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Marketing Analytics Tools Overview

What are Marketing Analytics Tools?

Marketing analytics tools help marketers measure and manage marketing performance. The goal is to maximize the effectiveness of marketing activities and justify the investment. In other words, marketing analytics tools help marketing teams both improve their efforts and prove their worth.

Marketing analytics tools can gather data from all channels in the marketing mix, and report on them together. They allow marketers to create reports without relying on data scientists, as well as perform competitive analysis and track campaign success.

Businesses use marketing analytics tools and the dashboards they provide to address the three key areas of marketing performance management: optimization, attribution, and justification.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Any Business Intelligence tool can handle the multivariate regression analyses needed for marketing mix and attribution models. But marketing analytics platforms allow marketers to interpret the data themselves.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cross-channel marketing efforts are analyzed in terms of dollars spent, time spent, and results.

  • Mixed or omni-channel KPIs are created.

  • The tool then measures campaign performance against target goals.

  • The report finally directs marketers’ decisions about how to optimize efforts. Often this is by redistributing time and money to the most successful campaigns.

Marketing Analytics Tools Features & Capabilities

Marketing Analytics tools might include the following features and capabilities:

  • Multi-Channel tracking

  • With-in Campaign, With-in Company, and Cross-channel campaign comparisons

  • Campaign ROI

  • Optimization & predictive analytics

  • Customer analytics & segmentation

  • Competitive analysis

  • Attribution modeling

  • Revenue funnel analysis

  • Forecasting

Types of Marketing Analytics Tools

There are a few different types of vendors that offer marketing analytics capabilities. First, there are point solutions specializing in marketing analytics.

Some web analytics platforms offer viable marketing analytics capabilities. This includes Adobe Analytics and IBM Digital Analytics. Google now offers an attribution tool via its acquisition of Adometry.

Other vendors may handle just one part of marketing analytics.

For example:

Some SEO and marketing automation tools offer decent marketing analytics as part of their broader platforms. Many BI and predictive analytics products are just a module or add-on away from entering the marketing analytics space in the future. Some marketing analytics tools support an account-based marketing approach.

Marketing Analytics Tools Comparison

When considering marketing analytics tools, consider the following aspects of each product offering.
  1. Type of Tool: Some marketing analytics tools offer a complete suite of marketing analytics tools. Despite this, there are other products that cover only a specific facet of marketing analytics. Competitive analysis products, for example, focus on performing competitive analysis but may not offer customer journey or segmentation features. Be sure to select a tool that includes the features your business needs.

  2. Automation Features: Many marketing analytics tools include automation features for performing analytics with less human labor. If your business is looking for a tool to reduce labor as much as possible, consider what automation features are offered by each marketing analytics tool.

  3. Insights: All marketing analytics tools perform basic marketing analytics, but many also include insights on content optimization. For businesses looking for applications that will not only help them discover issues but also provide means of fixing them, consider what insights are offered by each marketing analytics tool.

Marketing Analytics Products

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DoubleVerify Pinnacle

DoubleVerify Pinnacle is a tool for monitoring and optimizing digital advertising performance across media properties. DV Pinnacle compares ad performance on each property based on number of impressions, viewability, fraud, and brand safety. It can be used by advertisers and agencies,…


Resonate in Reston, Virginia offers their data driven marketing analytics platform, emphasizing consumer trends and insights as a source of guidance (which the platform helps you to surface) for marketing campaigns.


VideoAmp headquartered in Los Angeles offers a demand side advertising platform which supports advertiser planning, executing and measuring ad campaigns that reach televesion, video-on demand, and individual viewers with optimization from direct individual behavior.

OptimaHub from Equifax (formerly Datalicious)

OptimaHub from Equifax (formerly a Datalicious product) is a marketing attribution platform which is built around the study of the customer journey to better understand touchpoints that convert and de-emphasize those that do not. The platform can include in its analysis paid, earned,…


Cost-effective and Intelligent Social Media Measurement ToolGet a 360° review of your Facebook content and learn how to improve your performance on social media.Zenbu offers a set of tools that make it easy to track and analyze the performance and value of your Facebook content. Spend…

The Civis Platform

Civis Analytics in Chicago offers their cloud-based marketing analytics platform, the Civis Platform, supporting advanced customer analytics and attribution for media optimization and related marketing and social science research.


Research Now SSI, headquartered in Plano, offers SmartAR, a configurable marketing analytics platform supporting a variety of industries.


Digital marketing agencies and businesses use Whatagraph to save time and present analytics data in a way their clients and teams can easily understand. According to the vendor, key capabilities include:• Use visual reports to help you track and understand the data behind your website,…


Roivenue is a data-driven SaaS platform for managing marketing ROI and channel attribution. It is the most precise way to manage your entire marketing investment. Using data-driven attribution models and CLV, it allows marketers to identify underperforming campaigns, address over-…

Mu Sigma muMix

Mu Sigma headquartered in Northbrook offers muMix, a marketing mix analytics application providing pricing, campaign and other analytics.


iOPEX technologies headquartered in San Jose offers iMedia, a suite of tools for advertisers to analyze return on advertising spend via iMediaLens, quality check ad efforts via iCheckAds, and the iMediaplace publisher platform for managing adspace inventory.

Dynata ADimension

Dynata offers ADimension Campaign Effectiveness for evaluating the effectiveness of digital advertising, a service that can be bolstered with Dynata Audience Verification, and Audience Activation data service.

Vynamic Insights

For financial institutions and retailers, Diebold Nixdorf offers Vynamic Insights, an analytics platform designed to analyze customer behavior and patterns using domain-specific analytical models.


Versium presents their suite of applications to agencies, brands, and B2B marketing, featuring marketing and customer intelligence via products Versium REACH and Versium Audience Extension which draw from Versium LifeData, the company's large customer data warehouse, and predictive…

Binary Fountain

Binary Fountain is an online reputation management platform for enterprises, healthcare organizations, and small and medium-sized businesses. Anchored in its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, the cloud-based platform mines customer and employee feedback from surveys, online…


The vendor says Latana is the first brand tracking tool to use advanced data science to ensure reliable and accurate brand insights. The tool empowers brands with the reliable, accurate insights they need to succeed. The insights can be used to measure brand performance across target…


Syntasa’s solution sits natively in a company's private cloud to bring all marketing cloud data into a big data environment, consolidate the data, produce a unified identity graph, and apply AI models to transform it into intelligent experiences. In the private cloud which can…


Panoramic is an enterprise SaaS company. Its marketing intelligence platform was built by marketers for marketers to address the key pain points experienced as a result of today’s complex ecosystem of disparate data sources and marketing tools.Panoramic streamlines the cross-channel…


Knotch in New York offers their analytics suite as for content marketing ROI. The technology is designed to help CMOs & their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts via real-time, actionable intelligence across all of their content investment. The Knotch content…

Q Research Software

Q Research Software, a division of Displayr, offers a predictive analytics application for marketers, designed to be easier to use by automating correct statistical to use, drag-and-drop interface for building models, and the ability to read many types of files (e.g. SPSS data files)…


Adverity is adata intelligence platform from the company of the same name in Vienna, designed to enable data-driven marketers to reduce complexity and deliver value, by translating data into actionable insight.

Optimized Sales & Marketing

Optimized Sales & Marketing is presented by the vendor, ORM Technologies, as an easy-to-use, cloud-based application that provides predictive analytics and optimization for sales and marketing. It integrates with Marketo and your CRM to provide a direct link between marketing…


Use historical data to understand key business drivers strataQED creates marketing mix models by evaluating historical data to quantify the relationship between business drivers and business results. Its AI-powered algorithm uses machine learning to test millions of potential models…


Blockspring is a suite of marketing integration tools, providing reporting and list building capabilities to marketers, using familiar applications (e.g. LinkedIn, Google or Bing Search,, Clearbit).

Swydo, by DialogTech

Swydo, now from DialogTech (acquired January 2018) is a reporting, monitoring and workflow sofware application for online marketers, designed to allow users to create professional online marketing reports and dashboards, save time and show impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics tools are most commonly used by marketing managers or supervisors responsible for monitoring and reporting on various marketing channels and performance.

Why do I need marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics tools are crucial to providing comprehensive insights and performance metrics for marketing efforts, especially complex marketing operations.

What products can do marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics capabilities can be found in standalone tools as well as broader marketing automation platforms. Business Intelligence tools can also conduct marketing analytics, but likely with less prebuilt reporting.

What’s the difference between web analytics and marketing analytics?

Web analytics focuses on specific performance metrics for websites specifically, such as traffic or time on page. In contrast, marketing analytics unifies web analytics data with other marketing channels to provide comprehensive insights into marketing strategies and campaigns’ performance.

How much do marketing analytics tools cost?

Marketing analytics pricing can start at $500/year and scale up to $100,000+/year depending on the volume of data being collected and the range of features offered.