The Best A/B Testing Software for Enterprises (>500 employees)

Digital Analytics TrustMap for Enterprises

Leaders for the enterprise market segment are Monetate and Maxymiser. Monetate was founded in 2008 and is based in Philadelphia. The company says they are focused heavily on enterprise customers, which make up 65% of their customer base, according to the mix of reviews on TrustRadius. Maxymiser was founded in 2006 and is based in New York. The company is also focused on enterprises, which make up 83% of their customer base, per the mix of reviews on TrustRadius. Half of their customers are in Europe.

Visual Website Optimizer is close to being a Leader, with a rating only 0.1 below the median. However, there are significantly fewer reviews of VWO in this segment, and the tool is much more widely used by small businesses.

Strong Performers in this segment, which are highly rated but not as widely adopted as the Leaders, are AB Tasty, Qubit and SiteSpect. SiteSpect was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Boston. The software uses a unique method of implementing tests, called reverse proxy, as opposed to most other tools, which are tag-based. The tool is more widely adopted than Qubit and AB Tasty.

Qubit was founded in London in 2010 by four former Google Analytics employees. Their software offers A/B testing, web analytics, personalization and tag management. The testing and personalization product is fairly new and not widely adopted, and received high user ratings on TrustRadius.

AB Tasty is an A/B testing tool based in France. The company started as a web analytics consultancy and aims to provide more robust analytics than other testing technologies. The tool is highly rated by users, albeit with a small sample size, and 22% of their customers are enterprises, per the mix of reviews on TrustRadius.

Optimizely appears to be the most widely used A/B testing tool in this segment, per However, the tool is also widely used among mid-size companies and small businesses; 22% of Optimizely reviews on TrustRadius are from enterprise users, and the tool is more highly rated in the small business and mid-size company segments. Some consultants we spoke to said they have seen tools like Optimizely used in conjunction with other tools such as Monetate, Maxymiser or Adobe Target, due to its ease of use. According a recent survey of TrustRadius members and website visitors, 39% of respondents in the enterprise segment used more than one A/B testing tool.

Adobe Target is also widely used among enterprises, but is not as highly rated as some other tools.

*As indicated by the mix of reviews on TrustRadius
**The number of websites using a product in the top 10k websites, per
***Maxymiser reports having 331 enterprise customers, and being deployed on 1,250 enterprise websites.
****Based on 2 reviews only
Product Avg. User Rating Among Enterprises Percent of Customer Base in Enterprise Segment* Adoption Among Top 10k Websites**
Leaders Monetate 4.6 65% 130
Maxymiser 4.4 83% 82***
Strong Performers Qubit 4.8 50% 24
AB Tasty 4.8**** 22% 3
SiteSpect 4.4 83% 46
Visual Website Optimizer 4.3 17% 150
Adobe Target 4.0 79% 486
Google Content Experiments 4.0**** 22% 46
Optimizely 3.9 22% 612