Formstack is an online form building solution. Its drag-and-drop web form creator gives digital marketers a tool for online data collection and engagement. Users can collect payments and pass form data to popular marketing apps through third-party integrations. With Formstack, users can capture responses, store the information and share it with their teams. is Solid in SaaS Data CollectionI have used Formstack with multiple organizations I have volunteered and consulted with over the past five years. Some of the uses include: Event registration data collection and payments with PayPal for High Performance driving eventsEvent registration and payment collection for various charitable and non-profit eventsFannie Mae form 1003 data collection for the loan origination processSmall merchandise sales and order fulfillmentSalesforce and general 'form' data collection and request processesIn all but one case, each of my use cases and experience with Formstack has been connecting and integrating it with WordPress sites. My driving reason for using Formstack was the ability to easily connect to WordPress and begin the collecting and routing of end-user data.,Formstack integrates very well with WordPress. A simple plug-in install and any WordPress site is ready to begin collecting data. Formstack has a plethora of options for the actual routing of data. Not only can you store data in the FormStack cloud for future retrieval, you have the ability to route the data to your own email, others email (for confirmation), or integrate with Google Docs The management and flow process of forms is quite advanced. From calculations to conditional based logic, Formstack is capable of quite advanced, quasi-'systems' type data routing. This makes data collecting and the conditional collecting of data (i.e. if this, then collect that) very easy,Formstack is missing what I might consider some major integrations: it has Salesforce, but no NetSuite; it has Google Apps, but no Office 365 While the data routing options are impressive, one area that would be incredible would be the integration or data feeding of third party databases. For example, if data collected could be pushed to another cloud-based on on-premise PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server instance, the ability to use the collected data with other integrated systems would be incredible. In my opinion, Formstack can be a little pricey in the tiers. For not much money you can get into the service, but it's easy to quickly run out of space and need to jump to a more expensive tier,9,Using Formstack, I have been able to - on multiple occasions - stand up professional quality, web-based, data and payment collecting applications in literally days and not weeks. The "time to live" using Formstack is incredible. With a Formstack account, you will find yourself often using it to "collect data." The simplicity combined with the professionalism makes it a go-to choice over alternatives such as email and manual data collection, or even SharePoint lists or shared Google Docs,,10,Implemented in-house,10,10,10Simple, Effective and AffordableSeveral years ago, we grew tired of using development time to create what were, in most cases, simple forms. Although some divisions of the University would use Survey Monkey from time to time, we wanted to choose a product that was simple enough to use that would serve most of the usual needs around campus. We were impressed with the simplicity of Formstack's product for our end users, but also appreciated their integration modules, service and pricing. We currently have over 800 forms that have been created. Having a tool available for the entire Butler community has normalized our form-building processes and freed up technical resources for more challenging projects. The credit card integration was a huge win as well. It is no longer "rocket science" to get a department setup with credit card processing, even for smaller initiatives. The integration enabled us to take what used to be a major headache and turn it into a no-brainer. We've also appreciated how Formstack has involved us in their feedback loop and listened to our suggestions for product improvement. They are also a local company, which is an added bonus. We get to support a local vendor and can meet face-to-face if it is ever required.,Simple interface. They have created the tool to enable form building via several different methods, depending on how a person wishes to work. You can choose elements, then modify them to add them to a form. Or, you can simply drag and drop them where you want them. You can even choose from templates or a wizard to get you started. The tool couldn't be simpler to use. Reliability. We can't think of a single time that Formstack has not been available. With extremely rare exception, any time we have a submission or process issue, it's usually due to something we've done incorrectly or because one of our systems dropped the ball. The good people at Formstack seem to genuinely care about making their product better all the time. We are told about or shown new features, or proposed features, several times a year. In fact, they will often let us experiment with features before they unleash it system wide. They value our feedback and we feel that we've actually played a small part in shaping what Formstack has become. Price. Compared to other form tools, Formstack is very reasonably priced. The analysis and reporting tools are not nearly as robust as some other large, extensible survey products. But, if you're just trying to get out of the form business and provide a solid platform to your users for building forms and surveys, this is a good option.,Online "stores." Formstack did away with their store module some time ago and replaced it with a form field type that is really better suited to events than products. If you're trying to build out an entire online catalog of products that may have various colors, sizes, styles, etc. Formstack is NOT the tool to use. However, if you just have a FEW items you wish to make available for sale, that can be done fairly well with a little effort and know-how. Although Formstack is infinitely more customizable style-wise with it's graphic templates and CSS tools (much more so than, say, Google Forms), it is sometimes challenging to get granular control over certain form elements--even WITH a CSS guru on staff. As long as you're willing to say "close enough" and not get TOO picky, you can certainly create beautiful forms and surveys that complement your branding or graphic design elements. Reporting and analytics. If you're looking for Qualtrics-like reporting, you won't find that here. You can certainly get base stats such as usage, geolocation, aggregate survey results, abandonment points and comparative graphs. But if you're a real data nerd who wants microscopic data analysis, you'll likely be disappointed.,9,It's hard to measure this, but when we consider the amount of forms created in Formstack, compared to how rare it is for someone to contact us with a form question now, I'd say choosing Formstack has a been a HUGE win for us. With Formstack's online and phone support, we only have to answer questions when it comes to specific integrations with our own customizations and systems. Many of our forms are used to actually collect registrations for events, receive payments for events and items as well as collect data from prospects of various colleges and programs. Specific ROI data is unavailable at this time, but these forms have been a key component of successful conversions of all kinds around campus.,SurveyMonkey,Wufoo,Zoho Creator,1,2,10,10High Level of Functionality and Integration without the need for a degree in ProgrammingWe use Formstack across two departments for both our annual season subscription pre-sale orders as well as more regularly as a tool to manage our volunteer sign-ups for upcoming performances, lost & found reporting, and volunteer inquiries. Formstack has allowed us to easily integrate some of these items on to pages of our website such as the lost and found reporting and volunteer inquiries. The volunteer sign-ups are now a much more efficient system given our needs and make it both easy for our volunteers to fill out, especially given that many of them are older and not as technically savvy, and quick for our volunteer coordinator to download and assign performances. Overall, it is a relatively inexpensive system but can help with several functions.,Formstack has a very user friendly interface for setting up the forms/surveys. A lot of the items are easy to drop in and customize for basic users. The terminology is very straight forward. For more intermediate to advanced users, there is a lot more functionality that can open up and the ability to incorporate responsive forms is great. The shorter a form is or appears to the person filling it out is beneficial, and Formstack allows you to show only applicable fields rather than having fields that are present that someone has to skip over. The integration with 3rd party systems is also pretty easy to manage. I also utilize Formstack for a non-profit I volunteer for and there, we have Formstack synced to Google Docs for some data hosting and Constant Contact for our email host and had no trouble connecting the systems and even customizing some filtered email lists.,As I stated in one of my pros, Formstack integrates well with Google Docs for data hosting. The reason why we utilize this is because there is not an easy table view of data in Formstack. You can view each complete entry separately or you can view charts and averages, but it's not easy to reference otherwise. There isn't an easy way to undo when creating/editing forms. There have been a few occasions where I have accidentally deleted a portion of credit card information and have had to delete all of the rest and reinsert and connect the elements. Managing the themes can sometimes be tough to do as there isn't a clear 'preview' option for that screen and you have to toggle back and refresh a form to see how it will layout on the page and go back and forth a bit to determine the best look/fit.,9,Formstack has given us a much more streamlined system for volunteer inquiries and lost and found. The forms populate our spreadsheets directly so we don't have to spend time transcribing and responding immediately with the "we're on it" message. We have the time and focus to be able to follow up only once we have an update. It has saved a lot of time there. Formstack is much more user friendly than the old Drupal system we were using for our volunteer sign-ups. As a result, our Volunteer Coordinator is able to not only turn out the updated form more quickly but she is also able to provide additional detail in the options to our volunteers and track these details without it having to include a lengthy notes section at the end of the forms.,Drupal,4,10Formstack, the Legos of the form world, lets you create attractive forms with simple building blocks.We used multiple instances of Formstack on the company website. I handled all our web design, so I was the primary user, but Formstack is simple enough anyone could use it. I created both simple comment forms and tech support requests, as well as more complicated financial applications.,Simple drag and drop creation makes it very easy to create and reorganize forms. Frequently used fields are already available, but you can create any field you need in seconds. You can have a form that combines single field questions, with multiple choice or even conditional logic. You can create A and B versions of your form and analytics give you an easy way to assess which form is getting a better response. The forms are very easy to brand.,I never ran into any problems using formstack. I only wish the rest of plugins were this user friendly.,10,Increased response time on technical support and customer service requests Allowed customers to apply for financing after business hours Gave us a way to poll our clients about product satisfaction,,3,2,10,Drag and drop creation Ability to easily mix types of questions such as single field, multiple choice etc Allows forms to be sent to multiple email address. Confirmation email allows links, so you can provide clients with requested documents. Clients can be redirected to any web address after filling out the form. Formstack hosts form and provides html so you can embed it in your own website. Formstack provides multiple color themes to match any website.,None, it's all easy.,10Formstack in Higher Education AdmissionMultiple offices across our campus utilize Formstack to meet their needs from the alumni office using a form to manage registration for alumni events, the student life office for roommate pairing to the admission office for visitor registration. We've currently maxed out our number of users under the Manager level (10 users). This is a good problem as it shows that the form building process is intuitive enough to allow multiple users to manage their own forms with only a bit of training. We have a few users that are admins where some have only access to certain forms. This benefit has been helpful in managing our users. For the basic users - those that just need to log in from time to time to access new submissions or to make minor changes to forms - the latest update has been pretty helpful to that end. For the more advanced users, there are excellent features that both add the ability to analyze form submission trends as well as to build more advanced features (like tracking progress, form saving, email kick-backs, etc.). Only minor critique: sporadically, a notification email will not be sent when a form is submitted. Very sporadically but enough that it isn't a "fool-proof" process if you only rely on the notification email rather than logging in to check for new submissions.,Ease of use - basic users can get the hang of it pretty quickly. Advanced features - those that want to make "fancier" forms can do so. Flexibility - can be used to meet a variety of needs in a variety of different situations.,Consistency - some sporadic issues of notification emails not being sent.,10,Positive - ability to analyze submission trends - e.g. when a marketing email is sent, looking at increased form viewing and submissions in relation to the sending of the campaign. Immediate response - those that submit forms receive immediate response that their form has been submitted.,10,Adding new fields Modifying existing fields Setting up kick-back emails and notifications,More advanced features like conditional logic (more about the user, though),Yes,10Formstack The Fix-All For Your Online Form Needs!Formstack is being used in several areas of our company. Mainly we use it to allow for our representatives to walk prospective students through our admissions application form. We also use it to allow our field representatives the ability to order items from our main campus. Finally we use it for odds and ends. For instance, if we need a form for our parents to fill out letting us know that they want photos from a recent graduation. If you need a form for anything Formstack is a GREAT TOOL.,Ability to create a professional looking form in a matter of minutes. Saves time and allows me to work on other pressing issues. Simple user interface with Drag & Drop technology. The simpler the better! Seamless ability to work with other companies using the Integration Hub . Allowing us the ability to add documents, and get our forms signed online.,I have not seen any weaknesses, for a novice user it may seem a little overwhelming, especially when dealing with the integration hub.,10,We are able to have a faster enrollment process with this system. Instead of waiting on UPS we can now do everything online! When an issue arises and we need a fast form, we can always rely on Formstack!,10Formstack used to collect customer data for program fulfillmentI work at a startup organization that provides online marketing solutions to our customers. I had tried a number of online survey applications before to gather customer data for fulfillment after the sales process had closed but Formstack seemed to be the most user friendly and robust application that met our needs. At peak, we had about 75 active forms that collected information for each of our programs. The workflow was built so that once a customer signed their electronic contract through our CRM, a Formstack form would automatically be sent to them asking for business information that pertained to their specific marketing program. When that was filled out, it would go to the fulfillment team. Very easy application to use and quick to put a form together.,Quick to put a form together Easy to learn Reporting data is useful to learn about engagement and what could be modified,10,Cheap to subscribe Seamless for the customer to use Quick turnaround to build a form,10FormStack vs. Free Form Creation ToolsOur HR team implemented Formstack as an online application and resume submission. Our internal softball team used Formstack to recruit new members and decide on t-shirt designs. I implemented Formstack as customer satisfaction surveys for each of our 20+ products and services. I found that Formstack allowed me to easily create a user friendly survey which I could customize to match the look and feel of our software products. I was able to easily conduct basic analysis of data and also export to our own application for complex analysis.,Basic data analysis through automatically generated charts and graphs Easy export to third party applications Organization of forms and surveys in folders Simple and easy form creation and customization,Organization of questions in lengthy surveys Data validation,8,Better Customer Service Increased Customer Communication Faster Response Time to Customer Concerns Reliable Data,SurveyMonkey,Google Forms,7Exceptional API for quick and easy webform creation.We utilized Formstack as a print submission tool. I suggested Formstack as more user friendly alternative to the Xerox XJT submission and management tools that we were initially utilizing when I came on board. The order form that I created was tailored to specific departmental requirements and used across the entire organization, including both our internal and external offices/personnel.,Formstack's conditional logic allows the form manager to create multiple click-paths for end-users to navigate per their specific order or inquiry. If set up properly, this allows for a less befuddling experience for the client/customer by displaying only pertinent options. The interface at both ends is intuitive and requires no coding knowledge. The API continues to evolve. Formstack is continually adding features that are quick-and-easy to integrate.,The customer support is far from stellar but not terrible. Also, Formstack should offer around-the-clock support. The payment process is a bit messy. The API is quite buggy in Internet Explorer.,9,Formstack facilitated a transformation from a generic API to one that was very particular to our organization. With Formstack, I was able to create an intuitive interface specific to each of our end-users (as an order form). After testing, it was the exclusive means whereby an end-user could submit an order. This increased operational efficiency by greatly reducing phone orders and, by specifying options and limiting permissions per user, allowing jobs to go in to production earlier.,,9,7Formstack, the perfect beginners form managing tool!We use Formstack to collect payments and interest forms. We are selling and running multiple events at one time. Right now it is being used by part of the organization while the other part uses a different form website. Formstack makes gathering data continuously very easy. The integration with Google Docs is the best part because our organization uses google docs frequently.,Integrating data into Google Docs Makes creating and managing forms very user friendly Makes choosing between different options very easy, you do not need to be a computer whiz to manage forms Moving parts of the form around and changing the order,Customer support is not great Does limit your options sometimes but that is partly what it is easy to use Integration errors,7,Sorting data Analyzing data can be done instantaneously through google doc spreadsheets Forms are easy for potential clients to use,,9,6Formstack Fan 2014Formstack is used as a survey tool for inter-office decisions and for Marketing purposes. It is used across the entire organization, and it addresses the issues of having to send copious amounts of emails to get people's opinion, one formstack can solve this issue in 10 minutes or less, it is very convenient.,Helps decision-making process more time efficient Keeps data all in one place I love the export option into Excel, very convenient!,I think the "building your own form" function could be a little more user friendly. I think the Conditional Logic function may be too complex for many users.,9,Increased employee efficiency Major time saver,,9Product ReviewFormstack is used by multiple departments in my organization. I mainly use it to gather volunteer interest and collect volunteer contact information, but other departments use it as a tool to gauge feedback about our nationwide advocacy efforts, organize travel logistics for participants and collect audition materials for our Honor Ensembles. All of the departments that use Formstack (Events, Marketing, Development, Finance) have used Formstack to survey our participants and gain valuable feedback about our organization.,I like that you can embed Formstack forms into pre-existing web pages I like that Formstack allows you to archive forms without having to delete the data Formstack does a good job of analyzing your form's data into an easy-to-read format through the use of graphs, charts and metrics Formstack has a very user-friendly interface by not overwhelming any one page with too much information,When exporting data, there should be a way to only export select fields and a way to organize this custom data before it exports to a CSV file. I wish that Formstack prompted you to include both a confirmation page and follow up email for each form. I sometimes miss including these features because they are located on the Settings page instead of the Build page of a form. I would like to be able to embed a pdf file into a Formstack form, or at least embed the link to one. I would like to be able to set up a form so that it only sends me a notification email if a certain selection has been made within the form.,10,We are able to easily collect volunteer interest forms and in turn use the data collected on Formstack to schedule volunteers at our events. By using Formstack as a survey tool, we have been able to better serve our participants by providing them with an opportunity to give us their feedback in a quick, easy-to-use format.,Wufoo,Adobe FormsCentral,Google Drive,10
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126 Ratings
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Score 8.2 out of 101

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Score 9 out of 10
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Our user base has come to rely on Formstack to get forms done. The Formstack tools make it easy to start from scratch or copy an existing form to "quick start" a new, similar form. The price is right and frees up IT staff to do more transformative work.
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Score 9 out of 10
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Formstack makes it very easy to update and reuse forms as you have alternate uses for them that are similar to prior projects. If you know what you need and don't want to build it from scratch, you can take a previous form you've built or a template they have offered and start there.
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Score 10 out of 10
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It's been great so far. Our only decision might be to increase our account as we are consistently running up to our limit of 100 forms. It would be nice to have a plan between 100 and 1000 forms that might be better suited to small businesses/non-profits of our size.
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Score 9 out of 10
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Formstack offers an excellent webform API but the billing/payment and support sides of the business could use improvements. Also, the compatibility issues with Internet Explorer should be addressed considering that the end-user should be at liberty to use whatever browser that they are comfortable with.
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Score 7 out of 10
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I would renew Formstack personally. Unfortunately I do not make that decision at our organization. I believe we are switching to a product that offers more, possibly more advanced than Formstack. Formstack is a great way to ease into form managing and now that we are all familiar we may be moving to something with more options.
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July 25, 2014

Formstack Fan 2014

Score 9 out of 10
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Formstack is, when it comes down to it, a very useful tool for many many reasons. It is incredibly easy to use (for people taking the survey), looks professional, and saves a lot of time on the research end of things, as well as the administrative end of things (compiling data, that sort of business).
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July 25, 2014

Product Review

Score 10 out of 10
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We use Formstack for many different reasons and across company departments. The fact that one product can serve so many different purposes proves it is a tool we won't be giving up anytime soon. We as an organization utilize Formstack to do many different things, but mostly to provide the best possible customer service to our participants. Also, the nonprofit discount is a big plus for a relatively small NPO like us!
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Survey templates (50)
Themes (54)
Custom logo/branding (55)
Changes to live survey (50)
Question design help (1)
Multiple question types (55)
Survey logic flexibility (55)
Response tracking (1)
Data export (56)
Standard reports (53)
Custom reports (46)
Analytics (1)
Access controls (53)
Compliance (47)
Vendor-offered crowdsourcing (1)
Respondent restrictions (1)

About Formstack

Formstack is a cloud-based online form building solution designed to help organizations build powerful web forms without any coding knowledge.

The form builder serves over 500,000 people in 112 countries. Users can embed mobile-friendly forms on their websites and social media profiles to capture leads, gather feedback from customers and employees, collect online payments, and much more.

The platform integrates with over 50 web applications, including apps for CRM management, email marketing, payment processing, and document management.

Formstack offers a specialized Workflows product that helps users turn time-consuming processes into seamless digital workflows. Users can track their workflows across departments, and use special analytics tools to identify system and communication bottlenecks.

Other product offerings include conversion rate optimization tools for marketers and HIPAA compliance for healthcare and HR users.

Formstack Features

Survey Format & Appearance Features
Has featureOnline surveys
Does not have featurePaper surveys
Does not have featurePhone surveys
Has featureSurvey templates
Has featureSurvey library
Has featureThemes
Has featureCustom logo/branding
Does not have featureSingle page survey
Has featureProgression bar
Has featureResponsive design
Survey Content Features
Has featureMultimedia content
Has featureDrag-and-drop editor
Has featureChanges to live survey
Does not have featureQuestion bank
Does not have featureQuestion design help
Has featureMultiple question types
Has featureMatrix questions
Has featureTranslation/multi-lingual
Survey Logic Features
Has featureSurvey logic flexibility
Has featureResponse requirement/validation
Has featureSkip logic
Has featureConditional questions
Has featureQuestion branching
Does not have featurePiping logic
Does not have featureRandomization
Survey Reporting & Analytics Features
Does not have featureResponse tracking
Has featureData export
Does not have featureReal-time results
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports
Has featureVisualizations
Does not have featureAnalytics
Survey Integrations Features
Has featureCRM Integration
Has featureSocial media integration
Has featureE-commerce integration
Does not have featureTestimonials widget
Survey Automation Features
Has featureNotifications and alerts
Has featureCalendar/scheduling
Has featureFollow-up emails
Survey Distribution Features
Has featureIn-tool invites
Does not have featureEmail distribution
Has featureCross-channel distribution
Does not have featureCustom survey URLs
Has featureEmbeddable surveys
Does not have featureSite intercept surveys
Has feature360 Degree feedback
Has featureAnonymous responses
Does not have featureVendor-offered crowdsourcing
Has featureUnlimited questions per survey
Has featureUnlimited responses per survey
Does not have featureRespondent restrictions
Survey Administration & Security Features
Has featureMultiple users
Has featureAccess controls
Has featureCompliance

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Formstack Integrations

Act-On Software, Authorize.Net, AWeber, Batchbook, Box, Campaign Monitor, Capsule CRM, Chargify, Constant Contact, Dropbox, Drupal, Dwolla, Emma, FirstData, FreshBooks, Google Analytics, Google Drive, GoToWebinar, HelpSpot, Highrise, HubSpot, iContact, Infusionsoft by Keap, Mailchimp, OneDrive, Pardot, Pipedrive, Slack, Stripe, Trello, TypePad, WePay, WordPress, Xero, Zapier, Zendesk, WebMerge, BriteVerify, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Beanstream, Email Center Pro, Microsoft Excel, Facebook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Sheets, PayPal, PayPal Payflow, PayPal Pro, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Salesforce Desk, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Twitter

Formstack Competitors

Wufoo, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, JotForm, 123FormBuilder (formerly 123ContactForm), 123FormBuilder (formerly 123ContactForm), 123FormBuilder (formerly 123ContactForm)


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Silver$39All Base Features + 5 Users
Gold$99/moAll Base Features + Facebook Tab Embed + Salesforce & HubSpot Integrations + 100 Forms + 10,000 Submissions + 10 Users
Platinum$249/moAll Base Features + Facebook Tab Embed + Salesforce & HubSpot Integrations + Priority Support + 1,000 Forms + 100,000 Submissions + 25 Users
Bronze$19/moAll base features + 1 User

We also offer a variety of Add-on features: Workflows, Conversion Kit, Portals, Approvals

Formstack Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Social Media

Formstack Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Mobile Web
Supported Countries:All
Supported Languages: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese