Best Social Media Management Tools82Social media management applications are software tools that allow organizations to manage social media-related activities across the enterprise. Although several of these tools attempt to handle the full range of social-related activity, many have particular strengths in one or more areas and companies often use more than one product to manage social media efforts.Falcon.io1 Pro Select5 Cloud for Social Engagement22

Best Social Media Management Tools

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Social Media Management Overview

What is Social Media Management Software?

Social media management software (SMMS) is a suite of tools designed for managing and analyzing social interactions. SMMS products typically provide a single dashboard that covers multiple accounts. This is helpful for companies that need to manage their own brand presence on different platforms. It is also helpful for agencies that manage social profiles for multiple clients.

Many companies use more than one tool to manage their social media efforts.

Social Media Management Features & Capabilities

Though products have different strengths, most social media management suites include at least basic features around:

  • Social listening (identifying brand mentions)

  • Scheduling and posting to multiple channels

  • Responding to inquiries

  • Running marketing campaigns

  • Analytics to measure social engagement

Companies leverage social media channels in different ways. Use cases include reputation management, customer service, and market research. Here are five key social media use cases, with the irrelevant feature sets.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is a source of a vast amount of information. Conversations happen among your customers and potential customers “in the wild” on these platforms. Many companies use a social media monitoring tool for social listening. This means tracking brand mentions and competitor activity.

Social listening helps companies discover more about their target market. It can also help them understand customer expectations and employee sentiment, and provide ideas for product development.

Features related to social media listening include:

  • Ability to filter out spam/noise

  • Boolean keyword searches

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • Broad channel coverage

You can find tools with a focus on social media monitoring here.

Social Media Publishing

Many companies use social media to communicate with customers and leads. It is a social way to connect with their target audience.

Features related to social media publishing include:

  • Content planning and scheduling

  • Content libraries

  • Ability to target a particular audience by geographic location, for example

  • Content optimization

  • Content suggestion engine

  • Workflow management

  • Compliance management

You can find tools with strong social media publishing features here.

Social Media Customer Service

More and more consumers expect to resolve issues via social media. In response, many companies run social customer care programs using these tools.

Features related to engaging with customer issues on social media include:

  • Automated routing and prioritization

  • Customer interaction histories

  • Integration with helpdesk platforms

  • Bulk actions

You can find tools with strong social media customer service features here.

Social Media Marketing

Some companies integrate social media into their overall marketing strategy. Those that do will need an additional set of marketing capabilities. Simply scheduling content won’t be enough.

Features related to social media marketing include:

  • Ability to find and engage influencers and advocates

  • Customer profiling

  • Ability to curate UGC from social channels

  • Campaign creation, such as contests, apps, sweepstakes and quizzes

  • Ability to discover and engage with prospects

  • Ability to manage and optimize paid social media posts

You can find tools with strong social media marketing features here.

Social Media Analytics

Companies with comprehensive social media programs will want to measure and optimize their social activities.

Features related to social media analytics include:

  • Track success (e.g. likes, shares, retweets, clicks, etc.)

  • Ability to analyze the effectiveness of paid and organic social efforts

  • Ability to measure ROI

You can find tools with strong social media analytics here.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Social Media Management Tool

You should begin with understanding how well a particular product supports your use case. The five major use cases are:

  • Social media monitoring

  • Social media publishing

  • Social media customer care

  • Social media marketing

  • Social media analytics

Social media management suites address two or more of these areas. Point solutions focus on one particular set of features. You may need advanced features in certain areas, and only basic features in others, depending on your goals.

On top of this, there are some other important platform criteria:

  • Mobility: A desire to access social media management products via mobile devices.

  • Integration: Capabilities to tie together other systems, including CRM and analytics.

  • Usability: SMMS users place a high emphasis on UX/user interface.

  • Likelihood and impact of acquisition: Acquisitions can bring greater integration. But they can also alter the focus of a product and its roadmap.

Social Media Management in Large Enterprises

Some social media management tools encompass multiple use cases. They may bundle listening, engagement, and publishing, with marketing campaigns and advanced analytics. These are best suited for larger enterprises. Enterprise-level platforms also offer more:

  • Scalability

  • Governance

  • Permissioning / Team collaboration

  • Shared asset libraries

  • Access security

Smaller organizations don’t require the same level of security and team management. It may also be less important for small businesses to have one central SMMS tool for everything.

Pricing Information

Social media management tools are priced along a variety of factors. This includes:

  • The number of profiles managed

  • The number of users

  • Which features you are looking for

Prices range widely based on these factors. There are point solutions with basic features available for free, but most free options won’t cut it if you want to coordinate your social strategy across multiple social media sites and profiles. Small businesses can count on paying around $100/mo. for an SMMS tool. This tier usually includes at least 10 profiles and a handful of users. Large enterprises may spend a few thousand dollars per month for a more comprehensive platform.

Social Media Management Software Overview

Not surprisingly, since we launched our first Buyer's Guide to Social Media Management Software in November 2013, a few things have changed. In that guide, we defined social media management software as a “set of tools to manage or analyze interactions through multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard,” including the ability to listen for brand mentions, post to multiple channels, run marketing campaigns and measure the relative success of campaigns.

Within the broad definition, we identified seven “use cases”: analytics, listening, publishing/engagement, customer care, curation, social selling, and promotions, each of which emphasized a different feature set.

Social tools are both proliferating and consolidating

Since then, two major and somewhat conflicting trends have been underway: the simultaneous proliferation and consolidation of social tools. The 2011 marketing technology landscape, produced by blogger Scott Brinker, contained a little over 20 social media marketing and analytics tools. The 2012 version contained about 35 products, the 2014 version contained more than 60, and the 2015 version contains well over 100, and is by no means exhaustive. TrustRadius currently has more than 140 social media management tools listed on our website. This proliferation of tools aligns with a similar trend in marketing technology in general.

Of course, as tools with different feature sets arise, mergers and acquisitions take place as vendors aim to become an all-in-one solution for their customers. In the social space, this is happening on two levels. First, the marketing cloud or suite vendors are adding social to their arsenals. In 2012, Oracle, for example, purchased Vitrue (a social marketing tool), Collective Intellect (a social intelligence platform) and Involver (a social development platform), and recently used the three products to create the Oracle Social Relationship Management platform. Salesforce purchased listening tool Radian6 in 2011 and the publishing tool Buddy Media in 2012, and in 2014 launched Social Studio, a unified version of the two products. Adobe acquired Efficient Frontier, a tool that allowed marketers to place ads on Google and Facebook, in 2011.

Secondly, social media management vendors are using acquisitions to incorporate different social capabilities, as well as developing their own additional functionalities, in order to become a one-stop shop for all things social. Spredfast merged with the social curation platform Mass Relevance, Hootsuite acquired the social analytics tool uberVU and the social media campaigns platform BrightKit, and Sprinklr acquired services company TBG Digital, as well as Dachis Group and Branderati.

With all this consolidation of social media management software, the lines between some of the use cases we delineated in our first buyer's guide are blurring. For example, many software tools that were originally positioned as “listening” tools have added or strengthened their engagement capabilities, just as many of the traditional publishing- and engagement-focused tools have added or strengthened their listening capabilities.

A third trend in the social media space is also underway, though not strictly related to software: some companies are shifting their approach to social media in general, from an isolated marketing channel, to an integrated part of business processes. This means that where social media was traditionally the activity or responsibility of one person in the marketing department or a small team, some enterprises are now leveraging the data and engagement opportunities via social media across different business units—from marketing to sales to customer service to HR—as well as across the customer journey—from awareness to prospect to customer to loyal customer.

Our new approach to covering social media management software

Based on these trends, we've adjusted our approach to the space in this second guide. First, we're zeroing in on enterprises. There are many free or low cost tools that help smaller organizations or those just starting to leverage social media. We decided to focus on comparing the software products used by large companies (with more than 500 employees) for enterprise-level social media programs. Enterprises have particular social media software needs, including scalability, security, user permissions, collaboration within a team and across departments, workflow, content management, and governance. These software products are not used exclusively by enterprises, so this guide will be valuable to other market segments as well.

Second, we're defining use cases not based on the feature sets of the various tools (since those are blurring), but rather the social media strategies of software users. We've analyzed 400+ end-user ratings and reviews of 23 social media management software products to understand how enterprises are leveraging social media in general, and what tool or set of tools are they using to facilitate those activities.

Based on end-user reviews, in-depth interviews with some of the reviewers, and interviews with vendors, we've identified three primary use cases, or ways that companies are leveraging social media, and the tools that support them: social customer care, social intelligence, and social media marketing.

The use cases are by no means exhaustive. For example, PR departments might use social media for reputation management, and sales representatives might use social media to maintain relationships with clients. HR departments are starting to use social media to discover and recruit candidates for employment, as well as track employee sentiment and employee compliance with social media policies. Other use cases will arise as new social channels emerge and attract audiences, and as enterprises continue to find new ways to take advantage of the opportunities presented through social media. However, we feel these three use cases are the most widely used and require the most tool support.

Using more than one social media management tool

It's also important to note that some companies fit multiple use cases and also use multiple tools. In fact, despite the consolidation of social tools and the desire of many vendors to become the one-stop-shop for social media management, consumers of these software tools still largely say they need more than one tool to meet their needs. In a recent TrustRadius survey, 75 percent of the respondents who use social media management software use two or more tools, and 14 percent of those who use more than one tool actually use six or more.
Pie chart illustrating how many social media management tools are used

Richard Margetic, head of social media at Intuit and previously at Dell, says using multiple social media tools is redundant but necessary. “We've got to pick and choose among the landscape to meet our needs,” he says. “Each one does something well, but fails miserably in other areas that are important to a company. We end up with multiple tools that have overlapping functionality in order to get everything we need to be successful in social. We're not optimizing our spend, and still not getting the cohesive capabilities that we need to meet the business requirements.”

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Social Media Management Products

Listings (26-50 of 94)

21 Ratings provides a platform for social media marketing and customer experience management. It features tools for social listening, engagement, publishing, analytics and managing customer data. This platform enables marketers to deliver more personalized brand experiences based on enriched...


7 Ratings

Gremln is a St. Louis startup offering basic publishing platform for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. One area of focus is compliance. The platform includes a compliance package that includes approval workflow, keyword filtering, and message archiving. They are also currently working on a Listening...


6 Ratings

HeyOrca is a solution that allows an agency’s clients to review and approve upcoming social media content. The vendor aims to help agencies save time by moving away from using spreadsheets and docs to communicate and obtain approvals from their clients. With this solution, no logins or spreadsheets...

7 Ratings is a social media management solution built around features such as analytics, automated insights through campaigns, and influencer marketing.

iContact Pro Select

8 Ratings

iContact Pro Select (formerly Outmarket) includes email marketing, landing pages, social media management, press outreach, and analytics. The software was originally Vocus Marketing Suite, and then was known as Outmarket. It was acquired by Cision


6 Ratings

12mass is a Social Conversation tool enabling brands to engage with a large audience on Twitter and Facebook without compromising the personal touch. Its clustering tool makes search easier and the Multivariable testing allows for optimization of the responses.


13 Ratings

Synthesio is a French company offering both monitoring and engagement tools. Competes with the major listening vendors like Radian6 and Sysomos. A point of differentiation is that Synthesio offers a mix of technology and human analysis. In their view, human analysis is required to validate and...


4 Ratings

Engage121 Enterprise is a social media management, monitoring, publishing and reporting application serving multiple users across an enterprise – from brand managers, community managers, and the marketing team through to individual outlet owners.


2 Ratings

Social media compliance and archiving platform.


3 Ratings

MavSocial is a social media visual content management, publishing and advertising platform for brands and agencies. The platform comprises of a number of modules: Visual Content Management: Upload, store and manage to a cloud based library, all images, photo, videos etc., for owned, licensed and...


4 Ratings

PromoRepublic is a Social Media Content Builder and Posting tool. It provides users with more than 100,000 ideas, templates, and visuals for professional Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts. All the social media templates are crafted by professional designers and copywriters. Users can...


3 Ratings

eClincher aims to be the most powerful, complete and intuitive social media management software. According to the vendor, the product is designed to help users, businesses, and agencies manage social media presence with one platform, and offers the following capabilities: advanced...


2 Ratings

Sniply is a social media management solution built primarily as a content management and marketing tool for social media to drive ROI and leads.


1 Ratings

Viraltag is a social media marketing and management solution built to provide users with multi-channel content management based on engaging visual content. It includes third-party integrations with Dropbox, Picasa, Instagram, RSS feeds, and Canva, among others.


4 Ratings

MutualMind is an enterprise listening platform, but also has engagement / publishing features and analytics. They differ from their competitors in that they focus on an OEM / white label model, working with both technology companies and service providers / agencies.


3 Ratings

Edgar is a social media management solution from Roeder Studios built primarily to provide users with optimized post scheduling to maximize post visibility across social media channels.

1 Ratings

NapoleonCat is a social media management solution built around features such as post publishing and engagement across social media channels, competitor monitoring, and analytics and optimization.


4 Ratings

ScheduGram is a social media management solution built as a tool to manage Instagram. It includes features such as web uploading, post scheduling, and multiple account support.


1 Ratings

Over-Graph is a social media management solution that can be used to publish, moderate and analyze content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.


4 Ratings

Tailwind is a social media marketing solution built specifically for Pinterest marketing. It provides features such as scheduled pins, analytics, and scalable Pinterest activity.

SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

32 Ratings

Platform designed to listen for brand mentions and then engage with customers regarding customer service issues. Includes tools for collaboration within teams or across organizations to resolve issues efficiently.

1 Ratings social media tools allow users to schedule posts on 10 social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,,, and Tumblr, without any risks of a ban. is an official partner of these social networks. In social media...


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Ahalogy is a Pinterest marketing platform that helps companies source and optimize content for Pinterest.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Brandle is a social media management platform focused on governance, compliance and minimizing the brand risks involved in social media.

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On April 29th, Social Media Management software company Sprinklr announced $40m in financing from Iconiq Capital, a firm which manages assets for some high profile technology executives, bringing their total funds raised to $77.5 million. In the last 12 months, three social media software companies targeting the enterprise have raised close to $250 million. In an interview we conducted with Jeremy Epstein, VP of Marketing at Sprinklr we learned that the funds raised will be used  

How Social Is Oracle After 3 Acquisitions?

In 2012 Oracle made a huge bet on Social Media Management Software making three acquisitions in rapid succession. In May they acquired Vitrue, a Social Marketing solution for $300 million; in June, social intelligence platform Collective Intellect; and in July social media development platform, Involver. We wanted to understand how those acquisitions have turned out, and how Oracle was approaching social. As part of our Social Media Management vendor executive interview series, I interviewed Meg Bear, Group Vice President of Social Cloud at Oracle. This article follows interviews with executives at Sprinklr, Spredfast, andHootsuite about the battle for the enterprise within social media management.  

The Wild West of Social Media Management

The social media management software industry is a bit like The Wild West. There are 140+ products listed on TrustRadius that assist with some facet of social media management or marketing. In a recent poll of the TrustRadius audience, 75% of the respondents who use social media management software use more than one tool... and 14% of those who use more than one tool actually use six or more.