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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeZoho Reports is one of 33 different products marketed by Zoho. The reporting product was introduced in 2009, and builds reports and visualizations based an Excel-like, tabular data construct. Users familiar with Excel will be able to drag and drop columns and create pivots without any need for scripting or programming. Zoho Reports is more suitable for smaller organizations as it lacks some of the features required for large enterprise deployments.

Zoho Reports is Top Rated in the small business segment.

Company Status: Private
Customers: N/A
Employees: 3,500+
Location: Pleasanton, California
Founded: 1996
Most compared to: N/A
Best fit for: Zoho Reports is a suitable reporting tool for small and mid-sized companies looking for a relatively inexpensive SaaS BI solution with a simple UI and good connectivity to a wide range of databases and business applications.

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Summary of Zoho Reports Reviews

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Zoho Reports Pros Zoho Reports Cons
Ease of use
  • The product is easy to use and relatively easy to learn, even for users with less technical knowledge (in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service departments, for example), but some users say that more complex tasks can be challenging.
Report customization
  • Users complain of limitations regarding customizing appearance of reports, chats, and tables. Layout and formatting options are quite limited.
Reporting on multiple data sources
  • Many users said Zoho Reports works well for aggregating and reporting on data from a variety of sources, including databases and other applications.
Customer support
  • Several users say that customer support could be improved.
Scheduled & on-demand sync
  • The API feed works well for refreshing data, either on demand or automatically at regular, scheduled intervals, although some users said the on-demand data sync takes longer than they would like.
Integration with other Zoho applications
  • Integration with other Zoho applications is not always robust.
Out of the box report templates
  • Users like the pre-set report templates and drag-and-drop reports designer, which make it easy to create simple reports and visuals.
  • Zoho Reports has several delivery options, which users say are convenient and support collaboration. Reports can be sent automatically via scheduled emails or shared via a web link; they can also be embedded onto web pages (such as client portals), as a snippet or widget.

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Zoho Response to Reviewer Feedback

Today, no vendor offers the breadth and depth of business apps as Zoho does. We see Zoho as the ‘operating system for business, nay work’. With lots of business data now lying on the cloud, we see business intelligence and analytics as an important part that businesses of today should focus on, to get an edge over their competition.

Data from anywhere, whether it be flat files, web feeds, databases, cloud storages, and applications can be analyzed using Zoho Reports. We provide ready made connectors for popular business apps. More connectors are lined up for launch in the second half of 2016 (Google AdWords, QuickBooks, Xero, Zendesk, to name a few).

Since the launch in December 2009, Zoho Reports has become a mature product, with a long list of features added over the years (refer to the updates in the What's New section). Our 5,000 paying customers worldwide stand testimony to that. That said, we will continue to add new features. Flexible m x n dashboard layout, a new d3.js charting library, geo map reports, organization roles support are some of the upcoming features.

Our support team gives their best. Our average first response time is less than 24 hours and the average resolution time is around 48 hours. However, there may have been a few cases where the product fit was not there, or our support staff misunderstood a customer's exact needs. We continue to educate our support team, and provide them with the right tools and processes, to best address our customers' needs.

If you go by the number of reviews for Zoho Reports in TrustRadius, 5 out of the 31 reviews are from enterprises. That is reflective of our actual customer base as well, as around 20% of our customers are enterprises. Some customers of Zoho Reports include KPMG, Suzuki, Netflix, L'Oréal, Fortinet, Capgemini etc.

Clarence Rozario, Product Manager - Zoho Reports.