Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Software

Best Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Software include:

Sage Intacct,, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

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Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Software Overview

What is AP/AR Software?

Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable (AP/AR) software a subset of accounting software focused on the AP/AR processes. They are designed to speed the processing of invoices and reduce or eliminate the errors inherent in a paper AP/AR process.

The main mechanism behind software in this category is accounts payable and accounts receivable automation. Automated processes will include invoice processing and receipt capture features, as well as tracking and compliance measures.

Accounts payable and receivable software will most often integrate with more comprehensive Accounting and ERP platforms. Sometimes they are billed strictly as an add-on to these broader platforms. Some strictly AP/AR software may be adequate for the needs of very small businesses, though generally they are meant to be integrated into a more comprehensive accounting solution.

Accounts Payable vs. Accounts Receivable

This subset of accounting software focuses on two distinct accounting areas that tend to be grouped together. Accounts payable are liability accounts that track what an organization owes to a 3rd party. Accounts receivable are asset accounts that track what 3rd parties owe to the organization.

Some point solutions only focus on accounts payable or accounts receivable automation. The former is sometimes referred to as expense management, although this also refers to a larger range of capabilities. Software that specializes in accounts receivable automation focus on invoice automation and management. There are also middle of the road point solutions that encompass both AP and AR automation.

Accounts Payable and Receivable Features and Capabilities

Accounts payable and receivable software encompass two related, but distinct, process areas. As such, there is a range of capabilities that may be offered:

  • Invoice processing and expense automation

  • Expense management

  • Expense and invoice reporting

  • Subscription management

  • Currency selection

  • Integrations with full accounting suites


When comparing different AP/AR products, consider these factors:

  • Point solution vs. accounting suite: There are some products that focus solely on AP/AR automation. However, there are many more products that include these capabilities as part of broader or more comprehensive accounting suites. Most companies will need the functionality of a full accounting suite, including AP/AR functionality. However, some companies may benefit from adding on specialized AP/AR software when their existing software is lacking the abilities they need, or if the business is very small and runs on ad hoc accounting processes.

  • Integration with accounting suites: Point solutions will likely still need to integrate with the business’s main accounting platform. Check whether the AP/AR software integrates natively, which the vendor should advertise. Also check for reviewer insight into the quality of those integrations to gauge how

  • Accounts payable vs. accounts receivable focus: Point solutions may provide greater depth on the accounts payable side or the accounts receivable side. Similarly, some businesses have greater needs on the invoicing or expense side of the accounting equation. Businesses should consider their own focus area of greatest need, then ensure each product aligns its focus with the business.

Pricing Information

Pricing for accounts receivable and accounts payable varies dramatically depending on whether the product is a point solution, an accounting suite, or an ERP platform. Point solutions are often priced per user, per month as a base. They can range from $40/user/month to upwards of $100/user/month, depending on the range of features and occasionally the volume of transactions.

Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Products

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Sage Intacct
538 ratings
623 reviews
Top Rated
Sage Intacct is a cloud ERP system targeted at high-growth small and medium-sized businesses. Intacct includes applications for core financials and accounting, purchasing, order management, and financial reporting and business intelligence. It also integrates with 3rd party software like Salesforce.
MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Abila MIP)
321 ratings
329 reviews
MIP Fund Accounting™ is a configurable fund accounting solution. The solution includes functionality for fund accounting, procurement, budgeting, payroll, human resources, timekeeping, fixed asset management, grant management, and dashboards for nonprofits and government agencies.
QuickBooks Desktop Pro
552 ratings
103 reviews
Top Rated
Quickbooks Desktop Pro is accounting software from Intuit, Inc. It includes core accounting features, plus analytics and exportable reports. It is offered in on-premise and SaaS forms.
QuickBooks Online
742 ratings
99 reviews
Top Rated
QuickBooks Online is a SaaS version of the QuickBooks product. It contains all of the features found in the local version. Higher-priced plans include greater automation, payment management, inventory and time tracking, and analytics features.
89 ratings
63 reviews
FreshBooks is an accounting service for small businesses. The solution enables users to send and manage invoices, track billable time and collect online payments. The vendor’s value proposition this that their solution provides a straightforward service that simplifies the billing process.
QuickBooks Desktop Premier
224 ratings
58 reviews
QuickBooks Desktop Premier is an installed version of QuickBooks for general business, contractors, manufacturing and warehouse accounting, as well as nonprofits, professional services, and retail.
Certify, by Emburse
28 ratings
51 reviews
Top Rated
Certify is travel and expense management software developed by the company of the same name in Maine, which merged with Chrome River in 2019 to form Emburse.
54 ratings
42 reviews
Top Rated is a an online service for SMBs which provides a central dashboard for managing Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and cash flow management. It syncs with all major accounting systems like QuickBooks, Sage, Intaact, and NetSuite.
Financial Edge NXT
55 ratings
40 reviews
Financial Edge NXT is a cloud accounting solution tailored for nonprofits that provides a general ledger, projects, grants, endowments, accounts payable and receivable, fixed assets, banking, and more. It offers real-time reporting, with one-click drill-down functionality and export capability.
QuickBooks Desktop for Mac
50 ratings
29 reviews
Top Rated
Quickbooks Desktop for Mac is an accounting software designed for Mac users. It is designed to integrate with Apple iCloud. It provides core accounting features in line with the rest of the Quickbooks Desktop product line.
Zoho Books
40 ratings
22 reviews
Zoho Books is an accounting solution that is designed to help small businesses manage their finances. This solution includes dashboards and a wide variety of reports. Business users can automate tasks and set up custom workflows. The vendor offers a 14 day free trial.
16 ratings
18 reviews
Tipalti is a cloud-based platform that enables mass payment management and execution to networked partners (e.g. affiliates, suppliers, vendors, crowdsource, freelancers, and content publishers) across international borders. Payment can be in any local currency, through a variety of methods (e.g. AC…
Priority AccountEdge
14 ratings
17 reviews
AccountEdge is a small business accounting software for Mac and Windows users. AccountEdge allows business owners to organize, process, and report on their financial information. Its features include accounting, integrated payroll, sales and purchases, contact management, inventory, and time billing…
Concur Invoice
16 ratings
17 reviews
Concur Invoice is an invoice management solution for accounts payable. It captures invoices from any format and automates invoice processing, so that users can streamline purchase requests and approvals.
2 ratings
14 reviews
Esker offers their eponymous document automation platform, for paperless ordering and billing, and accounts payable / accounts receivable (AP / AR). It can be delivered as a cloud offering (as Esker on Demand), or on-premise (as Esker DeliveryWare).
9 ratings
12 reviews
AvidXchange is an automated bill payment system.
2 ratings
9 reviews
PaySimple is a payment gateway software solution offered by PaySimple.
Basware Purchase to Pay
1 rating
6 reviews
Finnish company Basware offers Purchase to Pay (P2P), their flagship e-procurement application which also features accounts payable (AP) Automation, Contract Lifecycle Management, travel and expense management, and supporting analytics.
9 ratings
6 reviews
ZipBooks is an accounting software solution for small business owners and accountants. Users can track expenses, manage their team, send recurring invoices and manage projects.
6 ratings
5 reviews
Billtrust is a payment cycle management solution, offering invoice delivery, multi-channel payment enablement, and payment posting.
3 ratings
3 reviews
Austin-based ScaleFactor provides their small business accounting automation platform designed to combine software and expert assistance to SMBs and remove concern for financial, tax and accounting challenges.
CoreIntegrator Workflow
0 ratings
2 reviews
CoreIntegrator in Hummelstown provides AP Automation, built on the CoreIntegrator Workflow platform their solution provides organizations with made-to-order forms and workflows to meet purchasing workflow needs. Automate the Purchasing Department by streamlining Purchase Requisition, PO Matching and…
0 ratings
2 reviews
TermSync is a cloud-based accounts receivable management platform. It helps companies get paid faster, reduce administrative costs, and improve customer relationships. It works with clients’ existing accounting systems and can be up in running in a day or less. Companies can choose from various modu…
Latitude by Genesys
1 rating
2 reviews
Latitude by Genesys® is a standalone product that provides an integrated solution to fully meet customers' requirements of accounts receivables challenges from day one delinquency or negligence through charge-off and debt sale. With your businesses servicing platform bridged with Latitude software, …
0 ratings
2 reviews
Nvoicepay headquartered in Beaverton offers accounts payable automation, and vendor payment data management to enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between accounts receivable and accounts payable?

Accounts receivable deal with the money that 3rd parties owe the company, while accounts payable deal with the expenses or assets that the company owes 3rd parties.

Who uses accounts payable and accounts receivable software?

Standalone accounts payable and accounts receivable software is primarily used by small companies who rely on ad hoc accounting processes or a very simple accounting system with limited AP/AR features.

What are the benefits of AP/AR software?

The benefits of most AP/AR software come from automation capabilities. Automated processes save companies time processing invoices and expenses, and reduce mistakes from human error.

How much does accounts payable and accounts receivable software cost?

Standalone AP/AR software is usually priced by quote from the vendors. Some product tiers are priced in the range of $30-80/user/month.