The Best Digital Analytics Software for Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)

Digital Analytics TrustMap for Mid-Size Companies
The digital analytics “Leaders” for mid-size companies are Adobe Analytics and the free tool Google Analytics. Google Analytics is sometimes used as a second analytics tool next to a paid one, especially in mid-size companies and enterprises. Adobe Analytics is highly focused on the enterprise (83% of their customers are enterprises, per the mix of reviews on TrustRadius). However, the product is also highly rated among mid-size companies, albeit with a small sample size.

The “Strong Performers” are GoSquared, AT Internet and KISSmetrics. GoSquared was founded in 2006 in London; its focus is ease of use and real-time capabilities, and, more recently, catering to e-commerce customers. Based in France, AT Internet launched a web analytics product in 1998 and began focusing on enterprise clients in 2007. KISSmetrics was founded in 2008 and focuses on person-based tracking.

Piwik is placed similarly to Google Analytics in the Small Business and Enterprise TrustMaps; however, there are only three reviews of Piwik in this segment, so the lower rating here is possibly an anomaly due to insufficient data.

No vendor is truly focused on the mid-size company segment, according to the mix of reviews on TrustRadius; however, AT Internet is the most focused at 40%. Many of the company's clients are based in Europe, which could explain why some of their customers are smaller in terms of employee count.

*Percent of clients that are mid-size companies as indicated by the mix of reviews on TrustRadius
**The number of websites using a product in the top 100k websites, minus the number of websites using the product among the top 10k, per Note: This method is intended to facilitate a rough comparison of market penetration by order of magnitude among the products, rather than present an exact number of customers or websites, as that data is unavailable to us.
***Based on 2 reviews only, in this segment
Product Avg. Mid-Size Company Rating Mid-Size Company Focus* Mid-Size Company Segment Adoption**
Google Analytics 4.7 32% 60,898
Adobe Analytics 4.3*** 8% 3,428
GoSquared 5.0*** 25% 100
AT Internet 4.3 40% 115
KISSmetrics 4.3 14% 314
Mixpanel 4.0*** 17% 525
IBM Digital Analytics 3.4 26% 364
Piwik 3.3 25% 955