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Company Status: Public (PCTY)
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Headquarters: Arlington Heights, IL
Founded: 1997

Paylocity Web Pay provides 24/7 access to online payroll and human resource data for the mid-market. The Web Pay interface is designed to be efficient and user-friendly. Online payroll processing features include a paycheck calculator, pre-process register, labor distribution, third-party checks/direct deposit, effecting dating/point-in-time reporting, etc. Other features include equal employment opportunity (EEO) tracking, retirement plans, dependent tracking, emergency contacts, employee biographies, a company directory, and work eligibility/authorization tracking. Web Pay offers custom calculations for such things as General Ledger and Accruals, along with self-service capabilities and advanced report writing features. The solution is used across a variety of industries, including non-profit organization management, computer software, real estate, and telecommunications.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, Paylocity Web Pay is:

A good fit for: Mid-sized companies that want a basic budget option with strong payroll and reporting functionality, and that don't need a lot of customization or automation

Most compared to: ADP Workforce Now, Paycom, Paycor, and UltiPro

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Summary of Paylocity Web Pay Reviews

Source: (17) User reviews of Paylocity Web Pay on TrustRadius, (5) updated or written in the last year
Paylocity Pros Paylocity Cons
  • Users described Paylocity as a bargain, since it is much less expensive than competitors but provides the basic functionality they need (without the bells and whistles).
  • Several users said their biggest motivation to switch to Paylocity was cost savings. Based on user feedback, for simple use cases Paylocity is a good value for the price.
Bare bones functionality
  • Paylocity is very basic compared to alternatives.
  • Some users found Paylocity insufficient to meet their needs. For example, performance management, approval workflows, notifications, international employee information, and integration to accounting software are some areas where users felt Paylocity was missing important capabilities.
  • Payroll processing works well. The integration to time tracking is helpful. Payroll preview reports are quick to generate and are reliable, which users said is a differentiator from alternatives.
Not very customizable
  • The software is not very customizable. Users said Paylocity is best suited to companies that will be able to use it as is, out of the box.
  • The majority of reviewers said Paylocity is easy for HR administrators and employees to use. It is also relatively easy to implement, and easy to learn/train others.
  • A few users disagreed. They would like to see improvements to the UI, particularly the employee self-service portal, to make it more user-friendly and current.
  • Perception of ease of use may differ depending on the user's expectations from their previous system as well as the complexity of their use case.
Customer service gets mixed reviews
  • Users are divided on the quality and timeliness of Paylocity's customer service.
  • Paylocity's report writer is a strength. Users like that all fields are available for reporting, and that running reports is very fast. However, dashboards have room for improvement.
Limited automation; more manual
  • Users said Paylocity does not support the same level of automation as more complex products regarding rules for things like timecard rounding, approval chains, and benefits enrollment. Manual work is required to manage some pieces—though significantly less manual than using spreadsheets, paper records, or multiple systems.
  • For certain use cases/work cultures, the manual aspects of Paylocity actually seemed to be an advantage. For example, one user likes that time card submissions can be approved on a case by case basis.
Integrated modules
  • Having an all-in-one system with single sign on to integrated payroll, HRIS, timekeeping, scheduling, safety, and benefits, modules is nice for users whose needs are met by Paylocity.
  • However, integrations to 3rd party point solutions get mixed reviews, and are a source of frustration for some users whose needs are not met across all areas.

Aggregate User Ratings of Paylocity Web Pay on TrustRadius

Paylocity Web Pay aggregate ratings in 2016 Core HR Buyer's Guide
Source: (17) User reviews of Paylocity Web Pay on TrustRadius, all updated or written in the last year

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