Best Ecommerce Platforms112Ecommerce is short for "electronic commerce." Ecommerce software comprises electronic storefronts that provide an e-commerce solution for merchants hosting a website on which consumer transactions are generated online, and have many features ancillary to this purpose.Shopery Marketplaces1 Ecommerce2 Acomba6 Digital StoreFront9 Virtual Bookstore10 Micro Cloud Marketplace11 Harris DigitMarket12

Ecommerce Platforms

Best Ecommerce Platforms

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Ecommerce Platforms Overview

What are Ecommerce Platforms?

Ecommerce software allows merchants to display a product catalogue and conduct transactions online. Most ecommerce transactions are B2C (business to consumer). Some also support more complex B2B (business to business) transactions with contract negotiation features and the like.

There are two general types of ecommerce platform: hosted and self-hosted open source:

  • Hosted ecommerce solutions, which are cloud-based and billed monthly, tend to be more stable and user-friendly.

  • Self-hosted ecommerce solutions are more advanced, customizable, and free.

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites, usually referred to as online storefronts, allow shoppers to browse through the merchant's product catalog and purchase products online.

Hosted ecommerce platforms, include a set of pre-made templates and themes for storefront design. The best ecommerce software for your online businesses depends on your use case. There are many different aspects of an online storefront that different ecommerce products may focus on:

  • Managing larger inventories

  • Displaying multiple versions (e.g. colors and sizes) of the same item

  • Managing multiple stores

  • Representing digital versus physical products

Scalability is also a major consideration when evaluating product catalog options and features.

Online Shopping Cart

An online shopping cart allows website visitors to accumulate a list of products in a virtual "shopping cart" before checkout. In addition to accumulating the list, shopping cart software also calculates the total cost, including shipping and taxes.

Some platforms offer other shopping cart-related features, like abandoned cart tools. These save unfinished orders and/or email customers to remind them that there are still items in their cart. Abandoned cart functionality often costs extra or is available only with higher-tier packages.

Another additional functionality some ecommerce products include is the ability to suggest products for customers to view. This is typically based on individual customer’s shopping behavior along with information about what products other customers have been viewing and buying.

Online Payment System

Some solutions include in-house payment processing. Others integrate to a third party payment gateway. Vendors that offer in-house payment processing often charge a transaction fee. Since payment systems need to handle sensitive customer information, most ecommerce platforms have standard security measures in place.

Ecommerce Platforms Features & Capabilities

  • Online storefront

  • Product catalogue

  • Online shopping cart

  • Online payment system or integration with a payment gateway

  • Order fulfillment and shipping management

  • Merchant interface / dashboard

  • Ecommerce marketing tools

  • Ecommerce business management

  • Customer behavior analytics and reporting

  • Integrations (e.g. CRM, ERP, email marketing, payment gateway, etc)

Pricing Information

Monthly subscriptions for hosted products vary widely depending on features and scalability. Monthly charges range from zero to over $1,000 at the very high end.

It’s a good idea to clearly understand requirements and to choose an ecommerce platform based on current and anticipated needs, rather than just focusing on cost. In the long run, picking the right platform will be worth a lot more than saving money at the start.

Ecommerce Products

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Shopery Marketplaces is an ecommerce platform that promises to help brands and retailers to build and scale their marketplaces through a SaaS solution. The vendor says their software enables the launch of scalable and flexible marketplaces, incorporating the catalogue of products and services of...

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Envision Ecommerce is a Netsmartz Company. Envision is a Magento Partner and specializes in providing eCommerce Business Solutions to clients including consulting, design, development, integration, marketing and support. Our team consists of 10+ Magento Certified Professionals in a team of 5...

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GetMeAShop, A Times Group initiative, helps small and medium businesses come online and generate more revenue. According to the vendor, it is a single, comprehensive solution to help you start your online business which encompasses a website builder, e-commerce engine, marketing tools, social m...

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Sellbery connects your online store to multiple marketplaces, synchronizes listings and orders. You control all eCommerce activities from a single platform and get your sales to rocket! According to the vendor, managing listings has never been so simple: turn your product data into friendly forma...

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SearchTap is a hosted search technology that specializes in creating customized search experiences for e-commerce stores and brands. The vendor believes that more online stores need to focus on converting search users as they can become loyal customers and brand advocates easily. Additionally, th...

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ACCEO Solutions headquartered in Montreal now support the Acomba Accounting Suite, a software suite for SMBs featuring many integratable modules, including Acomba e-commerce, Acomba inventory and stock controls, Acomba orders management, and Acomba payroll module. Acomba is available exclusively ...

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YoYumm is a multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery platform created by FATbit Technologies. According to the vendor, the platform is replete with advanced features that are required for building a successful food ordering website and mobile app.

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Channable is the all-in-one feed management tool for online marketing agencies and advertisers. This solution promises to enable users to create and optimize feeds for platforms worldwide (e.g. shopping comparison, affiliates, display etc.) by using comprehensive business rules. In addition, the ...