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Completely free, Google Analytics is the most widely adopted web analytics program, used by about half of the top 1 million websites. It was born from Urchin, a web statistics analysis product that Google acquired in 2005. It integrates with other Google products such as Google AdWords, Google Display Network, and Google Tag Manager. The company also has a paid analytics product, Google Analytics Premium, which uses the same infrastructure and interface as this standard version, but includes additional features, integrations and support options.

Company status Public
2013 revenue $55.5 billion* (total company)
Growth 2012-2013 22%* (total company)
Customers N/A
Employees 43,862* (total company)
Pricing Free

Aggregate User Ratings of Google Analytics on TrustRadius

Source: (38) User reviews of Google Analytics on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Google Analytics # of reviewers contributing to each rating Digital Analytics Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 9.2 38 8.2
Likelihood to renew 9.5 38 8.3
Product usability 8 2 7.8
Support 5 3 7.8
Online training 10 1 8.1
Implementation satisfaction 8.3 3 8.3

Summary of Google Analytics Reviews

Source: (38) User reviews of Google Analytics on TrustRadius
Google Analytics Strengths Google Analytics Areas for Improvement
Free and powerful
GA is an extremely powerful free tool that can compete with many paid analytics tools.
Overwhelming for first-time users
Although relatively user-friendly, the sheer quantity of data and options within the tool can be overwhelming for first-time users.
Visitor and conversion tracking
GA does an excellent job of tracking where site visitors come from and conversion rate metrics to help allocate marketing spend judiciously.
Data sampling
Data sampling can be an issue for large websites with high traffic volumes.
The tool is very customizable, and it's simple to set up dashboards with specific query data for sharing across an organization.
Lack of update communication
Although the constant improvement is a plus, communication of new features or changes is lacking, which can cause certain users' current configurations to break.
Constant improvement
The product is constantly being developed and improved with innovative new features.

Interview with Jody Shapiro, Global Head of Google Analytics Premium, and Justin Cutroni, Analytics Evangelist

Photo of Justin Cutroni, Analytics EvangelistUniversal Analytics
In 2014, Google launched a Universal Analytics, a wholly new version of Google Analytics. “It's really a repositioning of our entire platform,” says Justin Cutroni, Analytics Evangelist at Google. “The focus of Universal Analytics is moving to purely digital measurement—a screen- and device-agnostic measurement system that's user-centric. It's really critical for marketers to understand the cross-device journey at a deeper level. Give me a true count of users regardless of the device that they're on.”

Photo of Jody Shapiro, Global Head of Google Analytics Premium“We've moved beyond a web only world,” says Jody Shapiro, Global Head of Google Analytics Premium. “It's becoming easier and easier to measure things and put all these channels together for marketers—call center data, point of sale system data, etc. Universal Analytics is about bringing all that data together so you can look at things not through data silos but all together.”

Competitive Differentiation
“We have a solid track record of focusing on our users,” Cutroni says. “Our continued focus on what marketers and analysts need in today's business environment is what motivates us to create innovative and unique features.”

“Often times a point solution can do a great job,” Shapiro says. “However, we regularly see people mature out of that and want a more powerful analytics tool.”

“There is a rising demand for the integrated marketing platform, which is good for the industry as a whole,” Shapiro says. “But it's not a bundling and packaging question. What customers want is the ability to move their data fluidly and accurately across all of these platforms. That's the power of integration. We put a lot of investments into the fluidity of data and the ability to do more integrated marketing.”

Response to Feedback from Google Analytics Reviews
Some reviewers on TrustRadius mention a lack of communication from Google when new features are released that affect their implementations. “We understand that GA has a lot of really advanced features and when new things come out, we want to make sure all users understand how to use them,” Cutroni says. “We've invested heavily in education. We've divided documentation into help centers for front-end users and developers, and we launched the Analytics Academy, which offers massive online courses.” Google Analytics Premium customers get advanced notice of upcoming features and changes, so they have time to prepare for the changes before they're released, Cutroni says.