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Joey Buskirk | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 04, 2018

Spred the word

Score 9 out of 10
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I work at the NFL, and I manage the relationship between Spredfast and 32 clubs. The League along with all 32 clubs not only use Spredfast as our central social CMS, but for analytics/creative purposes as well.
  • Spredfast does a phenomenal job when it comes to personal relations. Everyone I've met and worked with is not only super helpful, but very easy to get along with as well. This makes working with them a pleasure!
  • Communication & Transparency. Whether the news is good or bad, Spredfast always does a great job keeping us all in the loop & opening themselves up for any questions/concerns we have.
  • The only area in which I feel they could improve is delivering on promises, specifically when it comes to new products. We've seen some fantastic demos of various products or additions to existing products, but a few of them have still not fully come to fruition.
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Michele Arduengo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Across global marketing departments.
  • Constantly updating and improving their product to keep it current and leading edge.
  • Training modules are excellent, constant training on updates, low barrier of use for people to adopt the platform.
  • Prompt technical support.
  • Much is done remotely, more person to person check-ins between client reps and clients would be nice.
  • I would love to be able to edit posts directly from Spredfast after publishing instead of needing to go into the native platform to fix typos, etc.
I think that you need to be a company of a certain size before the platform makes sense. We are probably at the smaller end of that effective scale. It has been a great tool to roll out globally. Our branch offices have adopted with minimal difficulty. Spredfast has been great--even sending speakers to Madison when we had our entire global team together for a meeting.
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Richard Reeves | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
The Spredfast set of tools is being used as our sole tool for social media engagement across all platforms in the digital world.
As a European company all our markets including the digital and customer care organizations use Spredfast to publish and engage with our customers, this enables us to work across departments to provide a customer 360 approach for a proven customer experience.
  • Funneling content from hundreds of different social media platforms in to one easy to create dashboard. This enables us to manage multiples of accounts and languages with ease enabling a constant and efficient way to engage with customers on behalf of our brands.
  • Providing analytics on every aspect of social media campaigns and engagement, from agent response time to campaign focus. This enables the ability to see outliers and re-approach training for engagement or show great or poor performers as campaigns to help implement successful future products.
  • Overall, Spredfast combines simplicity with all aspects of working with social media from start to finish.
  • Possibility of adding in forums and earned content and be able to directly reply without third party API integration.
  • Creating automatic sentiment analysis
Perfect for large and small companies to bring all brand content into one place to engage with, for customer care working on social media this is a must tool to enable seamless interaction without having to go native on all the individual platforms a company may use for Brand Love. Helps remove interdepartmental silos in companies by bringing all departments together using one tool stack.
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Kelcey Zacarese | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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My team within customer care uses Spredfast, in addition to members in our marketing and editorial teams (main communications departments). I specifically use Spredfast to monitor/engage with customers and also compile analytics from social media - typically reactive data from our programming changes. Spredfast helps us monitor all mentions of SiriusXM across multiple social platforms at once, rather than individually responding to customers through each platform, which also is not ideal since there is a higher error rate for responding as the business on personal content and vice versa with responding accidentally as my personal page. We are able to have all the major platforms we respond to and track data within one platform/display.
  • Spredfast's interface and overall design is much more aesthetically pleasing than other tools I have used or demo-ed in the past. I enjoy the font/layout/boldness much more than I did with Sprinklr
  • Spredfast has made it easy for my team to respond to customers and label mentions quickly and efficiently. Since we try to respond in less than 10 mentions from when the comment came in, the easy layout helps make this possible
  • The filters in Spredfast make it easy to look for a certain mention and/or remove certain mentions from a stream that we classify as "noise" or spam.
  • I would like for it to be easier to attach images when responding to customers since you are currently only allowed to do it when responding publicly on Twitter or Facebook. Also, you can't respond with a picture from the text box - you need to go to Options and then attach... which is just more clicks/time spent.
  • Currently the analytics are still in Beta and we cannot get real time reporting which is a downside
  • It would be nice to be able to have verified mentions rise all the way to the top of the stream or even be flagged.
Spredfast is great for larger businesses who are looking to improve their engagement and interaction with consumers, in addition to creating an "always on" presence which the ability to schedule content even when not in the office/weekends.
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Chloe McCloskey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Spredfast is being used by our social media content team and our social care team. It allows us to talk to customers in real-time and measure/learn from our work. It also allows us to publish content directly from Opal, our content planning tool. We also use it to track conversations with customers to ensure we are delivering a seamless service.
  • The UX is clean and easy to adopt.
  • The team at Spredfast are extremely proactive and super keen on ensuring you're getting the most from the platform.
  • Although unlikely, it would be good if it could pull in the data from the social networks in real-time ;)
I think Spredfast is better suited to the larger organisation. Probably not the tool for start-ups with fewer community managers/support agents, and/or fewer channels.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Spredfast is used for moderation in a department, and reporting and publishing across multiple departments.
  • Spredfast reporting capabilities have streamlined and improved multiple reporting requirements with an easy-to-use interface and scheduling process. The reports are easily customized and have allowed our teams to quickly perform necessary audits on content.
  • Publishing functionality continues to evolve and improve at pace with social networks. Spredfast's reliability is critical to ensuring our business continuity.
  • Spredfast's support teams provide unparalleled service. The teams have made an effort to not only know our business model but to understand our team dynamic and the nuances that impact how we work.
  • I'd like to see some user experience tactical function improvements implemented on a quicker timeline - things like having an option to choose a new user to mirror or offering more saved data exports. That said, we have a great technical account manager and information architect who take care of us quickly and seamlessly.

Spreadfast is well suited for the following:

  1. An excellent publishing resource that mitigates risks by creating an alternate route to native platform access. Publishing approval workflows ensure due diligence, and the ability to pause all publishing is an efficient way to respond to world events where BAU publishing would not be appropriate.
  2. Providing reporting functionality that supports content audits/verifications as well as measurement of social care teams actions
  3. Customer Care - the social care inbox provides third party moderation teams the tools required to manage customer comments as well as triage and escalate to internal teams in a streamlined flow through defined automations and labeling
Spreadfast continues to evolve paid ad functionality but this is an area where we have not found a viable use case.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
I've used Spredfast at two different technology companies. Here are some use cases:

1) Strategic Marketing Campaign. Jive Software wanted to reach a new audience and broaden awareness for their SaaS application for teams. Through analysis and content strategy, we worked with the Spredfast services team to launch a multi-faceted social campaign around the “Office Hero”—creating a persona, an interactive social experience, and a mix of paid, earned, and owned social content. The social content created performed 43% better than email and 170-190% better than traditional advertising.

2) Influencer Engagement. We use Spredfast Intelligence and Conversations to find and build relationships with key technology evangelists.

3) Social Customer Service. At a B2B technology organization, we integrated Spredfast with Salesforce to provide real-time, customer support on a variety of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

  • For the last seven years, I've used Spredfast tools to build scalable, B2B social media programs that include real-time monitoring, optimization, reporting and displays.
  • Spredfast has flexible products. I've used it at various companies with different social strategies, team sizes, organizational workflows, and security frameworks.
  • Spredfast integrates with marquee digital products like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Tableau.
  • Integration with stock photography provider like Adobe or iStock.
  • Integration with Chinese social media platforms
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Spredfast is primarily used by our data and analytics department. They use the program on a daily basis to analyze trends and topics. They can pull raw data from clients/personal social platforms in order to help understand our target audience. Additionally, they are able to understand the conversations surrounding our clients and company overall.
  • User experience is very easy to learn!
  • All social platforms are in the same place.
  • Can sometimes be slow
Spredfast is best for understanding your target audience. You are able to fully understand what is trending and what people are talking about. You can see metrics for every social media platform all in one place. The insight you get out of the data and analytics is really helpful when building your strategy.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 15, 2018

Love Spredfast!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use Spredfast to manage all of our social media accounts, including leadership handles and LI accounts. The social media accounts are managed by social media/PR, careers, internal comms, and marketing. It allows us to control campaigns across multiple teams and streamlines the analytics process. It also provides us company-wide governance of what's scheduled to post.
  • The scheduling capabilities are excellent - it's easy to schedule multiple posts across different accounts, assign campaign labels to each post for future tracking, and to see an at-a-glance view of what's on the calendar.
  • The Intelligence platform has been an invaluable social listening tool, and the campaign dashboards give leadership the high-level metrics they need (and the ability for us to drill down for more granular data points)
  • We also really like the Planner functionality that lets you manage a campaign from start to finish with multiple users and accounts.
  • Additional functionality for paid campaigns - I believe this is being worked on.
Spredfast is perfect for companies with 15+ social media accounts across multiple teams.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
At Priceline, we use Spredfast for two distinct and separate functions: Marketing and Customer Care. I head the Customer Care team, and Spredfast consolidates and organizes all of the social media comments about Customer Care issues into easy-to-use and highly configurable Care dashboards. This facilitates my team's ability to work at maximum efficiency.
  • Spredfast is easy to configure to meet the business needs. And as the business changes, it is very easy to modify the existing workflows to meet the new needs.
  • Data labeling (aka tagging) is very easy to set-up and then report on the various labels applied to the inbound social media Customer Care comments.
  • The analytics tool is quite robust and getting better all the time. The ability to pull key insights out of the social media data is very important to us. Social media comments, in general, tend to serve as an early warning system for our company. So our ability to glean these insights quickly is very important.
  • Spredfast is growing quickly and with this comes some unintended consequences. They have a lot of great ideas on their roadmap, but the execution/delivery of these seems a bit slow.
  • There are improvement opportunities with Analytics. I'd like to see more widgets and the ability to download data into Excel for further data manipulation.
  • Data storage/access is too restrictive. If I don't proactively use Data Exports to set up reporting, I have lost out in my ability to run analysis on larger time periods.
Spredfast does a nice job with client education. Their online and Summit conferences are well worth the time and investment.
I have a terrific success manager (Angela Lacey) who is very responsive and proactive. She keeps us well informed and assists with troubleshooting. I would like to see Spredfast facilitate more customer-to-customer networking for best practices and idea sharing.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Spredfast is used primarily for trend tracking and identification as well as what our client's brand competitors are talking about. Spredfast also offers light demographic information around who is partaking in certain social conversations, primarily on Twitter.

If our team ever leads a real-time social activation to track conversation for events or micro-holidays, previous year convos, geolocations, Spredfast is a useful companion tool to track related activity.
  • Competitive analysis - assessing share of voice and mentions by brand, hashtag or authoritative users.
  • Real-time event activity tracking around a brand activation, speaker series or broadcast.
  • Demographic information for audience building.
  • Expanding robust live trend analysis and search beyond Twitter and onto other channels.
  • Increasing the number of list and trend comparisons for users to run in the Intelligence feature.
  • Stronger influencer identification search based on interest, follower count and channel relevance.
Spredfast is ideal for trend tracking, competitive auditing and social listening around real-time event. Spredfast is not the best option for influencer evaluation, paid content analysis and publishing (this is a separate feature from the Intelligence platform).

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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
While we initially bought Spredfast for its community management capabilities (available in Conversations), since we've had the tool, we've come to discover the vast capabilities that Spredfast also offers within Intelligence and Experiences. I've especially been impressed with Spredfast's real-time listening capabilities and data visualizations. As our company is continually evolving to be more agile and efficient in our marketing efforts, Spredfast has been helpful in allowing us to display meaningful social listening data to our greater organization in a digestible, friendly way to help us make marketing decisions.
  • Real-time listening. Spredfast allows you to look at both Twitter and Instagram data (separately) in real time. This is most helpful when you're monitoring an event, for example in a war room setting, where you need to keep close tabs on conversation about your brand, influencers, etc. I've found that it's also been very helpful if you're monitoring your brand on a screen that's public to your company, because you won't need to manually refresh the screen to keep the information updated -- Spredfast will automatically update it for you.
  • Social listening visualizations. I really am impressed by the various types of visualizations that Spredfast offers.
  • Providing support. Beyond having a great rep and support access via email, Spredfast holds regular office hours 4 days/week for 1 hour/day, where any client can call in to work with a trainer 1:1. These are sessions where any client can dial in, so you may have another person or two on the line asking questions too, but I've found these sessions to be highly valuable when I'm looking to solve for specific listening or reporting needs.
  • Onboarding. Spredfast offers a very user-friendly online tutorial for onboarding. We used this guided tutorial for Conversations, and it was a huge help in quickly getting us up and running with the tool.
  • Publishing content. There are some things that cannot be published within Spredfast (ex: gifs and canvas ads on Facebook). I was told that Spredfast has made the business decision to invest more in paid analytics and performance reporting rather than execution/replication of Facebook Ads Manager. As we look to have our agencies publish content for our brands, for security reasons, it's really important that we have a simple solution for publishing within Spredfast vs. handing over account passwords, so agencies can publish content natively.
  • Spredfast's mobile app. While the basic functionality is there, my team hasn't found that we can solely community manage from our phones, because the app doesn't allow us to take all actions that we can on desktop. For example, we cannot 1) hide/delete a post from our phone, 2) jump to our bookmark or add a bookmark, 3) the filters that you set up on your desktop do not follow to the app (nor can you set up filters on the app), 4) it's easier to accidentally assign a post to the wrong person/group on the app vs. desktop, 5) among other frustrations. We've provided this feedback to Spredfast.
  • Separate data. Spredfast allows you to look at Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook (limited) data separately, but not together. Most brands are looking at a holistic view of their social listening and don't want to see the platforms segmented. I've requested that there's an option to view this data altogether.
I've found Spredfast helpful in monitoring real-time conversations and displaying that data in our "mission control" rooms, so the greater organization can have a nice visual of the social chatter that's being said about our brands.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I used Spredfast as my publishing tool in a past role.

It is a super system as it means you can organize your important publishing across social in a one stop shop.
  • Schedules posts
  • Great userface
  • Continually innovates
  • Supports learning
  • Holds great events
  • Drives confidence in social media
  • Integration with Instagram posts
Very - it is a super system that is easy to use.
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Gregory Tan | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 06, 2018

Spredfast Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Spredfast is being used by all of PepsiCo - the platform is our tool-of-record for social media management globally, across all brands in all markets. While our primary objective is implementing Spredfast globally in order to drive the digital governance goal of ensuring requisite and mandatory approvals for all social content, we also drive adoption and engagement by focusing on its marketing excellence and collaboration features. Through a site license, we have been able to drive improvements in cost efficiencies, increase digital and social media maturity across marketing, communications and care, and improved collaboration, planning and measurement capabilities across brands and markets.
  • Customer success - their team is truly collaborative and interested in partnering with our business to drive success.
  • User-friendliness - the UI and UX is intuitive and simple, and it is straightforward to administer at the global level.
  • Rapid improvements - Spredfast is often able to nimbly keep up with changes and updates across the major social media platforms.
  • Social media analytics - performance data is due for a major overhaul.
  • Company-wide 'governance' data - most/least active initiatives/accounts/users.
The benefit of Spredfast is that it's flexible and intuitive enough for organizations of all maturity levels. Any business that takes social media marketing seriously would benefit from implementing Spredfast, but I see greater benefit for 'fractured' or matrixed organizations with multiple teams and approvers across geographies. The way that it's been set up encourages a significantly higher degree of collaboration and transparency, and we have seen Spredfast cement looser ways of working, and developing a more robust process across teams for social media marketing.
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Jeffery Hawkins | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Spredfast Conversations is being used to house assets, plan and schedule deployments, and measure results. Spredfast Intelligence is being used to monitor our own and our competitors' mentions across social channels, as well as being used to monitor trends in our industry. The specific business problems it is being used to address include having one platform to monitor social media metrics (instead of logging into each channel and getting metrics for just that platform), and to be able to measure social "buzz" created by our attendance and efforts at trade events.
  • View Metrics across channels: Spredfast gives quick access to the most important metrics and you can compare metrics across channels with just a few mouse clicks. This used to be a very cumbersome and manual process but is now greatly simplified and immediate.
  • Monitoring competitors: we monitor both our competitors' tweets, and mentions of them. This allows us to see what customers are saying, and then we can respond to those customers or promote specific aspects of our product that addresses our competitors' shortcomings.
  • Quick Customer Response: We can very easily see when a customer or social media user is mentioning our brand, and can respond to concerns, questions about products, or advice we can offer in responding directly to that user or a broader audience.
  • Customer Service: There have only been a few times where I needed to contact Customer Service. They are always quick to respond and take care to offer appropriate help. Then, they follow up to make sure your concerns/needs have been met. I'm impressed!
  • Training: The platform is very deep, and the training is somewhat limited and out of date. This is endemic in the SaaS field, as the platform changes faster than the training materials can be updated. Spredfast should revise their training videos (which are already quite good) to have updated material, go much slower in explanations, and break the topics up into shorter (but more in-depth) topics.
  • Exporting from Intelligence: I can create dashboards, analytics, and the like, but it would be great to have more and more accessible exporting options.
I think Spredfast is particularly suited to organizations that have a desire to deploy social media to multiple channels, manage the digital assets for the posts, and then measure effectiveness.
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Shelby Best | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 24, 2018

Spredfast Conversations

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Spredfast Conversations for the marketing department only. It addresses our need to publish on social media, answer and respond to customer service queries, and track and monitor trends. It has been very helpful so far and we continue to see a lot of use for it in the upcoming future.
  • Track and monitor conversations.
  • Allow for publishing.
  • Allow for moderation and approval of comments and posts.
  • Sometimes the approval process can get a bit convoluted.
  • Would love to see more ways to track who is responding to certain comments.
  • Would like to see more opportunity for the platform to help with proofreading of posts.
Spredfast Conversations is more suited to situations which require a coordinated team effort to manage feeds, track customer responses, and respond to particular conversations. Spredfast Conversations also works great as a publishing platform, allowing for multiple rounds of approval if necessary, or just posting straight away if no approval is needed.
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Tracy Whitelaw | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 18, 2018

Spredfast Shines

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Spredfast in our digital marketing team to meet the biggest majority of our social media needs. Our use of Spredfast is across a variety of their platforms, including Conversations, Promotions, Intelligence and Care. Our biggest use of Spredfast is Care, which we use to efficiently manage our customer care within social media. I have a team of 6 in there who love using Care. We also use Spredfast for all our reporting, both manual and automated. As we get closer to our global event, Spredfast will become increasingly important for not only Care, but also for reports and analytics. We currently use it to provide whole of company reports on a regular basis and we have onboarded a number of other partner agencies into the system and it is been a joy to use.
  • Customer care for social media is handled exceptionally in Spredfast
  • Amazing onboarding process and they continue to assist throughout your contract
  • Detailed scheduling and calendar tool with a fantastic user experience
  • Analytics are wide-ranging and allow for analytics that are high level or more detailed deep dive
  • Would like to see more localised tech support
If you're looking for an enterprise solution for your social media management or if you're looking to add multiple teams, Spredfast is the best tool on the market currently for this. It is also fantastic for really allowing teams to take ownership of their content with numerous workflows and assigning built into the system.
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Nicole Papageorgiou | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 19, 2017

Community Manager Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Spredfast was first rolled out as a client-specific initiative that was mandated by the brands that I work on. I mainly used the conversation elements to perform community management tasks. Clients liked the workflow set up in place for multiple touch points of approval for each piece of content or response. Today, our entire Social Media department utilizes it specifically for the Intelligence features.
  • Great job staying innovative with the latest technology, and adapting and implementing new functionality as social platforms evolve.
  • Thorough customer service support.
  • Often times the program itself experiences glitches.
  • Some of the community management views in the conversations module aren't user friendly. Would love to see an updated view besides just streams.
Working at an agency managing different pages/accounts for multiple client sets, Spredfast makes it simple to keep access to each page separate.
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Chelsia Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Spredfast for all of our branded social media efforts across all of the main networks. It is our main tool for publication, listening, management and analytics. We are deeply integrated with conversations and starting to utilize more of the Intelligence features within our team and our PR agency.
  • Customer service - while the main functionality is standard and solid it's really the customer service that sets Spredfast apart from their competitors.
  • Innovation - year after year it's obvious that Spredfast wants to be the best social analytics and management software in the space. They're regularly rolling out updates and new features.
  • It would be great if more of the features catered specifically to companies in the B2B space.
Spredfast is great for larger brands managing social across multiple teams, several regions, brand identities and campaigns. It has scaled really well for our growing team and offers a lot of room for expansion.

I can see how Spredfast could be too much tool for smaller companies and teams or might be too clunky for really large, interdisciplinary teams.
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Jye Sandiford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's utilized by our online connections teams across the business to monitor, manage and engage across social media platforms. It allows our team who is spread afar geographically to collaborate and manage work flows and tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • Managing multiple profiles across a range of platforms - This has been super easy to organize and maintain, with support provided along the way.
  • Customer Care Workflows - Our team considers customer service a vital aspect of our presence in the social media space and Spredfast makes this simple for us to manage with a range of streams that can be created and auto-routing to take out manual operations it allows to respond quickly to our customers. Profiling and ability to add the latest social platform features such as Twitters 'deep links' help us to create context and develop conversations even further.
  • On the go accessibility - Spredfast has catered for all your needs including a number of applications for use on mobile (Capture App for adding media content to library and Spredfast App for broadcast and service management). The ability to work whilst in meetings, on the move from A to B or wherever is a great strength that allows our team to work efficiently and respond to our customers as quick as we can.
  • The implementation of a Hemingway Editor could be valuable to provide in content creation.
  • Calendar functionality could be slightly changed to reduce click and load waits on content management.
Spredfast Conversations has worked well as a staple platform for your business' social media management needs providing all the tools to monitor/listen, create, manage and service. As a company that purely focuses on 'social' its Conversations software is always up to date with latest to market features allowed from social platform API's and understands the 360 degree view of what's needed to run a tight social media game.

The Conversations platform is less suited to those looking to create social campaigns or to be used for social data research, they provide other software platforms for this.
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Martín La Rocca | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At Social Factor, Spredfast Conversations is implemented for internal marketing purposes and on behalf of all of our clients. It's been instrumental to managing 3 - 20 accounts for each of over 25 clients. It provides a unified place to write and draft content, monitor key conversations, and to aggregate and analyze metrics.
  • Robust user and account management
  • Metrics and analytics for multiple channels all in one place
  • Content approval process in the system minimize risks
  • Every once in a while you can get a data blip on reports

When managing eight or more social accounts, including executive profiles or multiple brands and campaigns and multiple channels, Spredfast Conversations is fantastic. It's even better if your organization has tight regulation or wants good control of content being published. It's probably not ideal fro a small team, few channels, or teams with few metrics to track.

How many accounts do you plan on managing and tracking? Do you like to analyze data and keep it all housed in one place? Will there be multiple team members or changing team members managing different initiatives? Do you need a tight approval process for content?

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Stephanie Gonzales | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I think this tool is meant for a team of any size. I am the sole social media manager for my brand and it has been a great tool in the sense that I can see what is being said about my brand and respond accordingly. I wish I could get everything out of analytics with a click or two, but I can export what I need from my streams and extract the data I need from there. Overall, I and my c-suite are big fans of Spredfast.
  • Listening
  • The account and support teams are outstanding
  • Analytics - I can still get the great data from native sites. If no luck there, I pull data out of Spredfast and manipulate it manually in excel.
I do recommend this platform to my colleagues. The only issue is the expense.
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Travis Burchart | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Great for managing and planning content for weekly channel distribution, along with pic/text repositories for easy access and posting.
  • Great metrics for individual posts, which is helpful in gauging content impact and copy resonance.
  • "Highlight" function allows for ease of communication between team members, especially when addressing customer service issues.
  • Provides a high level view of my weekly content calendar, allowing for visual determination of over / under posting.
  • Great customer service! Very quick to respond.
  • Great repository of learning tools - videos and instructions.
  • This is a very good tool, and they are constantly improving it with new features. However, there is a continuous learning curve as new features are rolled out and implemented.
Be prepared to take some time learning the Spredfast features. There are quite a few bells and whistles, but Spredfast provides a large repository of learning resources - videos and instructions. Update: A new release occurred in October. While a slicker look, Spredfast has sacrificed much of its original UX simplicity in favor of UX design.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Spredfast is being used across our marketing (including agency), legal, trademark, and other departments. It addresses the business problem of teams posting directly to a platform before getting appropriate approvals - this allows our corporate reputation to have another layer of security in order to be protected much better than it was previously.
  • Corporate reputation security - extra layer of approvals is very helpful.
  • Through intelligence, our teams can monitor talk across social and know when something important surfaces.
  • Spredfast conversations allows us to see and filter all posts, whether visible on a page or dark and promoted posts.
  • I'm looking forward to having Spredfast Audience ready but FB API issue may limit this.
  • Spredfast can improve some of its search capabilities for larger companies who have many pages of data.
  • I would like to see an overall calendar viewing of a sector's initiatives up front vs. having to filter for them on an initiative.
Spredfast is suited for companies who want to monitor posts that will be published to social media. The system is very capable in handling a large amount of employees, data, and also auto-import posts that weren't done within the platform. This is particularly helpful because it allows you to see a full picture of posts versus just what's done inside the tool.
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Score 9 out of 10
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Spredfast Conversations is selected by brands, and implemented and used by a social media moderation team that I manage. Spredfast Conversations helps manage all social media channels in one place.
  • Multiple Steams, sorted how you like
  • Personalized Workflow
  • Customer Care Labels
  • Delay in pulling content occasionally
  • Macros/actions being applied even when rules are not in place
  • Support is sometimes slow to respond
Spredfast Conversations is well suited for those with multiple social media accounts, across multiple platforms. Spredfast Conversations would be less appropriate for someone just trying to monitor and engage with a single platform.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Boolean keyword searches (36)
Filtering out noise/spam (38)
Sentiment analysis (33)
Broad channel coverage (41)
Content planning and scheduling (45)
Audience targeting (37)
Content optimization (5)
Workflow management (41)
Automated routing and prioritization (31)
Customer interaction histories (36)
Bulk actions (33)
Lead generation (13)
Content marketing (25)
Paid media management (2)
Campaigns and promotions (30)
Twitter (44)
Facebook (46)
LinkedIn (29)
Google+ (16)
Instagram (44)
Pinterest (17)
YouTube (26)
Campaign success analytics (39)
Real-time tracking (40)
Competitor analysis (30)
Role-based user permissions & privileges (46)
Mobile access (43)

About Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)

According to the vendor, Khoros Marketing enables clients to simplify their complex social marketing operation to build and protect their brand. Khoros Marketing offers customers:

Social Marketing: Orchestrate, govern, engage, and measure integrated social campaigns in an easy-to-configure and highly adaptable platform.

Intelligence: Stay ahead of your market, your competition, and your audiences with powerful, yet accessible insights based on real-time, unlimited search across public social channels.

Vault: Protect your brand across your social footprint with access and credential management.

Experiences: Inspire audience participation across your digital properties through the power of social UGC.

According to the vendor, key benefits include:

  • Scale your interactions: Bring all your teams, channels, and content into one platform to manage integrated social campaigns.

  • Protect your brand: Centralized visibility and control over account access, content approval, and teams means protecting brand equity at scale.

  • Measure what matters: Translate your social performance to metrics that matter to your business with configurable dashboards and data exports.

  • Crisis management: Stay on top of any crisis by understanding when crises are emerging, and how and when to engage using real-time data and custom notifications.

  • Competitive intelligence: Develop competitive benchmarks and track your competitors’ campaigns to ensure meaningful brand differentiation.

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Features

Listening/monitoring Features
Has featureBoolean keyword searches
Has featureFiltering out noise/spam
Has featureSentiment analysis
Has featureBroad channel coverage
Publishing Features
Has featureContent planning and scheduling
Has featureAudience targeting
Does not have featureContent optimization
Has featureWorkflow management
Engagement Features
Has featureAutomated routing and prioritization
Has featureCustomer interaction histories
Has featureBulk actions
Marketing Features
Has featureLead generation
Has featureContent marketing
Does not have featurePaid media management
Has featureCampaigns and promotions
Channel coverage/integration Features
Has featureTwitter
Has featureFacebook
Has featureLinkedIn
Has featureGoogle+
Has featureInstagram
Has featurePinterest
Has featureYouTube
Reporting/analytics Features
Has featureCampaign success analytics
Has featureReal-time tracking
Has featureCompetitor analysis
Account management Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions & privileges
Has featureMobile access

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Videos (2)

Watch Discover the value of 1:1 product coaching with Khoros coaches invested in your success.

Watch Plan, moderate, measure, and optimize your content across the board with a converged view of paid and organic social media content.

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Downloadables

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Integrations

Bitly, Brandwatch Consumer Research, Domo, Google Analytics, NetBase, Opal, Origami Logic, Oracle Siebel CRM, Synthesio, Symantec, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Bynder Enterprise DAM, Widen Collective,, Smarsh Connected Suite (formerly Actiance), Bazaarvoice, Crimson Hexagon, Grabyo, IBM, Kenshoo, Linkinfluence, RadiumOne, Salesforce, Tableau, Vizrt,, Pandorabots,

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Competitors

Adobe Social, Sprinklr Social + Messaging Suite, Salesforce Social Studio


  • Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
  • Entry-level set up fee?Optional

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Support Options

 Paid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported Countries:Global
Supported Languages: Any language the Social Networks themselves support