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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Overview

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a type of software used to manage recruiting operations. It is generally available as a cloud or web-based service. The hub of the software is a database of candidates. Connected to the hub are job listings on job boards and the company website, which feed candidates’ applications into the hub. Recruiters can post and manage job listings from within the hub. Recruiters can also communicate with candidates from within the hub via email or social networks like LinkedIn.

However, since it’s associated with old-school passive recruitment methods, the term ATS has fallen out of favor somewhat. Many modern vendors now refer to their solutions as recruiting software rather than applicant tracking systems, to indicate a broader feature set and a more active approach to recruiting.

Recruiting software allows recruiters to better manage the recruitment process, from recruitment marketing to job applications and hiring. It typically has three major functions:

  1. Facilitating sourcing of job candidates
  2. Collecting and managing resumes
  3. Managing interaction with job candidates

Today, ‘ATS’ may refer to the whole recruiting platform, or just the piece that stores submitted applications.

Resume Parsing Software

Resume Parsing is a specific activity that falls under the umbrella of application tracking and recruiting operations. Tools designed for resume parsing automate the process of gathering, analyzing and storing resume data.

Generally, there are three types of resume parsing tools:

  • Keyword-based: These tools apply algorithms to the text around keywords, phrases, and simple patterns.

  • Grammar-based: These tools apply grammatical rules to decipher the meaning of each sentence in a resume.

  • Statistical: These tools apply numerical models of text to find structure in a resume.

Some vendors offer recruitment software or ATS suites that include some resume parsing or functionality. However, there are a few resume parsing point solutions available as well.

These include:

Applicant Tracking System Features & Capabilities

ATS and recruiting platforms assist with each stage of finding and hiring new employees. Basic ATS platforms aggregate and manage resumes. More advanced recruiting tools may include additional features, such as:

  • Integrated background checks

  • Experience/education verification

  • Candidate screening tools

  • Video interview capabilities

  • Integration with onboarding/talent management software

  • EOE compliance checking

Today, it’s typical for recruiting software to include features around:

  • Job requisition management

  • Company website posting

  • Social media publishing

  • Job search site posting

  • Customizable applications forms

  • Resume management

  • Duplicate candidate prevention

  • Candidate search

  • Applicant tracking

  • Collaboration

  • Task creation and delegation

  • Email templates for communication with candidates

  • User permissions

  • Notifications and alerts (particularly for interviews

  • Standard reports on key recruiting metrics

Recruiting is a core component of talent management. All the platforms listed in our Buyer’s Guide to Talent Management Software offer recruiting capabilities as part of a broader suite that includes onboarding, performance management, compensation, learning, etc.

Recruitment Management

This is the core functionality that allows users to manage the recruitment process. Common capabilities include:

  • Email and resume parsing

  • Scheduling and calendars

  • Analytics and reporting (to assess which approaches work)

  • Mobile accessibility/mobile apps

  • Referral programs

  • CRM-type features for keeping tabs on passive job candidates

For a higher price, recruiting software vendors can accommodate larger companies’ needs. This includes:

  • More simultaneous users of the system

  • More active job postings

  • More automation

  • More customer support and implementation help

  • Other advanced features

Advanced Analytics & Big Data Insights

Measuring the recruiting process can provide a significant competitive advantage. The hiring success rate is dependent on understanding:

  • Best combinations of experience and education

  • Which sourcing channels provide stellar candidates

  • What kind of approach creates engagement

Recruitment data vendors provide the big data mining solutions to understand these factors. Broadbean and BurningGlass both offer advanced recruiting analytics, for example. HCM and talent management suite vendors also offer more advanced analytics that can tie in later-stage information about employees, such as retention, performance, compensation, etc. to guide recruiting efforts.

ATS vs. Active Recruitment

Taking a customer relationship management approach to recruiting changes the paradigm of hiring. It holds that candidates should be treated much the same way as customers. It’s the job of recruiters to actively market to prospective employees, to get them interested and make sure they have a smooth experience with the company.

Most traditional applicant tracking systems (ATS) simplify the hiring process for the employer. At the same time, some make it more difficult for the applicant. This is where the candidate experience and engagement strategies of modern recruiting software come in. Presenting an attractive brand and proactively reaching out to candidates to build a relationship with them (rather than just waiting for them to apply) helps attract the best talent.

This is a slightly different approach to hiring. Tools designed for an active recruitment strategy focus on searching for and communicating with candidates who might not have applied yet, or even be actively seeking a new job yet. Software solutions like SmashFly act as a kind of recruiting CRM platform, to store candidates’ contact information and a history of past communications. LinkedIn Talent is another major player in this arena. The site can be mined for passive candidates who fit recruitment qualifications, using advanced search criteria. Other sites that recruiters can use to find candidates are Facebook, Twitter, StackOvervflow, Quora, etc. Some vendors specialize in aggregating this information to make it easily searchable, including:

Pricing Information

Pricing for ATS and recruitment software varies depending on the focus of the vendor and the size of the company/candidate pool. Specific pricing is available by a custom quote from most vendors. Costs can range from thousands of dollars per year to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, depending on the number of features, integrations, recruiting users, and applicants you need in the system.

Applicant Tracking Products

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Doximity Talent Finder is a recruiting tool based on the Doximity medical network, which has over 950,000 verified members and a directory of every MD, DO, NP & PA in the U.S. Doximity Talent Finder allows users to search for candidates with advanced filters, post job listings, reach out to c...

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According to the vendor, Talentnow is a technology leader in recruitment software and has helped several leading organizations seamlessly manage quality manpower recruitment. Our continued commitment to deploying cutting edge technology is helping clients manage recruitments with higher predictab...

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Frrole DeepSense aims to help recruiters: - Automate candidate evaluation at the top of the funnel by analyzing candidates using just their email address - Increase recruiter productivity - Shorten time to fill - Hire the right candidates Rather than conventional skills matching or assessment t...

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Enduring companies are built by great people. Eddy promises to help you recruit, hire and retain the best. The vendor says Eddy is built for small business owners, and offers simple to use online software designed to keep your HR organized and your business growing. HR features include employee p...

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Teamtailor is an Applicant Tracking system, career site and analytics dashboard combined, mobile friendly, all-in-one recruitment platform that is used by over 1300 companies all around the world. The vendor promises ease of use and seamless connection to all of your company's social media pages...

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Drafted is a network recruiting platform. Whether it's proactive referrals, social sourcing, continuous employee engagement, or outreach at scale, Drafted promises to enable teams to 2x their talent pipeline within 90 days.

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Ascendify, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their talent recruitment system, featuring ATS, referral system, onboarding guidance and pulse surveys, talent matching, career website, and other features.

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Rakuna Recruit is a campus recruiting solution for recruiters who have trouble handling stacks of paper resumes and managing candidates’ information amidst the constant travel between campus recruiting events. With Rakuna Recruit, recruiters can capture resumes and evaluate prospects instantly, q...

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From TapRecruit, Smart Job Editor is a job description writing solution. This product enables hiring teams to work together to create job descriptions that aim to attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

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Korn Ferry Direct (KF Direct) is a platform to support automating candidate sourcing, assessment, hiring and recruiting.

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The vendor's value proposition is to provide users with the best screening in the world. They do this by working proactively with their customers to efficiently manage and ensure prompt, accurate and thorough screening. The vendor does not have monthly quotas, monthly maintenance fees, institute...

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Amazing Hiring offers their candidate search engine and candidate profiles to prospective hirers and hirees, providing means of reviewing, contacting, and interacting with job prospects in data science, engineering, UX/UI, and other technical specialities.

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Indivizo offers an AI-powered hiring platform with automated recruitment tools. It aims to help HR-professionals hire top talent faster. Indivizo solutions fit different hiring needs. The platform is available as: a fully customizable end-to-end ATS platform, a ready-to-use plug&play hiring ...

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FirstScreen headquartered in Silver Spring provides a recruiting platform supplying self-serve phone interviews, interview response grading, as well as integration with HR platforms and analytics.

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Recruit CRM is an Applicant Tracking System which is designed to help recruitment agencies, executive search firms, headhunters, and independent recruiters perform better. Recruit CRM helps you manage candidates, clients, contacts, resumes, and emails in one place. Source candidates, clients, a...

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Recruitive offers a wide variety of end to end Recruitment Solutions, including ATS Software, Cloud Based Recruitment Software, Onboarding Software, and Careers Websites.The vendor says they provide HR Professionals, Recruiters and Hiring teams with innovative cloud based technology aimed at stre...