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Company Status: Private
Customers: 30,000+
Employees on LinkedIn: 1,221
Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH
Founded: 1990

Paycor Inc. offers online payroll and tax filing services, as well as HR software that can include recruiting, hiring, benefits administration, time & attendance tracking, and/or reporting capabilities. The simplest package, for companies with 1-20 employees, includes Payroll, Time, HR Support, and Tax Services, while the most advanced package, for companies with 76-1,000 employees, includes Payroll, Recruiting, Onboarding, HR Management, Time, and Analytics modules. More recently, Paycor has added some talent management features to the platform—performance appraisals, onboarding, and goal alignment—though the majority of customers are not yet leveraging these new features.

Headquarters are in Cincinnati, but Paycor also has offices in all 50 U.S. states, which the vendor says is important for multi-state tax compliance. Paycor is Top Rated by reviewers in the small business and mid-sized company segments.

Based on user feedback, reviewer demographics, and buyer research patterns on TrustRadius, Paycor is:

A good fit for: Small businesses and mid-sized companies in the U.S. that want an easy-to-use platform, strong payroll and reporting capabilities, with time & attendance at an affordable price

Most compared to: Paycom, ADP Workforce Now, Paychex Flex, Paylocity Web Pay, and ADP RUN

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Paycor Customer Demographics*

Paycor customer demographics - company size and industry size
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Summary of Paycor Reviews

Source: (29) User reviews of Paycor on TrustRadius, all updated or written in the last year.
Paycor Pros Paycor Cons
Reporting options
  • Both custom and standard reports are clear and easy to use.
  • Users appreciate the ability to create custom fields and the integration of data across modules for reporting purposes.
  • ACA reporting is especially helpful.
Administrative inefficiencies
  • Some administrative processes, such as configuring local tax information, managing benefits, entering direct deposit information, and managing leave requests seem overly cumbersome.
  • Time & attendance is a major use case for the product, and the module is generally easy to use. However, according to users the timekeeping functionality still has some kinks. For example, the mobile timeclock, biometric scanners, paid holidays, and integration to payroll could be improved.
Customer service & support
  • Many users said Paycor excels in the area of customer service & support, and that this is a differentiator from competitors. Reps can be reached by phone or email, and most are responsive, knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, and patient. Users find it best to state their goals so that reps can consult on the best approach and/or help them find workarounds.
  • However, a significant number of users reported problems or inconsistencies with quality and availability, and said they would like to see improvement.
  • For examples, users said changes in account management (due to promotions or turnover) can be confusing.
  • Support reps in different areas (such as time & attendance vs. payroll) are disconnected, so sometimes answers are contradictory or piecemeal.
  • A few users said they had trouble reaching support, particularly during off hours (i.e. at night)—this was a bigger issue for those on the West Coast, since support is on ET. They said increased availability of phone support would be appreciated.
Easy to use
  • Paycor's online interface is uncomplicated and easy to navigate, even for the less technically savvy.
  • Employee self-service is a strength—data is very accessible; portal is user-friendly.
  • However, a couple of users said the mobile app is not consistent with the website, and as a result, can be a bit confusing. Also, benefits management and time & attendance are somewhat less user-friendly than payroll.
Lacks enterprise HCM and industry-specific features
  • While many users like the breadth and depth of Paycor's offerings, others said the platform is missing some features found in more up-market HCM solutions that would be helpful for companies of their industry, size, or complexity. A few examples are more advanced ATS and performance management capabilities, and payroll for non-U.S. employees.
  • Although some users said implementation went smoothly, other users said implementation was bumpy and inefficient.
Payroll processing
  • Users said it is easy to process payroll through Paycor. Online payroll processing is fast and accurate, and the vendor's payroll services (such as checking for errors) are helpful.
Affordable, competitive offering
  • According to users, Paycor is easier to use, more economical, and has better support than alternatives like ADP.
  • However, a couple of users said fees (for things like W2 processing) and cost increases seemed a bit high.

Aggregate User Ratings of Paycor on TrustRadius

Paycor aggregate ratings in 2016 Core HR Buyer's Guide
Source: (29) User reviews of Paycor on TrustRadius, all updated or written in the last year.

Paycor Response to Reviewer Feedback

Thanks for all the feedback! We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and using client feedback to enhance our technology. In fact, 40% of our quarterly product updates come directly from client suggestions!

Founded in 1990, we were built upon the premise that personal service was needed in the HR and payroll business. We're proud to see so many reviews highlight our customer service; however, we understand that there can be challenges as a client's product portfolio expands. We're currently investing in process improvement initiatives, people, and technology to improve our service organization and deliver an amazing client experience.

A few quick notes on the depth of our offerings: In Fall 2016, we'll be updating our mobile capabilities to bring user interface enhancements and functionality additions to both employees and administrators. Employees will be able to view and request time off right from their phone. Administrators will also have the option to allow employees to punch in or out on mobile. We recently added significant enhancements to our performance reviews. In December 2015, we announced the acquisition of Newton Software, an outstanding Applicant Tracking solution based in San Francisco. Newton has single sign-on and integration with all Paycor solutions.

Instead of maintaining multiple systems, Paycor offers one solution where you can access all employee information in the same place. However, we recognize that there are some areas that we have not built solutions for, such as competency management and succession planning that some more up-market HCM solutions may provide.