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Homebase, 7shifts, Deputy, Replicon Time & Attendance, Sparkrock, Boomr, Jolt, Harri, and Humanity.

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Employee Scheduling Software Overview

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software is used to automate the process of scheduling employees. Scheduling tools help to ensure that the required number of staff is working at all times. It also usually tracks vacation time, sick time, paid time-off etc. Since this software tracks hours worked by employees, it feeds payroll systems ensuring that employees are correctly paid for time worked.

Employee scheduling software is one component of a broader category of HR software called Workforce Management. This is used by organizations with many shift workers and, beyond scheduling, also includes labor law compliance, and sometimes includes payroll functionality.

Employee Scheduling Software Products

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Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce HCM

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Ceridian Dayforce HCM is a cloud-based platform encompassing HR, payroll, benefits, and talent and workforce management. It provides companies with a scalable framework and real-time data, such as continual pay calculations, to enable efficient decision-making.


TSheets is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling app that allows employees to clock in and out from the job site with the devices they’ve already got in their pockets. The vendor aims to help companies replace paper timesheets with accurate, electronic time data as well as make…


HotSchedules is a cloud-based scheduling, labor and communication management software solution serving the restaurant and hospitality industry.According to the vendor, key benefits include:Build & Communicate SchedulesThe scheduling and labor management software reduces the time…



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Jolt is a task and workforce management, with time & attendance, remote (selfie) login, scheduling, and simple tasking tools, from the company of the same name in Provo, Utah; useful for small teams that could leverage frequent communication.


All-In-One Employee Time Tracking & Workforce Solutions for Businesses of All Types and Sizes. Easily track your employees work hours in real-time across any device, get overtime alerts, automate timesheet payroll reports, and save thousands yearly on inefficiencies. Mobile and…

ADP Enterprise eTIME

ADP Enterprise eTIME ® is a comprehensive suite of applications designed to help users better manage their workforce, control labor costs, simplify compliance and boost productivity. The goal of eTIME is to easily automate time and labor management. It provides employees and managers…

ADP ezLaborManager

ADP's ezLaborManager is a time tracking and attendance offering.


Sparkrock’s cloud-enabled solution helps organizations manage their finance and accounting, human resources and payroll, human services case management, and donor and fundraising activities.According to the vendor, key benefits and features include:Finance Management helps you control…

Sage HR (formerly CakeHR)

Sage HR (formerly CakeHR) is HR software for small to medium businesses. The vendor states Sage HR is designed to be easy to use, and automates every step of the human resource process. Sage HR is designed with modular functionality to be customized for users' needs.…


7shifts is a restaurant workforce and scheduling management application, which also features collaboration features, from the Canadian company of the same name.


Harri, headquartered in New York, offers a workforce optimization platform for restaurants, which supports scheduling and attendance management, hiring, as well as communicating with employees and collaboration.


Shiftboard offers a full-service employee scheduling software solution targeted for industries as diverse as hospitality and security to event planning and business services. This solution enables companies to manage employee schedules across job sites, geographies, and different…


Aladtec is employee scheduling software that is targeted at businesses in the public safety sector, including EMS, Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Communication Centers/Dispatch, Security and Health Care. According to the vendor, Aladtec helps organizations with the following:…


Deputy is a web-based workforce manager solution. Deputy is designed to help users simplify their scheduling, timesheets, tasking, employee communication and administrative tasks. It includes various apps and one click payroll integration that aim to make workforce management easier.…


Tracksmart is a time and attendance option from the small Florida company of the same name.


Planday is online and mobile employee scheduling software designed to help shift-based businesses plan and communicate shifts, manage absences and leave, simplify hour registration, and streamline their payroll processes. Planday also facilitates simple team communication across…

Replicon Time & Attendance

Replicon's Time & Attendance suite is a combined time tracking, employee scheduling and attendance management, and time off management solution.


WhenToWork is employee scheduling application from the California-based company of the same name.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is an online time tracking and scheduling application. Track time, time off, locations, and jobs. The solution aims to help punching in & out intuitive for employees & easy for users to view & export time. Employees can clock in using a browser or the Buddy…

Humanity (formerly ShiftPlanning)

Humanity (formerly ShiftPlanning) is cloud-based workforce management software. Available on the Humanity Platform are applications that will streamline your: Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and Leave Management.


Bookafy is an online appointment scheduling solution targeted at a variety of industries. The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution is simple to use, fully customizable, has an elegant user interface and can be embedded into the business user’s website. Support is available…

Infor CloudSuite Workforce Management (WFM)

Infor CloudSuite Workforce Management (WFM) is a labor optimization, planning, and time and attendance software solution that manages employee resource demand, labor performance, and business analytics. The product is an evolution of technology acquired with WFM vendor Workbrain.…


ScheduleFly is an employee scheduling solution built for restaurants.


Homebase in San Francisco offers restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and retailers their employee scheduling and time tracking tools with scheduling optimization and team messaging for coordinating shifts; service includes a free time tracking app.

UKG Dimensions (formerly Kronos Workforce Dimensions)

UKG Dimensions provides operational insights and aims to elevates the greatest driver of success: people. The automation of critical workforce processes such as timekeeping, scheduling, and leave management is at the core of this UKG solution. The solution offers features and capabilities…