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Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics
Formerly Zoho Reports


What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics (formerly Zoho Reports) is a self-service BI and analytics platform that allows users to analyze their business data and create reports and dashboards. It is designed to help users create and share reports quickly, without IT assistance.

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Popular Features

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  • Report sharing and collaboration (113)
  • Customizable dashboards (110)
  • Drill-down analysis (108)
  • Formatting capabilities (112)

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Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee
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  • Free Trial
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  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $50 per month
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BI Standard Reporting

Standard reporting means pre-built or canned reports available to users without having to create them.

Avg 8.2

Ad-hoc Reporting

Ad-Hoc Reports are reports built by the user to meet highly specific requirements.

Avg 8.1

Report Output and Scheduling

Ability to schedule and manager report output.

Avg 8.4

Data Discovery and Visualization

Data Discovery and Visualization is the analysis of multiple data sources in a search for patterns and outliers and the ability to represent the data visually.

Avg 8.1

Access Control and Security

Access control means being able to determine who has access to which data.

Avg 8.6

Mobile Capabilities

Support for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Avg 8.0

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) / Embedding

APIs are a set of routines, protocols, and tools for used for embedding one application in another

Avg 7.9
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Product Details

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and analytics platform that enables users to analyze their business data and create insightful reports and dashboards to drive informed decision-making. The recent launch of Zoho Analytics 5.0 adds a data preparation tool.

It helps users create and share reports with no IT help, and is presented as a fit for enterprises because it exceeds all their data cleaning and analytics requirements on a single platform.

Zoho Analytics and DataPrep can be purchased as individual apps to supplement other systems, or together as a complete, natively integrated platform. Individually, Analytics provides a broad range of analytics and reporting capabilities, while DataPrep provides all the tools necessary to streamline the data preparation process in a large organization.

About Zoho's comprehensive Analytics platform:

  • Zoho DataPrep: An augmented self-service data preparation and pipeline service . Connects, models, cleanses, transforms, and enriches data for analytics.

  • Upload any data: Securely upload spreadsheets and other tabular data (like CSV, TSV, XLS and HTML files), or add data directly using the spreadsheet-like interface.

  • Push data from any application: Push data from hosted or in-house (behind firewall) business applications and databases.

  • Analyze data visually: Visually analyze and build insightful reports and dashboards with a drag-and-drop interface.

  • Use a range of reporting components: Use a variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build reports and dashboards.

  • Analyze data collaboratively: Develop reports together with colleagues. Share with each other for better decision-making.

  • Embed reports anywhere: Embed reports and dashboards across websites, blogs and applications for wider consumption.

  • Query with SQL: Create powerful and flexible reports with SQL queries written in any database dialect/syntax.

  • Experience a highly secure platform: Zoho Analytics is governed by strong Zoho Security Practices, including support for a secure encrypted connection

  • Enhanced augmented analytics: Zia insights, conversational analytics, forecasting models, and what-if analysis.

Data stories: Create presentations through slideshows and portals

Zoho Analytics Features

BI Platform Features

  • Supported: Administration via Web Interface
  • Supported: Live Connection to External Data
  • Supported: Snapshot of External Data
  • Supported: Multi-Data Source Reporting (Blending)
  • Supported: ETL Capability
  • Supported: ETL Scheduler

Supported Data Sources Features

  • Supported: MS Excel Workbooks
  • Supported: Text Files (CSV, etc)
  • Supported: Oracle
  • Supported: MS SQL Server
  • Supported: IBM DB2
  • Supported: Postgres
  • Supported: MySQL
  • Supported: Cloudera Hadoop
  • Supported: Hortonworks Hadoop
  • Supported: IBM Netezza
  • Supported: HP Vertica
  • Supported: Salesforce
  • Supported: Google Analytics

BI Standard Reporting Features

  • Supported: Pixel Perfect reports
  • Supported: Customizable dashboards

Ad-hoc Reporting Features

  • Supported: Drill-down analysis
  • Supported: Formatting capabilities
  • Supported: Predictive modeling
  • Supported: Report sharing and collaboration

Report Output and Scheduling Features

  • Supported: Publish to Web
  • Supported: Publish to PDF
  • Supported: Report Delivery Scheduling

Data Discovery and Visualization Features

  • Supported: Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
  • Supported: Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization
  • Supported: Predictive Analytics
  • Supported: Support for Machine Learning models

Access Control and Security Features

  • Supported: Multi-User Support (named login)
  • Supported: Role-Based Security Model
  • Supported: Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
  • Supported: Report-Level Access Control
  • Supported: Table-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
  • Supported: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Mobile Capabilities Features

  • Supported: Responsive Design for Web Access
  • Supported: Mobile Application
  • Supported: Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile

Application Program Interfaces (APIs) / Embedding Features

  • Supported: REST API
  • Supported: iFrames

Zoho Analytics Screenshots

Screenshot of Access reports from iPad and Android tablets.Screenshot of Embed reports in your intranet, business application, website or blog.Screenshot of Track your business key metrics with KPI charts.Screenshot of A dashboard with KPI widgets.Screenshot of Access reports from iPad and Android tablets.Screenshot of Share reports with colleagues and clients, with fine grained access control permissions applied.Screenshot of See how your data tables are related to each other.Screenshot of A dashboard with KPI widgets.Screenshot of Track your business key metrics with KPI charts.Screenshot of Blend data and create reports and dashboards from multiple data sources.Screenshot of Engage in colloquial conversations with Ask Zia, and get relevant reports as answers.Screenshot of Create beautiful presentations with Zoho Show by seamlessly embedding analytical insights.Screenshot of Zoho DataPrep is an AI-powered, self-service data preparation and cleansing software that helps cleanse, transform and enrich your data quality.Screenshot of Executive dashboards: KPIs at the top give you a bird's eye view of your organization's metricsScreenshot of Stunning dashboards: Choose from a range of visually appealing themes for your dashboard. Try any of the packaged themes available, or customize your own theme.

Zoho Analytics Videos

Zoho Analytics Overview
Case study: Aedgency
Overview of Zoho Analytics
Advanced Analytics for Salesforce CRM, powered by Zoho Analytics
Case study: Luxer One
Case study: Aedgency
Zoho Analytics customer testimonials

Zoho Analytics Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesWorldwide
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Zoho Analytics Downloadables

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho Analytics (formerly Zoho Reports) is a self-service BI and analytics platform that allows users to analyze their business data and create reports and dashboards. It is designed to help users create and share reports quickly, without IT assistance.

Zoho Analytics starts at $50.

Tableau Cloud, Microsoft Power BI, and Sisense are common alternatives for Zoho Analytics.

Reviewers rate Multi-User Support (named login) highest, with a score of 8.9.

The most common users of Zoho Analytics are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).

Zoho Analytics Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)40%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)30%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)20%
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Reviews and Ratings


Attribute Ratings


(1-25 of 114)
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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • One Segment is a dashboard in Zoho Analytics which is the best part where you can just plug and play and your dashboards are ready on your database even if you share your dashboard through the external link which is the best part of Zoho Analytics you can even share your dashboard through your link to other people who is not part of your organization with the customized password so that they can access the dashboard and even you have the access that what you want to show on your dashboard to the other people.
  • The second segment is the data integration part where we have connected our databases through multiple platforms like Amazon Redshift, MoEngage, and many other platforms. Data integration is very easy you can connect on Zoho Analytics without finding any issues which I have faced in many other platforms during deployment but in the case of Zoho Analytics there is no such issue you can comfortably connect your database and leverage the features more appropriately.
  • The third segment is writing query within Zoho Analytics which is another great feature provided by Zoho on top of the above on your query you can make your dashboards, graphs, and pivots too for your further analysis which is a great part for us.
  • They restricts you while writing your SQL query more than 2 SQL sub query within inside them. So you can't able to use more than 2 sub query within the SQL query in Zoho Analytics.
  • More training videos could be provided for all the features inside them so that anybody can fully utilize the Zoho Analytics in a more proper way.
  • There is no shortcut keys you can use within the Zoho Analytics you have to use mouse and track pad to navigate your cursor which I feel they can improve this further.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Integrates with a wide variety of applications
  • Provides opportunities for creating custom metrics
  • Provides a user friendly environment wherein layers of analysis can be performed
  • Provides flexibility and custom options in the way data is summarized and aggregated
  • We've had trouble in the past with getting user permissions to work the way we expect them to
  • The restriction where you can only add 3 layers of SQL statements has been burdensome at times
  • We would love to see a synchronization frequency of every 1 hour. The 3 hour frequency works out ok though.
Dr. ROOPESH RAO | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • business intellenges
  • market insights
  • customer insights
  • data visualization
  • customer support
  • integration with different software
  • cusomisation
  • color scheme
  • design
Gerardo Varillas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Native integration with ManageEngine's tools
  • Instant creation of dashboards from every table, URL or database you connect with
  • Dashboard sharing protected by password and expiration time
  • The data synchronization is not in real time, you need wait at least 2 hours for it
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Project management- Jira, sprit tools, Cloud software
  • IT HelpDesk- ticket management, support
  • HR Recruitment and management of applications, onboarding
  • Viewers are provided as "add-ons", this should be basic part of the package.
  • Activity logs of every events is important for audit purpose. it should have been provided with every version.
  • More generics and custom reports support. should be extensible
  • Better aspects of Mobile views, UI/UX in small devices.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Pull quantitatives from qualitative information.
  • Visualization of the data.
  • Allows for a good "read" of where your program is in terms of goals.
  • Drilling down within the data.
  • Using the data to then see the end user (client).
  • Modernization of visuals (dashboards).
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Graphically construct an analysis from multiple data tables
  • Granular user access controls to data tables and filters
  • Integrations both direct and via API with third party tools
  • Excellent integration with other Zoho apps like CRM and Books
  • Limited options to distribute reports. Would like to be able to distribute to S3, FTP, Zoho WorkDrive, and other destinations automatically.
  • The application is designed for GUI use, and while it does support writing SQL this feels awkward
  • Not as many formatting options for report output as I would like
Abhideep Jain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • It gives a single unified view everyday for our sales team to look at to track their progress and the progress of their peers in achieving the targets
  • It helps Account Executives to analyse their sales pipeline and find out the score for each deal and any high potential deal that is not getting enough attention
  • Some of our consultants have built very powerful stories on how and what impacts sales using storyboards and they are well understood by senior leadership
  • When compared to Tableau or PowerBI, I feel Zoho lacks the details on design, color palette, fonts, some advanced charts, etc. Tableau has somehow very new-age UI/UX
  • Some advanced AI techniques for customer segmentation (like clustering), etc. using standard algorithms like k-means etc. is not available or difficult to use
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Integration of data from our other Zoho apps.
  • Report types and KPI options to create insightful reports.
  • Packed with features for all business intelligence reporting.
  • The number of pre-built reports that are generated when a Zoho app integration is set-up is nice, but at the same same cumbersome in the fact that it forces you to scroll through many reports or use the search feature.
  • The sync with other Zoho apps is not real time.
  • The learning curve for me has been a bit steep, but for others this may not be the case. My background is not analytical or data related so I've had to learn with patience.
Arpit Jain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Connecting to different systems
  • Dashboarding
  • Reporting views - pivots, csv, excel, SQL queries
  • Overlapping workspaces - currently only one workspace can be linked to an existing data source.
  • Emailing reports - there is a feature but Zoho emails don't land up in inbox.
Alyssa Storm | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Tons of customization options.
  • Sleek dashboard templates.
  • Integrates well with other Zoho products.
  • Difficult to use compared to other dashboard platforms.
  • API connections to non-Zoho sources are not reliable.
Michael Weisel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Automation - The ability to pull in an API feed using a scheduled task makes it as easy as "set it and forget it".
  • Scalability and performance - We have never run into an issue with too much data, it always performs well.
  • Ease of use - The easy to use interface makes it usable for all levels of technological sense.
  • Wizards - It might be helpful to have some cookie cutter type wizards to help new (and less experienced) users get started quickly.
  • Tutorials and Help - One thing that I find is that some of my team who are not as tech savvy end up coming to us to ask questions as they can't seem to find answers to their questions easily.
Andrés Barrios Rubio | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Identificar públicos objetivos en cada zona geográfica.
  • Determine the hourly incidence to determine the best time of publication.
  • Identificar el alcance, comparing efectividad between digital plataformas.
  • Identification of networks mentioned in messages.
  • Adapt the same message for different social networks.
  • Do not restrict all features to testing.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Custom report building
  • Conversation interface for building query
  • Easy scheduling of multiple reports over email
  • Easy edit of the standard reports available on books and inventory.
  • Custom report suggestion by industry business function - like e-commerce, BFSI specific reports
Jaideep Tibrewala | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Drag and drop creation of charts, pivot tables and dashboards
  • Connecting with multiple data sources with regular automatic data updates
  • Scheduled emails to send reports and dashboards to key stakeholders
  • Connecting data across Workspaces so as not to have to duplicate data
  • Ability to import data in Workspaces that have Live connections to DBs
  • Ability to write SQL queries in Workspaces that have Live connections to DBs
Juliana Acevedo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • The wide range of charts available to analyze the data makes this software very attractive and intuitive.
  • It has the ability to collaborate with other team members inside the software and it helps take more insightful decisions around different reports.
  • Zoho Analytics has a lot of variety when it comes to supported files type. I can import different data in different file type and I know that it will be supported by Zoho.
  • The smart assistant tool has been very helpful in generating many reports automatically when needed and it has also been of great help when it comes to forecasting.
  • It definitely has a steep learning curve and it can be quite overwhelming, especially with the lack of proper support and tutorials on how to use the features to get the right results.
  • I would like to see more code-free features because some of the tools require some level of coding experience which makes the experience difficult.
  • There is not much customization available for the query tables.
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