Spiceworks offers a set of free tools for IT network management and help desk support ticketing. The inventory management system essentially provides comprehensive device information for asset management. The Spiceworks Network Monitor provides information on observed IT for problem tracking and server performance monitoring. And finally, the Spiceworks Help Desk Software lets IT personnel stay on top of issues across the network with a ticketing system. Help desk roles with role-based permissions and notifications allow tasks to be allocated across team members. If the user wishes to host Spiceworks apps and tools locally, then they are free. For cloud-based service, Spiceworks bills $12 per IT user per month, or $10 monthly per user if paid annually. Spiceworks was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas, also with a European headquarters in London (since 2012), and is generously backed by multiple investors, most notably Goldman Sachs. Security Practitioners! Here is the perfect free tool to install for performing a risk analysis on your network!I use it to scan our entire network infrastructure. I use it primarily as a tool to inform me of our security posture. It identified gaps such as workstations without antivirus installed and even how many workstations running a particular operating system is on our network. This tool is very cost efficient (free to be exact) that a security practitioner can use to perform risk analysis. I highly recommend this for security administrators who have a limited budget but still need an effective tool to help in identifying security vulnerabilities on their network.,Identify workstations with running various operating systems on your network. Identify workstations running various anti-virus programs on your network. Identify workstations and servers running low on storage capacity. Provide dashboards to easily view the current state of your network.,Spiceworks uses a lot of system resources and does need room for improvement in this area on Windows systems. Sometimes it can hang and a system reboot will clear up the issue. Spiceworks should be able to be installed on non-Windows systems such as Linux, Apple MAC OS, or other flavors of unix. So it should have a Linux install available for servers running this OS. Running Spiceworks on a workstation along with other programs is not recommended. I would advise installing it on a dedicated server.,10,Considering that we have a limited budget and resources for security tools, Spiceworks has had a positive ROI in our department because we can use it to perform risk analysis on our network without the overhead cost of purchasing a similar tool to perform this function. The reporting feature of Spiceworks is great. You can create your own reports based on the criteria you want on your network, such as searching for workstations that run a particular operating system or systems running an outdated antivirus program. The real-time monitoring is an important feature. I do not have to initiate a scan of the network after I have setup Spiceworks to scan a subnet. It will automatically scan the network and identify new systems being attached to your network.,,8,Impulse SafeConnect, Nessus, Cisco Firepower NGFW (formerly Sourcefire),1,1,Risk Analysis tool Cost efficient Easy to use Easy reporting features Easy to install and get up and running.,I never heard about Spiceworks being used as a security risk analysis tool, but I quickly recognized it and am glad that I did. I like the fact that I can create custom reports that I can show my supervisor. The fact that the tool is free is a great plus. I know that it has saved our department $$$ because we don't have to pay for a similar product along with subscription fees.,Spiceworks can identify workstations and servers that are running low on disk drive capacity. We could eventually use it as a means of identifying systems that need to be upgraded. We could also use Spiceworks to identify outdated applications which could require an upgrade.,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,Well, if I had to do it all over again, I would make sure that the product I was evaluating could be installed on a dedicated server to test and not on my workstation. Because I enjoyed the functionality of Spiceworks when I initially installed it on my workstation, it was using a lot of my system resources because I use my system for other tasks. I should have installed it the first time to a dedicated server like its on now.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,I had to backup my existing Spiceworks installation from my workstation and install it on the dedicated server we setup for it. No other issues came up once we ported the installation to the dedicated server.,10,Installation is very easy to get the system up and operational within an hour! Scanning your network is a breeze with this tool. Dashboards are great so you can visually view your network.,You really should install this on a system dedicated to Spiceworks only, preferably on its own server. I would recommend a system running 16GB of RAM or more. You may have to tweek the report functions to create the output you want to see.,10Most effective and powerful ticketing platformI would say Spiceworks is very easy to set up. It is no doubt simple but most functional tool. It's clean, clear and polished interface is highly appreciable. It consists of incredibly amazing monitoring features. It is indeed incomparable free IT software with plenty of benefits. It works more than our expectations. It comprises of a variety of customization options with wonderful performance.,It is super duper easy to use. It is extremely easy to implement. Best ways for handling tickets.,It's could version needs some improvement. The email notifications do not have that much unwanted stuff.,9,Wonderful tool for tracking tickets. It provides user-friendly environment. Cost effective product.,Zoho Desk,LastPass for Business, Google Drive, Asana, Google HangoutsJust a thoughtWell, we used it for monitoring device switches. We were in the process of looking around for something to use. This free version was a good start. The problem we had was just finding something to do what we wanted since our network is pretty large.,Network Monitor was good. It did your basic stuff like CPU utilization, memory stuff, etc. Also, the fact you can use it on most operating systems of today that was plus. Dashboard was easy to get around with.,Alert thresholds Email alerts,6,None Like I said, its a good product but needs improvement. Was not enough for us.,,PRTG Network Monitor, ManageEngine OpManager, SolarWinds Netflow Traffic AnalyzerSpiceworks makes submitting and managing IT support requests a breeze!We use Spiceworks to manage all IT support requests for our team. Since we recently expanded our team and users are across the entire United States, we needed a better solution to manage these requests. Previously users would text, email, AND call for assistance which did not allow for easy tracking of requests for the IT team.,Very easy to use and enter a support request Email functionality allows quick updates to users of status/updates to support requests Allows IT team to triage and assign out tickets very quickly,As a user, I would like to have a login where I can track my specific requests in one place We currently have a link that we access to enter our requests-it would be cool if we could initiate via email plugin,10,Much faster resolution of support requests Ability to easily track and monitor support requests from team members Better triage and assignment of support tickets within IT team,JIRA Software and,MS SharePoint, Acumatica, Skype for Business (formerly Lync),,5,Quick resolution of technical issues with hardware Problems using software Easy solves-problems logging in or accessing programs,10Spiceworks Help Desk -- a basic ticketing systemWe use Spiceworks (on premises, not the cloud version) as a ticketing system across our entire organization. One of our locations is also using Spiceworks Inventory to keep track of workstations, printers, and other devices. We have more than 10+ IT support techs, 1000+ users submitting tickets, and 10000+ supported devices (1 for 1 school district). Users submit tickets via email. IT support mostly uses the web interface; the mobile app is used less often. Management tracks time spent on tickets via reports. Nothing groundbreaking --a normal ticketing system in a mid-size organization.,Price: it is free. Ease of installation: all components (web server, database) are included in a single package. The entire ticketing system can be configured in 5 minutes. Email integration: we can submit tickets, add time, comments, and close over the email.,Performance issues. With tens of thousands of tickets and thousands of devices in the Spiceworks database, reports can be very sluggish. Throwing more hardware resources does not help. Customization is limited. We use a custom script to control our ticket assignment, as rules inside Spiceworks are not adequate. Spiceworks implementation of Apache does not work well with configuration changes. The database server used is SQLite, which is quite limited -- working with the database directly is not advisable. Support and documentation are what can be expected from the ad-supported product. Most of the time forums are the best place to find answers.,8,Spiceworks saves a significant amount of money for the organization of our size. I do not know the exact numbers quoted for alternative ticketing systems, but the amounts were significant. Spiceworks does its job -- tickets are tracked, time spent by IT support is recorded, inventory is useful. Troubleshooting and configuration is a long and arduous process due to the weak support and lack of configuration options. Many man-hours were spent on fixing issues with the ticketing system itself.,Zendesk and osTicket,Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, PRTG Network Monitor, Darktrace,,Keeping track of end-user issues. Tracking time spent on issue resolution by Level I support technicians. Asset Inventory.,4Spiceworks works best for smaller MSPs.Spiceworks was used as a help desk system, inventory management, as well as a knowledge base center. It helped us manage customer tickets as well as assign workflow for each tech. Techs were assigned a ticket, they commented on each ticket, and they provided documentation for that particular issue. We were able to discuss tech issues with other people using Spiceworks which helped us solve issues faster.,Creating a ticket and assigning a tech in Outlook was simple to use. Ticket management for each tech was easy to use. Inventory management was well paid out and easy to access.,Upgrade the ticket search feature so it doesn't feel like tickets are so clustered together when doing a search. Improve upon features for the tech. Maybe an antivirus or online status of computers on the main page. A feature to record time would help improve tickets being worked on.,6,It helped us manage our clients when we had around 25 clients. We were able to track servers and monitor their status. Even if it was as robust as other packages on the market. It helped us stay on track on tickets and assigning them to the appropriate tech.,Zoho Desk,ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal), Zoho DeskSpiceworks: the best help desk and inventory program by far, and its FREE!!We use Spiceworks for two purposes: for its inventory tracking capabilities to keep track of all our our IT infrastructure, and also we heavily use the help desk feature across our whole organization, which allows us to manage and track support issues and their solutions all within one central place, and to easily recall past issues and their solutions.,Help desk trouble ticket system, which is great for tracking the status of issues within your organization. It allows users the ability to submit help requests themselves, and it allows teams to update and track the tickets. Inventory tracking of all your equipment with lots of details about each piece of equipment, like the patch level of computers and the location for equipment or the last time it was serviced or updated. Spiceworks is free!! You can't beat a free solution, and the community behind Spiceworks is huge. Their forums are filled with fellow IT pros willing to help each other out if you submit a question.,Spiceworks is pretty flexible in the inventory tracking area but it would be nice to be able to create multiple custom fields because sometimes I need more than one customizable field. Spiceworks offers apps for managing things from your phone, but it's a very text-heavy app. It would be nice for it to be a little more graphical for some of the lower-end users out there. Spiceworks offers 2 different apps, one for their forums and accessing the Spiceworks community, and another for the help desk features. It would be nice to have them combined into one app.,10,On the positive side, Spiceworks has streamlined our inventory processes, and having everything within an app makes the IT teams' lives so much easier now. On the positive side, Spiceworks has made getting support and tracking the status of your support request way better for everyone across our whole organization. Also on the positive side, the lives of the IT support staff have been improved because it makes it easy to log all your support information in one place, and then also be able to search and find it later if you ever run into the same problem again down the line.,Zendesk and Salesforce Community Cloud,Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, BarTenderSpiceworks is a friend to the small IT shopWe use Spiceworks as our help desk ticketing solution. We tried it for Inventory and the scanning slows down the network. If you scan your network do it during off hours so not to impact your users. However the Help Desk ticket software is great as well as linking to the site. has a great forum to get answers for your tech issues.,Help Desk Ticketing software. For a small company to keep track of all their issues. You can choose between cloud or on premis. You can use the dashboard and reporting to get metrics to justify your IT spend! No cost solution. Doesn't add to your budget.,Inventory. The network scan really slows down your network. It's very intensive. Do this off hours. Network Monitor also slows down your network. Do this only if you need it. There's another solution Panopta that has a very light weight solution for low cost per machine.,7,We've been able to keep track of all our tickets by using spiceworks. Without it things kept getting lost in the shuffle. We've been able to go back and show how many help desk calls we've gotten in a period of time. It's given us metrics.,,Cisco Meraki Systems Manager, Cisco Meraki MX Firewalls, Cisco Meraki MS Switches, Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Point, Citrix NetScaler, Microsoft Office 2016, Swiftpage ACT!, Dell EqualLogic PS Series, VMware vCenter ServerExcellent Software, Outstanding Price!My organization encourages the use of open source software when it can be used to cut costs. We were testing multiple asin set management softwares, and I was asked to test Spiceworks as I had experience with it. I set up a virtual server, installed Spiceworks and began to test. Let me say from the start that scanning in all the devices it in my plans took an incredible amount of time, but now that they are scanned in, it is not that bad. Spiceworks is built and maintained by all of the "spiceheads" on the Spiceworks forums, and they are very proud of what they have built, as well they should be. This software, in my opinion, is second only to PDQInventory for asset management.,Actively monitors all of the devices on your network. Excellent for software inventory Outstanding for hardware inventory Price. For the low, low cost of zero you get an amazing quality tool 3rd party integration,Scans are very slow. Huge learning curve 3rd party integration is not really well documented, meaning that it can take a while to find what you need to set something new up.,10,Spcieworks has saved me time looking for certain machines that might be online—positive. Spiceworks is free, so I am able to manage my inventory for no cost —positive. I can quickly look up what computer a user is logged into when troubleshooting over the phone. This is priceless—positive.,ManageEngine AssetExplorer, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite (formerly LANDESK IT Asset Management Suite) and Ivanti Asset Tracker (formerly Heat Asset Tracker),LogMeIn Rescue, LogMeIn Pro, DameWare Remote Support, Zoom Video Webinar, Cisco Aironet Access Points, VMware ESXi, Kernel-based Virtual Machine, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Oracle VM VirtualBoxSpiceworks - build your IT HelpDesk services in minutesWe are a growing company and looking for better solutions for the IT department. Reviewing functionality for our needs and solutions on the market we stopped with Spiceworks solutions from HelpDesk and network monitoring. The Spiceworks HelpDesk application allows us to control, analyze and improve performance of IT HelpDesk team. The Network Monitoring tool gives us enough information on the network state, servers and network resources up time and sends alerts once things going wrong.,For small and mid size companies - very good solution. Low prices or free solutions. Easy deployment, fast start, not additional training is required for personnel. user friendly web interface, great performance, easy integration.,It would be great if different SpiceWorks solutions had a single web management console. Integration between solutions to have all the data available in all solutions. Give more options for alerting and more flexible options for monitoring.,9,First of all - money saving. For our needs Spiceworks does what we want from the solution. We do not need to spend money for any other solution implementation, development, etc. Saved money can be easily transferred to more necessary resources. Implemented solution gives the data for analyzing and optimizing IT support performance. Reduce number of tickets just by understanding the common issues and resolving root cause of the issues for past tickets. Based on received information upgrade business and IT procedures that allowed company to make more money. Limited number of features and options due to free solution - doesn't allow us to make it better and to receive additional positive affect,BMC Track-It! and ServiceDesk Plus,G Suite, Five9 Predictive Dialer, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), MS SharePoint, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Proofpoint Essentials for Small Business, Airtable, VMware ESXi,120Add a lot of Zing to your network with Spiceworks InventoryWe use Spiceworks Inventory to discover and inventory all of our network-connected devices. Spiceworks Inventory is a free software package that works either as an agent or with saved credentials (iLO, Windows, Linux, Mac, Printers, WAP, router, switch, etc.) to collect device information on your network. For us, and for anyone who wants to get a handle on what's really connected on your network, Inventory helps us track and manage systems--mostly end-user systems. Inventory performs a sweep of your devices and displays a lot of data such as make, model, warranty info, RAM, CPU, disk space, hardware components, applications, and version information for all listed components. It helps us track systems by model, by age, and the software inventory is very valuable because we also get notifications if an application has a security vulnerability. Spiceworks Inventory is an essential part of our IT toolbox.,It accurately and quickly gathers device information. It consumes very few resources (network bandwidth, CPU, memory, etc.). It can be run and maintained on a virtual machine. It requires no special extra software and requires no special hardware.,I wish it were easier to remove and wipe data. Doing it one system at a time is tedious. I also wish there were a way to better discover new devices, regardless of available credentials--as soon as someone connects to the network, we would get a notification. I would like to see Inventory integrate with AD.,10,Spiceworks Inventory has had a significant positive impact on our ROI because we only had to invest a little time and a few resources (a Windows VM and license) to its use. The software is free. Spiceworks has a huge active community of followers and any questions I have are always answered right away, which helps us maintain our installation and our inventory. One significant positive is that Inventory warns us about expiring warranties on our systems so we can make decisions about continued support or plan for decommissioning.,,Okta, Ruckus ICX Switches (formerly Brocade ICX Switches), LastPassSpiceworks is worth it!We are using Spiceworks across our entire organization to manage IT support requests. It provides us with a solid interface, quick communications with users and the team, and a mobile app to manage requests in a more timely and efficient manner. The ability to have an archive or request allows us to perform analytics on types of requests, time to resolution, and who is requesting the most.,Support request management End-user/ requester communication analytics,web page refresh rate ads are annoying but I get it more customization,10,Improved response times task delegation and management support analytics,Asset Panda and Samanage,Illuminate Data & Assessment (DnA), GoGuardian Admin, Cisco Meraki Systems ManagerSpiceworks is an Amazing ToolI use it to network with other IT professionals and to continue learning/expand my knowledge and experience in the IT field. I have also downloaded their Support product, but haven't set it up for use and I have also downloaded their inventory program as a redundant program to what our MSP provides/owns.,They provide excellent learning tools. The provide great webinars. They provide interaction with software and hardware vendors in addition to other IT professionals.,I only use what's free since it is a redundant inventory program - no complaints though. I typically use their website which can be tricky to navigate until you get used to it. Nothing else to add.,10,Since I got the free version, ROI is 100% on day 1. Again, I use the website mostly, to search for information and knowledge. If I can't find it on my own, I can ask and many people have the opportunity to help. This had no involvement in business objectives, it's just a great tool.,,Epicor Eclipse, Evolution Payroll, Microsoft Office 2016Spiceworks: Low cost, versatile and easy to useWe use Spiceworks as a Help Desk ticketing system for our IT dept. We primarily use it for our dept. but have opened it up to some end users.,Tracks issues Allows us to categorize tickets Provides some metrics for ticket resolution,Slow response time when logging in Does a better job with windows assets that mac assets,6,I would say this product has neutral impact. As a Google School we utilize some Google features for some things that we might otherwise utilize in Spiceworks.,,Jamf Pro, Apple Remote Desktop, Apple iCloud, Amazon Web Services, Skyward HRMS, Infinite CampusSpiceworks is AwesomeI use it for the help desk, the network tools, and remote access tools. It is only used by myself for the administration of Spiceworks. The company sends help desk tickets to me for work needed, really makes everyone's life easier to know I've seen the ticket and status updates. Spiceworks helps me manage support contracts and devices on my network.,Helpdesk is very easy to manage and user-friendly. Very customizable The network tools help me "see" our network and devices on it, need to set some things up but that's part of anything like that Remote support is awesomeHelpdesk find the remote support tool to be one of the best features yet. Community support is great, people are helpful and responsive,At times the network tool can be frustrating, but that just shows me I need to do work on my end Desktop application can be slow to open at times from machine holding DB, this has been an ongoing issue with IE, ok with chrome For a free software there is very little to complain about,10,As a one-man shop, this software makes my job significantly easier with all this information in one place The help desk cuts down on the volume of calls and allows better time management It does take some setting up and figuring out network issues to get everything on the network monitor, but that actually makes your network better,,VMware ESXi, HPE Nimble Storage, Ruckus ICX Switches (formerly Brocade ICX Switches)Spiceworks, Quick!The tool is providing lots of details about our environment. It's being used by the IT department, but it helps the entire organization. It solves problems as hardware Inventory, management details of the devices, and environment mapping, and lots of reports, like license tracking, for example, or hardware reports. It helps us a lot in daily activities.,Hardware Inventory. Reports. Software Tracking - This is amazing. After the scan, they show you already the number of machines and pending updates, not only from Microsoft but other players too.,Network Scan x Authentication - Sometimes it stops scanning. Integration with Spiceworks Pages. It works but I think it's not good to force this. The web interface is heavy.,8,No need to buy complex solutions (for now). Quickly generated reports. Extremely fast to run and start utilization in our environment.,Remote Desktop ManagerSpiceworks - Cheap and Easy SolutionsI currently use Spiceworks as my helpdesk application, my network inventory manager, and to host a company portal, where employees can access information that has been shared by IT. Spiceworks has made it easier to manage the devices on my network and to evaluate their relationships and configurations. It also provides a great platform for communication from IT to the rest of the company. In addition to the services provided by Spiceworks, I also utilize the Spiceworks community, for tackling issues that I haven't been able to wrap my own head around. The Spiceworks community is a GREAT place to get feedback on ideas, answers to questions, and help with overall challenges.,Network Monitoring -This application works pretty well, is lightweight, and not very intrusive. It does lack a bit of detail, and you can't do anything with MiBs, but for simple up-time monitoring, it works great. Spiceworks Helpdesk -This application is great. I use it to manage tickets submitted by our employees. This allows me to not only maintain an easy line-of-communication, but also allows me to see trends in ticketed issues. Spiceworks Community -Great group of people. There's always good discussions taking place in user threads. Whether it's troublehooting, problem-solving, or just throwing ideas around, the Spiceworks user community is a great place to get some feedback on your thoughts. Spiceworks Portal -I use this to communicate important information to our employees. I also host a lot of FAQs and How-Tos on the portal.,Spiceworks Network Monitor -Could use more integration of MiBs and also a more flexible implementation of SNMP versions.,10,Spicworks has provided a cheap alternative to the expensive software solutions provided by bigger vendors,OpenNMS,Vipre, SonicWall TZ,Help Desk is the best and easiest to use! I use this system to support our entire organization. The network inventory is also a great tool! Keeps a great historical record of our assets, and can maintain a collection of associated warranties, files, and other documentation/files per asset. The community. I LOVE the community. It's a great place to hash out problems that you've been fighting with.,The network monitor is not the easiest to use. It is a simple setup, but is limited in how you assign devices to the monitor, as well as with controlling what versions/credentials are used for SNMP. Also, there is no ability to add MiBs.,Yes, but I don't use itSpiceworks- free but worth so much moreI use Spiceworks to manage all of the networking equipment to ensure uptime. The software is currently only being used within the Information technology department. I searched long and hard to find a single product that would do both monitoring and inventory control. Spiceworks does all that I was looking for to do with multiple products all in one.,It gives accurate alerts for down systems and eliminates a lot of false positives. I like that it has never crashed or given me a single problem in the 7 plus years I have been using it. The full-featured suite gives any IT professional the ability to use one module, several modules, or all the modules to meet their needs. New versions come out at least once a year with updates more frequently.,Creates too many tickets for one task. The only downside is that it’s heavily IT based, so using it for other team types is not adoptable. There’s no source code so you are stuck with its look.,10,ROI is almost immediate because Spiceworks is free and the only investment is time. Our ROI is based on the ability to provide our users with not only better response times to issues but proactively. The ROI is also that it is efficient and improves constantly.,,Observium, Nagios, TracerPlusSpiceworks is a great tool for any system administrator to automate their labor intensive jobsI am using Spiceworks to inventory hosts, get details on servers connected to our network and monitor up-time. We also use Spiceworks to monitor cloud activity from within the enterprise on a user level.,Inventory capabilities are very good. The detail provided makes my job easier to monitor what hosts we have, the OS they are running, software installed, upgrades available and more.... Printer alerts for connectivity and ink levels is a plus. Antivirus installations are checked and monitored for updates. I get a report daily on updates that are available as well as any systems with more than one installation of antivirus software.,The networking feature needs to be more automated. The graphical network diagram needs to be more flexible and easy to segment. It needs to offer more features to monitor new devices that get plugged into the network on a live and or daily basis.,7,Since it is free, the ROI is immediate. It has saved my department hundreds of hours of manual labor trying to inventory our servers and workstations ($50,000) or more. Spiceworks has also proven to be a reliable tool for reports on bandwidth usage, software installations and upgrades available by host.,SolarWinds Log & Event Manager, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Cisco ASASpiceworks: The Basics & MoreWe use Spiceworks across our organization. We primarily use it as a help desk and ticketing system. We also use some of the other inventory and reporting features and have considered using other third party applications with Spiceworks. It has provided users with a single point to report IT issues and provided us in IT with a great way to track ticket issues and our time spent in different areas.,Help Desk Reporting Inventory Vendors,Ticket templates for when users submit different types of tickets or a different template with different questions/fields could be used. Recurring tickets on a schedule for maintenance type items. Ticket workfows (not just checklists) for things like employee onboarding and exiting where different tasks & steps are preassigned to different techs with parallel & consecutive processing flow options.,10,Free with paid cloud based option. Easy to implement. Strong Integrated online IT community,None,OneNote, Epicor ERP, Microsoft SQL Server,, Remote Desktop Manager, Socialcast, Toggl, Zoom, TeamViewerSpiceworks ReviewOur team solves tickets everyday using Spiceworks. Love the fact that users can log in and check on the status of their ticket. The email notifications for incoming tickets is also very good. It greatly increases our company's performance without costing anything. This is easily the best ticketing system available on the market.,Very easy to use Great UI The inventory management tool is the best i've seen, works flawlessly.,The only thing I dislike is that spiceworks only supports Windows Servers. I hope in the future they start supporting Mac OSX,10,Amazing for ROI + it's free it doesn't get much better than this,Microsoft System Center, Hyper-V, Veeam Backup & ReplicationSpiceworks ReviewSpiceworks is being used by our IT department only, currently. We installed it initially to use it to inventory our network. We have recently started using it for service monitoring and various other uses via plugins and add-ons.,Network device inventorying. Locating new devices and rogue devices. Inventorying installed software to maintain compliance with guidelines. Keeping up with hardware specs for life-cycle management. Identifying unusual network traffic. Keeping up with server up-time and alerting if a server or cloud service is down. Asset location tracking. Verifying Warranty information on brand name PCs.,Their help desk feature, while robust, tends to be a little quirky for end users.,9,Most parts of Spiceworks are Free, so how can one complain about that!,,Zendesk, Power Admin PA Server Monitor,,4,Device Inventory management Rogue Device detection Network Mapping Identification of Applications on Workstations. Workstation hardware specifications analysis.,Lifecycle management of Workstations,Looking into the helpdesk features which appear quite robust. Internal FAQ and Knowledgebase.,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Third-party Reviews,Would not change this process,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,The fact that it cannot use Microsoft SQL for its db, but instead it self-install it own little SQL lite. This makes it difficult for us to use with our primary reporting server/service.,8,No,10,No,Setup,Overall the product is simple to set up and get up and running in a minimal amount of time.,I wish Spiceworks would support installation on Microsoft SQL as opposed to forcing the use of its built in SQL-lite which makes reporting outside of the UI difficult at best.,8Unspecified
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About Spiceworks

Spiceworks offers a set of free tools for IT network management and help desk support ticketing. The inventory management system essentially provides comprehensive device information for asset management. The Spiceworks Network Monitor provides information on observed IT for problem tracking and server performance monitoring. And finally, the Spiceworks Help Desk Software lets IT personnel stay on top of issues across the network with a ticketing system. Help desk roles with role-based permissions and notifications allow tasks to be allocated across team members. If the user wishes to host Spiceworks apps and tools locally, then they are free. For cloud-based service, Spiceworks bills $12 per IT user per month, or $10 monthly per user if paid annually.

Spiceworks was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas, also with a European headquarters in London (since 2012), and is generously backed by multiple investors, most notably Goldman Sachs.

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