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Social Media Monitoring Tools Overview

What are Social Media Monitoring Tools?

Social media monitoring tools listen for brand-relevant conversations across social media. These include brand or competitor mentions, select keywords, and other signals. The results are presented via an alert system, RSS feed, or dashboard. Social media listening tools track customer sentiment and support reputation management initiatives.

Also known as social media listening, social media monitoring is a capability of most broader Social Media Management Suites. SMM suites span listening, publishing, engagement, and analytics. However, many specialist social media monitoring tools are used in tandem with SMM Suites. These specialty monitoring tools may track activity across one site (e.g Instagram), or support multi-measure analytics and tracking not possible using only one tool or suite.

Social Media Monitoring Features & Capabilities

Social media monitoring tools present the following capabilities of customer sentiment analysis and advanced search.

  • Keyword-based concept tracking

  • Competitor tracking & comparison

  • Domain monitoring & alerting

  • Backlink alerts

  • Author tracking and alerting

  • Sentiment analysis (e.g. natural language analysis)

  • Multi-language processing

  • Image detection & analysis

  • Boolean operators for search and query

  • Search filter

  • Segmentation (demographics, geolocation, channel, sentiment, etc)

  • Real-time alerts

  • Customizable alert triggers

  • Alert delivery via email, RSS, etc

  • Customizable reporting, report archiving, historicals

  • Data visualization & dashboard, social command center


Social media monitoring tools may cover a wide range of popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. Additionally, listening tools may cover blogs (or particular bloggers), discussion boards, or other sites. Channel coverage is an important criteria to evaluate when choosing a social media monitoring tool. Social media monitoring tools are often included as part of SMMS. If they are standalone they may integrate with SMMS, as well as an Analytics tool, or CRM.

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Pricing Information

Popular social media marketing tools are cloud services delivered on a subscription basis. Generally, lower tiers support single individuals or small teams with fewer alerts than advanced tiers. Lower tier plans generally track less mentions across fewer monitored sites than higher cost tiers.

Some SMM suite vendors present narrower, monitor focused feature sets at a low cost and expand to cover all Social Media Marketing functionality at higher tiers. Finally, a few vendors provide access to their own or 3rd party intelligence data via API at a cost, to improve analytics validity.

Social Media Monitoring Products

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AMI Smart Horizons

AMI Smart Horizons is a marketing intelligence and social media monitoring platform from French company AMI Software.


SocialForce is a social media monitoring platform from consumer intelligence company Market Force Information, headquartered in Colorado.


Relevante is a social media monitoring tool from the small company headquartered in Madrid that sorts and organizes social media information and feeds based on topical relevance.

CyberAlert Buzz

Connecticut-based CyberAlert offers CyberAlert Buzz, a social media monitoring platform.


SentiOne is an AI-powered customer service automation platform. It consists of three modules: Listen, React, and Automate. Listen is a comprehensive social listening solution which monitors the entire public internet (including social media), utilising proprietary algorithms to generate…


Contify is an AI-Enabled Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform to track information on competitors, customers, and industry segments. It enables users to collect, curate, and share information across the organization. Information is mined by searching and analyzing information…


DataSift, now from Meltwater since its acquisition, supports the gathering and analysis of unstructured behavioral data, as well as integrating into a BI dataset.


Isentia.Buzznumbers is a social media monitoring tool from Isentia, headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Cisco SocialMiner

Cisco SocialMiner is a social media management solution built to interact with customers and prospects across channels, with features such as social media monitoring, scheduling, and workflow automation to assist the social media management process.


YouScan is a social listening platform powered by image recognition technology. It provides instant access to customer conversations happening online, enabling enterprises and agencies to listen, analyze and turn social data into action. Sentiment analysis, trends detection and smart…

SO Connect Review Management

CO Connect's review management tool provides a means for businesses to engage with their customers and manage their online reputation and reviews. Save time and hassle by managing and responding to all reviews in one central location. Collect more and better reviews to boost company…

Neticle Media Intelligence

Neticle Media Intelligence is an intelligent media monitoring, media analysis and social listening tool that show users what the web thinks about a brand / company / products / services. The vendor states the system monitors the web in real-time and analyzes every mention with human-…


Newspoint offers comprehensive media monitoring services (internet, press, radio, television) and offers analytical services (media audits, image audits, SEO audits, influencer mapping, employer branding analyzes, social media analytics). The vendor boasts Newspoint is the most…

Astute Social

Astute Social enables consumer brands to engage in real time across social channels, gain valuable insights from social listening, publish posts, and manage ratings and reviews – all in one comprehensive solution. The vendor describes what differentiates Astute Social from other…


Chatmeter is a local SEO platform that helps enterprise retail brands and agencies managing multiple locations, from the company of the same name in San Diego. Chatmeter also provides social media monitoring for brand reputation management, including trending hashtags, post and follower…

Pagefreezer Social Media Monitoring and Archiving

With real-time and always-on functionality, Pagefreezer allows users to monitor online conversations and archive social media activity on official accounts. On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Flickr, Pagefreezer…


Lucidya is a social media intelligence platform powered AI & big data that reveals key consumers' insights in real-time. To give brands insight, Lucidya monitors conversations from over 200 million websites, blogs, and forums. Combined with Lucidya’s advanced filtering features,…


BrandBastion is a community management solution for 450+ advertisers, used to improve social performance, have better conversations, and protect brands. 1) Moderation + Alerts: Removes harmful comments 24/7, from spam to discrimination and brand attacks.2) Customer engagement: Detects…


Crisp headquartered in Leeds is a Social Media Safety and crisis monitoring firm, boasting technology that is trusted by some of the world’s largest, most well-known brands to provide fast, precise detection of critical issues and crises.


RADAAR is a social media management and collaboration platform designed for handling multiple brands. It helps at a range of tasks from scheduling and publishing posts on their profiles to analyzing their efforts. RADAAR provides a variety of features including tools for publishing,…

Widewail - Engage Plus

Widewail's "Engage Plus" is a people-powered online review and social media response management service available for all business verticals. Engage Plus helps track and improve online reputation, social media and customer feedback response activities across Facebook, Instagram, Google…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a social media monitoring tool?

Social media monitoring tools are applications that help marketers track data and behavior on social media (and online apps) for entire organizations.

How does social media monitoring work?

Social media monitoring tools track data across social media platforms and websites, including not just mainstream apps like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, but all websites.

Most tools work by constantly crawling sites and indexing them for specific strings of information, either in real-time or defined intervals. Users can work directly with a social media monitoring software provider, or with a third-party data provider to accomplish this.

Once sites are indexed, they are queried and analyzed for review by social media monitoring administrators. This information is extremely useful for marketers to influence decision-making processes and measure the success of initiatives.

Why is social media monitoring important?

Social media monitoring tools can be a key component of overall social media strategies at an organization. They can help streamline and centralize brand mentions and search parameters. This helps save time on locating conversations around millions of webpages and with prioritizing messaging.

Social monitoring is an important part of every brand reputation and social marketing strategy. It can result in quicker response times to customers/clients, avoided PR crises, and recognition of customer advocates.