The Best Social Media Management Software for Enterprises

Enterprise Social Media Management Software TrustMap


The TrustMap™ is an objective visual depiction of social media management software products used by enterprises, based on end-user evaluations and ratings.

In order to be included in the TrustMap™ and in this guide, at least 20 percent of the product's reviews must be from enterprise users, to ensure the software has a significant enterprise customer base.

Based on these criteria, the TrustMap™ compares 23 software products used by enterprises in their social media programs, plotting them on two dimensions:

  1. Average Enterprise User Rating: The average “Likelihood to Recommend” rating - a representation of overall satisfaction - by enterprise customers who have written reviews or provided product ratings on TrustRadius. All ratings and reviews come from authenticated end-users of the software. Every review or rating is staged for review by our research team before publishing.
  2. Estimated Evaluation Frequency by Enterprises This metric is a proxy for how often a product is evaluated by enterprises on TrustRadius. It is measured by unique quarterly page views on TrustRadius of all pages associated with a given software product, including product descriptions, reviews and comparisons. Products with large customer bases or those experiencing significant growth momentum are evaluated more frequently. The unique page views metric is then multiplied by the estimated percent of customers who are enterprises, based on the mix of reviews on TrustRadius. The assumption is that prospective customers follow a similar distribution to existing customers.

The red dotted line depicts the median user rating. All products above the red line are classified as “Top Rated”. Products further to the right on the graphic are those products that are most frequently evaluated by enterprises on TrustRadius. High search volumes may indicate either positive or negative sentiment – people evaluating a product either to select or replace.

It's important to note that the products included in this TrustMap™ do not all perform the same functions, and some may be used in conjunction with each other. The TrustMap™ is intended to reflect the general customer sentiment and evaluation frequency of all social media management software products used by enterprises. Read the rest of this report to understand how each of these products are used by enterprises, as well as the pros and cons of each social media tool.