Remedy ITSM is a broad suite of ITSM tools with strong integrations to other BMC tools. The product is used mainly by global brands and is offered in on-premise and SaaS configurations. Remedy tool for ITSMBMC Remedy is a powerful and amazing tool which is used by the whole organization. It is one of those critical applications on which operations run. Each and every activity is tracked and managed by the Remedy tool. IT and Non-IT operations are carried by this tool. It is widely used software across the IT Industry.,Remedy tool is used for incident management and there are several categories bound with SLAs(Service level agreement) which ensures the closures. It is also used for change management across the organization for different environments which make sure all the processes are followed. It has a knowledge article section where KBs are generated for known issues which are handy for Business as usual.,Sometimes it is hard to mention details when several other activities are happening and we need to refresh the page as by that time we lost the data we entered. It could use a light version like Angular JS or React JS so the server load gets reduce. There is no chat facility provided, if it is possible,I reckon it will better facilitate the incident management.,10,The return of investment is there for sure, as it is the most reliable application where the organization's National Operation Centre can work upon. It is impossible to track several changes happening every day but this tool makes it possible, The problem management of blocker issues and their tracking helps to resolve issues.,SysAid, Autotask and Spiceworks,JIRA Software, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Aventri (formerly etouches)Great tool to utilize best practices and KPIs for your organization!We have BMC as an IT service manager ( ITSM), it is used for ticketing purpose. It is used by our service desk team and the entire organization uses it for any help on IT services. It helps us in effective service desk management and also categorizes tickets while following the standards of ITIL. It maintains a proper hierarchy and keeps KPIs and best practices intact! Certainly one of the most used tools around.,It helps in reduce ticket volume and faster resolution of tickets with a lot of integration It helps create proper hierarchies and helps categorize the tickets properly It helps take advantage of all of our existing best practice reports, KPIs, and other artifacts,I have found it to be a little slower in performance with some minor glitches sometimes Configurations can be complicated and to use it to the max, very good knowledge of tool integration is needed Support can be better at times (but has been good mostly),10,It can be quite expensive so a consultant should be hired to analyze what additional modules are needed The ROI is fantastic for large organization only as it is very helpful for large volume tickets and gives more in return and justify its cost Smaller accounts should consider the options carefully before choosing BMC is what I personally feel,Jira Service Desk,Jira Service Desk, Freshservice, OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP SolutionsBMC Remedy- an efficient,mature and capable service management solutionAt the organization I work for, BMC Remedy is primarily used by the Division of Information Technology. The main usage scenario is incident management, work orders, and change requests. Remedy facilitates the flow of approvals through the organization hierarchy. Remedy integrates the change management calendar and workforce load. KPI (key performance indicators) are easily exported from the Remedy system. The system includes a notification system to issue email and SMS alerts based on the level of criticality. We integrated Remedy with other IT monitoring system, where alerts are translated to work orders and assigned to the specific team.,Integration with monitoring software like SolarWinds. where Remedy can transform notifications to work orders and assign to respective teams. Detailed Customization capability to fit the exact needs of the organization. Change management calendar, which integrates change orders from all organization departments and facilitates the scheduling process of project managers. It can be offered as a cloud-based service, where you don't need to worry about server maintenance or database backup.,Customization can be lengthy due to the numerous features included in the software. New staff members require some sort of hands-on training to get to know all the use capabilities. The analytics can be improved to include forecasts and trend analysis. Expensive compared to competitors.,9,With the KPIs exported and reviewed semi-annually or quarterly the management can spot and attend to root causes affecting operations. No more missed or forgotten tickets for work orders by the team - increased efficiency and performance. Approvals hierarchy enforces controlled change management and responsible actions.,Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, IBM Maximo, CA Service Desk Manager and HP Application Lifecycle Management,Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, System Center Operations Manager, BoxBMC helps faster resolution of issuesWe are using BMC remedy for service management. We are leveraging automated assignments and redirecting the tickets, reducing the manual effort.,Automated assignments are very helpful. Reporting is very good.,I don't see any major improvements, but having more flexibility in ticket auto assignments would help.,8,It helped our business to quickly resolve problems faced through faster resolution of tickets.,,Salesforce Community Cloud,,30,Incident Management Contract Management Change Management Service requests,Customize reports for people from different applications Create new fields as per user requirement,9,No,Price Prior Experience with the Product Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,No ideas in the near futureBMC Remedy is Your TicketWe have implemented BMC Remedy to track assets, incidents, changes, problems, and we also use several other smaller modules. It is used throughout the organization, although certain departments (e.g., help desk, reporting teams, etc.) use it more than others. BMC Remedy gives us all of the above information in one centralized, inter-linked hub. It allows different defined groups to have varying levels of access in order to provide the correct level of detail so that they can perform their tasks as needed.,Again, the ability to have all of the information (changes, incidents, problems, etc.) in one place is paramount. The built-in ability to run simple reports is quite valuable. The ability to interact with Crystal Reports makes BMC Remedy an even more data mining and reporting tool. Once users are trained properly, it allows for the quick and easy creation of new issues.,Sometimes it takes a long time to get reports from the inventories. Complicated reports, or those that pull a lot of data, can bog the system down. Some of that is due to proper user training. Customizing the application to meet your exact needs can cause it to become difficult to upgrade when future versions are released.,9,BMC Remedy has a large and established user base, and the experience that you glean from using it will easily translate to almost anywhere. It can increase your organization's productivity by improving your ticketing methodology and increasing the level of collaboration between various groups. It allowed us to align our organization with ITIL best practices,JIRA Service Desk, Samanage and Spiceworks,SAP Crystal, ASP.NET, Microsoft AccessRemedy Force is a Ticketing system for WorkOur company is using BMC Remedy to manage Incidents (Tickets), Service Requests, Change Requests, Tasks, and Problems. All of our businesspeople and salespeople are used to creating support issues within BMC remedy tickets. We are using Remedy force for our ticketing system for Salesforce technical related issues, Aspect product issues, and Apttus related issues.,I like the auto update, the information in the ticket when we respond to the email looks and feels really good. And there are many different sections like, Incident details, Client details, Status details, Assignment details, date details and so on, which you can go to directly instead of searching within the whole page. It is easy to implement our business requirements In BMC Remedy. On the integration side, the implementation of the REST api has simplified integration to other systems like Salesforce CRM and Apttus CPQ...,There is no advanced case management in BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite, like auto closer and escalation process like we have in Salesforce, which needs to improve. BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite is missing some key features that would make life easier, such as being able to more easily copy tickets and search for tickets. Technology is slow.,9,When I was in Management discussion calls, and all the team is happy while using BMC Remedy so I don't find any specific negative impact on our organization. I really enjoy Smart IT as the tool of choice for our incident management team. Visibility of tickets is key. All support staff users can see tickets in consoles they have access to.,Salesforce,Salesforce CommunitiesITSM Senior ConsultantThe ITSM Suite was implemented to cover incident, problem and change process aligned to ITIL best practices. The Service Request Management solution was implemented also, to cover many of the requests manage across the entire organization.,Applications aligned to ITIL best practices with many of the most common needs covered out of the box. Integration between applications (Incident, problem and change management) makes it really easy create the relationships between these entities. Using the Action Requests (AR) system the application is highly customizable , assuming an appropriate level of knowledge of developing applications using AR System.,In Remedy you can do many things but you need to built them first. Many of the Integrations depend on external components and the architecture used to implement the solution. The cloud-based solution should be improved to work in the same way as the on-premise solution. To accomplish minor changes on the appearance of the forms you need a lot of training.,9,The time required to implement the on-premise solution is too high and reduces ROI. Once you implemented the system, if you have the knowledge internally in your company, you can expand to other internal needs using the AR System as workflow engine to develop custom applications. You are assigned floating license that let the organization share license pools, thus reducing cost.,ServiceNow,ServiceNow, Remedyforce, FreshserviceBMC for Change Managment/ITSMWe use BMC Remedy for Change Management across the entire organization. It allows users to submit and manage change requests and associated tasks/jobs. We also previously used BMC Remedy for our Help Desk functions but we migrated that to a different product last year. BMC Remedy has been used by my organization for over 10 years.,Management of change requests including approvals, scheduling and completing the related tasks Ability for users to approve items via email and mobile devices Allow users to view data/reports easily,Expandability is limited and once you make certain customizations the upgrade process can become difficult or impossible Relationships between Configuration Items and Changes is clunky and difficult to setup/maintain Service Desk functionality is not as robust as other tools and does not allow for easy configurations/customizations,5,The ROI was fine initially as we got what we paid for and it served its purpose Over time, we got behind on releases due to limitations with customizations we made to the application. The product then became out of support and completely out of date, and we had to replace Overall ROI was minimal and once the product was out of date we found more value in other tools,Ivanti,LANDesk Service Desk, LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite, CA APM, MS SharePointGood on prem ITSM solution - Expect incremental improvementsWe are using BMC Remedy ITSM for Service Desk, Change Management, Problem Management, Service Request Management and CMDB. It addresses the problem of providing an easy method for customers to report service outages as well as providing support personnel a tool for resolving service outages. The tool also is integrated to our monitoring service and creates incidents as alerts are raised. It is also center in our strategy to provide an easy way to request services from the IT department. The CMDB is central in our discovery strategy.,For service request management, we use the SRM product which gives a common interface for our customers to request services. We are able to easily add the services to the catalog and configure how the created request will be routed to the appropriate group for delivery. This has shown to reduce churn in the request process and reduce cycle time in delivery. Incident management has show to be effective at routing cases to the appropriate support group for resolution. Change management has proven to provide the mechanism for a change control process for organizing those changes and having affected stakeholders discuss the changes before implementation. This has headed off potential service outages from collisions.,The quality control on the product from the vendor needs improvement. While upgrading to newer versions (9.1) has provided additional features which have been beneficial, the cycle of product defects uncovered and worked through to resolution has been tiring. Having this product without a good support agreement is not advisable. Technology is slow to evolve. The product is just now exposing mobile and REST interfaces, something the market has adopted some time ago. User interfaces that do not embrace effective bulk management. Most of the interfaces are driven from a manual perspective. When used in a global company with sites around the world, this becomes burdensome.,7,Our service desk has been able to scale and our service offerings to our customers has improved over the in house created application that it was replaced by. We are able to monitor our SLA agreements through the SLM module which has helped improve service delivery. Change management has been more effective in coordinating change, partly through the tool and partly through service improvement efforts.,,Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Visual Studio IDEI'm happy wirh BMCIt's used by IT department to process incidents,Incident reporting Incident reassignment Easy incident creation Incidents track,Capability of being adapted Price Usability,6,Positive: less people dedicated to acll center Positive: les time lost in incident tracking Negative: Ownership cost,JIRA Service Desk,SAP Business Warehouse, SAP S/4HANA, SysTools MBOX to Outlook ConverterBMC ITSM ReviewWe use BMC Remedy IT Service Management to bridge the gap between our customers/internal users and the different services that we offer, be it to get something fixed or request something new and have full control and visibility of what is getting rolled out. BMC Remedy IT Service Management has given us a lot of room to customize to the businesses needs and allowed us to do things no other application would let us do.,.Very customizable Based on ITIL so correct processes are there OOTB. Easy enough to implement with very little effort.,Support can be a little slow at times. Some errors are very vague. Still very clunky look and feel but this is slowly being rectified with SmartIT.,10,I don't have visibility of our ROI but it does have a big positive impact to our business and service delivery.,,JIRA Software, BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Remedy Asset ManagementBMC Remedy ITSM Suite - Check It Out!!My company purchased BMC's Remedy ITSM Suite in hopes of standardizing processes and visibility of tickets.,Visibility of tickets is key. All support staff users can see tickets in consoles they have access to. Remedy is a tool which empowers the company to streamline processes and implement a framework, such as ITIL in the case of Remedy.,Some consoles are not built out as much as others. We do our own development and these bugs are more visible to us.,7,It has allowed us to create service requests that have decreased the turnaround time for employee reimbursements.,Ticket Tracker,BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Remedy Asset Management, BMC Remedy IT Service Management SuiteRemedy ITSM - Solid productOur whole organization is using Remedy for several things. We use it to manage incidents, work orders, change requests, problem management, known errors, and for the CMDB for asset management. There are plans to use it also for release management but have not gotten to that point yet. With the CMDB it allows us to have a central asset management point that we can use to leverage how incident are assigned. Remedy also gives us an out of the box way to deal with our change request process which is very helpful.,Remedy integrates very well with many products so you can have incidents coming from many sources directly into Remedy. Service requests are something that Remedy does well. Once setup a user just has to answer some pre-determined questions and a work order/inicident/change request will automatically be created and populated based on the answers provided so business end users do not need a lot of training in order to open requests. Incident/problem management is a strong point in the Remedy system. Users can open problems directly from the incident ticket with the click of a button and it allows users to track incidents against problems fairly well.,Service request creation needs some work. Some areas of service request creation like dealing with complex approvals need to be done better in future versions. Also, dealing with formatting of the service request screen needs to be improved. I found that reporting is a little lacking. For example, we have people requesting reports based on the audit log and we seem to be unable to do it as we did in a previous version of Remedy We also found that it is not easy to correct things once mistakes have been made. For example, if somebody happens to close an incorrect task there is no easy way to just go and open up the closed task.,9,I don't have any hard numbers for this but without Remedy notifying people with incident tickets about issues we would not be in the position that we are. Our company has over a 99.99% up time and part of it is due to the Remedy system notifying people of possible issues before it causes a downtime. Thanks to Remedy's change request process it has allowed our company to make changes with the confidence that everything will go as planned.,,HP SiteScope, HP Business Process Monitor, Control-MBMC Remedy is the backbone for process maturity and capability.Our IT organization uses Remedy to manage our incidents, work requests and changes. In addition our business partners use Remedy Change Management and Work Orders to manage business processes. The processes and workflow in Remedy allow us to build repeatable IT and business processes but also provide us the tools and flexibility to modify and improve those processes over time.,Rigid enforcement of processes rules and the ability to audit and report on them. Out of the box alignment with ITIL processes. Remedy is easy to customize to meet specific business needs.,It is much better today, but I still think there is room to improve the upgrade and installation--it just seems to take forever. I'd like to see BMC provide more real world configuration out of the box. It is a little overwhelming to someone who is new to the system to have to configure it from scratch.,9,BMC ITSM has allowed us to focus on improving our incident resolution process and reduce our incident backlog significantly. The Change Management application makes it possible for our business users to actively manage business related changes while providing the deep auditing capability we need.,ServiceNow,MS SharePoint, Microsoft ExchangeThe "Remedy" for your ITIL based solutionWe currently use it just for our IT for change, incident, work order, problem and asset management. However, we are shortly rolling out MyIT for non-IT users to be onboarded for self service applications.We are able to use it to tie in with our service vendor for changes and incident management via web and email services.,Enterprise level configuration and power. Very customizable and adapts very well to changes in our infrastructure. Flexible ITIL solution. With the ability to customize rules and configurations, we can make it work well with how we currently implement ITIL in our corporation. Self service management. By using Atrium Integrator and Atrium Orchestrator, it can help reduce the amount of workload on the IT Service Desk.,Custom applications can be made but they require a lot of work to maintain. You must take care when adding custom roles to the application. When you install things like Virtual Chat, it has pre-defined role IDs, which if you have inadvertently used, it overwrites your own roles. There is no comprehensive list of used role IDs, so it's "buyer beware" when you use them.,9,It has helped to bring all of our IT into alignment and methodologies when it comes to change management. With MyIT and Remedy 9, we are finally able to onboard our non-IT users and provide self service options that are not overwhelming in an IT based world.,Jira,BMC Remedy Asset Management, BMC Atrium CMDB,300,6,Change Request management Incident management Day to day Work Order management,Auto created tickets from Incident Health checks Automated Change Requests for database reloads Self service automation,10,Yes,10,Yes,One of our team members had, inadvertently, removed permissions from some of our server teams. As a result, Tivoli was creating 15 records per incident because they did not get back the proper responses via email. BMC worked with us over the weekend to come to a resolution and determine a fix, even though it was (ultimately) our own fault for the issue.BMC ITSM Suite - Is Certainly Service differentiatorWe use BMC remedy across the organization. It basically coveres our service management portfolio activities: Working with customers and suppliers to reduce unnecessary ticket volumesSimplifying and standardizing processes, and rolling out best practices globallyStreamlined organisation structure and operating modelDeploying a toolset and supporting inventory that puts our organization ahead of the competition, and provides a faster, more automated journey for customers and radically reducing the cost base,Can be easily implemented for huge organizations Scalability and simplification of processes Hassle free usage for end users Maintenance and operating costs are less,Increase the flexibility for integration with external products Enhancing the UI Simplification of process w.r.t modules like Change and Release management,10,Service operations - managing business planning, process & tools, continuous service improvement and training support Major contract transformation - identifying opportunities to improve our quality and cost of service Customer Experience -Ability to manage customer in integrated fashion, seamlessly, regardless of service,HP SM and IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database,SAP Business Objects, BMC Atrium CMDB, Oracle Database 12cWorking with Remedy, as user and as consultantRemedy ITSM Suite helps us with control. It has out-of-the-box functionalities and processes to aligns us with best practices for incidents, problems and change management. It also allows you to create new workflows, and new applications to match your organization’s procedures and needs. We use BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite in two major ways: Support our final customer with RemedyInternal requests between departments: 1.Our customers enter an online request management page where they select the request type, and the request goes to the defined support group where they review and answer our customer needs. They document this in the same Remedy system to notify the customer. 2. When someone needs helps with computers and systems they open a request.,ITIL alligned process Web based Easy to install, easy to confiugre,High computer resources needed, specially RAM Not easy to customize. A simple configuration method to enable a few of new fields would be great. There are always bugs, should test a little lot more.,9,With enabling self-service the attention to customer is faster, really 2/7. Zero effort to comply with ITIL. The solution is module-based so you can start for anyone as needed.,CA Service Desk Manager and ServiceNow,BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Remedy Asset ManagementBMC Remedy is a great ITIL compliant solutionWe use BMC Remedy across our division for all aspects of incident, problem and change management. We have also built a large number of custom applications to integrate other business functions within our organization. We use BMC Remedy to drive ITIL compliant, efficient solutions with customizable workflows.,Easily customizable to meet business needs Rock solid reliability and performance Streamlines processes and requirements to assure auditing compliance Standard ITIL compliant processes out of the box,Difficult to integrate via web services Reporting is weak without the use of third party tools Large infrastructure which may be difficult for smaller organizations to maintain,8,We have found we were able to consolidate a number of other products and tools to reduce cost Minimal IT staff required to maintain BMC Remedy Easily customize workflows to meet business process requirements,Visual Studio.NETSmartIT/MyIT a much needed makeover for Remedy InterfaceRemedy with SmartIT is mainly used by the IT department. We are rolling out MyIT to non-IT users in the next few months. Most requests are fulfilled using service requests.,Approvals (Email/Approval Central) Change Management Process (Risk Levels, multiple phases) Customization Support,Built in reporting tools (improved significantly with Smart Reporting as compared to BIRT) Request Entry Screen (improved significantly with MyIT) Install Process (Wish it had 1 unified installer for Core+ITSM),9,SLA Tracking for Incidents,BMC Atrium CMDBNot Perfect but the Most Complete SolutionBMC Remedy ITSM is used by the company which provides IT outsourcing to over 100 companies. All ticketing is done in Remedy for incidents, change requests, and service requests. Company and some customer assets are managed in Remedy. Service level management is used to monitor and manage contractual service agreements. By leveraging a mature common system, the company is able to leverage shared resources to support multiple customers.,Change Management - built in processes align tightly with ITIL while allowing company-level flexibility. For example, while a 'multi-tenant' model is used on a shared Remedy instance, each company can have its own approval requirements. Incident Management - Data driven assignment rules working with categorization and location/department information assure the incident is assigned properly with automation. Service Level Management - It is easy to create rules via a console that are based on any data in an incident, change, service request, task, etc. You are not limited to a few fields to drive your SLAs or OLAs. Smart IT - with the new Smart IT interface the information is brought to the support user vs. having to search for it. Type in a few key words and Smart IT suggests incident templates, service request templates and knowledge solutions to choose from.,Smart IT needs to continue to mature in order to become "the" tool for all interactions by a support user. There are still some areas where a power user has to revert to the mid-tier tool. CMDB is not fully multi-tenant or multi-language utilization in the data that drives it. A product can only be listed in one language and have one categorization. This is an issue if a customer has multi-national locations and employees in each only speak their native language. There is no auto-translation of the categorization of the product in the product catalog. Additionally, some companies want to follow the categorization as found in their discovery tool. Not all discovery tools or manual entries are agreed by all companies. This causes uniqueness issues in a multi-tenant environment.,9,Reduced call handing time by using the Smart IT Smart recorder. Because of the suggested templates and knowledge articles there has been an increased efficiency vs having to either jump out of the ticket and look for knowledge articles or find the right template to use. Increase first call resolution due to the knowledge suggestion feature. Ability to leverage a shared set of IT Technicians to support multiple customers because of the use of the shared Remedy system. Yet, customers can only see their data maintaining data privacy across customer companies.,,BMC Atrium CMDB, BMC Remedy Asset ManagementRemedy ITSM reviewRemedy is being used across the organization. IT relies on Remedy to manage their daily tickets and service requests. The end users can enter requests and problems from a self service web interface or directly by calling our 24/7 help desk.,Provides an intuitive interface for end users Alerts the appropriate groups when necessary,Mobile access needs improvements Its often difficult to make customizations,9,Positive feedback from the collaboration it generates Negative feedback regarding difficulty of customizations ROI has been positive do to the lack of unnecessary data entry other systems have caused us to do.,ServiceNow,Microsoft Exchange, Ellucian Advance, Microsoft SQL ServerWhy I like BMC's ITSM SolutionBMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite is currently being used by IT globally and we will expand out to other business services and processes. It addresses standardizing on a singular platform and while it's being viewed as an IT ERP, the plan is to have a centralized system to improve business services and processes.,90% of the system is configurable and the rest is customization. However, if going down the customization route, please be aware that future upgrades might break this. With the point above, it's easy to set up AR to do what your business needs. The breadth of products available under the BMC umbrella for ITSM is staggering.,Integration between tools; BMC and 3rd party. Better customer portal.,9,Better incident response and resolution times Less failed changes Singular, online portal for customer requests,,BMC Atrium CMDB, PentahoRemedy a product for all your IT needsWe currently use the full ITSM suite of products. The product has way more features than we will ever use but that is good because as we grow more into the tool the features are already there for us to use.,Clearly organized data management and cross module functionality. All the different modules can be connected to provide end to end management of the IT organization. Highly customizable - rapid production customization is one of the best features. Extremely scalable and robust for a large IT organization.,Needs to be more in the now - Facebook and social media like features. Cleaner web interface. The ability for the end user to customize the front based upon their needs. More bolt on type module - this would allow a smaller foot print until the organization is ready to add in more features.,8,The impact is hard to measure but with a tool such as Remedy we could not be as organized as we are.,,Visual Studio Test Professional, Oracle Access ManagementBMC RemedyIt is being used across the whole organization. It address how our departments process work, incident, problem and change requests.,Out of the box it is ready to be used effectively. It integrates well with other tools and processes for enhanced functionality. Easy to customize when needed.,Upgrading the ITSM software should be easier.,8,Less incidents following changes Better coordination and understanding of assets and relationships.,Dynatrace Data Center Real-User Monitoring, CA NetQoS Performance Center, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor,1000,4,Work Requests Incident Management Change Management,Integrated the Discovery and Dependency Mapping software to populate ITSM,Expand/continue to implement Configuration management,8,Not Sure,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,7,No,7,No,Yes, but I don't use it,7
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BMC Helix ITSM combines the latest in digital and cognitive automation technologies to transform best-practice ITSM principles you’ve come to appreciate from Remedy, enabling you to provide superior service management across multi-cloud environments that is intelligent and predictive.

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