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Best Time Tracking Software include:

Toggl, Teamwork Projects, TSheets, Harvest, Kronos Workforce Ready, and Ceridian Dayforce.

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Time Tracking Software Overview

What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software applications are used to record and analyze employee, contractor and consultant time spent on jobs and tasks. These applications will often include the capability to generate invoices based on the time spent on client-related activities. Some HR management platforms , workforce management software and project management software products have a robust time tracking component and are therefore included in this category. Some examples are:

At a basic level, they track employee names with dates/times worked, replacing paper timesheets and/or expense reports. Depending on the complexity of the tool - whether it is designed for freelancers, small teams, or large hierarchical organizations - it may track additional parameters. These can include pay rate, location, department, project, etc.

More complex tools may also offer project management features, and/or integrations with third-party software such as:

  • project management

  • professional services automation

  • expense management

  • CRM

  • Payroll

  • accounting systems

Mobile functionality is especially important for tracking employee time at multiple locations, or with remote workers and contractors.

Use Cases Based on Company Size

Time tracking products designed for use by freelancers frequently include timers, notifications, or productivity reports designed to help them manage their time efficiently. These tools also give individuals the ability to create simple invoices and collect payments through the app.

Time tracking products designed for teams usually include reports to help managers understand how employee time is spent, generate accurate project estimates, and allocate resources.

Time tracking products designed for enterprise-size companies usually include policy compliance mechanisms, to enforce company policies about overtime, expenses, etc. They also typically integrate to payroll software for more accurate, automatic project-based payments.

Features & Capabilities

Not all vendors offer the same breadth of features, however, these are some common time tracking software capabilities:

  • Employee time tracking

  • Employee scheduling

  • Employee GPS tracking

  • Employee paid time off (PTO) tracking

  • Automated employee reminders

  • Overtime tracking and alerts

  • Time-per-task analysis

  • Project tracking

  • Reporting

  • Invoice generation

  • Mobile application

  • Integrations (e.g. with payroll, accounting, and HR management software)

  • Labor law compliance

Pricing Information

Most vendors offer a free trial of their product which typically lasts between 14 days and one month. Time tracking solutions are priced on a monthly subscription model, per active user. Prices for plans generally range between $5 and $15 per month per user.

However, larger HR management, workforce management, or project management software suites may be more expensive than time tracking point solutions.

Time Tracking Products

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Redcort Virtual TimeClock
Virtual TimeClock from Redcort Software in Clovis, California is a time tracking and attendance option.
InfoTronics Attendance Enterprise
InfoTronics in Michigan offers Attendance Enterprise, a time tracking and attendance option.
TimeWorks Mobile
TimeWorks Mobile is a time and attendance offering from SwipeClock in South Jordan, Utah, designed for a mobile workforce or for managing remote employees.
Dovico Timesheet
Dovico Timesheet, from Canadian company Dovico Software is time tracking software with expense tracking features.
Cronforce is a time tracking and expense management platform from the company of the same name headquartered in Germany.
Chime is a time tracking software that allows users to automatically record time spent working and to generate professional invoices. It fits freelancers, hourly workers, small businesses as well as big companies. It’s useful for those who get paid per hour and also those who just want to keep recor…
Workpuls is an employee management platform with time tracking capabilities, which allows employers to increase employees’ productivity based on insights about how they spend time at work. The software provides managers with real-time data on app and website usage, as well as on project progress. T…
Square Employee Management
Square Employee Management is an employee time tracking system, with additional features like cash and tip reconciliation management, sales tracking, and a reporting system, from Square headquartered in San Francisco.
Senomix Timesheets
Senomix Timesheets is a time tracking and attendance tool from Canadian company Senomix Software.
CavinHR is a time tracking and attendance solution with light performance management features built in, from Cavintek headquartered in California.
TimeWorksPlus is a time & attendance offering from SwipeClock in South Jordan, Utah.
PARiM from the UK company of the same name is a light workforce management application especially for small teams, or companies offering HR services, featuring make-your-own-rota employee delegation and mobile field user access and login.
Flapps is time tracking software from the company of the same name in New York.
Zip Clock
Zip Clock is a time tracking / time & attendance software offering owned and supported by Altametrics in Costa Mesa, California.
Where's my Staff
Where's my Staff is a web/mobile application "SaaS" that aims to substitute attendance machines. It is NFC based technology that already exists in mobile phones, and is designed to convert employees' smart phones into their personal identity cards. This solution can be further used as a location det…
Reflexis ONE
Reflexis ONE is a retail execution and workforce solution featuring budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling. Instead of having store managers build and tweak schedules, Reflexis ONE provides store managers with an optimized schedule based on employee availability and store performance/demand data.
ONEMINT is a payroll and HCM solution that promises the following benefits/differentiators: One system: a true single database Flexible: a cloud-based delivery model Automated: workflows, rules provisioning and process decision automate costly manual workloads Mobile Data first: The right data, to …
On-Time Web
On-Time Web is employee timesheet software that includes employee time tracking, employee leave tracking and project tracking functionality.
Timepot aims to make time tracking simple. The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution makes it easy for workers to track time and gives companies full control over billable hours, so they can grow smarter through clearly knowing their team profits. Instead of a daily list of tasks, users …
Connecteam Mobile App Launch Pad
Connecteam offers companies an easy, fast, and comprehensive way to manage deskless employees successfully for free. Connecteam offers managers a unique mobile app Launch Pad that is desktop based. The Launch Pad lets managers create a fully branded employee app in 15 minutes and share it with the…
SmartLinx Solutions
SmartLinx Solutions offers a workforce management suite that includes applicant tracking, staff schedule optimization, time and attendance, human resources, payroll, employee self-service, business analytics, licensing and training management, ACA compliance management, mobility, and time clocks, of…
AttendanceBot is a time, absence and leave tracking and requesting Slackbot (i.e. a bot that works in Slack) from Anaek, a small company headquartered in New Delhi.
PurelyHR is leave management software for small to medium-sized businesses. The software allows you to track your staff’s leave requests and approvals, as well as streamline your company's diverse time off policies and hierarchies. According to the vendor, Time-Off will take care of your accruals,…
ClockShark, headquartered in Chico, offers their time tracking app for mobile workforces in construction and related industries, featuring geofencing, web punch-in and punch-out, a mobile app that can be used as a time station kiosk, and other features.
A cloud based selfie attendance management with face detection and Geo tagging.