HootSuite Enterprise provides a centralized platform for managing streams from different social media channels and posting/ engaging across channels simultaneously. It also has strong team / workflow features and good mobile apps. Review for those who do not 'do' social media for a livingWe are a small consulting business. I am the sole user and I use it to co-ordinate my outgoing communications across LinkedIn's various groups, Facebook & Twitter,Easy to send and schedule - once you figure out where you do it from. The instructions for scheduling are straightforward The Hootlet on my Chrome toolbar has increased efficiency with communicating interesting web links being easy to spread It is easy to add LinkedIn groups to a communication message, again, once you have done it once or twice (first time was a bit tricky) The link shrinking is a good feature - saves having to go to,I find it is not as intuitive as I thought it should be, although easy once you know how (& remember how!). I found myself guessing where stuff might be and some things still baffle me! As it is not my 'day job', I can only spend so much time trying to uncover the benefits. The vertical slider is very narrow. A small issue but an irritating one! I notice this is a trend on software but I don't like it. My Windows vertical slider on my screen now at 3 to 4 mm (1/8th of an inch) is a lot easier to control. I find the whole 'streams' concept a bit confusing and don't know what to do with it other than look at it. I might be a bit of a social media laggard but I find myself in the 'one way' (outgoing) communication stream - and don't know how to readily respond to others. Adding new LinkedIn groups is a bit of a hit and miss challenge. I have to remember which screen to go to (which reminds me, I will have to do this again soon). It would be good for Hootsuite to reach out to LinkedIn and offer me to sign up those groups which I am not using through Hootsuite rather than wait for me to go through another screen (when I find it!) and to this. I would like to have the option of grouping LinkedIn groups so that I could short cut selecting groups for particular messages. For example, I am a member of a number of Australian based groups, as well as HR groups, Insolvency groups, Restructuring groups, Business Owner groups. It would be good to have the ability to 'group' the groups to save time posting. The posting process is not a check box but you click on the link and it disappears and reappears in the links to be posted to. Again, a bit of a challenge the first time to intuitively know how this works.,7,1,I use it to reduce my stress of feeling that I should be communicating. It has achieved that to a large extent as I have increased my knowledge of how it works. I can't say I have obtained any direct leads from it but I notice that my postings are getting some traction which is good It is the usual '100 hours' to learn the software. I find most software - even relatively simple to use software like Hootsuite, still requires a level of trial and error and study - oh and mistakes!,,9,8,5,6Enterprising!It's being used by the corporate social media team along with the social media admins from our regional hospitals and service lines.,Publishing to multiple channels Scheduling in advance Content library,It would be nice to be able to add more streams to a page for monitoring. Sometimes have difficulty with geo targeting of search results,9,25,Employee efficiency Social care/customer service Better engagement,Sprout Social,9,2,Publishing Engagement Social Care,Love the content library for creating standard messaging that creates consistency across the organization when it comes to social care. The integration of Nexgate Social Patrol for security to monitor for potential HIPAA or PHI violations Reports on team performance,Further development of the content library for use developing drafts for campaigns that can then be approved before publishing The ability to publish photo galleries Native integration of Instagram and the ability to geotarget Instgram search The ability to monitor competitor and/or industry social channels,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation,I don't think we'd change anything. The reality is that there are many platforms and tools that are available for social media monitoring and engagement. It seems like there is a new one every day. Some of them have good features that are similar to Hootsuite. The difference in my mind is Hootsuite's experience and reputation. They are clearly an established leader that continues to innovate.,No,9,Yes,Standard reports Adding social channels Making assignments to team members Scheduling posts,Integration with LinkedIn is not the best. Not sure where the issue lies, but I can't use the Hootlet tool to schedule a post because it doesn't properly import the picture for the post.,Yes,9,10,8,10,10,Hootsuite took the time to learn about our specific needs related to the channels we utilize and the industry in which we work. They provided several potential solutions and variations from which we could choose. We were able to then provide feedback on what we needed and didn't need when it came to the various features like training, crisis management simulations, scanning for any channels related to our company and price.,Don't be afraid to negotiate. Hootsuite is very willing to work with you to create a custom solution that will meet your specific needs. And, the solution can scale as you grow or your needs change or expand. For instance, you don't have to start with a custom training or education solution. The Hootsuite Enterprise comes with access to Hootsuite Universities extensive library of video training. But, if at a later time you want to implement any of their additional custom training, you can do that. And, it's easy to add seats to the platform as your team grows, or as you expand use throughout your organization.HootSuite as one of the leading Social Media management platformsEffective overview of Social Media environment thanks to the well-developed dashboard and customization options. Good tracking & monitoring capabilities thanks to the simplicity of adding required data (tweet) streams. Easy-to-use communication capabilties. The highly intuitive HootSuite dashboard makes it very easy for users to publish new content, and reply to other users, on various different platforms, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Integrated link shortener. Effective & customized KPI reports that offer good first overview of business performance with an additional option to integrate your Google Analytics account.,Competitor analysis could be improved in the future. At the moment, HootSuite is lacking superior capabilities around tracking competitor performance. Access to historical data is rather limited, but this is a common issue for most of the tools in this category.,Increased social media community that generates more leads can be partially attributed to the integration of HootSuite into our business activities.,9,,9,2,Social Media management Communication "Buzz" monitoring,9,,Implemented in-house,9,Online training Self-taught,8,From my personal experience and the experience collected from other clients, including complete newcomers, there are no big issues encountered in learning this tool. In case some tips & tricks are necessary, most of answers can be found on the web.,No,8,8,10,9,Integration with Google Analytics may be done in the future, and this is already supported by HootSuite.,Clients considering Pro and Enterprise plans can negotiate on different topics, including how many users are going to work with the tools; what kind of support is necessary; and the amount of credits required to track the data via analytics reports. For this reason, it is advisable to decide exactly how the tool will be used before engaging into a firm business relationship. Bear in mind that you have an option to try things out with a trial account, so use this trial wisely!.HootSuite's EffectivenessIt schedules tweets very well and provides very thorough analytics data. However, they need to improve their abilities to schedule posts to other networking sites.,It doesn't do a great job of scheduling posts for sites other than Twitter. Other than Twitter, posts tend to have less impact and aren't created the way you imagine.,8,2,I'm able to really get an understanding on what tweets are having an impact with my brand's customers.,2,This product allows my brand to schedule tweets for Twitter and analyze their performance.,8,,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,Yes, everything with this site is very self explanatory.,5,10,10,8,I would like to integrate Pinterest with it, but so far they haven't offered such integration.,Hootsuite doesn't offer much room for negotiating, but their terms are pretty acceptable. I suggest going with the pro plan if you intend to analyze your campaign's performance.Great Tool - Publishing & SearchPublishes content at scheduled times. Allows me to monitor search results, multiple at a time. Gives me the ease of switching platforms across various brands without logging in and out of channels.,Freezes occasionally.,10,4,Time savings Freedom of publishing content Monitoring of brand mention/context on Twitter (SCRM),2,10,,Implemented in-house,9,Self-taught,It was easy for me to learn. They have online tutorials for anyone seeking training.,No,10,9,8,9,VinTank.,Did not negotiate terms but I did sign up early so my pricing is very cheap.Hootsuite Enterprise for Social Media AgencyAutomating the posting of content across various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.). It would take a very long time to do this manually. We would have to write our own software and figure out the APIs to do this any other way.,The reporting didn't work particularly well for our clients' needs. Most of our clients were paying too little to warrant in-depth reporting, so it wasn't really a big issue. There are a lot of great reporting modules that our clients just couldn't take advantage of due to their small size. There is a limit (200) on how "tabs" one user can create. This hasn't yet been an issue but it may end up being one. Not much else. It's solid.,Automation of monitoring and posting results in a lot of time and labor savings. We're able to leverage employees at a lower base via the team infrastructure and security levels.,9,10,10,2,Automation of social media account monitoring and content posting for 200+ small business clients.,,,Implemented in-house,9,Online training Self-taught,10,It's pretty intuitive. Getting setup is the toughest part, but it's not terribly difficult.,Yes,10,9,10,9,Google Docs would be great since we build our content calendars using a Google Docs template provided by Hootsuite. It would save us a lot of time exporting and importing batches of content for each client. Pinterest,,We had an initial trial of a couple of months to be sure we could work with the software before committing to a full year. That was great!HootSuite Pro ReviewHandles multiple accounts and platforms with ease. Reduces my time logging in and out of several accounts and improves my productivity.,Sometimes the Twitter API stalls or slows the updating of data.,10,1,There is no such thing as a quantifiable ROI with social media.,1,Social Media productivity. Ease of listening, responding, engaging.,10,,Implemented in-house,10,Online training Self-taught,10,Yes, I taught myself most of the process.,No,10,10,10,9,No.,All spelled out online. No sales hype, no salesperson. Simple.HootSuite and Social Media MarketingWe are using HootSuite to manage our social media marketing. We love the fact that it can post to multiple sites simultaneously and provide invaluable insights.,Post simultaneously to multiple sites Schedule posts Manage multiple sites,There was a time when linked posts were very difficult to manage, but it was resolved within a few weeks,10,1,We've seen an increase in followers Since its so easy to use, and time saving, managing social media isn't a challenge anymore,10,8,10,4,8,9HootSuite ReviewFeatures that seem to work well: Monitoring conversations in real time. Scheduling automatic post. Team management.,When posting across several platforms their can be considerable delays. At times there are system outages.,Direct contact with targeted audience. Staff knowledge of advantages of the system has increased which has led to measurable productivity. Brand awareness.,9,9,12,8,Under the recruiting umbrella it allowed for us to compose the "Iron Triangle" which is the alignment of three different departments. Also, to monitor and engage our audience in an effective manner. Lastly, the collaborative tool that allows for the assignment of task.,,Implemented in-house,9,Self-taught,Training is a MUST and a lot of things will be missed if training is not conducted. Training builds confidence and efficiency with the product!,No,9,8,9,9,Not at this time.,,Internal approval for two years. Signed a one year contract with GSA pricing.Scheduling and analytics both very strong.Scheduling capability is excellent Analytics package is also very strong. Allows us to share detailed campaign performance metrics with our clients. Channel reach is also a key feature. We can post once to five or six channels at the same time which is a huge time saver.,Biggest issue for us right now is the Excel bulk up-loader. Our client firms typically build out content for the month. They share the content with us and we modify and improve it and then schedule out discrete posts on different channels for the month. The easiest way to get client data for the month is to use the bulk up-loader which brings in all of their content in an Excel file. Unfortunately, there are some limitations with the up-loader. Biggest issue is that pictures cannot be uploaded, and we cannot add pictures to content that has been uploaded in this way. This means that we have to schedule posts one at a time which is a big time suck. There have also been some other minor hiccups where items don’t post correctly when using the up-loader.,The biggest operation advantage is automated scheduling which frees up everyone’s time to work on other higher value projects.,10,8,8,2,Initially, our biggest problem was the ability to schedule posts to multiple social channels simultaneously FB, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+) on behalf of our clients. The ability to schedule posts to Google+ was actually the reason for upgrading to HootSuite Enterprise. It’s also important for us to monitor and respond to tweets in the same tool For example we have been running hiring campaigns over Twitter and Facebook for some of our clients, and we need a platform that allows us to react quickly. However, we quickly realized that although scheduling is important, the analytics capability is just as important, if not more so. The detailed analytics package not only lets us see how we our campaigns are performing, but it also allows us to share detailed metrics with our clients to justify the fees we charge them. This is now very important. We can export key metrics to CSV or PDF and share with clients.,Yes,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,10,Online training,10,No,9,10,10,10,We are not integrated to any other systems, but we are connected to multiple social media products: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Apart from that, we have considered integrating to our built email tool MailChimp (which is possible) but we have not felt the need to do so yet.,Reliable, easy-to-use; analytics could be better.Reliable. HootSuite is a very reliable and easy-to-use tool. Good analytics. Scheduling capabilities are really great. We use many student volunteers and this capability makes it possible to manage the entire program with one full-time person managing it. We can maintain an active presence over several channels without having to be post live.,The only drawback is the delay between what is being posted and what I’m seeing on the interface. Use it for weekly reports. Don’t see the most recent posts. For management, I just go to FB. Analytics. Hard to measure. Would love an easier way to track metrics. The reports in HS are helpful but they do not show everything I need to share with management.,10,20,The main ROI is around the efficencies we get from the scheduling functionality.,10,1,The use case is primarily scheduling. Also listening for Twitter mentions. and engagement with propsective students (questions, etc). This is our primary tool for engagement across the board. We use social media to present a positive image of the school. A huge number of high school students use social media to decide where to go to school. Facebook is a great recruitment channel. We use the tool primarily for relationship building and retention. We primarily use the Facebook and Twitter channels to build relationships with current and prospective students and other stakeholders. Centralized management of social media accounts is also very important. We manage multiple accounts and HootSuite is the best way to keep track of them all: Use team functionality. We have eight FB pages, eight Twitter accounts. We also have Google + and Instagram channels but our use of these is much more limited. The primary functions we use the tool for are social listening, publishing and engagement, and centralized team management and workflow.,,Don't know,Self-taught,We have access to HootSuite University, but I have never used it. My former boss trained me on the product, and anything else I need to know I was able to figure out on my own.,No,10,8,10,8,We negotiated an annual contract which included unlimited access to analytics.Enterprise version very intuitive. Analytics weak.HootSuite is an intuitive tool. It really doesn’t need much training The UI is quite similar to Twitter or FB. It’s quite easy to ramp up – especially with access to HootSuite University and the broad range of online training tools. By contrast, Radian6 is not intuitive at all. HootSuite is good at releasing new functionality – there are frequent new releases. For example, they have just released a Chatter like feature. Even though our company has not figured out how to use Chatter effectively and think that it’s probably not for our organization, it does show innovation and a desire to want to keep up with new developments. This is clearly a response to Marketing Cloud. Our Professional Services rep is fantastic. The support team is also very responsive and effective. They always resolve issues immediately. This is particularly impressive considering how much we pay. We use some far more expensive applications that do not have anything close to the same customer service—both from the Support team (bugs) and the Client Success Manager. Thought leadership and category leadership. Hootsuite Enterprise has been adopted by top brands. Perhaps 20% of top brands are using the HootSuite product. This makes it a very easy internal sell.,The number of bugs is surprising. This is not a critical issue– just annoying. They do resolve them quickly, but still a surprise. The Enterprise version has additional analytics. I wish there was a little more sophistication here. Although they are not bad, they are not at the level of Radian6 which has very strong analytics. For example, you can export data as a PDF or export data to Excel for further manipulation. Radian6 also allows for Boolean logic while HootSuite does not. In HootSuite, the reporting interface is very clunky. It does not look like a professional interface. You can definitely see the legacy of the mass-market tool in that the UI has not yet caught up with the Enterprise level product. No SFDC integration. They have not adopted the idea of closed loop marketing. For example, the capability of tying social media campaigns to sales (this tweet contributed to/ resulted in this sale. This does not seem to be part of their DNA. Not as much clarity on future roadmap as we would like. Adding accounts for users is a bit awkward. Still evolving into an enterprise solution—in some ways, parts of the free or freemium tool are still visible in the Enterprise interface.,8,7,Productivity. Scheduling is great. I particularly like the Hootlet button installed in browser. When searching on the Internet, and I want to promote brand / industry content, I click on the button and HootSuite automatically shortens the URL, pulls in the title, etc. This simple thing is a huge time saver. I don’t have to do any cutting and pasting. Also the auto-scheduler is a very cool feature. It’s a set and forget thing which allows HootSuite to decide on the best time to push out a tweet. Looking at re-tweets that catch fire, I can say that this works extremely well. Whatever algorithm they have is very effective. Anything auto-scheduled does better than content that is not auto-scheduled. This is kind of amazing. It also allows you to tweak the time (for example, we may not want posts to go out to close to each other).,,0,The primary processes are Publishing /Engagement and Team Management / Workflow (centralized management of multiple accounts) As social media has burst onto scene, every department is doing some kind of social outreach which makes for a management problem. We had no centralized way to manage all of various social media accounts. We wanted a hub with all identities in one place and a way to manage all the various handles. We also wanted a way to respond to posts across different accounts across channels with some workflow management. You can set permissions on accounts so that people can do certain things but not others. Permissioning is actually more flexible than in Pardot—you can adjust read-only versus publish privileges for each social network and designate an admin for each team, so there are more options than with Pardot, which only has a few set roles. Related to this is employee turnover. We need to be able to manage “ghost account” created by employees who have left. For many of our accounts, people who had ownership were had since left the company and we could not access these accounts. The other primary use case was to increase overall productivity. By being able to post to several networks at once.,8,,Implemented in-house,9,Online training,7,No,10,7,10,10Usability quite poor.Publishing original content Publishing responses to customer engagement,Across the board, usability is poor. I find it extremely difficult to navigate and perform common functions Reporting is labor intensive, requiring me to build nearly everything by hand Listening is difficult because streams UI is confusing and disjointed Influencer identification is a hidden function that I had to search the internet for help to find,5,2,I am saving time by utilizing a platform that allows me to publish to multiple social accounts at once. I am able to gather click-through data without having to utilize a separate service.,,1,Publishing original content, sharing interesting articles, and responding to customer engagement Listening for conversations about my brand, my industry, and my competition,5,,Don't know,5,Online training Self-taught,6,Yes and no. I have evaluated so many similar systems and I have experience building one of these systems. Based on that experience, I could find the major functions on my own. However, the usability problems made it more difficult than it should have been for me.,No,7,4,8,7,No, I have been able to add most other systems I wanted through their app directory,Not applicableBest team-oriented SMM tool available!It is hands down, the best team-oriented social media management application. The ability to delegate and centralize workflow for social media management make it a great pick.,Nowhere,10,2,If I used the reporting, we could determine ROI through hootsuite,,1,Social media marketing Social media listening,10,,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,Yes, especially for users of any other social dashboard,No,6,7,10,10,No,No - purchased as-isGood user experience, but slow.Consolidates feeds and provides a convenient dashboard to view all feeds.,It is slow,7,6,We have more direct contact with clients.,,2,Marketing and keeping in touch with our networks.,7,,Implemented in-house,8,Self-taught,Yes, Out of Box experience.,No,,,10,7,Social networks,No,none
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381 Ratings
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Score 7.9 out of 101

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Michael Royal profile photo
November 11, 2015

Hootsuite Review for those who do not 'do' social media for a living

Score 7 out of 10
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Hootsuite makes passing on articles from the web very easy- when it works! I have had a number of gliches with Chrome where it does not open properly and the solution (after some toing and froing with support) was to uninstall and reinstall. The support staff are always very helpful (which is great!) but the gliches..... well, they suck when you are already busy!
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Igors Skute profile photo
November 13, 2014

HootSuite as one of the leading Social Media management platforms

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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HootSuite does everything it is designed to do very well: the product's performance is very reliable and efficient. Like other tools, there is always a room for new developments and updates, and the HootSuite team recognizes this and focuses on new development as well.
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Erik Blair profile photo
October 24, 2013

HootSuite Pro Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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The only reason this does not get a 10 is because the Twitter API sometimes is slow to update HootSuite.
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Boolean keyword searches (55)
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Content planning and scheduling (89)
Audience targeting (67)
Content optimization (71)
Workflow management (75)
Automated routing and prioritization (54)
Customer interaction histories (60)
Bulk actions (67)
Lead generation (41)
Content marketing (68)
Paid media management (37)
Campaigns and promotions (58)
Twitter (88)
Facebook (87)
LinkedIn (78)
Google+ (55)
Instagram (70)
Pinterest (40)
YouTube (38)
Campaign success analytics (72)
Real-time tracking (72)
Competitor analysis (50)
Role-based user permissions & privileges (72)
Mobile access (79)

About Hootsuite

HootSuite Enterprise provides a centralized platform for managing streams from different social media channels and posting/ engaging across channels simultaneously. It also has strong team / workflow features and good mobile apps.

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Google Analytics, Allocadia, Brandwatch, 123FormBuilder (formerly 123ContactForm)

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Adobe Social, Conversocial, Sysomos Expion,, Oracle Social Cloud, Radian6, Sprout Social, Viralheat, MavSocial, ThoughtBuzz, Khoros Care (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium), Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium), Sprinklr Social + Messaging Suite

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