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Sales Intelligence Software

Best Sales Intelligence Software

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Sales Intelligence Software Overview

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence (SI) is the collection, analysis, and presentation of information that helps salespeople keep up to date with clients. It is a form of business intelligence that is primarily relevant to B2B sales cycles. It also helps companies prospect for new clients and drives business deals.

The use cases for sales intelligence tools include:

  • Prospecting for new contacts

  • Augmenting contact records with missing information

  • Adding company and industry details

  • Qualifying and prioritizing leads

  • Tracking email and website interactions

  • Compiling lead activity in lead records

  • Gathering contextual data from social media or news updates

The goal of sales intelligence is to improve both the quality and efficiency of sales interactions. SI tools achieve this by providing accessible lead information to sales reps. When implemented correctly, sales intelligence can lead to better customer relationship management and more sales.

Sales Intelligence Features and Capabilities

  • Identification of new leads

  • List quality

  • Email and direct dial contacts

  • Ideal customer targeting

  • Company and industry information

  • Integrations and extensions

  • Company/business profiles

  • Automatic data refresh

  • Filters and segmentation

  • Sales email templates

  • Triggers and red alerts

  • Prospect tracking

  • Alerts and reminders

Sales Leads Lists

Some sales intelligence tools can generate lists of new leads with contact information. They do this by searching the Internet, proprietary databases, and/or social networks. Searches are based on criteria such as:

  • Geographic criteria

  • Firmographic criteria

  • Role criteria

The goal is for salespeople to find new leads that fit their target customer profile. Advanced tools allow conditional logic and negative search terms to target an even more specific customer profile.

The practice is called ‘prospecting.’ Apps and databases that help with this task are often called prospecting tools or lead generation software. They help users identify outbound leads to contact. Some sales intelligence tools also allow users to ‘capture’ prospective leads they find while browsing the web and add them to their CRM.

Advanced sales intelligence tools create ‘smart lists’ of prioritized leads. The prioritization is based on ideal customer characteristics and behavioral signals, which are used to predict their likelihood to buy.

Data Augmentation & Data Hygiene

Data augmentation and hygiene are major functions of sales intelligence software. The idea is to round out incomplete records within the user’s CRM system. Most SI tools help pull in missing email addresses or phone numbers. Some also append company or industry details, org charts, technographic information, etc.

Data augmentation helps sales productivity in two ways:

  1. It provides a specific, reliable basis for qualifying and prioritizing leads.

  2. It provides context for sales pitches, helping reps tailor their messaging.

In addition to adding new information to the database, many sales intelligence tools also make existing information more accessible. For example, they may integrate CRM records with the salesperson’s email inbox, so that lead details can be found and edited more conveniently.

Lead Tracking and the Lead Qualification Process

Sales intelligence software helps salespeople figure out where to focus their energy. The tools either prioritize lead lists automatically based on pre-set rules, or provide intelligence they need to do so manually.

For example, leads can be tracked based on:

  • Website traffic analytics (lead activity on a company’s website)

  • Reverse IP lookup for new leads who visit the company website, to get contact info

  • Engagement with sales emails (opens, clicks, etc.)

This data helps with lead scoring, prioritization, and qualification. Qualification reflects whether leads are ready for a true sales conversation (sales qualified lead / SQL), or should simply receive marketing nurture campaigns (marketing qualified lead / MQL).

The tracked activity also appears on lead records, so that salespeople can have more informed interactions with leads based on how they’ve engaged with company resources so far.

Sales Intelligence vs. Software and Tools

SI vs. Marketing Automation

SI tools different from marketing automation and lead management tools. They focus on salespeople’s need to find and connect with specific leads, rather than marketers’ needs to handle leads at scale.

SI tools are primarily for sales development representatives (SDRs), working strategically to build the pipeline. Also, sales intelligence is more concerned with short-term indicators and phone/email contact details for specific sales-ready accounts. In contrast, marketing automation engages with a wider group of leads at an earlier stage of the funnel, on various channels.

SI vs. CRM

There is some overlap between sales intelligence and CRM. In fact, some CRM platforms deliver sales intelligence, such as company context and social information. Most SI point solutions integrate with CRM systems. Many sales and marketing intelligence tools are designed to feed new lead records into CRM systems. They also keep existing CRM records up to date.

SI vs. Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is more about the content a salesperson shares than making a specific connection. Sales intelligence tools focus on providing contact information and contextual details for sales records. Sales enablement tools focus on sharing presentations, videos, case studies, whitepapers, etc.

SI vs. Predictive Analytics

SI tools share some common functionality with predictive sales analytics. Both focus on generating and prioritizing leads. Both help users create target account lists and profile their ideal customers so that they can find more people like them to sell to. The difference is the approach. Predictive analytics takes a very automated data science approach, while SI tools use a simpler method of aggregating data to be used in personal calls and emails.

Pricing Information

Sales intelligence tools are typically priced on a subscription model, per user. Some web prospecting tools, like Hunter, offer a freemium version with limited volume and features for free. Paid plans start at $39/mo. per user on up to $319/mo. per user depending on the number of leads you’re looking up.

For products that include a proprietary database and more advanced search criteria, pricing starts around $80/mo. per user (with LinkedIn Sales Navigator) on up to a couple thousand dollars each year. Enterprise level pricing is typically available by custom quote only, and likely to run higher.

Sales Intelligence Products

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276 Ratings

Outreach is a customer engagement platform that promises to help optimize every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. The platform manages all customer interactions across email, voice and social, and leverages machine learning to guide reps to take the right actions. Outreach has...


Top Rated
257 Ratings

ZoomInfo provides detailed profiles for millions of business professionals and businesses.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Top Rated
316 Ratings

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence software solution offered by LinkedIn.


85 Ratings

EverString offers predictive demand generation and predictive lead scoring.


Top Rated
143 Ratings

DiscoverOrg is a sales and marketing intelligence tool used by the top technology vendors, staffing companies and consultants targeting IT, finance, marketing, engineering, technology and product development departments of Fortune-­ranked, mid­-market, and SMB companies in North America and...


Top Rated
81 Ratings

InsideView provides CRM Intelligence solutions to Sales and Marketing professionals. They offer three solutions. InsideView for Sales offers sales professionals data, insights, and connections to help understand their customers and accounts better. InsideView for Marketing helps marketers build...


132 Ratings

SalesLoft provides sales people with data sourced from the web to help prioritize leads and inform sales people so that they can have more productive sales conversations. SalesLoft competes directly with InsideView and LeadLander. Predictive Playbooks

54 Ratings Predictive Playbooks aims to help SDRs and AEs quickly build closeable pipeline, by helping salespeople get a hold of more of the right people. uses their A.I.-platform called Neuralytics to target likely buyers combined with their cadence engine to help sales reps...


61 Ratings

Conversica provides lead management software for marketing, inside sales and sales groups.

HubSpot Sales

136 Ratings

Sidekick is a sales intelligence solution. Some key features include: Email Profiles and Email Tracking. Predictive PowerDialer

56 Ratings provides a sales acceleration platform that is built on Neuralytics, a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine that drives revenue growth by delivering an optimized experience for both the salesperson and buyer.


87 Ratings

Yesware is a service for salespeople that helps them close deals faster. An email service tracks email, templates responses and syncs to CRM.

60 Ratings

Salesforce launched in 2011, in partnership with D&B, but has since decided to gradually sunset the platform. Some aspects of the platform will continue to be available until July 2020. offers a store of company and customer data for use in sales and prospecting. There are 3...

Cirrus Insight

37 Ratings

Cirrus Insight integrates Salesforce with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. Instantly View Contextual Salesforce Information in Your Inbox. Save Emails & Attachments to Salesforce with a Click. Sync Your Google & Salesforce Calendars. Create & Edit Salesforce Records on the...


Top Rated
26 Ratings

Lead411 is a sales intelligence solution that provides provides news-driven sales leads, IT intelligence and unlimited company contacts within a simple UI. Key differentiators are unlimited downloads, fresh daily leads based on territory, and a no commitment monthly offer.

RainKing (acquired by DiscoverOrg)

Top Rated
37 Ratings

RainKing is a sales intelligence software solution offered by RainKing Software.


Top Rated
34 Ratings

Datanyze is a sales intelligence and lead generation solution. Data can be accessed right within Salesforce.

Oracle Sales Cloud

40 Ratings

Oracle Sales Cloud is a sales automation software accessible through Microsoft Outlook, iOS, and Android, along with territory and quota management and social collaboration.


19 Ratings

Drift is an AI-driven sales and marketing tool that acts as a virtual assistant, facilitating conversations with leads, qualifying them, enriching CRM data with information gathered, and automatically booking sales meetings.


11 Ratings

Winmo is a sales intelligence solution that is a resource for advertiser-agency relationships and marketing decision-maker contact information. This solution includes personalized email alerts, lead recommendations and enhanced integrations to provide an all-in-one prospecting solution. According...


Top Rated
20 Ratings

Rapportive is a free Chrome Extension that shows an email recipient's LinkedIn details within the user's Gmail inbox, and allows users to jump to the contact's LinkedIn profile. Rapportive was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012. In November 2017, LinkedIn released a new version of Rapportive called Sales...


7 Ratings

PersistIQ is a sales intelligence solution. The solution integrates with Salesforce as well as marketing automation platforms.

LeadGrabber Pro

6 Ratings

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B sales intelligence tool which can be used to build a list of prospective clients from professional networking sites. The tool captures new contacts from online directories as well as professional and social networking sites. LeadGrabber extracts contact information from...


15 Ratings

LeadLander is essentially an IP reverse look-up tool. It does a reverse look-up of the IP address to distinguish between corporate visitors and “home/ISP” users. Although having somewhat similar functionality as web analytics products like Google Analytics and WebTrends, it is actually designed...

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