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2016 Top Rated Marketing Automation Software BadgeMarketo is a Marketing Automation platform with a range of editions offering different capabilities spanning small business to enterprise, including Marketing Resource Management (MRM). Most customers are B2B firms with complex sales cycles, though B2C is a growth segment for the company. They provide solutions for what they've termed the “Era of Engagement Marketing,” focused on targeting individuals and audience segments with personalized content. In general, Marketo ratings are on par with or above the Marketing Automation average. Marketo particularly stands out with high scores for overall experience attributes, including overall rating (8.4), “likelihood to recommend” (8.7), and “likelihood to renew” (9.0), as well as for availability (9.9) and online training (9.3). Two notable exceptions are usability (7.0) and implementation (7.3), where Marketo's scores are below-average, perhaps because the platform is far more complex (and thus more difficult to learn and set up) than some of its competitors. Marketo is the only Marketing Automation product that is Top Rated across all three company size segments: small businesses, mid-sized companies, and enterprises.

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**From Marketo's website, “About” and “CRM Integration”
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Company Status: Public (MKTO)*
Customers: 3,300+**
Employees: 949***
Location: San Mateo, CA*
Founded: 2007**
Acquisitions: Crowd Factory (2012), a social media incentive tool; Insightera (2013), a reverse IP/website content personalization platform; and Optify (2013), a cloud-based campaign manager.*
Integrations: CRM integrations to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Facebook, SAP Hybris, among others.**
Most compared to****: HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email, Act-On
Best fit for*****: B2B companies with a complex sales cycle who are using Salesforce, have an established marketing strategy and generate lots of content. Great for power users and/or companies who are looking to upscale.

Marketo Customer Demographics*

Marketo customer demographics, including company size, email list size, and B2B or B2C use case.
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Summary of Marketo Reviews

Source: (189) User reviews of Marketo on TrustRadius, (146) written or updated in the last year
Marketo Pros Marketo Cons
Salesforce integration
  • Integrates especially easily and smoothly with Salesforce. Users like the real-time communication between programs.
  • Though some found basic reports easy to read, many said they are not on par with the flexibility of Salesforce reporting.
  • Several said that the type of reporting they wanted to do was possible with Marketo's Revenue Optimizer Module, but that they would like to see these capabilities included within the core package.
  • Adaptable to complex, unique marketing needs. Some said this could be overwhelming for non-power users.
Performance issues
  • Marketo's performance has improved in the past few years, but many say that slow speed is still a concern, particularly for users with complex databases.
Lead scoring and nurturing
  • Users like the way Marketo automatically optimizes multi-channel communication with leads, using predictive analytics. Many said Marketo's lead engagement system is more sophisticated and dynamic than other MA software focused on email drip campaigns.
  • Difficult to start using; requires a pre-planned marketing strategy and a lot of content up-front. (Note that some users, who had previous experience with MA, said Marketo was easier to implement than alternatives).
  • Many users said it's important to optimize Marketo during implementation, because it's tricky and disruptive to make changes later on.
Online training resources
  • Basic online training is good, but advanced topics are not adequately covered.
Webinar management
  • Helpful for planning webinar events and following up with contacts after events. Integrates well with WebEx and GoToMeeting.

Data cleanliness
  • Automatically de-dupes and/or appends imported data for clean, complete records across Marketo and integrated CRM databases.

  • Able to coordinate company users and/or segment customers in multiple geographic locations.

  • Many users said Marketo helped them rapidly grow their databases and mature their marketing efforts.
  • Some said that Marketo allowed them to up-scale without adding staff, while others said they needed additional staff to support their growth.

Customer support
  • Recent reviews suggest that basic customer support has been inconsistent.
  • Many found the online Marketo Community helpful for best-practice tips and troubleshooting.

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Marketo Response to Reviewer Feedback

In response to user feedback about the amount of content required to start using Marketo: Marketo doesn't REQUIRE a lot of content up front any more than any other marketing automation tool would.  Furthermore, having more content up front is just as helpful in other marketing automation tools as it is in Marketo.

In response to user feedback about performance: As reported, Marketo's performance has improved over the past few years.  However, we have been making significant investments in our platform scalability this year, and will continue to do so throughout 2016.  Also, the database sizes of some Marketo customers are an order of magnitude larger (50 million +) than systems we are being compared to.  Regardless, we are in a different place in terms of scalability now as compared to 2 years ago, and we will again be in a very different place in 2016.