are meant to be used alongside another product, like Excel or SPSS. In these cases, data export capabilities and integrations are important. Be aware that some vendors charge more for data export.


Some survey tools can be integrated with related tools. Depending on the use case, these integrations include:

  • CRM systems

  • Social media platforms

  • E-commerce tools

  • Email marketing tools

Some tools can also be embedded on a company website for customer feedback.


Some survey tools offer a handful of automation features, including:
  • Notifications and alerts (triggered by responses or opt-outs)

  • Scheduling for survey publication and closure

  • Follow-up emails to respondents

Admin & Security

Survey administration and security features are important for larger organizations and studies. Admin and security features allow users to:

  • Manage multiple users and use roles

  • Maintain survey ownership

  • Manage response data permissions

Some survey tools even support data compliance standards, such as HIPPA.

Survey Distribution

Most survey tools enable survey distribution via email. This can be through the tool or via the user’s personal email account. Other tools have cross-channel distribution. The capability allows distribution and tracking via social media or a company website.

In the interest of branding, many tools offer custom URLs for survey distribution. Another distribution feature is anonymous response collection and respondent restrictions. This allows users to set controls related to audience demographics.

In some use cases, there is no pre-existing contact pool. Some vendors offer paid crowdsourcing options, giving users access to an audience or panel of respondents.

Free Online Survey Tools

Many survey tools have free offerings. Examples include:

Some free tools allow surveys with unlimited questions and responses. More often, price scales with survey size. Paid versions add capabilities, including:

  • Survey logic

  • Data exportability

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Custom logos/branding

  • Question types

Users tend to recommend free tools for smaller-scale surveys. However, free tools do not work for every use case. Some free tools have better aesthetics, but others offer more detailed reports. Selecting a free survey tool depends, to some extent, on your priorities.

Survey Research Use Cases

There are several different research use cases for surveys. The three most common include:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Employee feedback surveys (360 Degree feedback)

  • Research studies

Some vendors offer different versions to cover these different survey types.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are used to collect information about a customer’s experience. The goal is typically quality assurance or suggestions for new product developments. Surveys are usually distributed via email to customer contacts. Another option is to embed the survey as an intercept popup on a website. Visitors and customers can complete the survey directly.

Employee Engagement & Feedback

Employee feedback surveys collect information about employee performance, engagement and satisfaction. They are most often completed anonymously. The process is sometimes called 360 Degree feedback. This is because the survey population is all people working in a company.

Research Studies

Research studies are usually larger scale surveys. Users can analyze survey responses within the context of respondents’ demographic information. Research surveys are used by marketing researchers and academic institutions. Important features include analytics, survey logic and privacy of information. Some survey tools have dedicated versions to this type of use case.

Pricing Information

Survey tools are usually priced by the number of respondents and analytics capabilities in a subscription model. At the basic level, survey tools can be completely free. This works for smaller audiences and small-scale surveys. Paid survey platforms start at around $15/mo. for up to 1,000 respondents and basic reporting. Pricing can run up to a few hundred dollars monthly. This level typically includes integrations, analytics, and thousands of respondents.

Survey & Forms Building Products

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Fulcrum is a hosted mobile forms platform that enables users to build custom apps for capturing information from the field. Users can design forms using the intuitive, web-based drag-and-drop designer and deploy to their mobile workforce for gathering information like Text, Photos, SpatialVideo, ...

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POWr is a toolkit of core website components that give nontechnical business owners the power of a silicon valley dev shop. POWr users can add forms, galleries, social media integrations, ecommerce, and more to any webpage in a few minutes. Users can then edit and manage these applications on the...

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Zugata provides a continuous feedback application that aims to displace traditional employee performance reviews. Zugata was founded in 2014 and is based in Palo Alto, California. So far, the tool is being used by 400+ companies. Features include 360-degree feedback, skill devel...

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Borneosoft's easy-to-use and web based Online Forms and Cloud CRM automate sales tasks to free up more time for salespeople to focus on winning the sales. Salespeople are able to generate quotes with a single click. Small businesses can take advantage of our web based forms builder. Contact forms...

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know'N'act is a mobile customer engagement platform which provides a channel for receiving real-time location-specific feedback, from the company of the same name headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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ListenPort (formerly Critic Mania) is a mobile customer feedback management system. It allows companies to engage with customers and gather feedback via SMS.

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Ungapped provides a platform for email marketing, invitations, surveys, signup forms, and text messages. The company aims to make the day-to-day running of a business less messy and more holistic so growing businesses can focus on growth creating exceptional customer experiences.

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Survicate provides a solution for creating surveys, calls to action (CTA) and forms. 

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Perceptyx is a survey software solution offered by Perceptyx, Inc.

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TalentMap provides users with surveys to understand and measure employee engagement.

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iPerceptions, Inc. is the inventor of Active Research™, the evolution of Customer Experience Management and Digital Analytics. The company’s solutions are powered by the Active Research™ Platform, which addresses specific business objectives by capturing visitor perceptions in the ‘Moment of Trut...

24 Ratings

As a pioneer in customer experience analytics, ForeSee continuously measures satisfaction across customer touch points and delivers critical insights on where to prioritize improvements for maximum impact. Because ForeSee’s superior technology and proven methodology connect the customer experienc...

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TIBCO Software Inc. is a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software. The company says that whether it's optimizing inventory, cross-selling products, or averting crisis before it happens, it uniquely delivers what it refers to as the Two-Second Advantage® – the ability to ...

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Applos is on a mission is to help organizations become exceptional. The company says they strive to give their clients the tools they need to better understand the people side of business - so they can make great decisions using quantitative "people data." The company's solutions have been used...

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Biztech Store's SugarCRM Customer Servey software is a plugin fully integrated with SugarCRM built to create customized customer survey templates to generate customer feedback.

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Surveypal is a drag-and-drop survey software with key capabilities such as collaboration, integrations with third-party applications like the Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive, and Salesforce, and mobile accessibility.

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4screens provides two products - Engageform and Studio. Engageform is a tool for creating quizzes, surveys and polls. Studio is a tool for building engagement apps and web widgets.

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Pulse Insights provides a micro survey platform. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in New York, New York.

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eXplorance is a learning experience management solutions provider.  Founded in 2003, eXplorance is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in APAC, Europe and Latin America. 

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teambay provides an online platform for gathering, analyzing and benchmarking the opinions of people in every organization, department and team.