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What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social provides social media management, marketing, customer care, data and intelligence, and employee advocacy solutions for leading brands and agencies, including Ticketmaster, Chipotle, Grubhub, Subaru, Zendesk and many more. Sprout’s platform is designed with ease of use in mind,...
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A Useful Tool!

9 out of 10
June 14, 2021
Sprout Social is a social media management and optimization platform for brands and agencies of all sizes. The platform gives you a single …
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  • Twitter (56)
  • Facebook (58)
  • Content planning and scheduling (56)
  • Campaign success analytics (54)

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Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee
For the latest information on pricing, visithttp://www.sproutsocial.com


  • Free Trial
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  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services
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Using complex keyword searches to surface insights from social media conversations.

7.1Avg 7.8


Scheduling posts to various social media channels and profiles from one interface.

7.8Avg 8.0


Engaging with customers and responding to comments and inquiries via social media channels.

7.3Avg 8.3


Using the software to increase customer engagement and grow customer base via social media channels.

6.6Avg 7.8

Channel coverage/integration

Effective integration with social media networks, including the ability to monitor, publish and respond.

8.1Avg 8.4


7.6Avg 7.9

Account management

Users can manage access to multiple social media accounts.

8.1Avg 8.1
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Product Details

What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social provides social media management, marketing, customer care, data and intelligence, and employee advocacy solutions for leading brands and agencies, including Ticketmaster, Chipotle, Grubhub, Subaru, Zendesk and many more. Sprout’s platform is designed with ease of use in mind, simplifying social publishing, engagement, reviews, analytics and listening for our customers. By providing customer success and technical support, Sprout is committed to delivering consistent value to all users. The vendor states that any organization, regardless of size or industry, can count on dedicated onboarding and quick implementation to realize value faster and minimize business disruption. Sprout invites potential customer to experience what they describe as award-winning service and industry-leading time to value with a free 30-day trial at sproutsocial.com.

Sprout Social Features

Listening/monitoring Features

  • Supported: Boolean keyword searches
  • Supported: Filtering out noise/spam
  • Supported: Sentiment analysis
  • Supported: Broad channel coverage

Publishing Features

  • Supported: Content planning and scheduling
  • Supported: Audience targeting
  • Supported: Content optimization
  • Supported: Workflow management

Engagement Features

  • Supported: Automated routing and prioritization
  • Supported: Customer interaction histories
  • Supported: Bulk actions

Marketing Features

  • Supported: Lead generation
  • Supported: Content marketing

Channel coverage/integration Features

  • Supported: Twitter
  • Supported: Facebook
  • Supported: LinkedIn
  • Supported: Google+
  • Supported: Instagram
  • Supported: Pinterest

Reporting/analytics Features

  • Supported: Campaign success analytics
  • Supported: Real-time tracking
  • Supported: Competitor analysis

Account management Features

  • Supported: Role-based user permissions & privileges
  • Supported: Mobile access

Sprout Social Screenshots

Screenshot of Sprout’s social media publishing tools let you schedule and post messages to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn simultaneously from a single intuitive Compose window.

Sprout Social Video

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2TzodfdTj8 to watch Sprout Social video.

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Sprout Social Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

Hootsuite and Khoros Marketing are common alternatives for Sprout Social.

Reviewers rate Content planning and scheduling and Twitter and Facebook highest, with a score of 8.7.

The most common users of Sprout Social are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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March 16, 2015

Sprout Social Review

Ryan Montano | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • I love the UI and UX design of Sprout. It is so easy to use and visually pleasing.
  • Sprout creates visually pleasing reports that wow my executive team.
  • Also, all the data is available via CSV files, so I can upload it to Anametrix via the Anametrix Excel Plugin. This is great because even though sprout does not have a connector to Anametrix, it does not prevent me from accessing the power of Anametrix web analytics
  • There is no much I dislike about sprout, but there are a few things that would make it better. Instagram and Pinterest connectors would be a great addition.
  • I would love to see the addition of a connector to a Linkedin company page.
  • Overall the Analytics could be more comprehensive and include connector to the ad networks from Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, and Linkedin.
I would make sure to know exactly how many people and how many networks will be using Sprout. It is easy to upgrade after, but knowing this will help you decide what package is right for you.
  • Sprout saves me about 2 hrs a week and allows to me to monitor Twitter extremely well, but if it connected to more social networks it could save me even more time.
I love the UI and UX design of sprout. It is so easy to use and visually pleasing and I have no problem staring at it all day. I connects to most of my social channels and even to my companies google analytics account. I wish it had a connector to other more robust analytics engines like Anametrix, but for what I am doing it works great. Sprout creates visually pleasing reports that wow my executive team. Also, all the data is available via CSV files so I can add it to other reports within the Anametrix platform when needed. No matter how large or small your marketing team is, the scalability, the ease of use, and the great support makes Sprout Social a great tool for any social media manager. There are lots of social media management tools out there: hoot suite, tweet deck ect. These are good, but sprout social has it figured out they understand that UI and UX design are important and do a great job of making the tool easy to use and look at.
Their training is good, but the promotion of it is even better. I don't need or have the time for training, but I was always happy to know it was there. They did a great job sending updates out and making me aware when there was a new feature that I may want training for. As for the training I never used it, so I can't comment on that.
Valentin Vesa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I began searching for a Social Media Management and Monitoring tool when I realized that I was finding it increasingly difficult to create the content, manage the outgoing messages and also monitor our social media venues effectively. It came down to Sprout Social. It is being used by the Marketing Department, specifically the Social Media group.
  • Simple to understand visual reports: the kind you can just SEND to managers, without the need to EXPLAIN what they mean :)
  • A robust scheduling platform so you can arrange the content for the week according to your publishing topics and still be allowed to manually intervene when/if needed
  • Being cloud-based and also available for smartphones and tablets allows for reliability: you'll always have some form of access to your material and venues, no matter where you are.
  • When we first started using SproutSocial they were still showing the "posted via" signature on Facebook, now it is gone. So the experience users see and live is made to look like it just came from a human, not by a scheduled machine, which is a great personal touch.
  • With LinkedIn Pages support in the building, they'll surely add another important platform to their portfolio.
  • Add YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr
  • Offer a freemium model
This is a very well suited solution for teams that are scattered around cities or even countries. Each member of the team is able to see what the colleagues did before him, see assigned tasks and perform accordingly.
The new unified inbox feature allows users to focus on one column where all the messages are being displayed, rather than running across different columns and content filter lists, as other solutions do.
Social Media, Communications, Digital
  • Cut down budget for having multiple persons on specific digital venues
  • Better employer branding as we manage all of our job offers through Facebook too
  • Allows for a proper corporate presence on social media, making sure that each (supported) venue is covered
The intuitive use, price, visual reporting and ability to easily expand plans and features is a total win
One you fall in love you do not need continuous reasons for loving her :)
web editing and social media/digital knowledge
  • live feed from our events (Twitter, Facebook)
  • managing our daily social media feeds
  • nline contests: we are able to calculate the time-stamp of any message, based on the publish time we set in SproutSocial for each
  • I still remember the face of our Marketing Director when I showed him the smart inbox and all those mentions of us :)
  • I was also surprised by the multiple use of the word "iQuest" out there. So many websites and digital venues were using it and Sprout Social discovered them :)
  • add teams and allocate specialists: one person for Twitter, one for Facebook etc. They can all work in the same app but on specific venues they are best at using.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Third-party Reviews
I selected Sprout Social having the main focus on its usability. I was aware that other colleagues might use it, people not necessarily having digital expertise and I wanted to make sure that the usability and the visuals were as non intimidating as possible.
Would not chnage anything
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal
  • nothing significant
Make sure you do it all the way. Do not break it into phases. Pour yourself a coffee, start it in the morning and you'll be done before you finish that coffee.
  • Online training
The trainers are very resourceful and are able to deliver the knowledge to all trainees. The simpleness of using Sprout Social, despite its amazing technical capabilities, is by itself a big encouragement boost.
The support is always there, almost instant. Whenever I start my live chat support session the answer is there.
They're working on it as of now
Yes, it was 1-2AM, I was preparing for a meeting the next day where I had to present the past 6 months for all digital venues. I remember planning the design of the reports and then it hit me: I could just easily use the amazing designed PDF reports Sprout Social was producing and show them those. Great choice! Went back to sleep and nailed it the next day in the meeting room.
  • reporting
  • smart inbox
  • keywords (would rather have a drop-down where I can select my own variations/combinations, then write things like "keyword -from @username etc)
Great native smartphone and tablets apps are available for free.
There is no flaw in usability.
They were available all throughout the free trial included, to help, guide, answer questions or even propose specific custom setups, as if we were a paying customer, which was a great on-boarding experience, where we gained trust in them as provider.
Automated recurring billing makes everything easier. Support is available almost 24/7 via online chat or/and phone.
Method of payment
Try to be honest and true about your business and objectives. They will not try to upsell crap to you, so the more you open in an initial approach and let them know your needs, th ebetter your profile will be matched against a solution that vest fits your needs.
Lizzie Maldonado | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • SproutSocial provides highly detailed, visual PDF reports that answer all of your key social media analytics questions in one location. For us, this is invaluable as it's the dashboard of choice we use to show progress and results to all clients.
  • Social media scheduling is extremely bulky and time-consuming. Lightweight tools like Buffer for scheduling are much more convenient and efficient, even after the time it takes to switch tools.
  • It is not a one-size-fits-all-dashboard because the interface takes too much time to load most features — the functionality that allows users to find people to follow and connect with is slow and ineffective, and managing any type of back-and-forth communication is very frustrating. You are going to use multiple platforms if you use SproutSocial.
  • Since implementing SproutSocial, we have been able to clearly tie social media initiatives to ROI for our internal marketing efforts as well as for those of our clients. Between measuring all of the social media-specific metrics within SproutSocial, we have supplemented conversion monitoring with Argyle Social to show a clear social media attribution path.
If I found another program that did reporting as well as SproutSocial does, I would swap products (provided the other elements of the tool were more efficient than SproutSocial's).
Social media and marketing.
Social media manager — there is almost no technical know-how required to operate this platform.
  • Social media reporting.
  • Social media scheduling.
  • Social media management.
  • Finding followers on social media.
  • Social media analytics.
  • Social media dashboard.
We went from using a hodge-podge of services (Twitter.com, TweetDeck, Crowdbooster, HootSuite, etc.) to consolidating all of the reporting features into one dashboard. We only use SproutSocial for reporting.
  • Radian6
  • Act-On
  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite Premium
We chose Sprout Social because of a mix of cost and value. The value it provided was exactly what we needed in terms of reporting and overall functionality, whereas other systems were not as cost-effective or did not provide the exact solution for what we were looking for.
  • Implemented in-house
Extremely easy to set up in-house.
  • Online training
  • Self-taught
Yes, it's pretty intuitive in terms of what is where and how to use the platform.
The customer service team is the second reason why we are semi-loyal to this platform. The customer service process is painless, effective and flawless in my experience.
Everything, and I mean everything, about this tool is bulky and slow-loading. Whereas tools like Buffer, ViralHeat and others are lightweight and extremely easy to use, SproutSocial's load-time, margin for 404 errors, and overall UX is lagging behind. One example: Within the "Discovery" tab, following each user recommended to you takes a matter of seconds just to load, after you find the tiny "+1" button to follow that user. It's not an incredibly visually appealing platform either. But the reports are beautiful, easy to produce and highly effective.
I have never seen it in maintenance or downtime mode — I am always able to access this product.
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Argyle Social
Not to date, no.
Absolutely a delight in all aspects of the buying experience. They have that part down to a T.
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